Northern Community Funding Panel



5 December 2022




Order Paper for the meeting to be held in the

Ricoh Sports Centre, 237 Taita Drive, Lower Hutt,







Monday 12 December 2022 commencing at 6.30pm

Members of the public wishing to speak to items on the agenda are asked to contact:







Dave Gillespie (Chair)

Janette Granville

Barbara Hay

Twiggy Johnston

Kamiria (Mid) Thomas-Savelio

Cr Naomi Shaw

Cr Karen Morgan

Cr Josh Briggs (alternate)





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You can speak under public comment to items on the agenda to the Mayor and Councillors at this meeting. Please let us know by noon the working day before the meeting. You can do this by emailing or calling the Democratic Services Team on 04 570 6666 | 0800 HUTT CITY



Community Funding Panels Delegations, Guidelines and Criteria 2020-2023


Membership:  7


5 community representatives, 1 Ward Councillor and a city-wide Councillor, with Alternate city-wide Councillors appointed to attend Community Funding Panel meetings as required or in the absence of the sitting city-wide Councillor.


Quorum:                              4 (to include a City Councillor)

Meeting Cycle:                  When required

Reports to:                          Community and Environment Committee (yearly)


This document records functions and responsibilities of Community Funding Panels (‘the Panels’). 




The role of the Panels is that of community funders focused on supporting local projects and initiatives in their communities.




·         Allocate and manage a Local Community Projects Fund.  

·         Allocate and manage the local Community Engagement Fund for the Central, Eastern, Northern and Western Wards to assist and support local community events and initiatives. L


Guidelines and criteria for Local Community Projects Funds:


·         To be used to fund one or more local community projects per triennium.

·         Projects are to develop community assets that are not able to be funded in Council’s Long Term Plan and/or Annual Plan.  

·         Community assets include, but are not limited to, playgrounds, street furniture, public art, tree planting, lighting, safety improvements, way finding, signage, improvements to existing public places and facilities.  These community assets should be in public spaces.

·         The development of new assets needs to be in accordance with Council strategies, policies and plans.

·         Where on-going maintenance and or other costs are required after completion, these need to be provided for.  This may be by way of formal agreement with the relevant division of Council.

·         Approval of spending must be by resolution of the Panels.

·         A report must be submitted, at the end of each financial year, to the Community and Environment Committee, detailing expenditure over the year.

Criteria for the panels to manage the Local Community Projects Fund:

·         See attached Appendix 1 for the internal process that must be followed to ensure appropriate officers receive information on projects and can provide feedback.

·         Projects must be supported by officers if there are on-going maintenance or other costs post completion.

·         Each Panel will agree and determine a process for determining how projects will be identified and how funding decisions will be made.

Criteria for the panels to manage the Community Engagement Fund

·         The fund is for local activities and events that directly benefit the communities concerned. 

·         To be eligible for funding the organisation must be a charitable trust or an incorporated society and the activity must take place within the Hutt. 

·         Panels may choose to allocate the entire fund in one funding round or they can have two funding rounds per annum.   An appropriate assessment sheet is used by members when determining which organisation(s) should receive funding.

·         The funds can be used towards the hire of equipment, advertising costs, purchasing food for a specific event.  Operational costs cannot be applied for.   

·         Council’s Community Funding Advisor is available to support and assist community groups when making applications through the Council’s online grants system.

Standing orders:


Hutt City Council’s Standing Orders apply, subject to the provisions for meeting quorum and decision making required to allocate and manage the Local Community Projects Fund and Community Engagement Fund.


Informal meetings and administration:

·         Where funding decisions are not being made, the Panels are encouraged to meet informally. 

·         Council’s Democratic Services Division will support each Panel by way of formal meeting administration, co-ordination and governance advice.

·         A senior member of Council’s staff will support each Panel.


Chairs will be recommended to Council, following establishment of the Panels, for an initial period, following which the Panel will elect its Chair for the remainder of the triennium.  It is preferred that Councillors are not Chairs, although this is possible should no other panel member be able to commit to the role.


·         Organisations that are granted funding are responsible for completing an accountability form to report on the funds spent.


Appendix 1 - Checklist for Local Community Projects Fund

Attach project description/application to this checklist and email to relevant Manager(s).


Council Managers to complete:


1.    Do you support this project?  Yes or No (please circle)

2.    Do you have any initial concerns with this project?

3.    What needs to be taken into account when the panel is considering this project for funding? (bylaws, consents):

4.    Do you deem this to be a new asset? Yes or No (please circle)

If yes, does it align with Council’s strategic, policies or plans?

If no, why not?


5.    Is there budget set aside for this project?  Yes or No (please circle)

If yes, please state what year this funding will be made available:

Can you liaise with this group in your planning stages of this project, for their input
Yes or No (please circle)

If no, why not?

6.    Can this project be funded through Council’s Long Term Plan? Yes or No (please circle)

If no, why not:

7.    Will there be a maintenance budget, or other costs post completion, that need to be factored into this project? Yes or No (please circle)

If yes, please advise the amount required:






Paewhiri Toha Pūtea Hapori ki Te Raki|

Northern Community Funding Panel


Meeting to be held in the Ricoh Sports Centre,

237 Taita Drive, Lower Hutt on

 Monday 12 December 2022 commencing at 6.30pm.




Public Business


1.       APOLOGIES


Generally up to 30 minutes is set aside for public comment (three minutes per speaker on items appearing on the agenda). Speakers may be asked questions on the matters they raise.


Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.    

4.       Local Community Projects Fund (22/2595)

Report No. NCFP2022/5/217 by the Head of Connected Communities                6         

5.       QUESTIONS

With reference to section 32 of Standing Orders, before putting a question a member shall endeavour to obtain the information. Questions shall be concise and in writing and handed to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting.



Annie Doornebosch

Democracy Advisor



                                                                                       1                                                  12 December 2022

A black and white sign

Description automatically generated with medium confidenceNorthern Community Funding Panel

29 November 2022




File: (22/2595)





Report no: NCFP2022/5/217


Local Community Projects Fund


Purpose of Report

1.       For the Northern Community Funding Panel to allocate expenditure through the Local Community Projects Fund  (“the LCP fund”) 2019-2022. 


That the Northern Community Funding Panel (The Panel) agrees to allocate agreed expenditure through the Local Community Projects Fund for the Northern Ward.


For the reason that this will enable more of the Local Community Projects Fund to be allocated the Community Funding Panels for its intended purpose.



2.       The Panels are funded $114K per triennium. This is a non-contestable fund and is for the purposes of community assets.  The current guidelines and criteria for the LCP Fund can be found on the Council website:

3.       All potential projects need to have a checklist completed by the relevant Council division where the proposed asset would eventually belong to/be maintained to ensure strategic alignment and future affordability.  Once this has been completed, officers then make a recommendation to Council’s Corporate Leadership Team (CLT) to endorse.  Once the Panel has formally agreed to supporting the project, the project is added to the work programme of that Council division to manage.

4.       CLT’s role is to ensure they are affordable over the life of the asset, meet health and safety requirements, are strategically aligned where possible and can be managed within existing work programmes and resource allocations.

5.       The Panel have $71k available for distribution.  Community assets funded can include, but are not limited to, playgrounds, street furniture, public art, tree planting, lighting, safety improvements, way finding, signage, improvements to existing public places and facilities. These community assets should be in public spaces



6.       At a Council meeting held on 24 May 2022, followed by a recommended item from the Communities Committee meeting held on 27 April 2022, the following was resolved:

Resolved:   (Deputy Mayor Lewis/Cr Dyer)           Minute No. C 22201(3)

“That Council:

(1)    agrees to extend the term of the current Community Funding Panels until
31 March 2023, for the purpose of decision-making on the Local Community Projects Fund;

(2)    agrees to change the criteria for the Local Community Projects Fund to enable an alternate method of distribution in this triennium;

(3)     asks officers to continue to work with the current Community Funding Panels to confirm and deliver as many of the proposed projects as possible;

(4)     agrees that any remaining 2019-2022 funds may be carried over to the future Community Funding Panels; and

(5)     extends its thanks to the Community Funding Panels for their work to date.”


7.       The Panel agreed to extend their term and continue to work through the existing Local Community Projects Fund process with officials until the extended deadline of 31 March 2023.

8.       The following projects have been proposed by The Panel:

Proposed Projects


a.   Mural Project

b.   Tom James Park playground upgrade



c.   Stokes Valley sign



Additional $20k ($40k already approved by The Panel – total value of upgrade will be $62k)


Remainder $45.7k  tagged


9.       The checklist for the Mural has been completed by Council officers and this is included in Appendix 1 attached to the report.



10.     CLT has approved the below projects and budgets :



a. Mural Project


b. Playground upgrade




Additional $10k ($40k already approved by The Panel – total value of upgrade will be $50k)



Mural project

11.     The approval of this project is contingent on receiving written confirmation from the building owner that they have responsibility to maintain this and that they will require any future purchaser to also enter into that agreement.

Tom James Park playground upgrade

12.     Whilst the Tom James Park playground upgrade had already been approved based on previous advice, officers believe it is difficult to justify. This is because it does not align with current strategy around where and how playgrounds are built and also due to current Annual Plan budget pressures.  There is already pressure on budgets for existing playground renewals and ongoing playground inspection and maintenance. It would be preferable if the city’s playground assets did not grow until elected members have adopted and funded a different approach.

13.     However, given the considerable work done by The Panel on the project to date and the under-delivery of panel projects in the previous triennium, we are not requesting a review of the previous decision.

14.     CLT has approved an additional $10k budget allocation to enable the addition of a mowing strip and to cover any other contingencies.

15.     The Tom Jones Park playground upgrade will be added to the 2023/2024 Parks and Reserves workplan.

Stokes Valley sign

16.     CLT was unable to agree to the prioritisation of resource towards investigating the installation of a new sign at the entrance of Stokes Valley for the following reasons:

·     Scoping work on this project requires the involvement of the transport team. Given the team’s current priorities and workload, including ongoing work on the Stokes Valley slips, we are unable to add the scoping of this project to their work programme; and

·     Given we are still working through a solution to the Stokes Valley slips to provide a more resilient entrance/exit point to Stokes Valley, it would be premature to agree to any non-critical works impacting that area. The eventual solution may require changes to the roundabout and signage, and also may take some time to deliver. We could not guarantee that a new sign could be included in the design or installed as part of those works.

17.     Any remaining 2019-2022 LCP fund may be carried over to the future Community Funding Panels or tagged to particular Council workstreams for delivery in future years in the ward the funding was intended for.

Climate Change Impact and Considerations

18.     There are no climate change implications to be considered.  However, any asset funded through this new contestable fund must support Council’s Climate Change Action Plan.



19.     A meeting was held with officers and Panel Chairs in May 2022, to discuss the options proposed that had been agreed by Council at their meeting held on 24 May 2022.



20.     There are no significant risks.


Financial Considerations


21.     There will be no change to Council’s financial position as this report proposes methods of spending the LCP Fund, with no change to the balance of the funding available.

22.     The LCP fund is a capital fund.  Due to this, applications are assessed to ensure their funding is consistent with capital expenditure guidelines.

Legal implications


23.     There are no legal implications.

Health, Safety and Security implications


24.     These will be considered when appropriate, through an application assessment process.

Communication and Engagement


25.     Officers will engage with the Council’s Communications and Engagement team to ensure appropriate exposure of the new funds to the community.


26.     Funding decisions will be provided to the Communications and Engagement team for them to share with the wider community.






Mural Project Checklist








Author: Melanie Laban

Head of Connected Communities







Approved By: Andrea Blackshaw

Director Neighbourhoods and Communities


Attachment 1

Mural Project Checklist



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