Komiti Hanganga | Infrastructure and Regulatory Committee



Minutes of a meeting held in the Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road,

Lower Hutt on

 Tuesday 12 July 2022 commencing at 2.00pm




Cr A Mitchell (Chair)

Mayor C Barry


Cr K Brown

Cr B Dyer


Cr N Shaw

Cr L Sutton


APOLOGIES:                  Cr D Hislop and Cr G Barratt


IN ATTENDANCE:        Cr J Briggs (via audio-visual link)

Cr S Edwards (via audio-visual link)

                                          Deputy Mayor T Lewis (via audio-visual link)

Ms J Miller, Chief Executive

Ms A Blackshaw, Director Neighbourhoods and Communities (via audio-visual link)

Mr J Griffiths, Director Strategy and Engagement (via audio-visual link)

Ms H Oram, Director Environment and Sustainability

Ms A Geddes, Acting Director Environment and Sustainability

Mr K Puketapu-Dentice, Director Economy and Development 

Ms J Livschitz, Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr B Hodgins, Strategic Advisor Environment & Sustainability (via audio-visual link)

Ms P Rotherham, Head of Planning (via audio-visual link)

Ms K Waldegrave, Acting Head Strategy and Planning

Mr P Sullivan, Principal Policy Advisor

Ms A Martin, Resource Consents and Compliance Manager (via audio-visual link)

Ms J Sowry, Research and Policy Assistant (via audio-visual link)

Mr D Kerite, Head of Regulatory Services

Ms K Stannard, Head of Democratic Services

                                          Ms K Davey, Democracy Advisor

Mrs H Clegg, Minute Taker (via audio-visual link)










Opening formalities - Karakia Timatanga

Whakataka te hau ki te uru

Whakataka te hau ki te tonga

Kia mākinakina ki uta

Kia mātaratara ki tai

E hī ake ana te atakura

He tio, he huka, he hau hū

Tīhei mauri ora.

Cease the winds from the west
Cease the winds from the south
Let the breeze blow over the land
Let the breeze blow over the ocean
Let the red-tipped dawn come with a sharpened air. 
A touch of frost, a promise of a glorious day.


The Chair advised that under Standing Order 13.1, permission was granted to Deputy Mayor Lewis, Cr Briggs and Cr Edwards to take part in the discussion. He confirmed these members were unable to vote on any matters.


The Chief Executive introduced Ms Alison Geddes, Acting Director Environment and Sustainability.


1.       APOLOGIES

 Resolved:                                                                             Minute No. IARCC 22301

“That the apology received from Cr Hislop and Cr Barratt be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.


There were no conflict of interest declarations.


Three Waters Reform - Submission on the Water Services Entities Bill (22/1499)

Report No. IARCC2022/3/148 by the Strategic Advisor


Speaking under public comment, Mr Max Shierlaw requested that Council’s submission on the Three Waters Reforms firmly state opposition to the reforms. He believed the reforms lacked community support and had not been properly developed.

The Strategic Advisor elaborated on the report. He advised that part (3) of the recommendation read “Deputy Chair”, as the chair of the committee was an apology for the meeting.

In response to questions from members, the Strategic Advisor confirmed staff at Wellington Water Limited would automatically move to the new entity. He was not aware of any discussions concerning the payment of royalties.  He added that if  government chose to deal with that issue, it would need to be covered by subsequent legislation. He advised he was unaware of any joint Wellington local authority submissions.

The Chief Executive agreed to circulate copies of the Taituarā – Local Government Professionals Aotearoa and other local authority submissions.

In response to further questions from members, the Acting Head Strategy and Planning  advised people who made submissions to Council were advised they could make individual submissions directly to government. She confirmed officers had no objections to the suggested inclusion of early and direct consultation with iwi.

Cr Sutton expressed opposition for the recommendations. She believed engagement with residents had not been extensive. She said the majority of those who had responded, did not support the Three Waters Reforms.  She noted a large effort had been made to engage with iwi. She supported Council joining an alternative movement for Three Waters Reforms (Communities for Local Democracy).

The Chair acknowledged the work of the officers and encouraged members of the public to put in personal submissions.



Resolved: (Cr Mitchell/Cr Shaw)                                          Minute No. IARCC 22302

“That the Committee:

(1)     notes the intent of the Water Services Entities Bill and the key matters as outlined in the report;

(2)     approves the submission, as attached as Appendix 1 to the report on the Water Services Entities Bill; and

(3)     agrees to delegate authority to the Deputy Chair of the Infrastructure and Regulatory Committee, and the Chief Executive to finalise the submission, consistent with discussions and any amendments made by the Committee.”

For the reason that the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee submission deadline on the Water Services Entity Bill closes at 11.59pm on Friday 22 July 2022.

Cr Sutton requested that her dissenting vote be recorded against the above matter.


Three Waters Infrastructure Update (22/1575)

Report No. IARCC2022/3/143 by the Strategic Advisor


Mr Colin Crampton, Chief Executive, Ms Vivien Chen, Programme Manager – Environmental Water Quality (via audio-visual link) and Mr Joe Hemi, Team Leader, Drainage Investigations Team (via audio-visual link) from Wellington Water Limited (WWL) were present for the item.

The Chief Executive, WWL provided an update on the fluoridation issue. He explained WWL was on-track to deliver safe drinking water to all consumers in the metropolitan area, but it had failed to add fluoride to the water. He apologised for this, adding that WWL  was working to reinstate the fluoridation process at all water treatment plants. He acknowledged the failure fell below Council’s and the company’s standards and expectations. He advised that the WWL Board had commissioned a report into the failure. He said this had been completed and an implementation plan had been developed and enacted. He anticipated all recommendations of the report would be actioned by October 2022 and all fluoridation processes operational by September 2022. 

In response to questions from members, the Chief Executive, WWL advised a business case was currently underway concerning the fluoridation of water for Korokoro and Petone. He said the business case would be completed in early 2023. He acknowledged the timeline for the water flouridation for this area has not yet been finalised. 

The Chief Executive, HCC added that Council would follow the direction and advice of the Ministry of Health concerning fluoridation. She said public consultation would be part of the process. The Chief Executive, WWL believed the appropriate facilities could be designed and built in line with the commencement of the new water governing entity.  

The Programme Manager – Environmental Water Quality and Team Leader, Drainage Investigations Team, WWL delivered an update and presentation to the Knowing your Pipes Programme.

In response to questions from members, the Programme Manager – Environmental Water Quality, WWL advised the programmed wastewater renewal projects had a positive impact on the contamination results. She confirmed that officers had held meetings with the Friends of Waiwhetu Stream and the local community. She said residents were usually surprised to receive a letter identifying their property as releasing contaminants into the networks. The Team Leader, Drainage Investigations Team, WWL added that most property owners wanted to get their drainage issues fixed as quickly as possible.

In response to a question from a member concerning the inability or refusal of private landowners to fix their pipes, the Strategic Advisor said Council had powers under the Local Government Act to require work to be completed. He added that officers had investigated ways to provide financial assistance to enable work to be carried out. He agreed to report back to members with the results of those investigations and why a policy had not been adopted. 


In response to further questions from members, the Team Leader, Drainage Investigations Team, WWL advised the Harcourt Werry Drive culverts fed directly into open streams before flowing to the Hutt River. He said this had caused false readings as other rotting material was present in the streams. He added the wet weather was another factor affecting sampling.

In response to a question concerning the capacity of WWL to carry out the required works, the Programme Manager – Environmental Water Quality, WWL advised the team was almost at full strength. She anticipated progress would be made on the repairs required. She further advised that the areas of highest contamination were being investigated first. 

Mayor Barry left the meeting at 2.53pm.

In response to a question from a member, the Director Economy and Development advised he would report back to members regarding whether the letter to the property would sit on a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report. He agreed it would be helpful information for prospective owners.

Mayor Barry rejoined the meeting at 2.56pm.

In response to a question regarding the Capex Programme, the Strategic Advisor said most of the contracts referred to in paragraph 6 of the report related to wastewater or drinking water issues.

Cr Dyer expressed surprise at the high number of faults being identified in the networks. He suggested better communication channels with the general public. He also suggested a breakdown of the types of faults and supported all information being placed on LIM reports.

Cr Shaw thanked officers for their work and spoke in support of  Cr Dyer’s comments


Resolved: (Cr Mitchell/Cr Dyer)                                          Minute No. IARCC 22303

“That the Committee receives the report and notes its contents.”



Regulatory Matters Report (22/1585)

Report No. IARCC2022/3/144 by the Head of Regulatory Services


The Director Environment and Sustainability elaborated on the report. She clarified that paragraph 4 of the report should state that the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) team were fully staffed, but the Development Engineering and the Resource Consents teams still had vacancies. She advised that good progress was being made with the International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) requirements and all IANZ deadlines had been met.

In response to questions from members, the Director Environment and Sustainability advised that often subdivision developments created more lots than were built on, as one or more may relate to roads or reserves. She agreed to report back on this issue.

In response to a question from a member regarding Hutt Hospital, the Head of Regulatory Services said the notice had been issued to Hutt Hospital based on the evidence provided. He said if further information was presented, it would also be investigated. He added the notice gave the owners seven years to comply with the requirements.

In response to questions from members, the Head of Regulatory Services advised if a substitute product (eg an alternate plasterboard) failed, Council held some liability. He added officers used many avenues and compliance paths to ascertain certifications for products prior to issuing a building consent, including through the Building Research Association of New Zealand and the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment. He said inspectors on-site were notifying contractors of alternatives which might be used. He added an information letter would be sent to all builders covering product substitutions and the process for changing products part way through a build.

In response to a question from a member concerning illegal dumping on the riverbanks, the Head of Regulatory Services advised it was difficult to prosecute the perpetrators as there were often no witnesses to the actual dumping. He confirmed officers liaised with their counterparts in the Greater Wellington Regional Council.


Resolved: (Cr Mitchell/Cr Shaw)                                         Minute No. IARCC 22304

“That the Committee receives and notes the information.”

7.       Information Item


Infrastructure and Regulatory Forward Programme 2022 (22/1549)

Report No. IARCC2022/3/114 by the Senior Democracy Advisor


Resolved: (Cr Mitchell/Cr Dyer)                                           Minute No. IARCC 22305

“That the Committee receives and notes the Forward Programme for 2022 attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.”

8.       QUESTIONS

There were no questions.



Closing formalities - Karakia Whakamutunga



Unuhia i te uru-tapu-nui

Kia wātea, kia māmā

Te ngākau, te tinana, te wairua i te ara takatū

Koia rā e Rongo whakairihia ake ki runga

Kia wātea, kia wātea!

Ae rā, kua wātea!

Hau, pai mārire.

Release us from the supreme sacredness of our tasks

To be clear and free
in heart, body and soul in our continuing journey

Oh Rongo, raise these words up high

so that we be cleansed and be free,

Yes indeed, we are free!

Good and peaceful


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 3.14 pm.









A Mitchell






CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 2nd day of August 2022