1                                                   18 May 2022



Minutes of an ordinary meeting of The Hutt City Council held in the Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt on

 Wednesday 18 May 2022 commencing at 11.26am




Mayor C Barry (Chair)

Deputy Mayor T Lewis


Cr J Briggs (from 11.29am)

Cr B Dyer


Cr S Edwards

Cr D Hislop


Cr A Mitchell

Cr N Shaw


Cr L Sutton



APOLOGIES:              Cr G Barratt, Cr Brown, Cr Milne and Cr Rasheed


IN ATTENDANCE:    Ms J Miller, Chief Executive

Ms A Blackshaw, Director Neighbourhoods and Communities (via audio-visual link)

Mr J Griffiths, Director Strategy and Engagement

Ms H Oram, Director Environment and Sustainability (via audio-visual link)

Ms J Livschitz, Group Chief Financial Officer

Ms A Dowdle, Senior Communications Advisor (via audio-visual link)

Ms A Gordon, Senior Policy Advisor (via audio-visual link)

Ms M Simmons, Programme Manager, Go Digital (via audio-visual link)

Ms K Stannard, Head of Democratic Services (via audio-visual link)

Ms K Glanville, Senior Democracy Advisor

Ms J Randall, Democracy Advisor




1.       APOLOGIES

Resolved:   (Mayor Barry/Cr Mitchell)                                        Minute No. C 22201(2)

“That the apologies received from Crs Barratt, Brown, Milne and Rasheed be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”


There was no public comment.

          Cr Briggs joined the meeting at 11.29am.



Cr Briggs and Cr Shaw declared a conflict of interest in relation to the Major Item Not On The Agenda – Hutt Hospital.   


Cr Briggs and Cr Shaw declared a conflict of interest and took no part in discussion or voting on the matter. 


Resolved: (UNANIMOUS)   (Mayor Barry/Cr Hislop)               Minute No. C 22202(2)

“That, in terms of Standing Order 10.12, Council:

(1)           notes that the matter of the Hutt Hospital was not listed on the agenda because the announcement was made after the agenda was distributed; and

(2)           agrees to discuss the matter at this meeting due to the urgency of the matter.”


Resolved: (UNANIMOUS)   (Mayor Barry/Cr Mitchell)          Minute No. C 22203(2)

“That Council adopts the recommendations made on the following reports, and any amendments
or additional items agreed at the Long Term Plan/Annual Plan Subcommittee meeting held on
18 May 2022:

a)    feedback analysis of engagement on draft 2022-2023 Annual Plan;

b)    potential targeted initiatives to support the Business sector significantly affected by COVID-19; and

c)    progressing decisions for the final Annual Plan 2022-2023, Financial aspects.”



Remit to Local Government New Zealand on boy racers and associated anti-social behaviour (22/1127)

Report No. HCC2022/2/95 by the Senior Policy Advisor


The Senior Policy Advisor elaborated on the report.  She explained the proposed remit was advocating for discussion with stakeholders and subject matter experts on the problem rather than looking for a solution.

Cr Mitchell highlighted that a 2017 remit passed by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) to lobby government for a national strategy on cats had not resulted in action. He suggested Council forward a remit that all councils adopt cat management strategies to demonstrate to government how serious the issue was. He noted a number of councils had taken action on cats since 2017 which indicated there was support for the issue.

Mayor Barry advised remits required time to gather support and a remit on cats would not be possible in time for the 2022 LGNZ conference.

Cr Edwards considered that placing the focus back on councils via a remit would be difficult when Council had itself not taken action on cats. He suggested the new Council take action on a cat strategy in the new triennium.

Mayor Barry said Council would not be submitting a remit on gaming machines to the LGNZ conference.  He noted there were nation-wide discussions taking place on the issue.

Mayor Barry foreshadowed a motion that would implement a more effective process for LGNZ remits. He recommended that if members raised suggested remits in the November before a LGNZ conference was to be held it would allow more time to discuss the issues with neighbouring councils. The work could be included in Council’s Forward Programme.

Deputy Mayor Lewis agreed the issue of cats could be dealt with in the new triennium when a new process for remits was in place.

Mayor Barry noted the issue of boy racers caused disruption and disturbance and had significantly impacted business. He advised he had met with the Police Area Commander and a local group was being convened to work on the issue.


Resolved:        (Mayor Barry/Deputy Mayor Lewis)           Minute No. C 22204(2)

“That Council:

(1)   approves a proposed remit on the issue of boy racers and related anti-social behaviour to read: 

For Local Government New Zealand to implement a nation-wide working group of subject matter experts with the objective of formulating an action plan to effectively enforce the Land Transport Act 1998 and work with police to tackle illegal street racing and the antisocial behaviour associated with it;


(2)   seeks support for the proposed remit on boy racers and related anti-social behaviour from five other councils;

(3)   delegates to the Mayor/standing committee chairs to support particular remits being proposed to Local Government New Zealand by other councils;

(4)   delegates attendees to the Annual General Meeting to vote on support of them; and

(5)   asks officers to report back on a process for remits to the Local Government New Zealand conference and that be part of the work programme in place for the 2022-2025 triennium.”




Hutt Hospital  - Earthquake Prone Heretaunga Block

Cr Briggs and Cr Shaw declared a conflict of interest and took no part in discussion or voting on the matter.  They left the table for the duration of the item.

Mayor Barry expressed concern that the earthquake prone Hutt Hospital Heretaunga Block might need to close for a significant period of time while strengthening work was undertaken. He said a clear budget commitment was needed from the Hutt Valley District Health Board (HVDHB) along with an expected timeframe for completion of the work. He highlighted alternative temporary premises would be required to limit the impact on residents who would otherwise need to travel across the region to access health services.

The Chief Executive advised the seismic assessment for the Heretaunga Block was still being peer reviewed. She added Council’s regulatory team would be reviewing the seismic assesment and would be working with the HVDHB on next steps. She added Health NZ would be given seven years for remediation work if the building was declared earthquake prone.

The meeting adjourned at 11.53am and reconvened at 11.58am.

The following points were raised in discussion:

·           A commitment on the budget and timeframe would be needed from the HVDHB before Health NZ assumed responsibility for services in July 2022.

·           Hutt Hospital was a significant employer and jobs might be affected by the building closure.

·           A commitment would be requested from the HVDHB that disruption to patients would be minimised.

·           The now closed Te Awakairangi Birthing Centre could be investigated for temporarily providing hospital services.

Resolved: (UNANIMOUS)  (Mayor Barry/Cr Edwards)  Minute No. C 22205(2)

“In light of the news on 17 May 2022 from Hutt Valley District Health Board that, following its seismic assessment, it considers the Heretaunga Block at Hutt Hospital is likely to be deemed earthquake prone and will therefore require services to be relocated, Council seeks an urgent commitment from Health New Zealand and Government to ensure this relocation is temporary and that all services currently delivered from Hutt Hospital will be restored including all the necessary investment in a rebuild/refurbishment of the current site.”

6.       QUESTIONS

There were no questions.


Closing formalities - Karakia Whakamutunga



Unuhia i te uru-tapu-nui

Kia wātea, kia māmā

Te ngākau, te tinana, te wairua i te ara takatū

Koia rā e Rongo whakairihia ake ki runga

Kia wātea, kia wātea!

Ae rā, kua wātea!

Hau, pai mārire.

Release us from the supreme sacredness
of our tasks

To be clear and free
in heart, body and soul in our continuing journey

Oh Rongo, raise these words up high

so that we be cleansed and be free,

Yes indeed, we are free!

Good and peaceful




There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 12.05 pm.










C Barry










CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 2nd day of August 2022