0                                              31 August 2021



Poari Hapori o Ōkiwinui

Eastbourne Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held via Zoom on

 Tuesday 31 August 2021 commencing at 7.15pm




Ms V Horrocks (Chair)

Mr M Gibbons

(via audio visual)

Ms B Moss (Deputy Chair)

Mr B Spedding


Mr F Vickers



Deputy Mayor T Lewis



APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.



(via audio visual)              Mayor C Barry (part meeting)

Cr D Hislop (part meeting)

Mr K Puketapu-Dentice, Director Economy and Development (part meeting)

Mr J Kingsbury, Head of Transport (part meeting)

Mr T Kimbrell, Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner (part meeting)

Ms K Glanville, Senior Democracy Advisor

Ms J Randall, Democracy Advisor




1.       APOLOGIES 

There were no apologies.


In accordance with Standing Order 10.4, the Chair gave precedence to item 10b) Eastbourne Timetable Changes. The item is recorded in the order in which it is listed on the Order Paper.



Resolved:  (Ms Horrocks/Mr Gibbons)                                Minute No. ECB 21401

“That in terms of Standing Order 10.13 the Board agrees that a minor matter not on the Order Paper relating to presentations from Mr Michael Siazon and Mr Jon Kingsbury on the Eastern Bays Shared Path be discussed at the meeting.”


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.


Under Standing order 15.1 the Chair allowed public comment from Ms Sally Bain on an item not appearing on the agenda.


Speaking under public comment, Ms Sally Bain expressed concern that Rata were being destroyed by the growing number of deer in the East Harbour Regional Park (the Park) above Days Bay. She advised deer were eating the undergrowth and with the added stress of climate change the roots of trees were drying out.  She noted the canopy of the forest was healthier in Lowry Bay due to hunter activity.


In response to questions from members, Ms Bain said the fence on the southern boundary of the Park needed strengthening in order to keep deer out. She added public education was essential so that deer damage was recognised and reported.


Ms Bain agreed to email her concerns to members so they could direct them to the appropriate authorities.


Mayor's Address

Mayor Barry provided a verbal address attached as pages 7-8 to the minutes.



Presentation  by a Councillor of Greater Wellington Regional Council

Cr Lamason, from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) was in attendance for the item.

The presentation by Cr Lamason was replaced by a presentation on item 10b Eastbourne Timetable Changes by Mr S Gallacher, a representative of Metlink, and Mr Daran Ponter, Chair of GWRC.



Presentation  by Park Ranger from Greater Wellington Regional Council

Ms Jo Greenman, East Harbour Regional Park Ranger, provided an update on the following:

·      The East Harbour Regional Park (the park) brochure would be updated to include a range of additional tracks.

·      A DNA scat survey would replace the spring deer cull to detect and monitor deer in the park. An upgrade to the southern boundary fence would be investigated.

·      Possum control measures in the Northern Forest would soon be completed. Possum control would commence on the Parangarahu Lakes Block from September 2021.

·      Plans for the McKenzie Road steps upgrade were progressing, with work to be limited to hours that would minimise disruption to local residents.

·      A long-term ecosystem plan had been developed for the park with targets for reducing pest animals.

·      Planting around the Parangarahu Lakes and Baring Head was continuing. New fencing on the northern boundary of the Parangarahu Lakes Block was keeping cattle out of the area.

·      Dotterel monitoring had increased hatching rates from 3% to 57% with the help of Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO) Group and other volunteers.

·      Track maintenance and goat, rabbit and vegetation control was continuing. A ‘Jobs for Nature’ programme would be assisting with this.

·      Changes to track networks around the lakes were planned to protect biodiversity. A bike entrance was to be introduced to an existing loop track at the Kohangatera entrance.

·      The Baring Head Lighthouse generator house and the road leading to it had been upgraded. A rāhui had been placed on the area to assist dotterel breeding.

·      Summer events were being planned.

The Chair offered to assist Ms Greenman to contact McKenzie Road residents.

Ms Moss agreed to post a message to the Eastbourne Community Board Facebook page advising a bull had now been removed from Butterfly Creek.


Council’s Head of Transport said the Eastern Bays Shared Path (the Shared Path) was part of a suite of projects designed to provide multi-modal transport across the region and reduce carbon emissions.

Mr Michael Saizon, a representative of Waka Kotahi and the new project manager for the Shared Path, provided progress on the consents, planning and design work that had taken place so far. He said the team was looking at progressing the delivery model by collaborating with Te Ara Tupua Alliance (the Alliance). He noted this would integrate the Shared Path with other shared path networks and risks and benefits could be shared. He said Alliance was in the process of completing the design and looking at the plan. He advised a previously planned open day would be rescheduled once lockdown restrictions had been lifted.


There were no conflict of interest declarations.

7.       Minutes

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Ms Moss)                                     Minute No. ECB 21402

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Eastbourne Community Board held on Tuesday, 6 July 2021, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”



Democracy Advisor's  Report (21/1226)

Report No. ECB2021/4/104 by the Democracy Advisor


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Spedding)                              Minute No. ECB 21403

“That the Board receives and notes the report.”


Chair's Report (21/1227)

Report No. ECB2021/4/105 by the Chair


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Gibbons)                                 Minute No. ECB 21404

“That the report be noted and received.”

10.     Information Items


Williams Park Management Plan Update (21/1259)

Memorandum dated 9 August 2021 by the Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner


Council’s Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner advised the consultation period for the Williams Park Management Plan (the Plan) was underway and over 100 submissions had been received so far. He explained the Plan was a short term plan that would fit within the 10 year Management Plan for Williams Park.

In response to questions from members, the Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner agreed to examine an alternative plan the Board had posted on its Facebook page. Mr Vickers advised the alternative plan had removed car parking from near the duck pond and the area around the Pavilion.

The Board agreed to continue to post Council’s Plan updates to Facebook and to email updates to local networks.


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Vickers)                        Minute No. ECB 21405

“That the Board notes and receives the memorandum.”


Eastbourne Bus Timetable Changes (21/1331)



Speaking under public comment, Ms Liz Knight expressed frustration that the 85 bus route had been disestablished. She had found it an efficient and convenient bus service. She considered people might turn to less environmentally friendly forms of transport as a result of its termination.


Speaking under public comment, Mr Robert Ashe noted there had been issues with reliability and waiting times with bus services for some time. He suggested an extension to the bus lane hours on the Petone Esplanade would help with bus waiting times and ease traffic congestion. He expressed disappointment the well-used 85 route had been discontinued without consultation.


Speaking under public comment, Mr Gerry Christie noted there had been a steady decline in the Eastbourne bus services over a number of years. He advised buses were now less frequent, more crowded and sometimes cancelled. He considered double decker buses should be used more to avoid unsafe overcrowding when services were cancelled.


A verbal update was provided by Mr Scott Gallacher, General Manager of Metlink, and Mr Daran Ponter, Chair of Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC).


Mr Gallacher and Mr Ponter advised heightened cancellations of bus services began after the first COVID-19 lockdown. They said cancellations were caused by a lack of drivers and more drivers staying home when unwell. They highlighted Metlink was addressing the problem by making bus driving more attractive, ensuring all drivers were paid a living wage and removing split shifts. They added that timetables had been adjusted due to the lack of drivers to provide certainty to bus users. They acknowledged many people relied on the service provided by the 85 bus route. They added there were not enough bus drivers to continue the service in the medium term. They agreed to ensure double decker buses were used on the peak hour 81 bus service as often as possible.

In response to questions from members, Mr Gallacher and Mr Ponter said they were confident there would be sufficient room for bus users on the 85 bus route though some passengers would need to stand. They estimated Wellington regional bus services were lacking approximately 60 drivers. They emphasised that although the bus service would be reduced due to the timetable changes, it would offer greater reliability.


11.     Reports from representatives on local organisations


Report Back from Representatives on Local Organisations (21/1228)

Report No. ECB2021/4/109 by the Democracy Advisor


a)        Okiwi Trust

       The Chair advised an Okiwi Trust coordinator was still being sought.

b)       Eastbourne Youth Workers Trust

       Mr Spedding advised there had been no meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions.

c)         Community Emergency Response Group

       Mr Spedding and the Chair reported the following:


·         The emergency radio had been tested but water tank testing had been postponed due to lockdown restrictions.

·         Faded blue Tsunami lines around Eastbourne and the bays needed to be re-painted.

·         Community spaces for emergency management operations would be discussed by the Board informally at a later date.


The Director Economy and Development agreed to ask officers about plans to re-paint the faded blue tsunami lines around Eastbourne and the Eastern Bays. He further agreed to report back to members on the matter.

d)    Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust

       There was no update from the Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust.

e)    Vibrant Village

       Mr Gibbons reported the following:


·         Local MenzShed members had agreed to assist with renovating the historic police cell and liaising with Council. Plans for the project were underway.

·         The local constable had requested that residents report even small instances of damage to help police build data on crime in the area.


In response to a question from a member, the Director Economy and Development agreed to consider installing artwork on the Days Bay Wharf shelter and on the Eastern Bays Shared Path. He noted displays of Māori artwork depicting the area’s history would connect people to the area. He suggested E Tu Awakairangi Hutt Public Art Trust could be approached to assist with the project. 

f)    MIRO

       Mr Vickers advised the group was investigating the feasibility of using a radio transmission system to send an alert when traps were set off.


12.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.22 pm.







V Horrocks



CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 2nd day of November 2021

Message from Mayor Campbell Barry


Kia ora koutou, 


Firstly, I hope you and your families are all keeping safe in your bubbles.




It’s positive that we are moving down to alert level three, it’s vital that we don’t get complacent. 


While it looks like we’re starting to flatten the curve, we have to remain vigilant under lockdown restrictions and ensure we’re all following official advice. 


Even though cases are few in the Wellington region, the delta variant is highly transmissible, and all of us have to play our part and make sure community cases are contained. 


And as local elected officials we need to lead and set a good example for those in our communities. 


That means encouraging people to stay in their bubbles, following official advice, and to get vaccinated! I’ve just booked mine in, and it’s really easy, so please play your part and encourage others to do the same. 


Recognising people in our community 


I want to take a moment to briefly recognise a local hero from your community.


I want to recognise Dame Catherine Healy, who grew up in Eastbourne and spent a part of her adult life here too, for her recent award at the Mayor’s awards before lockdown. 


Dame Catherine was awarded a Mayoral Citation for her outstanding services to the rights of sex workers in Te Awakairangi Lower Hutt and across Aotearoa New Zealand as National Coordinator of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective. 


She is an incredible advocate for those who usually cannot speak up for themselves, and while she lives up the line now, she will always be recognised as one of the Hutt’s most inspirational people.  


Progress in the city 


Finally, I just want to touch on some of the progress we’ve made recently in Lower Hutt.