1                                                   28 June 2021



Poari Hapori o Pito-one

Petone Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Petone Library, 7 Britannia Street, Petone on

 Monday 28 June 2021 commencing at 6.30pm



 PRESENT:                       Mr M Fisher (Chair)

                                          Mr M Henderson                          Mr M Roberts

Mr A Voutratzis                             Ms K Yung                

Deputy Mayor T Lewis (until 7.35pm)                


APOLOGIES:                   Ms P Hanna


IN ATTENDANCE:         Mayor C Barry

Ms A Blackshaw, Director Neighbourhoods and Communities

Mr K Puketapu-Dentice, Director Economy and Development

Ms A Soper, Engagement Lead

Ms L Castle, Community Library and Heritage Services Manager - Petone









Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Ms Yung)                                           Minute No. PCB 21301

“That in terms of Standing Order 10.13 the Board agrees that a minor matter relating to a presentation by Ms H Swales from the Jackson Street Programme which was not included on the agenda be discussed at this meeting.



2.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Mr Henderson)                                  Minute No. PCB 21302

“That the apology received from Ms Hanna be accepted and leave of absence be granted and the apology for early departure received from Cr Lewis be accepted.”



He Mihi

Aio ki te Aorangi

Aroha ki te Aorangi

Koa ki te Aorangi

Pono ki te Aorangi

Peace to the universe

Love to the universe

Joy to the universe

Truth to the universe


Nā Rangimarie Rose Pere


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.



Mayor's Address

Mayor Barry provided a verbal address attached as pages 7-8 to the minutes.


6.       Presentations


Presentation by a Representative of Nourish Trust

Ms Gabe Ralph and Ms Clare Turner, representatives of Nourish Trust (the Trust) described the work of the Trust. They explained the Trust had fundraised over the past seven years to provide hampers for those in need in Lower Hutt and Porirua.  In 2020 the Trust provided hampers to almost 1,000 families through local schools. Feedback from schools and whānau showed the hampers had made a significant difference to families at Christmas time. They thanked members for the Community Engagement funding that had helped with this work.



Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council

Cr P Lamason provided an update:

·      Over 2,000 submissions were received during its Long Term Plan consultation regarding the airport bus. The time required for a tender process meant the new electric buses would not be running until July 2022.

·      Flood information for the Waiwhetu Stream and for Wainuiomata was being updated ready for the District Plan review.

·      Consent applications for the work to begin RiverLink would be lodged on 2 August. 

In response to questions from members, Cr Lamason said GWRC Councillors voted unanimously against providing an airport bus to regional centres because of the expense. She agreed to report back to members on progress with the sea wall upgrade at Port Road.



Presentation on Council's Connected Communities Plans


The Engagement Lead tabled a report from the Director, Neighbourhoods and Communities, attached as page 9 to the minutes. The Chair agreed to ensure the report was distributed to members.


In response to a question from a member, the Engagement Lead agreed Council’s existing plan for Petone would be taken into consideration and built on as much as possible.


Cr Lewis left the meeting at 7.35pm.



Presentation on Engagement in Moera and the Moera Library Extension

The Engagement Lead explained how Council’s new approach to engagement aimed to reach wider into communities. She said Council hoped to create ongoing connections with the community rather than flash points of consultation.  She said using this approach had already helped to build a picture of the challenges and positive aspects of Moera. She noted there were a number of projects Council was looking at partnering with others to achieve. She added there were opportunities for locals to have their say and be involved.

In response to questions from members, the Engagement Lead agreed to meet with Ms Yung and the Chair to discuss ways to empower and involve the community and build bridges to other organisations. She said she was co-ordinating with Council officers so that all officers were aware her team was the reference point for engagement. She agreed to report back on a timeline for extensions to the Moera Library.



Presentation by a Representative of Jackson Street Programme (JSP)

Ms H Swales, a representative of the JSP, updated members on various items of interest:

·         JSP supported Council officers’ recommendations to install a loading zone on Victoria Street and to convert a loading zone on Jackson Street to a parking space. She added that the JSP supported moving loading zones to side streets to prevent damage to shop verandahs.

·         JSP had requested that Council’s Transport Division re-locate disability parking spaces to safer areas off Jackson Street. She asked for members’ support.   

·         JSP was concerned infill housing would exacerbate the problem of vehicles parking overnight on Jackson Street. She noted this issue already impacted food and other businesses that stayed open in the evening after parking zone time limits. She said the JSP would like a conversation with Council on the matter.

·         A proposed mural showing Petone in pre-European times on the wall of the Victoria Tavern had received funding from Creative NZ. She said local Iwi had approved the mural and would be asked to provide a blessing. She added the Board and Council would be invited to the event.

·         An arts trail was planned using 10 buildings in the Jackson Street area to depict the colourful history of Petone. Funding and approvals were being sought.

·         JSP was concerned empty rubbish bins from apartments left on the street after collection could become dangerous projectiles on windy days.

·         JSP was concerned plans for a Petone streetscape were too contemporary for the historical precinct.  It would welcome a conversation with Council on the design of seats, rubbish bins and bike stands.

·      JSP was concerned the Jackson Street footpaths were dangerous. It was hoped some of the funds targeted for renewals in Council’s Long Term Plan would be used to maintain Jackson Street footpaths. 

·      JSP was meeting with officers involved in the District Plan Heritage review to establish which buildings were protected under the Heritage Policy and to discuss parking.

·      A plan to celebrate Matariki had been developed for the July school holidays.

·      Businesses were being encouraged to be part of the WOW promotion. Some were taking part in the upcoming VISA Wellington On a Plate Festival.

·      Jacskon Street had a waiting list of businesses wanting shop space. Many were opening on side streets adding to the vibrancy of the area.

In response to questions from members, Ms Swales said the JSP had asked Council to insert coloured dots and change car parking to parallel parks near pedestrian crossings to improve pedestrian safety. She agreed a lower speed limit and a fresh look at parking in Petone could be helpful.

The Director Economy and Development advised Council was investigating speed limit changes around Lower Hutt including Jackson Street. He added Council was consulting on its Integrated Transport Policy and would be taking a city-wide approach to the issue. He said this would involve bus priority lanes and micro mobility lanes. He acknowledged teething problems with the new bins roll-out. He agreed to report back to the Board Chair and Ms Swales on issues that were specific to businesses.


There were no conflict of interest declarations.

8.       Minutes

Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Ms Yung)                                           Minute No. PCB 21303

”That the minutes of the meeting of the Petone Community Board held on Monday, 12 April 2021, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


9.       Reports referred for Board input before being considered by Subcommittee of Council


Victoria Street, Petone - Proposed P15 Loading Zone Parking Restriction (21/899)

Report No. PCB2021/3/131 by the Traffic Engineer


Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Mr Henderson)                        Minute No. PCB 21304

“That the Traffic Subcommittee recommends that Council:

(1)     receives and notes the information;

(2)     approves the installation of a Loading Zone (P15 At All Times) and associated No Stopping At All Times restrictions on Victoria Street, as shown in Appendix 1 attached to this report;

(3)     rescinds any previous resolutions pertaining to traffic controls made pursuant to any bylaw to the extent that they are in conflict with the traffic controls described in this resolution; and

(4)     notes that this resolution will take effect when the traffic control devices that evidence the restrictions described in this resolution are in place.”

For the reason that the proposed restriction will improve serviceability for the building and surrounding local businesses.

The proposed changes support Council’s Parking Policy 2017.



Submission to Hutt City Council's Draft Long Term Plan 2021-2031 (21/891)

Memorandum dated 8 June 2021 by the Democracy Advisor


Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Mr Roberts)                                        Minute No. PCB 21305


“That the Board:


(1)   notes that a submission in respect of Hutt City Council’s Draft Long Term Plan 2021-31 requires the Board’s retrospective endorsement; and


(2)  endorses its submission attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.”



Democracy Advisor's Report (21/821)

Report No. PCB2021/3/76 by the Democracy Advisor


Speaking under public comment, Mr Paul Stowers outlined issues with ‘boy racers’ in Cornish Street, Petone.  He explained problems with noise, broken glass, rubbish and rubber caused by large groups of vehicles arriving in Cornish Street on Friday and Saturday nights. He said the revving, screeching and the booming music from the modified vehicles was deafening. He added the vehicles did not exit the street until late, sometimes in the early hours of the morning. He had counted up to 200 vehicles in one night leaving the street. He expressed frustration with delay in Council officer responses to questions from residents. He expressed disappointment in Council’s delayed action on the problem. He considered Council’s consultation with local businesses and residents that took place in February 2021 showed clear support for traffic calming proposals. He asked for these to be implemented as soon as possible.


In response to questions from members, Mr Stowers said his preference was for  traffic calming to mitigate the problem. He noted this was supported by the majority of those consulted by Council in February 2021.


Mayor Barry agreed the Director, Economy and Development would investigate the matter and report back to members.


Members asked the Democracy Advisor to forward the information in paragraphs seven and eight of the report to Mr Stowers.



Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Mr Voutratzis)                                   Minute No. PCB 21306

“That the Board receives and notes the report.”



Chair's Report (21/822)

Report No. PCB2021/3/77 by the Chair, Petone Community Board


Ms Yung advised the Whaitua Committee meeting on 24 June 2021 had been deferred to a later date. She asked members to encourage residents to take part in the climate change survey that had emerged from the Climate Change workshops.



Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Mr Voutratzis)                                   Minute No. PCB 21307

“That the Board notes and receives the report.”

 13.    Information Item


Update on Report 21/15 Jackson Street, Petone - Proposed P60 Parking Restrictions (21/893)

Memorandum dated 9 June 2021 by the Traffic Engineer


Resolved: (Mr Fisher/Mr Roberts)                              Minute No. PCB 21308

“That the Board receives and notes the memorandum.”



Verbal update from Mr Voutratzis - Reference Group for the Jackson Street Project

Mr Voutratzis advised the Jackson Street Project would not be continuing. He suggested that work already completed be retained for future discussions on Jackson Street.


15.     QUESTIONS   


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.50 pm.


M Fisher



CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 30th day of August 2021


Mayoral Statement June 2021


Kia ora koutou katoa, 


I hope you all have been keeping safe over the past week. 


Once again, the recent COVID-19 scare we’ve had in Wellington is a reminder for all of us to stay vigilant. 


As local leaders we must set a good example of public health behaviour for the people who live in our city. 


Please continue to encourage our residents, especially the ones in your communities, to scan QR codes, wash and sanitise hands, and maintain social distancing. 


Even though things are looking positive, remember to check on your friends and family, and encourage ‘local’. These are stressful times, particularly for our small businesses, and it’s important that we all continue to support each other. 




Since the last community board meeting, Council has unanimously agreed to more than double its capital investment as part of its 10 year plan. 


This is a massive milestone for the people of Lower Hutt, and it will  allow us to front up to some of the biggest challenges we face by getting back to basics and investing in core infrastructure 


82 per cent of submitters on our draft ten year plan said that we need to significantly increase our three waters investment. That’s why we’re investing $587 million to fix, replace, and service our pipes over the next ten years. 


83 per cent  of submitters said that it’s vital that we take a proactive approach to transport  investment in our city. We will invest $406 million to support our transport and micromobility programme.


80 per cent of submitters agreed that we should build a new $68 million Naenae Pool so that it replicates the previous facility in size and function, along with innovation and efficiency. 


And although the submitters were more split on what to do with Petone Wharf, I’m pleased to say that Council will bring forward budget to demolish the head and fully refurbish most of Petone Wharf to financial years 2021-23. 


Community visits


I also wanted to update you on what’s been happening in the community since we last met. 


Late last May, we blessed the new housing development site, Takai Here Tangata, alongside our partners Te Āti Awa, Kahungunu Whānau Services, and Urban Plus Limited.  


This partnership will deliver homes to help our local whānau into housing permanency, and make a small, yet important, difference in the face of Lower Hutt’s housing crisis. 


I would like to congratulate the recent Queen’s birthday honour recipients from our city. They have made an enormous contribution to our city and country, and fully deserve the recognition they received. They are: 


And finally, nine of our local businesses have been nominated for this year's Wellington Gold Awards. We know our city has hubs of business innovation and excellence, and I’m excited to continue visiting our local businesses who drive our city’s economy. 



Council's Connected Communities Plans - by the Director, Neighbourhoods and Communities