Poari Hapori o Wainuiomata | Wainuiomata Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Wainuiomata Library, Queen Street, Wainuiomata on

 Wednesday 14 April 2021 commencing at 6.30pm




Mr G Tupou (Chair)

Ms D McKinley (Deputy Chair)


Mr T Stallworth

Mr G Sue


Ms S Tuala-Le’afa

Mrs J Winterburn


Cr K Brown



APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Cr S Rasheed (part meeting)

Mr K Puketapu-Dentice, Director Economy and Development

                                          Mr G Craig, Head of City Growth (part meeting)

                                          Ms V West, International Manager and Project Advisor (part meeting)

                                          Mr T Kimbrell, Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner (part meeting)

                                          Ms T Lealofi, Democracy Advisor





1.       APOLOGIES 

There were no apologies.


Speaking under public comment, Ms T Ranstead advised of her proposal to established an educational and research facility that would remediate the old landfill site and create employment and learning opportunities for Wainuiomata rangatahi.  She said she contacted Kaitiki o Ngahere and Mr Geoff Cameron, President of the Remutaka Conservation Trust to discuss the proposal and steps going forward. She noted it would be efficient to work with organisations to maximise local capacity and involvement. She suggested that the Wainuiomata Community Board support her proposal and grant access to the old Landfill through Council.

The Chair noted the Board would seek information from Council officers regarding granting access to the old Landfill.

Speaking under public comment, Ms J Law spoke to her statement, attached as pages 10 – 18 to the minutes. She expressed concern at the amendment of District Plan 43 medium density housing.  She outlined the impacts that it would have on the community.

          Ms Tuala-Le’afa asked the Board to follow-up with Council officers regarding
Ms Law’s written statement.

Speaking under public comment, Ms J Wootton expressed concern regarding residents residing in rural areas who have not received updated information on the rubbish collection. She said she was meeting with Council officers for advice on the 11 residents who have not been contacted. She expressed concern regarding the Board’s decision to rescind the previous street name for the new public road.

Speaking under public comment, Mr S Peris expressed support for a playground to be erected at the new Wainuiomata Park Rise subdivision. He said the playground was a good idea because residents could gather together. He expressed concern regarding a designated bus stop for Parkway Rise. He advised the bus stop had been approved 12 months ago. He said he contacted both Greater Wellington Regional Council and Hutt City Council but has not received a response. Mr Peris expressed concern at the speed limit along the Parkway extension road.

The Chair noted that the Board would ask Council officers for an update on the matter.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                                   Minute No. WCB 21201

“That Standing Order 15.1 be temporarily suspended to allow public comment be extended beyond 30 minutes.”

Speaking under public comment, Ms S Moffat spoke to her statement, attached as page 9 to the minutes. She expressed concern at the Board’s lack of accomplishment as advocates in support of the closure of the old landfill.


Speaking under public comment, Mr D Pannekoek expressed concern regarding residents residing in rural areas not receiving updates on rubbish and recycling.  He said the minutes from the Wainuiomata Community Board meeting held on 26 August 2020  did not capture the verbal statements between the Hutt City Council’s Director Environment Sustainability and a member of the public. He expressed disappointment that no progress had been made regarding regulatory matters he raised with Council officers.


Cr Brown suggested that the Chair and Deputy Chair follow up with Council officers regarding the matters raised by Mr Pannekoek and report back to the Board.



Precedence of Business


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sue)                                                  Minute No. WCB 21202

“That, in terms of Standing Order 10.4, precedence be accorded to item 4: Mayor’s Address. The item is recorded in the order in which it listed on the order paper.”


Mayor's Address

The Mayor’s address is attached as pages 7-8 to the minutes.



Presentation on Council's proposed Long Term Plan 2021-31 (21/479)

Cr Josh van Lier from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) provided a verbal update on general matters within Wainuiomata region.


Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) (21/480)

Cr Josh van Lier from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) provided a verbal update on upcoming engagements and work to be undertaken by GWRC.


Presentation on the Greater Wellington Long Term Plan (21/490)

Cr van Lier from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) provided a verbal update on GWRC’s proposed Long Term Plan (LTP). He advised the consultation focussed on three key proposals: electrifying the public transport fleet, re-foresting the regional parks and funding a regional committee to support the Regional Growth Framework, economic development and recovery. He elaborated on the options and outlined the benefits and impacts for Lower Hutt. Local proposals included re-foresting parks in the region, upgrading Waterloo Station, the water treatment plant and bus stop infrastructure. He added the empowerment of mana whenua partners was a strong feature of the proposed LTP. 



Presentation on Wainuiomata Town Centre Framework and Streetscape Plan (21/489)

Mr Dan Males, Local, Mr Chris McDonald, McIndoe Urban and Cr Rasheed, Hutt City Council were in attendance for the item.


The Director Economy and Development gave an update on the Wainuiomata Town Centre Framework and Streetscape Plan. He elaborated on the four purpose statements of the project outlined on the slideshow presentation. The four purpose statements were Advance, Develop, Update and Integrate. He noted the extensive consultation with the community was undertaken  between 2014 and 2015.  He said the Wainuiomata Development plan funding was approved by Council in 2014. He highlighted the work that had been undertaken and the next steps.


Mr McDonald from McIndoe Urban outlined the details of the project and explained the options to refine the proposal.


Mr Males, Local, elaborated on the slideshow presentation to the item. He said they engaged with business owners on the project concept. He outlined the importance of community consultation being incorporated into the proposal.


Cr Rasheed advised there had been engagement with local businesses and community residents. She said they supported the Town Centre Framework project but were concerned at the limited space for car parks.


The Chair commended Love Wainuiomata for its work and advocacy.


The meeting adjourned at 9.03pm and resumed at 9.09pm.


Precedence of Business


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sue)                                                   Minute No. WCB 21203

“That, in terms of Standing Order 10.4, precedence be accorded to item 8: Wainuiomata Reserve Review. The item is recorded in the order in which it was listed on the order paper.”


          There were no conflict of interest declarations.

5.       Minutes

Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                                    Minute No. WCB 21204

”That the minutes of the meeting of the Wainuiomata Community Board held on Wednesday, 17 February 2021, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”

Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                                    Minute No. WCB 21205

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Extraordinary Wainuiomata Community Board Meeting held on Monday, 1 March 2021, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


Ms Tuala-Le’afa noted the information from Council officers received from the Chair was inadequate. She suggested the process be reviewed to ensure sufficient information regarding questions put forward for Council officers was received.


Mr Sue suggested a representative from the Wainuiomata Community Board attend the Wainuiomata CLG meetings and report back to the Board.



Committee Advisor's report (21/437)

Report No. WCB2021/2/46 by the Democracy Advisor

The Chair tabled an amendment to the Actual Expenditure 2020/21 Financial Year, attached as page 19 to the minutes.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sue)                                                   Minute No. WCB 21206

“That the report be noted and received.”


Wainuiomata Reserve Review (21/559)

Report No. WCB2021/2/54 by the Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner


The Parks, Reserves and Recreation Planner elaborated on the report.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sue)                                                   Minute No. WCB 21207

“That the Board recommends that the Committee:

(1)   notes that, as requested by the Board, there has been further consultation with rural resident
to inform this review;

(2)   notes that the changes made in the recommendations section of the review are in-line with consultation feedback; and

(3)   adopts the “Review of Reserves Wainuiomata” as an official Parks and Reserves plan.”

For the reasons to put into effect the recommendations outlined in the review.



 8.      QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.47pm.







G Tupou








CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 30th day of June 2021.






























Mayor’s Statement for Community Board meetings - April 2021


Kia ora,


I hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved break Easter break earlier this month.


Since the last community board meeting, Council has released our draft ten year plan for public consultation, so our community is able to have their say on what is being planned for the decade ahead.


A significant part of our 10 year plan is about addressing our city’s growth. We know that this has, and continues to place, an enormous amount of pressure on our ageing infrastructure.  We simply cannot afford to underinvest in critical three water and transport infrastructure, and that is why we are proposing to front up to this challenge and make a significant investment. 


The proposed plan is about getting the basics right. By investing in our core infrastructure, like water pipes, transport connects, and the rebuild of Naenae Pool, we can make sure that we are building the foundations for our future to ensure all of our people are able to thrive.


As part of the 10 year plan consultation, we have significantly ramped up our engagement efforts.  During the consultation period (up until 6 May 2021) we will host face to face meetings, community meetings, pop-in sessions at popular areas in the Hutt, online virtual public meetings, and a range of social media engagement.


This is one of the boldest  and most ambitious plans in our city’s history, so we must make sure our communities are engaged with what we’re proposing. With that comes the responsibility on all of us to get the message out loud and clear.


Outside of our 10 year plan, there has been a range of other things happening at Council and across our city.  Very briefly, these include:


●     Starting consultation on upgrading Wainuiomata’s streetscape, to properly capitalise on the Mall redevelopment there.

●     Resource consent being granted for the Eastern Bays Shared Pathway, allowing us to continue to progress this important project for our city.

●     We’ve kicked off the development of our city’s integrated transport strategy, which is about getting a plan together to ensure all parts of our transport network are working well together.

●     Supporting New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination roll-out by supporting the Hutt Valley DHB to administer vaccinations at the Walter Nash Centre.


On a personal note, I also want to  comment that it was a real honour to be at last week’s citizenship ceremony to welcome new residents to the best city in New Zealand. This was the first citizenship ceremony we have held in Lower Hutt in over a year, due to COVID-19 and associated gathering restrictions.


We have one of the most diverse cities in Aotearoa, and our new citizens will only further add to the diversity and vibrancy of our community.  It was a privilege to welcome everyone , and I know that the people of Lower Hutt will join me in celebrating this significant milestone in their lives.


As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the work that Council is doing, or major issues in my city.  My priority is to engage with all of our people and all of our communities, and I am always available to chat.  Please contact me by email: Campbell.Barry@huttcity.govt.nz, or via my social media channels. 


Naku noa, na




Campbell Barry

Mayor of Lower Hutt






































Ms Sally-Ann Moffatt

Wainuiomata Community Board Mtg April 2021


Wainuiomata has a non-compliant cleanfill, owned by Hutt City Council (the Council), operating here since 2010 with a legacy of non-compliance & noise exceedances. How has the Wainuiomata Community Board (the Board) advocated for the community on this matter? Specifically, we are making the following public and formal requests of the Board:

1.    Please tell us how the Board has & plans to advocate on behalf of the community* regarding the resource management issues of repeated consent condition breaches and non-compliance found in the last two independent audits of the cleanfill?


2.    Please inform us how we can ensure that the cleanfill is included as a regular agenda item at upcoming Board meetings?


3.    Will the Board ask Council to open an independent investigation into the Cleanfill given that we have provided the Board with strong evidence of ongoing non-compliance and ‘improper conduct’ regarding both testing and reporting processes eg: “it was not possible to conclude with any reasonable degree of confidence that compliance with the consent conditions was achieved.”


4.    Will the Board attend upcoming Council Regulatory Meetings to give submissions on how the ongoing non-compliance of this Council owned Cleanfill impacts the community, negatively impacts the environment and puts the health and safety of the Wainuiomata community at risk?


5.    Will the Board request all information and outcomes regarding the process Council have taken to find a new cleanfill site and make a submission at the Regulatory Committee to Council indicating that any future cleanfill or Construction & Demolition waste facilities not be sited within this community?


*Community Boards should proactively and constructively engage with residents, Residents’ Associations and local community groups on local matters that affect the community they represent, raise with Council issues raised with them by their community, and advocate on behalf of their community.


Provide their local community’s input, through preparing reports or submissions, on:

·        Resource management issues which it believes are relevant to its local community, through advocacy


**Taking enforcement actions also helps regulators build credibility.

(Best Practice Guidelines for Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement under the Resource Management Act 1991)


***Compliance by councils is important because of the scale and potential effects of their activities on the environment. Councils should also lead by example and hold themselves to the same (or higher) standard than the public in order to be credible as regulators. Internal compliance is particularly important for unitary councils, as there is no other council in their area to monitor compliance and hold them accountable for their decisions. (Local Authority Act)




Jane Law Statement


Hi, my name is Jane Law and this is about the Zone 43 amendment. My family live at 81 Hyde Street.


Around September last year we were contacted by the developer that had brought 26 Fitzherbert Road. This property is over our back fence. It was at this point we were introduced to the Zone 43 amendment and the 10 new properties they are planning to build. They offered us big money to move a few times and suggested that if we didn't like what was happening, we should take their offer and run or get built in. I am sure if we had not been contacted by the developers, the first we would have known of it was when they started building as the council does not have to notify us. He also informed us that number 28 had been sold to a different developer, this has plans for 12.

Zone 43 amendment has given rise to medium density housing in Wainui - Basically this allows developers to build up to 10 metres and another metre for the roof, 1 metre from the boundary, and build the land up 1.20 metres.


This was started by the previous council and finalized by the present.

We do not feel that the council informed us as residents of this amendment, of the impact these changes would have on our suburb - Most of us knew more about the new bins.

We all realise that we need more housing and don't have any objections to properties being subdivided 3-4 per section but feel that 10-12 per section are unsustainable - The problems they will create will affect the whole community and if allowed to proceed will be irreversible.


The screamingly obvious is the only exit and entrance we have - with no plans to create a new one due to the cost -That from the Mayor himself.

These properties have no off-street parking - The occupants may be tradies, taxi drivers, couriers. Not everyone will have a job that they can take public transport to. These are just the first, from Best street to Brian Heath Park where there are 8 there could be 80 apartments within a year and potentially 80+ cars and nowhere to park. The HNZ houses being built over the hill all have off street parking and they are on a train line and bus routes.

The bins - the council only requires developers of 20+ properties to provide. a waste area. 26 and 28 Fitzherbert Road will have between them 44 bins on the footpath every week. With the normal rubbish and the recycling on alternate weeks. This will cause a major disruption to access to the footpath and also block up the road when the bin trucks come through.


The infrastructure is already failing, the article in stuff confirming that we have major issues with sewerage entering Black Creek which we as rate payers will have to pay for - Not to mention the environmental impact it is already having. So how will the system cope with the hundreds of new apartments that will be built?

These are 1 & 2 bedroom units which start from $550,000. The developers are pushing up the prices by offering thousands more than the asking price for these properties the magnitude of their greed is monumental - They are not providing housing for people living in their cars or in hotel units - They have no social conscience 26 Fitzherbert Road has all been sold for more than 5.5 million they paid around 800,000.


The developers are pushing people out of their homes many who have lived there for many years - sell or get built out seems to be the line they are using.


Or - we have 4-5 in Wainui, and they are not all full time - The waiting time to see a Dr is between 1-2 weeks with many being told to go to A&E and wait hours to be seen all while clogging up an already stretched system. Schools - The capacity for Wainui High is 750 - So where are all the children going from the thousands of new families that are moving to Wainui?


Zone 43 requires access to shopping - we have a supermarket and takeaways Zone 43 requires access to a transport hub - we have a bus stop Zone 43 requires consultation with the community and building with consideration to the neighbourhood none of this has been done. The idea behind these types of development will not work here, most people need a vehicle, we don't have a particularly good public transport system and a big obstacle stands in our way to cycle or walk to work not to mention the weather.


The medium density zone can happen anywhere that has 1400 square metres so that could be any 2 properties next to each other and these rules apply.

As neighbours we are deemed to be non-notifiable, our privacy will be gone we will lose sunlight we have no rights at all - There is no negotiation with the developers the Council have made sure they have all it all there way, our rates will all go up as the properties around us are sold for astronomical amounts.


We live in a very unique suburb, the infrastructure and services for our population need to be in place first not last. The decision to put infill housing in a suburb with very little amenities, insufficient shopping facilities, a very deteriorated infrastructure system, a mediocre public transport system is the equivalent to the ambulance at the bottom of the hill.


The council, as an elected body are caretakers of our community, they are supposed to act in our best interests not their own. We request the Council remove Wainuiomata from the Zone 43 medium density rule as we do not meet any of the Zone 43 requirements.

We request the Council to make us as neighbours notifiable and access to engineer's reports.


We request that the Council readdresses the no off street parking issues with the government.

We request that the Council address the bins as they are a health and safety concern and traffic management issue.

We request the Council address these being regarded as affordable housing - These are certainly not.


We request the Council amends privacy and sunlight rules been taken out of the RMA, ensuring the developers have to consider existing residents rights.

We request the Council stops the developers advertising and selling the properties before they have been given consent from the council?


Thank you

Jane Law

(on behalf of the 186 people who signed this petition)

District Plan 43 Amendments • Petition to stop the recent amendments that allow medium density housing In Wainulotc\Qta - no parking - no upgraded infrastructure. No second exit



































































                                                                      19                                                14 April 2021