2                                                 13 April 2021



Poari Hapori o Ōkiwinui  | Eastbourne Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the East Harbour Women's Clubrooms, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 13 April 2021 commencing at 7.15pm





Ms V Horrocks (Chair)

Mr M Gibbons


Ms B Moss (Deputy Chair)

Mr B Spedding


Mr F Vickers



Deputy Mayor T Lewis



APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:        Ms H Oram, Director Environment and Sustainability
Ms J Randall, Democracy Advisor




1.       APOLOGIES 

 There were no apologies. 


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.


Mayor's Address

The Chair noted Mayor Barry’s apology and read the Mayoral Statement, attached as pages 5-6 of the minutes.


4.       Presentations


Presentation on the Greater Wellington Regional Council Long Term Plan

Cr Ken Laban, a representative of Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) elaborated on the GWRC Long Term Plan. He expressed support for the new environmental focus of GWRC and plans to encourage more use of public transport. He added that the use of buses should be encouraged rather than the use of Park n’ Ride car parks.

The Chair said she would request statistics from Council officers on movements to the number of vehicles travelling from Wainuiomata and Eastbourne.



Presentation on Climate Change Co-design Project

The Director Environment and Sustainability provided a verbal update on the project. She explained Council was using a co-design approach to help the city adapt to climate change impacts and a transition to Carbon Zero that involved working with communities to design solutions. She said the lead group had been drawn from a range of demographics across the community to engage with their communities and further inform the plan. She highlighted that a framework for a Council-wide carbon reduction plan was expected by the end of June 2021 and a city-wide carbon reduction plan would be complete by the end of 2021.

The Chair agreed the Board would encourage local residents to support the adaptation and transition objectives of the project.



Presentation on Council's proposed Long Term Plan 2021-31

Deputy Mayor Tui Lewis provided a verbal update and presentation on key messages and priorities of Council’s Long Term Plan (LTP). She explained the plan focussed on major challenges including the impacts of COVID-19, ageing infrastructure, population growth, housing and climate change whilst maintaining financial sustainability

The Chair agreed the Board would promote the upcoming LTP and District Plan local drop-in sessions.

In response to a question from a member, the Director Environment and Sustainability explained engagement on the District Plan was taking place at the same time as the Long Term Plan due to statutory timeframes.



There were no conflict of interest declarations.

6.       Minutes

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Spedding)                             Minute No. ECB 21201

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Eastbourne Community Board held on Tuesday, 16 February 2021, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”



Committee Advisor's report (21/404)

Report No. ECB2021/2/41 by the Democracy Advisor


The Chair advised she would apply to use some of the Board’s surplus budget to create a permanent shared pathway on Maire Street as discussed by the Board in 2020.  She further advised she had emailed those who had now received responses to their Eastbourne Walkaround requests to ask if their request could be removed from the list.



The Board noted the report.



Chair's Report (21/419)

Report No. ECB2021/2/45 by the Chair


Speaking under public comment, Mr Derek Wilshere advised applications for funding from the Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust were currently open and decisions on the distribution of funds would be announced on 20 May 2021. He noted the Mahina Bay Residents Association (the Association) would be eligible to apply for a defibrillator for their area.


The Deputy Chair agreed to advise the Association that applications were open.



Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Deputy Mayor Lewis)                Minute No. ECB 21202

That the report be noted and received.


9.       Information Item


Report Back: Coastal Restoration Conference  10-12 March 2021 (21/482)

Memorandum dated 23 March 2021 by the Democracy Advisor


Mr Vickers elaborated on the memorandum. He advised coastal expert Mr Jim Dahm would be returning to provide advice on the shaping of the dunes. Mr Dahm would also consult with Council officers about the matter.


The Board noted the memorandum.






10.     Reports back from representatives on local organisations (21/415)


Report No. ECB2021/2/46 by the Democracy Advisor


Okiwi Trust
 The Chair noted that life stories of residents who had used the services of the Okiwi Trust were a new feature in the Eastbourne Herald.

Eastbourne Youth Workers Trust
Mr Spedding agreed to find out if the Eastbourne Youth Workers Trust was still operating as a Trust. He agreed to report back to the Board at the meeting in June.

Community Emergency Response Group (the Group)
Mr Spedding said there was still active interest in the Group but more volunteers were needed to operate radios. He noted that central government was redesigning the emergency radio network so the Group was able to continue with its current network for now.

Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust (the Trust)
Mr Gibbons advised the Trust would be announcing the distribution of grants on 20 May. He agreed to report back to the Board on recipients at the meeting in June.

Vibrant Village
 Mr Gibbons advised the opening of Greenwood Park went well. A number of local people attended and a letterbox drop invited neighbouring properties. He further advised planning for the opening of the Days Bay Wharf was well underway. He noted charging stations for electric vehicles were due to be installed near the wharf in April. He added that Vibrant Village were promoting the need for a shelter on the wharf to replace the one that had been removed.

Mr Vickers expressed appreciation for the work done by Sally Bain for MIRO and announced she was stepping down as project manager. Sally was thanked for her dedication and hard work.


11.     QUESTIONS  

There were no questions.

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.52 pm.




V Horrocks


CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 29th day of June 2021

Mayoral Address to Community Boards - April 2021


Kia ora,


I hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved break Easter break earlier this month.


Since the last community board meeting, Council has released our draft ten year plan for public consultation, so our community is able to have their say on what is being planned for the decade ahead.


A significant part of our 10 year plan is about addressing our city’s growth. We know that this has, and continues to place, an enormous amount of pressure on our ageing infrastructure.  We simply cannot afford to underinvest in critical three water and transport infrastructure, and that is why we are proposing to front up to this challenge and make a significant investment. 


The proposed plan is about getting the basics right. By investing in our core infrastructure, like water pipes, transport connects, and the rebuild of Naenae Pool, we can make sure that we are building the foundations for our future to ensure all of our people are able to thrive.


As part of the 10 year plan consultation, we have significantly ramped up our engagement efforts.  During the consultation period (up until 6 May 2021) we will host face to face meetings, community meetings, pop-in sessions at popular areas in the Hutt, online virtual public meetings, and a range of social media engagement.


This is one of the boldest  and most ambitious plans in our city’s history, so we must make sure our communities are engaged with what we’re proposing. With that comes the responsibility on all of us to get the message out loud and clear.


Outside of our 10 year plan, there has been a range of other things happening at Council and across our city.  Very briefly, these include:


        Starting consultation on upgrading Wainuiomata’s streetscape, to properly capitalise on the Mall redevelopment there

        Resource consent being granted for the Eastern Bays Shared Pathway, allowing us to continue to progress this important project for our city

        We’ve kicked off the development of our city’s integrated transport strategy, which is about getting a plan together to ensure all parts of our transport network are working well together

        Supporting New Zealand’s COVID-19 vaccination roll-out by supporting the Hutt Valley DHB to administer vaccinations at the Walter Nash Centre


On a personal note, I also want to  comment that it was a real honour to be at last week’s citizenship ceremony to welcome new residents to the best city in New Zealand. This was the first citizenship ceremony we have held in Lower Hutt in over a year, due to COVID-19 and associated gathering restrictions.


We have one of the most diverse cities in Aotearoa, and our new citizens will only further add to the diversity and vibrancy of our community.  It was a privilege to welcome everyone , and I know that the people of Lower Hutt will join me in celebrating this significant milestone in their lives.


As always, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the work that Council is doing, or major issues in my city.  My priority is to engage with all of our people and all of our communities, and I am always available to chat.  Please contact me by email: Campbell.Barry@huttcity.govt.nz, or via my social media channels. 


Naku noa, na




Campbell Barry

Mayor of Lower Hutt