Eastbourne Community Board

Poari Hapori o Ōkiwinui



6 April 2021




Order Paper for the meeting to be held in the

East Harbour Women's Clubrooms, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne,







Tuesday 13 April 2021 commencing at 7.15pm









Virginia Horrocks (Chair)

Murray Gibbons

Belinda Moss (Deputy Chair)

Bruce Spedding

Frank Vickers


Deputy Mayor Tui Lewis






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community boards – functions and delegations 

This document records the delegation of Council functions, responsibilities, duties, and powers to Community Boards. 

The Community Boards have been established under section 49 of the Local Government Act 2002 to represent, and act as an advocate for, the interests of their community. 

The delegations are expressed in general terms.  The delegations shall be exercised with proper regard for the Council’s strategic direction, policies, plans, Standing Orders and its interpretation of its statutory obligations.  The delegations are to be read together with the following propositions.

These delegations are based on the following principles:

·                Issues relevant to a specific community should be decided as closely as possible to that community.  Where an issue has broader implications, i.e. any effects of the decision cross the board boundary, the matter will be decided by Council after seeking a recommendation from the relevant Community Board. This includes any decisions that have strategic importance to the city as a whole, and those that will impact on or create consequences for other parts of the city or the city as a whole. An assessment of issues that fall into this category will be made as part of the corporate agenda process for each meeting cycle. Any uncertainties over interpretation will be referred to the Mayor and Chief Executive to determine in consultation with the relevant Standing Committee and Board Chair;

·                Efficient decision-making should be paramount;

·                Conflicts of interest should be avoided and risks minimised;

·                To ensure processes are free from bias and pre-determination Community Boards should not adjudicate on issues on which they have advocated or wish to advocate to Council;

·                Community Boards should proactively and constructively engage with residents, Residents’ Associations and local community groups on local matters that affect the community they represent, raise with Council issues raised with them by their community, and advocate on behalf of their community.

These delegations:

(a)        recognise that the role of Council is to look after the affairs of the city as a whole, and the role of a Community Board is to represent the interests of its community.

(b)        do not delegate any function, duty or power which a statute (for example section 53(3) and clause 32(1) of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002) prohibits from being delegated;

(c)        are subject to and do not affect any delegation which the Council has already made or subsequently makes to any other committee, Council officer or other member of staff;

(d)       are subject to any other statutory requirements that may apply to a particular delegation;

(e)        are subject to any notice issued by the Council, from time to time, to a Community Board that a particular issue must be referred to Council for decision;

(f)         reflect that decisions with significant financial implications should be made by Council (or a committee with delegated authority);

(g)        promote centralisation of those functions where the appropriate expertise must be ensured; and

(h)       reflect that all statutory and legal requirements must be met.


Engage informally with Council through:

·             Council Briefings - Community Board members are invited to attend all Council Briefings unless the topic is for Council members only and outlined as such on the invitation.

·             Quarterly meetings of the Community Board Chairs with the Mayor and Chief Executive to consider the effectiveness of community representation and the accompanying support mechanisms.

·             Corporate Leadership Team contact, with one senior officer assigned as the contact person to attend each Community Board meeting and provide liaison with Council.

·             Elected Member Support – Democratic Services hopes to establish a position that will provide seamless liaison between Council, staff and Community Boards.

·             Corporate agenda process for each meeting cycle, providing information on the Council’s work programme for the year broken down by cycle.

Provide their local community’s input, through preparing reports or submissions, on:

·             Council’s Long Term Plan and/or Annual Plan.

·             Council’s policies, programmes (including the District Roading Programme) and bylaws.

·             Changes or variations to the District Plan.

·             Resource management issues which it believes are relevant to its local community, through advocacy.

·             The disposal or acquisition of significant assets.

·             Road safety including road safety education within its area.

·             The review of Local Community Plans as required.

·             Any other issues a Board believes is relevant to its local area.

Reports may be prepared by the Board and presented to Council Committees, along with an officer’s recommendation, for consideration.

Any submissions lodged by a Board require formal endorsement by way of resolution.

Standing Order 21.16, Community Board and Youth Council Participation in Meetings of Council and Standing Committees, makes provision for the Chair of a Community Board (or their representative as advised by the Chair prior to the meeting) to participate in discussion on any matters which are of interest to a particular ward area at meetings of the Standing Committees of Council, but there are no voting rights or rights to move or second motions. The rules of debate applicable to members of the Council apply to the Community Board representative. Notification of the intention to exercise speaking rights and identification of the relevant agenda item are to be provided to the Chair prior to the meeting. In exceptional circumstances Board representatives may be invited to participate on specific subjects at meetings of the full Council, at the discretion of the Council Chair.


Co-ordinate with Council staff:

·             Local community consultation on city-wide issues on which the Council has called for consultation.

Provide input to officers on:

·             Roadworks, water supply, sewerage, stormwater drainage, waste management and traffic management for its local area.

·             Parks and reserves and associated public facilities, recreational facilities and community activities within its local area.


·             Community Response Plans in close consultation with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, emergency organisations, the community, residents’ associations, other community groups, and local businesses, for review on an annual basis.


·             Recreational facilities and opportunities in its area with a view to ensuring maximum usage.

·             Arts and crafts in its area.



·             Local community awards.


·             A liaison member or, where appropriate, representatives to ad hoc bodies, which are involved in community activities within the Board’s area, on which a community representative is sought.

·             Portfolio holders who will have responsibility for reporting back to the Board on the topics assigned.



·         Amendments to the Eastbourne Community Trust Deed (Eastbourne Community Board only).


In the Community Board’s area:

·             Naming new roads and alterations to street names.

·             Official naming of parks, reserves and sports grounds within the provisions of Council’s Naming Policy. Note [1]

·             Removal and/or planting of street trees within the provisions of Council’s Operational Guide for Urban Forest Plan where a dispute arises that cannot be resolved at officer level.  Note [2]

·             The granting of leases and licences in terms of Council policy to voluntary organisations for Council owned properties in their local area, for example, halls, but not including the granting of leases and licences to community houses and centres.

·             The granting of rights-of-way and other easements over local purpose reserves and granting of leases or licences on local purpose reserves.

·             The granting of leases and licences for new activities in terms of Council policy to community and commercial organisations over recreation reserves subject to the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977 and land managed as reserve subject to the provisions of the Local Government 2002, in their local area.  (Note: renewal of existing leases and licences will be reported once a year to the appropriate Council Committee).

·             The allocation of funding from the Community Engagement Fund in accordance with Council’s adopted guidelines (attached as Appendix 1).

·             Expenditure of funds allocated by the Council to the Board from the Miscellaneous Budget to cover expenditure associated with the activities of the Board.  The Chair to approve expenditure, in consultation with the Board, and forward appropriate documentation to the Committee Advisor for authorisation.  Boards must not exceed their annual expenditure from the Miscellaneous Budget.

·             The allocation of funding for the training and development of Community Board members, including formal training courses, attendance at seminars or attendance at relevant conferences.

Resource Management Hearings:

·             Each Community Board may have one suitably trained member available for selection to sit on the Hearings Subcommittee for notified resource consent applications. This will require the member to hold current certification under the Making Good Decisions Training, Assessment and Certification Programme for RMA Decision-Makers. No Board member shall be eligible for selection if the Board has made a submission on the matter to be decided.

NOTE: The Ministry for the Environment advocates that Councils offer specialist RMA training in areas of law which are difficult to grasp or where mistakes are commonly made. This is to complement the Good Decision Making RMA training that they run (which is an overview and basic summary of decision making, rather than an in-depth training in specific areas of the RMA). Therefore in order to facilitate this, the RMA training run for elected members who wish to be hearings commissioners is mandatory.

Reasons for the importance of the training:

§  Hearings commissioners are kept abreast of developments in the legislation.

§  Legal and technical errors that have been made previously are avoided (many of which have resulted in Environment Court action which is costly, time consuming and often creates unrealistic expectations for the community).

§  The reputation of Council as good and fair decision makers or judges (rather than legislators) is upheld.


Consider and make recommendations to Council on:

·             Particular issues notified from time to time by Council to the Community Board, including roading issues within the Community Board’s area.

·             Roading issues considered by the Mayor and Chief Executive to be strategic due to their significance on a city-wide basis, including links to the State Highway, or where their effects cross ward or community boundaries.

·             Parks, reserves and sports ground naming for sites that have a high profile, city-wide importance due to their size and location and/or cross ward or community boundaries.

·             Representatives to any Council committee, subcommittee, subordinate decision-making body, working group, or ad hoc group on which a Community Board representative is required by Council.

·             The setting, amending or revoking of speed limits in accordance with the Hutt City Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2015, including the hearing of any submissions.

appendix 1 – community engagement fund



The fund is for local activities and events that directly benefit the local community. 


To be eligible for funding the organisation must be a charitable trust or an incorporated society and the activity must take place within the Hutt. 


Each of the city’s seven wards receive funding according to the number of residents within its boundaries. For each resident there is an allocation of 40 cents. 

The ward allocations are listed below:

















Applications must support the Local Community Plan, if there is one, and also core Council business as identified in the Long Term Plan.


Each Community Board decides the funding applications within its area. Boards are free to distribute their funding in a single large allocation or spread it over a number of smaller ones.

What can be funded

·         purchase of office equipment

·         food and catering costs

·         community festivals

·         youth group events and projects run by the elderly or citizens associations

·         art projects that are not part of the core curriculum

·         advertising, promotion costs

What won’t be funded

Activities that:

·         promote an organisation’s religious, ethical, commercial or political views

·         involve buying land or buildings or carrying out maintenance on buildings 

·         duplicate services that are already covered by Council or by government agencies eg, health or education providers

·         have already begun or have already finished

·         involve the redistribution of funds to others at the applicant’s discretion

·         involve fundraising or legal costs

·         involve capital investments or trust funds

·         go towards prize money

·         are operational costs eg, salaries, wages, rent, power

Funding rules

Successful applicants must:

·         use funds only for the approved purpose and in accordance with any terms and conditions set by Council

·         use funds by June 30 of the following year

·         let Council’s funding officer know immediately if any difficulty or potential difficulty arises that may compromise the service or project

·         lay a complaint with Police if any funds are stolen or misappropriated, and then notify Council

·         allow Council to audit the use of the funds should it wish to do so

·         recognise Council’s  support in all publicity material, annual reports and similar publications

·         complete an Accountability Report no later than six weeks after completing the project. This should outline how the funds were used and how the community benefited

·         make a presentation to the funding group showing how the event met its objectives.

Council’s Community Funding Advisor is available to support and assist community groups when making applications through the Council’s online grants system.



The Eastbourne Community Board, representing the people of Eastbourne;

Recognises that we are part of a community living in a unique environment,

Believes that we have been entrusted with the care of an environment which is a major asset of the Wellington region,

Desires to conserve and enhance this asset for the  enjoyment  of  future generations of residents and visitors, and therefore;

Acknowledges and promotes the key characteristics of Eastbourne and the Bays as:

1.  A community situated on the coast of Wellington harbour, bounded by the sea on the one side and on the other by bush-clad hills;

2.  A community comprising a string of smaller communities, with residential areas of low-rise, low-density housing, interspersed with many trees;

3.  A community in which the citizens care and respect each other’s differences and right to quiet enjoyment of their surroundings;

4.  A community where industry and commerce have developed without detriment to the natural environment;

5.  A community where the arts are valued and where participation in theatre, painting, pottery, music, gardening and sports is actively fostered and encouraged ;

6.  A community concerned for the welfare of the young and the old where the elderly may retire in dignity, where families have access to facilities to raise their children in an environment which promotes safety and well-being;

7.  A community which values and encourages preservation of its heritage and history.


It is our stated intent that the recognition of these principles and acceptance of the key characteristics will underlie the activities which we as a community and board undertake, and that they will provide the criteria against which, and within which, any district plans, strategic plans or developmental or organisational initiatives may be assessed.




Eastbourne Community Board |           Poari Hapori o Ōkiwinui


Meeting to be held in the East Harbour Women's Clubrooms, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 13 April 2021 commencing at 7.15pm.




Public Business


1.       APOLOGIES 



Generally up to 30 minutes is set aside for public comment (three minutes per speaker). Speakers may be asked questions on the matters they raise.

3.       Mayor's Address (21/534)


4.       Presentations

a)      Presentation on the Greater Wellington Regional Council
Long Term Plan

Verbal presentation by Cr K Laban from Greater Wellington Regional Council

b)      Presentation on Climate Change Co-design Project (21/441)

Verbal presentation by Council’s Director, Environment and Sustainability

c)       Presentation on Council's proposed Long Term Plan 2021-31 (21/418)

Verbal presentation by Deputy Mayor Lewis on Council’s proposed Long Term Plan 2021-31



Members are reminded of the need to be vigilant to stand aside from decision making when a conflict arises between their role as a member and any private or other external interest they might have.   

6.       Minutes

Meeting minutes Eastbourne Community Board, 16 February 2021                  12

7.       Committee Advisor's report (21/404)

Report No. ECB2021/2/41 by Mr F Vickers                                                        21

8.       Chair's Report (21/419)

Report No. ECB2021/2/45 by the Chair                                                             38

9.       Information Item

Report Back: Coastal Restoration Conference  10-12 March 2021 (21/482)

Memorandum dated 23 March 2021 by the Democracy Advisor                      40 

10.     Report from representatives on local organisations (21/415)

Report No. ECB2021/2/46 by the Democracy Advisor                                     41      


With reference to section 32 of Standing Orders, before putting a question a member shall endeavour to obtain the information. Questions shall be concise and in writing and handed to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting.   





Judy Randall






Eastbourne Community Board |           Poari Hapori o Ōkiwinui


Minutes of a meeting held in the East Harbour Women's Clubrooms, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 16 February 2021 commencing at 7.15pm




Ms V Horrocks (Chair)

Mr M Gibbons


Ms B Moss (Deputy Chair)

Mr B Spedding


Deputy Mayor T Lewis



APOLOGIES:                  Mr F Vickers


IN ATTENDANCE:        Mayor Campbell Barry (part meeting)

                                           Mr K Puketapu-Dentice, Director Economy and Development (part meeting)

                                           Ms K Stannard, Head of Democratic Services (part meeting)

                                           Mrs H Clegg, Minute Taker





The Chair advised of the recent passing of two prominent Eastern Bay residents, Mr Matt Hayes and Mr Alan Webb.  Mr Hayes was instrumental in working with the Eastbourne Community Board to install the skate ramp.  Mr Webb was the first chair of the Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust and was a Commodore of the Yacht Club.


1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Deputy Mayor Lewis)                        Minute No. ECB 21101

“That the apology received from Mr Vickers be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”


          Speaking under public comment, Mr J Welch asked why the opening of the Eastbourne pool had been delayed. He advised he had sent an official information request to Council that requested all assessments and costings detailing the justification for the delay.  He noted the information he received was not as specifically requested with information for all swimming pools being supplied rather than detailed costings for just the Eastbourne Pool.  He asked whether the Board had been included in the decision to delay the opening.

          The Chair advised the Board had no input into Council’s decision for opening dates for the pool. The Board would ensure they were involved in any decisions being made concerning the opening dates for 2021. 

          Mayor Barry advised that in July 2020, Council had established an emergency budget due to the Covid-19 lockdown.  He said that Council divisions had been required to cut costs.  He added the swimming pools had been assessed as one entity and that separation of the financials of each pool had not occurred, resulting in an overall cost saving for the July 2020 budget. 

          Speaking under public comment, Ms D Cheyne, Chair of the Days Bay Residents Association expressed confusion over recent correspondence received from Council’s Team Leader, Parks that suggested a new idea for the Days Bay Tennis Courts.  She requested the tennis courts be included in the overall plan for the new park rather than as a separate entity.

          The Chair advised she had drawn Council’s attention to the email, adding that it was a preliminary idea and that engineering input was required.  She further advised that after discussions with Council’s Chief Executive, any future contracts involving the park would be sighted by the Board, prior to them being signed by Council.


Mayor's Address

Mayor Barry read out his Mayoral Address attached as pages 9 and 10 of the minutes.  He explained that affordability was a major focus of the Long Term Plan.  He acknowledged the proposed 5.9% rates increase was higher than in past years.  He said the increase was required to fund the infrastructural works required to be undertaken.  He advised that a final decision for the Eastern Bays Shared Path was expected in the next few days.  He acknowledged the passing of Mr Hayes and Mr Webb and expressed condolences to their families and friends.  He also acknowledged the efforts of Greater Wellington Regional Council Councillors Prue Lamason and Josh van Lier for supporting a Hutt Valley Airport Flyer bus route. 



Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC)

Cr Prue Lamason advised that she and Cr van Lier supported the resumption of a Hutt Valley Airport Flyer bus route.  She urged the Board and members of the public to submit to GWRC’s Draft Regional Transport Plan.  She acknowledged the unacceptable service cancellations on the Eastbourne bus services.  She explained they were mostly caused by unexplained and late absences by bus drivers.  She also acknowledged the real time information service was often incorrect.  She stated GWRC officers were working with the contractors to resolve the issues.  She updated members about the Mahina Bay bus shelter.  She advised officers had assessed the shelter and found it was at the end of its life.  She said officers were keen to work with the community in designing a new shelter in a new location.

In response to a question from a member, Cr Lamason agreed to report back to the Chair with information on critical dates for the Draft Regional Transport Plan. 



Presentation by Park Ranger from Greater Wellington Regional Council

Ms Jo Greenman, East Harbour Regional Park Ranger provided an update of recent occurrences in the park.  She advised the next professional cull of animals in the Northern Forest would occur in April 2021.  She added that officers were liaising with the Mainland Island Restoration Operation (MIRO) regarding a formal deer culling plan.  She said the McKenzie Step Replacement Project was slowly progressing with engineers currently working on a design for the complicated site.   She highlighted the successful Dotterel breeding season.  

With regard to Baring Head, Ms Greenman advised of the 2021 plan to plant 7,000 plants in the challenging Wainuiomata River area.  She added that Spotted Skink survey was currently underway to ascertain skink numbers in the only mainland natural population unprotected by predator fencing. 



Presentation by Seaview Energy Resilience Project

Mr William Woods, Strategic Planning Manager and Mr Brent Cooper, Project Manager from Z, Ms Belinda Mackenzie-Dodd, Stakeholder Manager, Mr Tim Haylock, Project Manager and Mr Anthony Delany from Downer and Centreport were in attendance for the item.

Mr Cooper outlined the extent of the pipe and wharf renewal programme.  He explained that tankships delivered all types of fuel to the Point Howard Wharf.

In response to a question from a member, Mr Cooper explained the pipelines and wharf were being replaced as they were no longer up to standard  and they were a vital link in the resilience network.

Mr Delany explained that Centreport and the fuel industry representatives had been working together for three years, culminating in the renewals project.  He said the Lifelines project had identified the network as being critical in an emergency.  He advised the wharf had suffered up to $20M worth of damage in the Kaikoura earthquake which need to be remedied.

In response to a question from a member, Mr Delany advised the wharf’s structure would retain its current look once the rebuild had been completed.  He noted that often pipes and the forecourt areas were painted glossy white for safety and visibility issues and requested community input into the final colour.  Ms Moss agreed to canvas the community on the colour.

Mr Haylock explained the proposed three stage construction details.  He advised work had commenced on stage one at the corner of Port Road and Marine Drive. He explained that preliminary works would ascertain exact service locations to enable final engineering designs to be completed.  He advised the project team was liaising with Council officers to develop a service lane adjacent to the two lane carriageway to enable traffic flows to be maintained.

Ms Mackenzie-Dodd asked for the Board’s assistance in identifying contact points for public notifications of the proposed works and for information updates as the project proceeded.  The Chair suggested contacting the Editor of the Eastbourne Herald, placing information articles in the Eastbourne library, on the Board’s Facebook page, in the local newsletters of the Point Howard and Lowry Bay Residents’ Associations and with Council for publishing on its website. 

In response to a question from a member concerning climate change, Mr Haylock confirmed that climate change had been taken into account when future proofing the project.

Mr Delany explained stage two: Wharf Renewal.  He stated the existing head of the wharf would be completely demolished, with new piles and a pre cast concrete deck installed to meet new standards with seismic improvements utilised.  He advised that a self-sufficient electrical system would be installed.  He added this system would be solar panel based, with the panels being integrated into the existing remaining buildings.   

Mr Delany advised marine ecology studies had already been undertaken and that noise impact studies were currently underway.  He noted the area had extensive historical data concerning the seabed, including the location of the aquifer and that the project was working closely with Wellington Water Ltd and Greater Wellington Regional Council.  He added the community engagement phase was just beginning.  He anticipated the entire project would take two to three years.

Mr Cooper explained stage three of the project that involved the replacement of the pipes through the Barnes Street area.  He explained investigations were ongoing to find an alternate underground route for the pipe network that did not involve using Barnes Street.

Mr Cooper provided an email address for inquiries ( and advised a website would be live by 22 February 2021. 


Presentation on Hutt City Climate Change Community Engagement

Mr Brett Holland was an apology for the meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 8.38pm and resumed at 8.43pm.


          There were no conflict of interest declarations.

9.       Minutes

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Ms Moss)                                     Minute No. ECB 21102

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Eastbourne Community Board held on Tuesday 3 November 2020, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”



Committee Advisor's report (21/20)

Report No. ECB2021/1/4 by the Democracy Advisor


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Spedding)                                      Minute No. ECB 21103

“That the report be received and noted.”



Chair's Report (21/32)

Report No. ECB2021/1/5 by the Committee Advisor


The Chair provided an update on the sand at Kauri Street.  She explained sand had been removed from the road and was a work in progress.  She advised the Days Bay Crossing Active Management Trial had been scheduled for the weekend of 20-21 February 2021.


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Gibbons)                                        Minute No. ECB 21104

“That the report be noted and received.”


2021 NZ Community Board Conference (21/110)

Memorandum dated 29 January 2021 by the Senior Democracy Advisor


There were no expressions of interest from members in attending the conference.   

Mr Gibbons noting the planned opening of the Days Bay Wharf was scheduled for the same weekend as the conference. 


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Spedding)                                      Minute No. ECB 21105

“That the Board:

(1)   notes the Community Board’s Conference will be held in Gore from 22-24 April 2021, attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum;

(2)   notes the estimated cost of attending the conference per Board member is approximately $2,000.00;

(3)   notes that the Training Policy for Community Boards was adopted by Council at its meeting held on 26 March 2019, attached as Appendix 2 to the memorandum; and

(4)   records that there will be no Board representative at the 2021 New Zealand Community Board conference.”


Board Walkaround Tour

The Chair noted the Board Walkaround Tour was scheduled for  Saturday
 27 February 2021, commencing at 8.30am.


14.     Reports from representatives on local organisations


Okiwi Trust (21/22)

The chair advised the Okiwi Trust was operating well with Mr George Tuffin as chair.


Eastbourne Youth Workers Trust (21/23)

Mr Spedding advised there was nothing to report.


Community Emergency Response Group (21/24)

Mr Spedding advised the group was operating well.  He added that Mr Gibbons and himself had been part of a recent Radio NZ broadcast workshop regarding an earthquake early warning system for New Zealand.  He further advised information had been exchanged with Council officers regarding fire safety and efforts to co-ordinate messaging and locating information.


Eastbourne and Bays Communities Trust (21/25)

Mr Gibbons advised the Trust had not met since the last Community Board meeting.  He said he had spoken to the Chair and had learnt that education scholarships were being advertised in the upcoming Eastbourne Herald edition.


Vibrant Village (21/26)

Mr Gibbons advised he had received verbal confirmation that Council would contribute to the cost of the Greenwood Park signs which had been made of wharf timbers from Days Bay.  He added he had received financial assistance from the Greenwood family and Eastbourne Lions with negotiations continuing with the local Harcourts office.  He noted the target date for the opening of Greenwood Park was Friday 26 March 2021. 

Mr Gibbons advised the refurbishment of Days Bay Wharf was a moving target, with a tentative opening day date of Friday 23 April 2021.  He explained the theme would be “Green” with the new Days Bay electric ferry in attendance along with electric cars, bikes and scooters.  He added Meridian Energy would be present and he was hoping to attract Wellington Electricity to the event. 


MIRO (21/27)

The Chair advised of the recent media reports concerning the successful Dotterel breeding season.


14.     QUESTIONS   

          There were no questions.


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.56 pm.








V Horrocks

















CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 13th day of April 2021



Community Board Statement - February 2021


Kia ora koutou katoa.  Firstly can I extend a bit of a late public Happy New Year to everyone.


As everyone knows, 2020 was a tough year on many fronts.  Everyone thoroughly deserved a restful and relaxing break over summer.




In light of yesterday's news, there is potential that the tough times may continue in our city. 


It is important that as community leaders we set a good example of public health behaviour and encourage others to do the same. 


Please use your networks to encourage our residents to scan QR codes, wash and sanitise hands, and maintain social distancing. 


And as always, check on your friends and family, and encourage ‘local’. These are stressful times, particularly for our small businesses, and it’s important that we all have each other’s back. 


10 year plan 


With the uncertainty we live in at the moment, this makes this year’s 10 year plan so important for our city. 


The growth Lower Hutt is experiencing is exciting and creates enormous potential for our city, but we have to be honest and confront the significant challenges that come with that.


Growth is putting pressure on our transport infrastructure with more people sitting in traffic. More homes means more pressure on our already ageing water infrastructure, and increases the risks of pipes failing.  


That’s why this 10 year plan is all about getting the basics right for all of our people -- we’re doubling our capital investment over the next ten years, with a major focus on our city’s infrastructure. 


We simply cannot wind up investment in infrastructure and kick the can down the road. Having an infrastructure network under pressure, coupled with the effects COVID-19, could seriously put our city at risk. 




I’m happy to say that the focus of investing in our infrastructure got the support in our 10 year plan pre-engagement phase, with the community agreeing that this is a major priority for Lower Hutt. 


The community also provided feedback on our other priorities: housing, the environment, an innovative economy, connected communities, and financial sustainability. 



Financial sustainability


The latter is vital to this plan. Affordability is front of mind, as we recognise that COVID-19 has been tough on our community, and made the economic outlook more uncertain.


To achieve this necessary investment, we are proposing an overall 5.9% increase in rates revenue for 2021/22 – this equates to $2.50 per week per residential household.  Over half of this will be invested directly back into our critical three waters infrastructure.   




This 10 year plan is for our people here in Lower Hutt, and we will be seeking their feedback. On March 22, Council will meet to check off the consultation document for the 10 year plan, and will then put that out to the public on March 29 till May 3. 


As community board members, I encourage you to use your networks to get the consultation document out to as many people in our city. 




                                                                                      22                                                           13 April 2021

Eastbourne Community Board

16 March 2021




File: (21/404)





Report no: ECB2021/2/41


Committee Advisor's report





1.    The purpose of the report is to update the Board on items of interest.



That the report be received and noted.


Consultation and community engagement:
Proposed Long Term Plan 2021-2031: Getting the basics right


2.    Council has identified key priority areas for investment which will guide its work over the next 10 years. It is seeking feedback from residents to inform its decisions.


3.    Residents can go online to: or can pick up a copy of the consultation document at their local library or at Council’s administration building, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt.


Eastbourne Walkaround February 2021


4.    An update of items from the 2021 Walkaround is attached as Appendix 1 to the report.


2020/21 Administration and Training Budget


5.    A breakdown of expenditure is attached as Appendix 2 to the report. The Board is allocated $8,000.00 per annum, comprised of:


-      Miscellaneous Administration        $5,000

-      Training                                            $3,000


6.    The following is the Board’s expenditure as at March 2021:


Miscellaneous budget



-    Advertising           

-    Venue Hire            

-    Signage - Greenwood Park                        

-    Walkaround - shuttle






Total expenditure



Balance remaining



There has been no expenditure from the Board’s $3,000 Training Budget.






Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 2021



Eastbourne Community Board expenditure to March 2021











Author: Judy Randall

Democracy Advisor







Approved By: Kate Glanville

Senior Democracy Advisor




Attachment 1

Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 2021


Eastbourne Community Board

Walk around - 27th February 2021

Update: March 2021


Lowry Bay




Lowry Bay


David Miller

Items for discussion: Lowry Bay



Action Item & Officer


Steps by bus stop in need of repair.

Response: Area will be upgraded as part of the new shared path. Awaiting price for a temporary repair – this area will be redeveloped with the new shared pathway when constructed- so a temporary repair will be carried out to get by -  Clayton More


Need for maintenance schedule monitoring state of bus stop given tidal conditions.

Response: Maintenance is carried out by contractor after any storm event – Cleaning crew are onsite asap to tidy and then officer inspects asap after event Clayton More


Water running off Dillon Street.

Response: Officer visited Dillon Street to inspect and determine appropriate action but couldn’t locate the leak.  I will contact the LBRA and ask to meet someone on-site to point out where the leak is Colin Lunn


Construction of toilets on Whiorau Reserve, e.g. similar design to those between the bus station and Burdans Gate.

ECB and LBRA to consider advocating for funding in future annual plan process.  In the interim could a temporary port-a-loo be installed to monitor need?

Response: Council wouldn’t consider a temporary port-a-Loo as ideal, given cleaning requirements and risk of vandalism.  We also currently have a problem with overnight stayers which would be likely to get worse if toilet facilities were available – Janet Lawson


Check state, safety of longer jetty on reclamation – battens missing, lateral movement 2/3 out towards end.




LBRA & ECB asked how often jetty is surveyed for maintenance requirements (if any).


Response: Grant Nalder, Harbourmaster GW advised that from the limited visual inspection undertaken the Jetty appeared in acceptable condition.


Response: The jetty is inspected as part of the wharves package and will have an inspection in the next few weeks. Janet will forward on the information once it is received – Janet Lawson


Consider establishment of small playground on Whiorau Reserve – natural theme – design input from LBRA and ECB.


Suggestion that grass reserve land at the end of Cheviot Road may be appropriate site for some play equipment? Council asked to provide comment on whether this is feasible/next steps.

Response: Some more information on the location, scale and funding options is needed to determine if this is feasible. Currently Council does not have the funding for new playgrounds, nor are they considering new playgrounds. The new cycleway will also have to be considered - Janet Lawson


Continuing concern amongst residents about people parking on the beach.


Site will change with new shared path.  In the interim LBRA request boulders to deter parking at the southern end

Response: Happy to install rocks, but again more information on a location would be helpful. (this is waiting for a response from the ECB or Lowry Bay Residents Association) – Janet Lawson


Suggest general inspection of trees on roadsides to check risks – power and communications lines, underground utilities, extreme shading of residential properties as a result of growth.

Response: We can only manage trees on Council land under the bounds of the Urban Forest Plan - happy to investigate and consider requests relating to trees.  LBRA or residents welcome to contact Colin to organise an on-site meeting (as required) - Colin Lunn


Ongoing water leak on road near 12 Walter Rd.

Response: John Baines (WW) is investigating.




Items for discussion with Grant Nalder, Harbourmaster



Action Item & Officer


Continuing concern about speed of jet skis within 200m of the beach – to be discussed with Harbourmaster. E.g. additional 5 knot signs to mark the 200m zone; amend the sign to show the 5 knot buoys (to make it clear they mark the 200m zone).

GW to follow-up


Black buoy – ugly – replace with conventional small pink or red buoy.

Response: GW provided advice that buoy is placed legitimately for large vessels.  If LBRA want this changed they would need to submit as part of review of their natural resources plan.  For GW to consider.


The general proliferation of buoys (more than one per mooring).

Response: As above


The sunken launch – plan for salvage, timing.

GW to respond

Point Howard





Pt Howard

 Allison Gandy – PHA president


Items for discussion: Point Howard



Action Item & Officer


Toop St music.  Kay has noticed a vehicle with strobe lights driving down Toop St and then presumably parking up in the cul-de-sac and playing loud music. The bright lights Council have installed have not deterred them! Is it the party bus?

Response: New lighting has been installed to hopefully deter the activity.  Incidents should be reported to NZ Police at the time the incident occurs


Spring at the bottom of Church Lane steps.

Response: Met Darren on-site to discuss the spring around his new garage being built as an approved encroachment on road reserve.  Agreed that Council will lay sub-soil drain and metal to capture the natural spring and connect into the existing sump at the bottom of the Church Lane to Marine Drive walkway.  Meeting with a contractor later this week to price and programme action Colin Lunn


Frequent trimming of road reserve outside of 8 Howard Road required, road is obscured by the foliage and is a potential accident waiting to happen.

Response: Vegetation on this site is carried out a couple of times per year – Will continue to monitor – If action is required residents are encouraged to call in to report Clayton More


Fire hazard of long grass beside Ngaumatau Rd and Nikau Road. Les Molloy raised a ticket on Monday 22 Feb - although HCC contractors have been trimming this week.

Response: Completed. Also monitored and done a couple of times a year , but if action is required residents are encouraged to call in to report Clayton More


Crossing at Marine Drive, a number of near misses and minor incidents have been observed.  What can be done to improve the visibility of the crossing or amending driver behaviour (e.g. slow down). Suggestion that speed cushions or electronic signage may help?

Response: This is likely to be modified as part of the eastern bays shared path so unlikely to have intervention in the meantime. Council will be consulting on city wide speed limits later in the year Damon Simmons


Resealing of the roads - last year HCC advised that the maintenance schedule would be made public.


The resealing programme is made public each year and can be found on Council’s website: Leanne Kernot


Repainting of broken yellow lines - last year Council advised that the maintenance schedule would be made public.

Response: Council has forwarded information to  ECB and  Pt Howard Residents Assn


Cars parking/driving on the shared path. It is a ridiculously regular occurrence from the Seaview Marina end down to almost Barnes St. A lot of our residents walk or cycle on the shared path and you don't really expect a vehicle being driven towards you on it.

Response: Vehicle exclusion will be difficult and costly along Port Road. Council can look into it but will need to quantify the extent of the problem to warrant the expenditure Damon Simmons?


Council contractor was asked by one of our community gardeners to not weed spray the community garden. The contractor advised that they will let their bosses know.

Response: Downer has been instructed to no longer spray weeds near community garden. ‘No Spray’ triangles have been installed Beckee Lunn


The path and the handrails/posts are due for some maintenance. A waterblast might do it and worst case, repainting of the timber.

Response: Have met with a contractor, and work programmed for action within the next month Colin Lunn

Mahina Bay  




Mahina Bay



Clare Kernot





Items for discussion: Mahina Bay



Action Item & Officer


North end point area ('intensive use' by those from outside the bay includes a lot of toileting and litter, as well as 'car sleeping').  Not sure what can be done to improve it, however community suggestions include a penguin sanctuary and/or installation of toilets and litter signage.

Response: This will be resolved with install of the new shared path.  In the interim suggestion made to install some large boulders to stop vehicles parking behind/near Lion Rock will be looked into– Janet Lawson



Shared path development - we as a community are not really across this.  From what people are aware of, there is a lot of concern around the proposal for the currently central bus stop to be moved south - location / weather protection / loss of our iconic artwork etc.


Response: ECB advised once resource consent approved,  communities will be invited to attend workshops and provide comment before detailed design determined.


Road safety (I have an initial overview of process to address road safety proposals from Dave Tweedle)

Response: There will be citywide consultation on speed limits later in the year Damon Simmons


Marine Drive - concern about cars on the wrong side of the road, speeding, speed limit, etc

Response: There will be citywide consultation on speed limits later in the year. Moving violations are a matter for the Police, not Council Damon Simmons


- Drains (Mahina/Richmond Rds): inadequate for the conditions and road re-surfacing needing to be done soon.


- Manhole covers popping off in storm surges


- Wandering willy invasion


- Ash tree (potentially divisive issue) and broken fence


- Defibrillator for Mahina Bay

Response: Council inspected (as follows)

-     Drains

Unfortunately there are no current plans to underground the storm water system.  I have asked our street cleaning contractor to clean Richmond and Mahina Roads more frequently.  Please continue to report to Council as a Report-a-Problem or phone 570 6666 when streets are noted as in need of a clean. Due to the natural vegetation adjacent to the road it is near impossible to keep channels/sump grates clean at all times due to constant leaf drop. 

-     Re-surfacing

Road resurfacing is carried out as part of the Transport team’s programmed chip seal programme.  I will ask them to inspect the road.

-     Manhole covers

Council has referred onto Wellington Water to investigate whether a hinged cover can be installed in Marine Drive near 413.  Future concerns can be reported direct to WW via Council’s Report-a-Problem or by phoning 570 6666 – 24 hours per day/ 7 days per week (John Baines (WW) is investigating).


-     Tradescantia (wandering willy control) We do not control tradescantia, but can support a community clean up – Riba Greally

-     Fraxinus (Ash tree) Council investigated.  Tree in good health.  It will have major deadwood removed and epicormic growth removed. I’ve also accepted a quote from a contractor to crown-lift, clear the service wires of the Titoki tree below the Ash and other low hanging trees on Richmond and Mahina Roads - Colin Lunn


-     Broken fence

Broken fence is scheduled for repairs shortly - Colin Lunn


-     Defibrillator

Refer back to ECB/Mahina Bay Residents Assn for more information about what is being asked.


-     Tsunami road marking needs repaint.  Referred to Council’s officer responsible for management of road marking maintenance contract, including the tsunami zone re-paints, around the bays.  This work will be actioned shortly – Nigel Parkin


-     Mahina/Richmond Rd.  Council to investigate – Nigel Parkin

Sunshine Bay




Sunshine Bay

Delphine Gore



Days Bay




Days Bay  


Di Cheyne



Items for discussion: Days Bay



Action Item & Officer


The orange road cone is still in the duck pond.  Council were advised.

 Orange cone beside the steps to the wharf where people jump. 

Response: Contractors have been advised.  The cone by the wharf was covering a pile that could cause injury Beckee Lunn


Rubbish bins.  Could these be emptied more frequently in the summer weekends as bins at present get overflow quickly with pizza boxes, then seagulls follow.

Response:   Currently emptied 4 x per day in the summer weekends and holiday period.  More empties would be an extra cost to contract and need approval by the asset team – Janet Lawson


Wharf.  Do we have any final additions to the wharf, e.g. Shelter, ladders on the sides , are there ‘feathers’ in metal to prevent wharf jumpers when the ferry is in ? It’s looking really great.

Response: The items that were previously on the wharf will be returned, including jumping platforms and bench seats.  A bus stop style shelter will be placed there as a temporary measure until funding can be confirmed for a more suitable option. 

As the wharf programme ran significantly over-budget, there is no funding available for additional features such as ‘feathers’, although officers are happy to work with ECB to fundraise or collaborate on these items in the future  – Janet Lawson


The plastic mats in front of Van Heldens are great for disabled and see they are back again.

No action required - Janet Lawson


Norfolk Pine close to the pedestrian crossing.  Is the orange mesh still necessary after the car backed into it?


Orange mesh not necessary.  Metal tree frame has been replaced – Janet Lawson


Follow up with Transport Division re. trailer and boat that has been parked for over 12 months south part of Days Bay outside number 616 Marine parade.

Response: The owner of this trailer keeps the vehicle up to date with Warrant of Fitness and registration.  He is aware of the bylaw that prohibits the trailer being parked for periods of more than seven days. He moves the trailer within the allowed seven day period. Each time he does this, a new parking event takes place and the seven day allowable period commences subsequently.  There is nothing prohibiting the trailer from parking there Barry Rippon


Big thank you to Damon for organising the pedestrian crossing stop and go last weekend.  I have sent an email to him asking if, instead of orange cones we could have road markers leading up to the crossing similar to the weekend as it did make everyone slow down.

Response: Council is awaiting the data so that the effect on travel times can be determined. After that, next steps (if any) will be considered - Damon Simmons





108 Muritai Rd

 Andrew Mckay                         



Items for discussion: Muritai



Action Item & Officer


Tree making access to garage difficult/dangerous. ECB has looked at this tree. Report from Colin Lunn at that time opposed removal as would leave major gap in the treescape on Muritai Rd.  ECB also felt the tree had been there when the new owner bought the property.



Resident Andrew Mckay sent this information:
The tree completely blocks the view angle down Muritai Road as we exit the property.  When we reverse out of the driveway, the back of the car is right out on Muritai road, and the driver is totally blind to on-coming traffic, yet the back seat passenger is fully exposed to any vehicle which may be coming along Muritai Rd.

I recently reversed out of the driveway, and (because of the tree) could not see a lunatic Audi driver speeding down Muritai road.  The back of my car was right out on the road, and luckily for all concerned, they didn't "t-bone" me.  I shudder to think of the outcome if they hadn't reacted and the kids were in the back of the car.

The case for removing the tree is simply thus - the safety of people leaving the property is at risk (and possibly even at mortal risk), because of where the tree is located, and its increasing girth.  This is not a matter of losing a bit of sun, or having a view interrupted.  This is a life safety issue - of our children.

We invite the board members to reverse out of the property when they visit, and they will understand the very real issue.

Response: Received information from GW that bus company currently doesn’t have any major concerns about this tree.  ECB have determined to retain the tree.  Will arrange for Council’s tree contractor to carry out a minor crown-lift of the tree over the public footpath and any low hanging branches into 108 Muritai Road Colin Lunn






Attachment 2

Eastbourne Community Board expenditure to March 2021


                                                                                      38                                                           13 April 2021

Eastbourne Community Board

17 March 2021




File: (21/419)





Report no: ECB2021/2/45


Chair's Report







That the report be noted and received.









Eastbourne Community Board Chair's Report April 2021










Author: Virginia Horrocks







Attachment 1

Eastbourne Community Board Chair's Report April 2021


Chair’s Report Eastbourne Community Board

Tuesday April 13 2021


Eastern Shared Path – Hurray hurray hurray!

After many years of community effort resource consent has been granted for the Eastern Shared Path.

In terms of what happens next for the project, it’s full steam ahead for completing the suite of Management Plans as required by the consent conditions and as part of this the design team will be coming back to the bays communities to discuss a number of items relating to urban design. They will also be completing the remaining detailed design as part of this process. The aim is to undertake an ‘early works package’ from July with the main construction likely to start in late September at Windy Point.

The first meeting with representatives of the bays was held before Easter to begin the consultation which will now go ahead with each bay to gather input on those urban design items like individual themes, story boards, beach access and bus stops as the character of each bay is identified by residents.


Maire St Shared Pathway

In mid-2020 the Eastbourne Community Board (ECB) was given the ok to use unspent administration funds (around $3000) on a community project, with the proviso it was spent, or at least committed, by the end of the financial year (June 2020). A variety of projects were considered but the viable options were quickly narrowed down based on the cost and deadline. A trial shared path along the waterfront side of the Maire Street car park (south of Shortt Park) was identified as the most viable option and HCC agreed to action this. 


As part of the trial ECB undertook to survey users of the area to assess the success of the pathway. The survey has been completed and once analysed we will report on the results and possible next steps.


Williams Park Management Plan

The Williams Park Management Plan first round of consultation ended on 1 March 2021, 160 total individual submissions were made. This gives the management plan a good framework from which to work to ensure that the future development of the park reflects the current use and preferred community outcomes of the park. Within the submissions a number of different themes were identified including:

·         The need for a controlled crossing from the park to the beach

·         Better access to the duck pond

·         Better access to the southern end of the park that includes beach volleyball court, petanque piste, and grass tennis courts

·         Adding a playground

·         Removing the caretaker’s house to allow for more open space

·         And, leaving Williams Park as is


The current “vision” of the management plan is “To preserve the character of the park and to enhance those amenities that will continue to promote Williams Park as a regional destination.”


Further community feedback will be sought for the draft plan.


Virginia Horrocks - Chair 


MEMORANDUM                                                  40                                                           13 April 2021

Our Reference          21/482

TO:                      Chair and Members

Eastbourne Community Board

FROM:                Frank Vickers

DATE:                23 March 2021

SUBJECT:           Report Back: Coastal Restoration Conference  10-12 March 2021




That the Board notes the memorandum.



Purpose of Memorandum

1.    To report back to the Board on the Coastal Restoration Conference.


2.    Between 10 and 12 March Hutt City Council generously sponsored my attendance at the annual dunes conference arranged by the Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand.

3.    This provided a very good opportunity to discuss our particular issues with coastal experts. It was also an opportunity to exchange ideas with other like-minded community groups conducting small to medium scale restoration work on their coastal dunes throughout New Zealand.

4.    It is hoped that the knowledge gained can be used to better protect and enhance our valuable dunes in Eastbourne.




There are no appendices for this report.   







Author: Mr F Vickers

Eastbourne Community Board



                                                                                      41                                                           13 April 2021

Eastbourne Community Board

17 March 2021




File: (21/415)





Report no: ECB2021/2/46


Report back from Representatives on Local Organisations





a)    Okiwi Trust

       Verbal update from the Chair

b)    Eastbourne Youth Workers Trust

       Verbal update from Mr B Spedding

c)    Community Emergency Response Group

       Verbal update from the Chair and Mr B Spedding

d)    Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust

       Verbal update from Mr M Gibbons

e)    Vibrant Village

       Verbal update from Mr M Gibbons

f)    MIRO

       Verbal update from Mr F Vickers

[1] This excludes sites that are considered high profile, significant on a city-wide basis due to their size and location, or where the site crosses ward or community boundaries.

[2] The Operational Guide for Urban Forest Plan is available from Council’s Parks and Recreation Division.