1                                             26 August 2020




Wainuiomata Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Wainuiomata Library, Queen Street, Wainuiomata on

 Wednesday 26 August 2020 commencing at 7.00pm





Mr G Tupou (Chair)

Ms D McKinley (Deputy Chair)


Mr T Stallworth

Mr G Sue


Cr K Brown




APOLOGIES                   Ms S Tuala-Le’afa and Ms J Winterburn.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Ms H Oram, Acting General Manager, City Transformation

                                          Mr K Puketapu-Dentice, Director, Economy & Development

                                          Mr D Simmons, Manager, Traffic Asset Manager

                                          Ms T Lealofi, Democracy Advisor






1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Ms McKinley)                                        Minute No. WCB 20501

“That the apologies received from Sisi Tuala-Le’afa and Jodie Winterburn be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”



Speaking under public comment, Mr Lance Stewart elaborated on the submission attached as pages 7-11 to the minutes. He emphasised on the disreputable condition contained at Wainuiomata Beach of the South end of Coast Road.


Speaking under public comment, Mr Wayne Chapman from Hutt Valley Shooting Association (HVSA) outlined the timeline of events that took place to begin the process towards resource consent and the work that would begin after. Mr Chapman presented to the Wainuiomata Community Board in mid-2014 regarding HVSA to lease the landfill. He noted that no further communication was made with the Board since then. He said HVSA had engaged a resource consent consultant with a sound engineer during that period of time. He expressed disappointment with Council that no progress had been made and that there were a lot of barriers that appeared which caused the delay to the process.


Cr Brown asked if there was any new information about the Shooting Gun Range proposal. The Chair responded that information had been provided to members prior to the meeting.


The Chair acknowledged Mr Chapman’s concern and requested that officers provide an update report regarding the proposed Shooting Gun Range. 

          The Director, Environment and Sustainability noted that the lease would need to be reviewed and renewed by the Board.  She suggested that consultation with the local residents be undertaken to ensure a better outcome for decision making.

          Speaking under public comment, Mr David Pannekoek expressed his frustration on no proper consultation with the local residents regarding the proposed Shooting Gun range. He highlighted the issues that had concerned the local residents.


Suspension of Standing Orders


Resolved: MOVED: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sue)                                 Minute No. WCB 20502

“That Standing Order 15.2 be temporarily suspended to allow public comment to be extended beyond 30 minutes.”

          Speaking under public comment, Ms Trish Ranstead supported the previous speakers’ comments about the Gun Shooting proposal.  She asked what direction was Wainuiomata looking for. She did not support the proposal.

Speaking under public comment, Mr Max Shierlaw raised concern on the noise control issue at the cleanfill. He suggested that the Board take action and undertake a noise test by a qualified acoustician.

Speaking under public comment, Ms Tajzhay Pouwhare from Wainuiomata High School spoke to the campaign proposal of street names. She noted the objective is to have 50% of the street names in the Hutt City labelled Maori street names by 2025.  She proposed that the Board support their kapapa.

Speaking under public comment, Ms Esther King from Love Wainuiomata gave a brief update on the Wainuiomata Heartland Ride e-mail from Simon Cager, Hutt City Council; attached as pages 12 and 13 to the minutes.

Speaking under public comment, Ms Julie Sylvester expressed concern about the cost of the four options to the proposed Rubbish and Recycling consultation.  She asked how would this affect the residents who currently used private rubbish collector.  She said not all residents were aware of the consultation due to some areas not receiving the information.

Speaking under public comment, Ms Sally-Ann Moffat expressed concern about the Wainuiomata Cleanfill issue and the proposed Gun Range shooting. She spoke to the list of questions attached as pages 14-15 to the minutes.

The Chair expressed disappointment that information requested by him had not been dealt with nor responded to, by officers. He  noted that the list of questions from Ms Moffat would be forwarded to the officers for a response.

Speaking under public comment, Ms Jane Wootton expressed concern in relation to the proposed Rubbish and Recycling consultation. She said there was no information regarding the operation to the collection of rubbish and the proposed cost to the options. She noted this information was not received via the local newspaper.


Mayor's Address

The Mayor’s statement was read out by the Chair and is attached as pages 16-17 to the minutes.

3.       Presentations


Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC)

Cr Josh van Lier from Greater Wellington Regional Council was an apology for the meeting.


Presentation by Wainuiomata Juniors Rugby League

Verbal presentation by a representative of the Wainuiomata Juniors Rugby League Club.

Ms Robyn Moreke thanked the Board for its support to the Club’s Community Engagement Fund application. She highlighted that the Junior Rugby league tournament was a success.

Mr Stallworth acknowledged the tournament had made a positive impact on the local businesses.

Cr Brown commended the Club for the work in organising a successful event.


          There were no conflict of interest declarations.

6.       Minutes

Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                                Minute No. WCB 20503

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wainuiomata Community Board held on Wednesday, 24 June 2020, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


7.       Reports referred for Board input before being considered by Subcommittee of Council


Proposed Road Closure - Wellington Triumph Sports Car Club Coast Road Sprint (20/784)

Report No. WCB2020/5/165 by the Traffic Asset Mnager


The officer elaborated on the report.  He said the event had been running for the past four years and consultation would be made with the residents on Coast road for the upcoming event in November by the event organisers.


Ms McKinley expressed concern that rural residents did not receive the Hutt newspaper, as this would keep residents updated about events or news in the area.



Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Ms McKinley)                            Minute No. WCB 20504

“That the Board endorses the recommendations contained in the report.”



Committee Advisor's Report (20/789)

Report No. WCB2020/5/73 by the Committee Advisor.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                                Minute No. WCB 20505

“That the Board notes and receives the report.”




Memorandum dated 17 August 2020 by the Committee Advisor.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Ms McKinley)                                  Minute No. WCB 20506

“That the Board:

(i)    notes that a submission in respect of Hutt City Council’s Rubbish and Recycling        consultation was made which requires the Board’s retrospective endorsement; and


(ii)   endorses its submission to the Hutt City Council’s Rubbish and Recycling consultation,        attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.”



Chair's Report (20/875)

Report No. WCB2020/5/74 by the Committee Advisor.

Ms McKinley reminded the Board of the 2020 Spirit Awards event nominations closing date of 30 September 2020. The event will take place on the 4 November 2020.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                                Minute No. WCB 20507

“That the report be noted and received.”

51.     Information Items


Update on the Street Naming of the Subdivision at 80 Parkway, Wainuiomata (20/842)

Memorandum dated 5 August 2020 by the Traffic Engineer


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Cr Brown)                              Minute No. WCB 20508

“That the Board receives and notes this memorandum.”



Update on the Street Naming of the Subdivision of 82-106 Moohan Street, Wainuiomata (20/843)

Memorandum dated 5 August 2020 by the Manager, Traffic Engineer.

The Traffic Engineer Manager noted the Māori street names that had been adopted without macrons. The Principal Māori Advisor would be putting together a list of these street names and would liase back to the officer in due course.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sue)                                  Minute No. WCB 20509

“That the Board receives and notes this memorandum.”

62.     QUESTIONS  

          There were no questions.


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.55 pm.









G Tupou






CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 4th day of November 2020.



















Lance Stewart

Wainuiomata Community Board


Hello. I am about to start a movement to achieve some very positive, desperately needed, desirable changes to all the car parks along Wainuiomata Beach, at the south end of Coast Road, Wainuiomata.

The simple fact is that all three of the carparks along this stretch of beach road (and the beach road itself) are in deplorable condition, with dangerous and unsightly barricades, ditches, fences, rocks, bollards, concrete rubbish, disintegrating road surfaces, etc., trying to dissuade visitors from coming there.


There is a lot of confusion about who exactly has authority over which piece of land, and who is making the bad decisions that have brought about the present dreadful access ways to the otherwise remarkable Southern Coast of this part of North Island.

The state of the roads, parking area surfaces, gateways, vegetation, etc., is highly unprofessional and unpleasant and a disgusting presentation foisted first of all on the poor people of Wainuiomata, but also upon visitors from the Wellington region, then visitors from all over New Zealand, and finally visitors from overseas. A lot of people from all places come here every week.

We all deserve far better than this, but particularly the people from Wainuiomata who would be the most common and frequent visitors to this area as it is “OUR” beach. It is part of Wainuiomata!


In the minds of the authorities who have business administrating this area, and the councils and organisations who have control of it, and in the people who visit here, I wish to start the change of thinking needed to bring about the complete overhaul of this area, so that it becomes a beautiful place to welcome all people from wherever, to help them to have a very pleasant visit to this remarkable natural environment.


THIS AREA has been promoted for all sorts of recreation from casual walks, photography, fishing, underwater diving, scenery observation, cycling, tramping, history observation, wild animal observations, beach walks, swimming in the rivers, etc. It has been included in the East Harbour Regional Park, the Remutaka Cycle Trail, access to the Remutaka Forest Park, the cycling from Eastbourne around the coast and back through Wainuiomata, and is mentioned in things like the Great Destinations Scheme (possibly run by DOC or Tourism NZ).


 And yet the access and facilities at the entry points are the most basic, cheap nasty places I have ever come across in New Zealand and other countries. I have never seen worse than the nightmare created by uncaring people at the beach off Wainui.


Here’s what really NEEDS TO HAPPEN:

1. All the different councils, and organisations, staff members, and even the local farmers, and suitable members of the public, need to immediately get together and actively collaborate in cooperation to bring about the changes as fast as possible.


2. What needs to be done is all three carparks need to be bulldozed flat, expanded to their legal boundaries, correctly cambered, surfaced and tar sealed.

All the hideous rock barricades, bollard lines, ditches, ditch-making-removed-material forming another sort of physical and visual barricade, and vastly too many fences need to be, and must be, removed. Gravel piles, old concrete waste, and general rubbish and glass need to be permanently removed. Water traps, (in dips in the present roading surfaces), must be eliminated to prevent the formation of large muddy puddles.


3. Ideally concrete and river-rock walls, or concrete moulded walls incorporating relief sculptures should be placed around each car park instead of the hideous, dangerous “wartime barricade mentality” structures that are there now.

(Examples of this type of beautification


4. Beautify the parks with appropriate vegetation.


5. Increase the actual parking space within the present legal boundaries by removing all the barricades with the parking area.


6. Construct new, beautiful gateways from the parking areas to the wild areas and get rid of the ugly, dangerous structures that are presently there.


7. Construct rugged toilet facilities at each carpark, of the various types commonly used by the Department of Conservation at outdoors and remote locations.

Supply safe and strong rubbish bins for the collection of common waste items like bottles, paper, and picnic waste.

Institute appropriate cleaning and sewage removal procedures.


8. Install recording security cameras on poles at each carpark for security and anti-vandalism purposes. These cameras must record the registration numbers of visiting vehicles to help capture any criminals doing any sort of crime down here on this “remote” coastal strip. Things like potential vehicle break-ins must be prevented when people are away from their vehicles for prolonged times.


9. The groups of organisations should also combine their development funds to

Tar-seal all the presently ripped up, very rough, potholed, boulder-strewn gravel road from the present tar-seal end right down to the carpark beside the Orongorongo River Bridge.


Let’s all work together to create a beautiful and functional and safe entryway to the wilds.

I hereby call upon all the members of the Wainuiomata Community Council to please support me in this quest. It is a completely feasible possibility that will not require huge amounts of architects design plans, but can be simply achieved with though and logical work.

I wish to be involved in this project because I can provide useful, logical input to help prevent the monstrosities already put in place by some low-level-thinking persons who have done the utterly minimal work here, because they simply do not care.

So please, anyone who supports my quest, let’s communicate, and meet and discuss all the possibilities for how this work can be achieved, and set out to get it all done to a high standard.

Throughout a history of about 180 years, Wainuiomata has been treated very badly with facilities in the past, and NOW is the time to demand change, and help us to get nice structures like many other coastal and small towns in New Zealand have.

Enough of Crap! Let’s have QUALITY at long last, at least for this small area!


I call upon all members of this council, to each get in your own vehicle very soon and drive down the Coast Road, to see how it all is, and particularly to visit each carpark and to drive along the battered road, and stop and have a careful look around and examine for yourselves the horrors of this place, and realise that change is necessary.

Come back to Wainui and tell me you agree with me and that you will do all you can to bring about desirable and necessary changes in this location.

Everybody will benefit when this work is done. No one loses!

It’s good for every visitor that comes here.

While there is a fall-off in some tourist activities because of the Covid Crisis, that makes it the perfect opportunity to get on with the work now, to have it all ready for the future and the next hundred years.


For those of you wondering about FUNDING:

Right now, because of the Covid Crisis, the Government is offering masses of money for SHOVEL-READY PROJECTS!

Let’s get the Hutt City Council (and the other organisations) to immediately apply for that funding for this great and necessary purpose!


I have been told (and I am at this moment awaiting verification) that one third to one half a million dollars !!! has been allocated for clean-up and development work at the Remutaka Forest Park along the Coast Road. This money is coming from DOC.

Well, hell, let’s get them on the phone and demand that they allocate similar or more amounts for their input to the work required on the coast which is VASTLY MORE IMPORTANT at the moment!

DOC has responsibility for upkeep and development in the coastal region too!


Part of the catch to work that needs to be done down at the coast is that different organisations have different responsibilities.

 AT this moment I believe DOC and the Hutt City Council have joint responsibility for the new carpark at Orongorongo Bridge as part of the Remutaka Cycle Trail, and for care of the coastal track.

The Wellington Regional Council has responsibility for water control (drains and streams, (and maybe the rivers)), and possibly responsibility for the carpark by the Wainuiomata River, and the East Harbour Regional Park which runs along the river in this area.. I believe they have responsibilities for the area from Baring Head down to the end of the tar seal on the road.

I have spoken with the Ranger for GWRegional Council (Jo Greenman) and she has told me she has plans for doing some small scale upgrading of the Carpark 1 at the Wainuiomata River Corner, and also much more work at the carpark near the recently constructed new bridge on the lighthouse access road off Coast Road. She has recently installed a high quality security camera system at that carpark.

She also told me that the Greater Wellington Regional Council has just released the Parks Network Plan for the next 10 years, and they are presently accepting public submission on matters in the plan until sometime in October.

The web address for this is:


Or, just search on Greater Wellington Regional Council Parks Network Plan.

Look for the sections on Baring Head, and East Harbour Regional Park, etc.


Tourism NZ may also be available to supply some funding, possibly also through the government Shovel-Ready Projects scheme.


The Hutt City Council has responsibility for all the roading, probably. And many other things there.


One catch about things, may involve who actually owns the land at different places in this area, and what covenants may have been signed for land usage and/or development.

The Tourism NZ organisation could be called upon for funding input and shovel-ready financing because they too are promoting tourism and recreation in this area.


So one piece of work I am going to ask the Community Council to do is to obtain:

1. A clarification of exactly which organisation is responsible or jointly responsible for areas of land down at the coast, with a map to clearly indicate things.


2. A clarification of who actually owns and/or controls land down there?


3. A clarification of who is responsible for a maintenance schedule, and improvement plans for the area.


4. A clarification of who is responsible for Health and Safety down there, including toilets, etc.


5. A clarification of usability and accessibility, ascetics, visuals, and what are we telling our visitors.


6.  A notification of which Council officers to contact for various sorts of information that will help to facilitate all of the progress


Will someone on the Community Council please get back to me with this above information in writing, to I can pursue my quest with diligence.


My little talk and the showing of a few photographs on the evening of Wednesday 26th August 2020 is just a very basic, brief starting point for this activity growth on the projects concerned.


Thank you very much.   Lance Stewart.













































Love Wainuiomata <lovewainuiomata@gmail.com>


Wainuiomata Heartland Ride - Update


Kia ora Wainuiomata Community Board members and Wainuiomata Heartland Ride Working Group members,


We've been working with Love Wainuiomata on the Wainuiomata Heartland Ride project. This route is already being regularly cycled by Remutaka Cycle Trail riders as well as other cyclists. Formalising this as an official NZ Cycle Trail Heartland Ride, connecting the Remutaka Cycle Trail, means the safety and economic benefits for the community can be maximised, as well as the experience and safety improvements for riders.


It's provisionally approved by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) to be part of the Nga Haeranga New Zealand Cycle Trail network providing a grade 4 on-road cycle route through Wainuiomata for experienced riders.  It'll connect  the two current start and finish points of the Remutaka  Cycle Trail providing riders with a complete journey. It takes riders from the Orongorongo River along Coast Road to Wainuiomata's town centre and over the Hill via the Wainuiomata Shared Pathway - Te Hikoi Ararewa to connect with Hutt River and Petone.


The opportunities for local businesses are an important element too and we're keen to support businesses and organisations to make the most of opportunities for riders to engage with locals, and try our amazing outdoor activities and Wainuiomata hospitality.


We're working with Love Wainuiomata to help bring this to life after the concept came from and is being championed by the community since 2019. Love Wainuiomata has held a public hui, presented regularly to the Wainuiomata Community Board, featured in Wainuiomata News, gathered input online survey and sharing with the the Wainuiomata Rural Community Association members. We're continuing to seek input from the community via a working group as more is defined about the project and will be doing a letter box drop for all Coast Road rural properties very shortly.


The trail name is being worked on and a marketing plan is being developed for promoting the ride as a Grade 4 New Zealand Cycle Trail ride which is designed for experienced riders.


We've now developed a proposed works list (PDF 1.9 MB) for the route which includes signage. We've prepared it in consultation with NZTA and feedback from the wider community including the Wainuiomata Rural Community Association. Our approach to this work along the route is to: provide route improvements that will benefit all road users including additional and updated signage create a safe and enjoyable route for riders that is easy to follow and provides key safety information support all road users to be safe by ensuring they are aware of each other - including motorists, cyclists and horse­riders create a sense of journey for riders that has clear start and end points continue to enhance the trail with interpretation that engages them about what's on offer on the route, including local shopping opportunities and attractions.


We're expecting to complete this work in Spring ahead of visitors in Summer.

More detail on the project is at huttcity.govt.nz/heartlandride


All feedback is greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards


Simon Cager

Senior Project Engineer





































Wainuiomata Community Board – August 2020 – Sally-Ann Moffat

Cleanfill Discussion - Questions for WCB


I request in writing that these questions are included in the minutes in full along with any answers given.


Before I start and before the timer starts - I seeking clarity on a Standing Order - Can I record this public cleanfill discussion on behalf of the wider affected community who cannot be here tonight because of reasons including child care and Covid-19.


I also wish to publicly express my opposition to the proposed shooting range and to state that pursuant to section 95 of the RMA I am an affected party and I oppose the shooting range being sited on contaminated land known as the old Wainui landfill.


Thank you WCB for letting me speak, Thank you all for coming tonight. HCC staff are here as they are paid to defend the HCC position.


The Community Board are here in their role to proactively and constructively engage with residents on local matters that affect the community they represent and raise with Council issues raised with them by their community and advocate on behalf of their community.


I am here as a member of this community and an active protector of our awa, our river of national importance: the Wainuiomata River. As an affected party regarding the Wainuiomata Cleanfill my aim is to remind HCC of their accountability to this entire community in meeting their obligations in regards to the conditions of the consent of the Wainuiomata Cleanfill.

I do this tonight by asking questions to our Chair and asking him to put those questions to our HCC paid staff that are present at the WCB meeting tonight.




1)      The noise report showed evidence of non-compliance of noise pollution when it was sent released to CLG members on Thursday 23rd July then when re-issued on Thursday August 13th it has been ‘reviewed’ by HCC staff to say it is now compliant, was the testing robust and do those reviewers have any acoustics qualifications? Yes/No


2)      Are the birds of Wainuiomata louder than a compactor or bulldozer? Yes/No


3)      Is a passing car louder than a compactor, truck or a bulldozer? Yes/No


4)      Do you (person answering these questions) have qualifications in acoustics? Yes/No


5)      When will the Wainuiomata Community Board receive the requested report on the search for new Cleanfill locations?


6)      When will the W.C.B receive the requested Reports on complaints and on non-compliance to date of the Cleanfill?


7)      Why have H.C.C not supplied the reports as requested in June to the W.C.B Chair?


8)      Is it true – yes or no – that the request from the W.C.B chair for those reports has been treated as a LGOIMA?


9)      What is the W.C.B intending to do about this lack of transparency and cooperation  from Council?


10)  Is it true the Cleanfill is currently non-compliant as per the independent audit? True or false


11)  Why is HCC obtaining specialist noise reports from people who are not professional members of the acoustic society?


12)  Consent condition #25 states that you must notify the CLG and invite them to observe the audit – Is it correct that did HCC not do what the consent condition states? Yes/no


13)  Consent condition #14 states that you must notify the CLG of any construction at the cleanfill – Is it correct that HCC did not notify the CLG of the ‘construction activity’ described in the SMP (pg 11 #5) as: “sealing of the existing site accessway” as per consent condition 14? Given the description that “all works on site must be in accordance with the SMP” Yes/No


14)  Are all Wainuiomata residents deserving of quiet enjoyment of our properties? Yes/No


15)  Are the locations of the noise testing fully in complete compliance with the Consent Conditions? (Re: the full notes of Consent Condition 12)?


16)  Compaction work at the cleanfill - is that considered to be construction work? Yes/no


17)  The CLG have been advised by HCC staff that HCC want to increase truck numbers at the cleanfill. This will affect the wider Wainuiomata community, road users, schools and kindergartens etc…We have also been advised that this change is outside the scope of the current consent therefore will need to go to a Hearing. Is this correct? Yes/no


18)  Will the proposed change in truck numbers be publicly notified to the wider community of Wainuiomata in the form of a publicly notified consent change, limited notified, or non-notified?


19)  The CLG have been told by HCC staff that HCC are looking at potential new sites and have considered the Wainuiomata Landfill site and Waiau Street site?  True or false

Kia ora everyone, 


Last time we met we were moving to Alert Level 2 - I hope this doesn’t become a common occurrence! 



I hope you and your community are all keeping safe. Can I say thank you for your leadership in the community, and continue to set a good example with model behaviour - It is one of the most powerful things we can do at the moment. 


We must keep reminding our communities to follow official advice, make sure people are downloading the tracer app or keeping a diary, social distance themselves or wear a facemask if they have to, and keep washing your hands. 


For Lower Hutt, Alert Level 2 means that gatherings throughout the city, including at council facilities, are limited to 100 people, rubbish and recycling services are operating as usual, we have re-opened our rates help services, Moera library is closed but the others remain open, and the rest of our facilities and services operating as usual. 


Moving away from COVID-19, there has been a whole load of work Council has undergone since we last met. 


Shovel Ready 

We have recently received funding for two Shovel Ready projects. The $27m for Naenae Pool is a huge win for the community, and the rest of the city. Not only will the funding allow us to rebuild the pool faster, but we will be able to rebuild Naenae’s local economy faster too. 


We also received $15m for the Eastern Bays shared path. This is another big win for the community advocates who have campaigned for safer transport infrastructure. The shared path will encourage active modes of transport, attract local visitors and support tourism, and connect to existing cycle trails. 


Credit rating 

This collective funding of $42m shows the confidence the Government has in our work plan, and also in our financial stability. This is backed up by Standard & Poor’s recent credit rating of HCC, with the report stating that we’ve retained our AA credit rating with a positive outlook, and improved in our budgetary performance and liquidity scores. This shows that our new approach is fronting up to the challenges we face, and building on the foundations that existed.


Policy updates 

Local Government New Zealand held their AGM last week. You will be pleased to know that among many significant remits, we collectively voted to place a moratorium on water bottling across New Zealand. 


Climate Change

The climate change WG is bringing a couple of recommendations for the draft LTP, and those recommendations are going to be discussed at the next community environment committee. 

Officers are now close to finalising the proposed lead-group to co-design the process for engaging with the community on climate change, including the development of a pathway for the city to reduce its emissions to zero by 2050 and how to respond to forecast climate impacts. 


Council reviews 

In other news, Council has finished our rubbish and recycling consultation which gathered nearly 4000 submissions, and we are now starting to engage the community on the regional waste bylaw. 


Council is also in the process of reviewing our district plan, a four-year piece of work. I encourage you to promote this amongst people in your communities. This is an important review for our city, as it will set the strategic vision for how our Lower Hutt will look for our future generations.    


Kia ora.