2                                             24 August 2020



Petone Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Petone Library, 7 Britannia Street, Petone on

 Monday 24 August 2020 commencing at 6.30pm



 PRESENT:                       Ms P Hanna (Chair)                    Mr M Fisher (Deputy Chair)

                                          Mr M Henderson                         Mr M Roberts           

Mr A Voutratzis (from 6.35pm)  Ms K Yung               

Deputy Mayor T Lewis               


APOLOGIES:                  Mr A Voutratzis for lateness


IN ATTENDANCE:       Mayor C Barry (part meeting)

                                          Cr B Dyer (part meeting)

                                          Ms A Blackshaw, Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities

                                          Mr C Agate, Traffic Engineer – Network Operations

                                          Ms H Clegg, Minute Taker






Ms Hanna asked that the thoughts of the Community Board members be with the victims of the Christchurch mosque shootings.


1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved:          (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                           Minute No. PCB 20501

“That the apology for lateness from Mr Voutratzis be accepted.”


Ms Ruth Mansell spoke to the Korokoro Community Newsletter.  She explained the newsletter had been in publication for 34 years, and that the current editors were concerned about the future security of funding.  She added that in the past, the $800 for printing had been funded from Pub Charities monies, and that recently it had been sponsored by local real estate companies.  She requested the Board supported the editor’s application for funding through Council’s Community Engagement Fund.  She further advised that it was important that local communities continued to be connected.  She highlighted that the Korokoro Community Newsletter was hand delivered to all Korokoro households.


Mr Voutratzis joined the meeting at 6.35pm.


Mr Roger Thackeray spoke to the Lower Hutt District Plan review.  He requested the Board be fully involved in this process, especially in regard to heritage and Petone 2040.  He believed it was timely to advocate for Petone heritage overlays to be incorporated in the Lower Hutt District Plan.  He stressed that District Plan reviews took time, and that in the meantime, heritage values could be lost.  He advised that with Urban Plus Limited’s recent property purchase in Britannia Street it would be good to ensure a “heritage sympathetic’ development could occur on the site.


Mr Ron Beernink spoke to pedestrian crossings.  He explained he was an advocate for active transport and all modes of transport.  He maintained that pedestrians were not catered for in new developments.  He highlighted the difficulties pedestrians had in accessing e.g. Briscoes, and the Percy Scenic Reserve across the interchange roundabout.  He believed the Lower Hutt District Plan could provide opportunities for pedestrians to be included in all developments.  He wanted Petone to be pedestrian friendly, with living streets and traffic calming measures.  He further believed commercial and heavy traffic needed to be diverted.





Mayor Barry thanked members for their work to date, and for complying with Covid-19 Level 2 restrictions and requirements. 

Mayor Barry reported that at the recent Local Government New Zealand’s Annual General Meeting, a remit was passed advocating that central government allow local authorities to be able to put a moratorium on the taking and/or using of water for water bottling operations. He advised of several shovel ready projects which the Hutt Valley had received approval for, including $15M for the Eastern Bays Shared Path and $27M for the Naenae Pool.  He added that now the logistics were being worked out, to enable all projects to proceed.

Mayor Barry explained that the Long Term Plan (LTP) process was about to commence.  A strategic session would be held shortly for Council and all Board Chairs, whereupon the full public consultation process would commence.  He acknowledged the LTP process was the ideal forum to include the Petone 2040 document, and all shovel ready projects.

Mayor Barry encouraged members to become involved in the Integrated Transport Plan process, along with the Cross Valley Transport Connections (CVTC) project process.  He advised work was almost finalised on a webpage for the latter project, to ensure the public had access to the most up to date information.  He stressed the CVTC project was a multi-modal, resilience project.

Ms Hanna thanked Mayor Barry for inviting Chairs to the LTP strategic meeting.  Mayor Barry advised all Boards would be updated during the LTP process.

4.       Presentations


Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC)

Councillors Prue Lamason and Josh van Lier from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) advised:

·           Port Road work was in the mix in the GWRC shovel ready projects and would be undertaken in due course;

·           Public transport update:

o    masks would be mandatory on all public transport from Monday 1 September and officers were currently working on the logistics and communication of this;

o    bus patronage was currently 65-70% of pre-Covid-19 Level 2 numbers;

o    it was difficult to maintain bus timetables and comply with Ministry of Health guidelines.  GWRC was investigating options;

o    lower patronage on buses now would impact on future capabilities to fund growth in public transport in the future; and

o    the New Zealand Transport Agency would fund any fare shortfall until the end of 2020;

·           The proposed shifting of bus-stop #8020 Jessie Street, raised at the previous Board meeting, had to be undertaken as a power pole was in the way.  Cr Lamason advised the concerned residents had been spoken with and whilst they were disappointed, they understood the reasons for the shift;

·           Soil testing and pile driving were underway for the RiverLink project, with work commencing for the resource consenting process.  The Melling Station would be moved south with the entire project designed to consider a possible future railway line extension to the north.  A pedestrian overbridge would be constructed linking to the CBD.  The proposed new Melling bridge would be built to the south of the existing bridge.  It was likely the flood protection works would commence at the northern (Mills Street) end of the project;

·           GWRC was developing its LTP and invited public submissions via a survey on it’s website, to assist in providing direction for the LTP.  Full public consultation would be undertaken on the draft LTP in early 2021;

·           Public consultation for the Draft Parks Network Plan was due to close shortly and the Board was encouraged to submit, with all documentation available online;

·           GWRC and Te Mata (the new national quality water body) representatives have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding regarding drinking water.  It is on the basis that drinking water supply assets will remain in public ownership;

·           GWRC now had a Rates Postponement Policy similar to the policy of Hutt City Council.  To date there had not been much uptake, which was only offered in areas where a local authority also held a similar policy.   Cr Lamason confirmed that the GWRC policy was available for those aged over 65, with no test to pass and that interest was charged.


In response to a question from a member, Cr van Lier confirmed that analysis of the free public transport trial was currently being undertaken, and he agreed to report back at the next Board meeting.  Cr Lamason noted that a possible public transport fare increase could be considered in the future, to counteract the lowered revenue during the Covid-19 situation.

In response to a question from a member regarding future bus stop relocations, the Traffic Engineer – Network Operations advised that GWRC was currently reviewing the 160 Wainuiomata Route (which consisted of approximately 60 stops), and that after that was completed, work would commence on other suburban route reviews. 

In response to a question from a member, Cr van Lier confirmed that there was research being undertaken concerning sedimentation of the Hutt River pre- and post-Covid lockdown, and that he would report back on this issue.



Presentation by Jackson Street Programme

Ms Hellen Swales, Jackson Street Programme Coordinator advised that the Jackson Street Programme (JSP) was:

·           Encouraging all eligible businesses to sign up to access $5,000 for business mentoring, and for further central government funding for businesses involved in tourism;

·           Updating JSP’s Facebook page to advertise those local businesses making face masks; and

·           Promoting Petone to national tourists, intending to develop more walkable tours and unveiling two more Walk of Champions plaques;

·           Holding its Annual General Meeting on 24 September at the Petone Library, 5.30pm start;

·           Intending to be involved with the Lower Hutt District Plan review especially the Heritage sections;

·           Continuing with planning for Christmas events, including the twilight Santa Parade on 27 November, Letters to Santa, Family Treasure Hunt and Grotto;

·           Now advertising in Vibrant Hutt with a slogan “Hands up for Petone”, focussing on shopping, hospitality and pampering yourself; and

·           Investigating ways to effectively use the $250,000 Fund for Innovative Streets.  A meeting had been held with officers, with JSP stressing the Petone 2040 document should be in the forefront of any proposals, as it had already been widely consulted on.  JSP was hoping to be a part of a co-design process with businesses and the community to ensure streets were safer and people friendly with access to community spaces.  JSP believed footpath upgrading of Jackson Street should be a priority for the use of the money, and that the money should not be used for temporary projects. 

In response to a question from a member, Ms Swales advised JSP had studied research from other local authorities concerning impacts on businesses when street beautification works had resulted in a loss of carparks.  She had concluded that businesses in those areas had experienced revenue reductions, despite the user friendly developments.  She reminded members that the demographics of visitors to Petone during the business week were elderly, less mobile persons, and that upgrading of footpaths would be preferable.  She added that having ring road systems such as in Hastings provided for more carparking to be available.  She noted that the average number of cars per household in Lower Hutt was 2.5.

In response to a question from a member regarding the heritage tours and stories, Ms Swales advised all heritage stories were directly related to Petone.

In response to a question from a member regarding the possible role of the Board in the Innovative Streets Project, Ms Swales asked that the Board support the JSP “wish list” around the Petone 2040 document rather than a trial.  She further asked that any public works be undertaken with a heritage slant lens.

In response to a question from a member, Deputy Mayor Lewis advised she believed the Innovative Street Project monies could only be used for temporary structures and that officers were aware of the changed timeframes for the use of the monies. 


Mr Mike Henderson declared a conflict of interest in relation to Item 7a) – Proposed Road Closure(s) – Cam County Incorporated Port Road Drags and took no part in discussions or voting on the matter.

6.       Minutes

Mr Roberts noted that Item 3: Mayoral Statement in the minutes did not accurately reflect concerns raised by members concerning the reduced hours of Moera Library.  He said the Board had requested further information to be reported back to this meeting.

The Chair noted that Britannia Street had been spelt incorrectly.

Resolved:          (Ms Hanna/Mr Roberts)                                 Minute No. PCB 20502

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Petone Community Board held on Monday, 22 June 2020, be confirmed as a true and correct record, subject to amending the wording of Britannia Street.”


7.       Reports referred for Board input before being considered by Subcommittee/committee of Council


Proposed Road Closure(s) - Cam County Inc Port Road Drags (20/783)

Report No. PCB2020/5/162 by the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations


Mr Henderson declared a conflict of interest and took no part in the discussion or voting on the matter.

The Traffic Engineer – Network Operations elaborated on the report.  He explained that improvements were made each year to this annual event.  He highlighted that this year, noise readings would be taken throughout all events in response to concerns from Point Howard residents.  He advised that all businesses had been consulted with, and that the Traffic Impact Report contained several conditions of consent.  He noted that a reserve day of the following week had been set aside.

The Chair noted that whilst the event took place in the Board’s area, it was residents in the Eastbourne Community Board area who had voiced concerns.  She requested a copy of this report be presented to the Eastbourne Community Board.


Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                          Minute No. PCB 20503

“That the Board endorses the recommendations contained within the report.”


Proposed Road Closure(s) - Hutt Valley Motorsport Club Inc Port Road Sprints (20/785)

Report No. PCB2020/5/163 by the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations


The Traffic Engineer – Network Operations elaborated on the report.  He explained there were several roads affected by this event.  He highlighted that the event was held over two separate days with reserve days being allocated.

Mr Henderson commented that no businesses had made a strong complaint about the event.


Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Mr Henderson)                  Minute No. PCB 20504

“That the Board endorses the recommendations contained in the report.”




Hautonga Street, Petone - Proposed P15 Parking Restrictions (20/826)

Report No. PCB2020/5/164 by the Traffic Engineer




The Traffic Engineer – Network Operations elaborated on the report.  It was noted that Tudor Distributors had only requested one P15 carpark however as they had closed up their roller door entry, it effectively opened up two more P15 parking spaces.




Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Mr Fisher)                         Minute No. PCB 20505

“That the Board endorses the recommendation contained in the report.”



Chairperson's Report (20/918)

Report No. PCB2020/5/83 by the Chair, Petone Community Board


The Chair elaborated on the report.  She highlighted the community projects taking Covid-19 recovery into account.  She advised that as Korokoro School did not require assistance with their tree planting project, a litter reduction event that would take place in September can be supported instead.

The Chair asked the Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities to provide an update regarding the Moera Library. The Director of Neighbourhoods and Community explained that the requirements of Coivd-19 restrictions had impacted all Council libraries, including and especially Moera where social distancing could not be ensured.  She added that a recruitment freeze had been initiated during the first lockdown and officers were being shared across facilities as a result. 

The Director of Neighbourhoods and Communities agreed to investigate the Moera situation and to report back to the Board.

Ms Young stated her appreciation of the bus tour, and her support of apartment developments with no carparking.  She added this presented challenges for the future and that infrastructure planning would have to adapt and change.  She looked forward to the Integrated Transport Plan.  She asked for information regarding potential Board input and timelines.  The Chair advised she would have further information after attending the Council’s Long Term Plan strategic planning session.


Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Mr Roberts)                                Minute No. PCB 20506

“That the Board notes and receives the report.”



Committee Advisor's Report (20/824)

Report No. PCB2020/5/71 by the Acting Committee Advisor


The Chair noted consultation on the Heritage Policy Review and the Proposed Waste Management Bylaw had commenced.  She advised the Board would make a submission on these.

The Chair advised she had passed the Making Good Decisions Resource Management training.

Mr Roberts asked for a copy of the full Cross Valley Transport Connections business case be provided to the Board, rather than just the summary.

Deputy Mayor Lewis thanked officers for the thorough Committee Advisor’s report. 


Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Deputy Mayor Lewis)                Minute No. PCB 20507

“That the Board notes and receives the report.”

10.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.


The Chair closed the meeting by using the Whakatauki  He waka eke noa “we are all in this together”, making particular reference to the Christchurch Mosque Shootings, and the Level 3 Covid-19 situation in Auckland.




There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.52 pm.






P Hanna








CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 2nd day of November 2020