1                                             19 August 2019



Petone Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Petone Library, 7 Britannia Street, Petone on

 Monday 19 August 2019 commencing at 6.35pm



 PRESENT:                       Ms P Hanna (Chair)                    Mr M Branch

                                          Mr B Dyer                                     Mr M Fisher (Deputy Chair)

Mr P Foaese                                  Ms K Yung

Cr T Lewis                                    Cr M Lulich


APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Ms J Miller, Chief Executive (part meeting)

Mr L Allott, Chief Information Officer

                                          Mr K Chitham, Director, Hutt City Museums (part meeting)

                                          Mr Z Moodie, Traffic Engineer – Network Operations (part meeting)

                                          Ms T Malki, Traffic Engineer (part meeting)

Ms D Male, Committee Advisor






1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Cr Lulich)                                           Minute No. PCB 19401

“That the apology for early departure received from Mr Branch be accepted.”



Petone Champions Awards (19/976)

Awards presentation by Mayor Wallace

Lorraine Shaab

Cr Lulich read Ms Shaab’s citation and thanked her for continued commitment to tackling the litter and pollution issue in Wellington Harbour. Ms Shaab created the Petone Beach Clean Up Crew two years ago and had built a network of volunteers in the Wellington region. She had raised awareness and tackled some key contributors of the waste management issue in the community. 


Michelle Stronach-Marsh

Cr Lewis read Ms Stronach-Marsh’s citation and thanked her for continued commitment to creating a cleaner environment. Ms Stronach-Marsh started ‘Plogging’ in 2017 picking up litter in Petone every day. She was a role model in the community and had gained support from people from Denmark to Auckland.



Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.


Speaking under public comment, Mayor Wallace congratulated the Board on a successful evening with two very worthy award recipients. He thanked the Board for the work over the last three years. He acknowledged the retiring members Mr Foaese and Mr Branch for their input. He said that it was Cr Lulich’s last meeting appointed as Ward Councillor and acknowledged his previous work as an elected Board member. He commented that he was looking forward to the future of Council with the new Chief Executive. He wished the members the best for the future and commented that the community had been well served.


Speaking under public comment, Cr Barry thanked the Board. He gave a special mention to Mr Foaese, as they had both started as community board members in 2010. He thanked him for his service to the community. He also thanked the Chair and commented that the Board was the most proactive Board in the city. He added his support for the Chair’s Notice of Motion item on the agenda.

4.       Presentations


Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) (19/681)

Cr Prue Lamason from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) advised that in relation to the Notice of Motion item on the agenda, that the motion should be directed to central government. She said that GWRC did not have any right to say what could happen with water. She added that GWRC could monitor the amount of water taken and stop new takes, when the water taken would exceed the water available, such as in summer. She suggested that energies be focused on the review of the Resource Management Act and that groups and individuals should put in submissions for the review.


In response to questions from members, Cr Lamason advised that conversations had taken place with mana whenua and through the Whaitua Committee, implementation of recommendations from this Committee were due to commence within a year. She added that this would have a public consultation process. She further advised that GWRC, as the consenting authority, only had control over the amount of water taken under the resource consents, not on the use the water was taken for. She added that an amount of water taken could not be limited for each consent. She explained that commercial properties had water meters and paid water rates based on actual usage. She added that residential properties paid a water rate through property rates, but could have a water meter installed if it was requested through Wellington Water Ltd.

In response to a question from a member, Cr Lamason advised that work was awaited by Hutt City Council before double decker buses services would commence along Jackson Street.



Presentation by Jackson Street Programme (19/683)

Ms Leonie Dobbs, Chair, Jackson Street Programme (JSP) advised the following:

·        Acknowledgement was given to the work of the Board, Mr Branch and Mr Foaese as retiring members and congratulations given to the members continuing.

·        P2040 update – the works had been delayed due to the weather. JSP had been involved in relationship building, when the painters working on the buildings were subjected to verbal abuse for Council paying to paint buildings. It was noted that building owners were contributing to the works and the building repairs required which had been found when the pilot works commenced. Works were to be completed by the end of October on three properties, the other property had been sold and work would be done with the new owner. The money had been kept in trust for work on the remaining building of the pilot project.

·        A workshop had been held with business owners on options for replacing plastic bags. Ms Michelle Stronach-Marsh, Petone Champion Award 2019 winner, had attended to speak to the business network group.

·         Concern was raised for the bus stop outside the JSP office, if emergency vehicle access was required. Also in relation to older persons accessing the buses which were required to park away from the pavement at bus stops.



Update: Council's Museums Division (19/1021)

The Director, Hutt City Museums advised that he had been in the role for over six months and elaborated on what the Museums division incorporated. He provided an update on the Petone Settlers Museum. He added that a paid intern role had been created for one day a week for a year to learn on the job with a focus on social history curating. He said it had been identified that the current knowledge in-house was more focused on art history.

The Director, Hutt City Museums advised that the Future of Work exhibition would be at the Dowse Museum for a few months, it included social history from the Petone Settlers Museum, and a 70 year reunion of the Griffins Factory staff was being held as a part of the exhibition. He added that the peace arch had been erected across Jackson Street, with a weekend of events held for its unveiling.

In response to questions from members, the Director, Hutt City Museums advised that the Public Art Policy had not been actioned and was being reviewed with the assistance from Council’s Arts and Culture Subcommittee. He further advised that there were three officers whose roles incorporated community arts and would work more with the community.





          There were no conflict of interest declarations.

6.       Minutes

Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Dyer)                                            Minute No. PCB 19402

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Petone Community Board held on Monday, 24 June 2019, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


7.       Report referred for Board input before being considered by Council

Nevis Street and Lochy Street - Proposed P90 Parking Restrictions (19/1040)

Report No. PCB2019/4/159 by the Traffic Engineer

The Traffic Engineer - Network Operations elaborated on the report.

In response to a question from a member, the Traffic Engineer – Network Operations advised that seven responses had been received for the original consultation, which were a mixture of support and opposition. He said that three responses had been received in support of the revised option of six car parks. He added that all the original recipients of the consultation documents had also received the revised option consultation documents.

Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Cr Lulich)                                            Minute No. PCB 19403

“That the Board endorses the recommendation contained within the report.”



Proposed New Private Street Name - Subdivision of 429 Jackson Street, Petone (19/692)

Report No. PCB2019/4/157 by the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations


The Traffic Engineer - Network Operations elaborated on the report.

Cr Lewis advised that the name of the development would not be recognised by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) so the developer had indicated a preference of a street name incorporating Paetutu. She suggested either Paetutu Pa or Way.

The Traffic Engineer - Network Operations confirmed that Paetutu Pa would need to be checked by LINZ. He advised that the walkway names were not officially named or recognised by LINZ, but could be informally named.


The Chair added that the three names, the originally proposed street name and two walkway names of Ngahina, Marama and Rona, related to the moon.


Resolved:  (Cr Lewis/Ms Yung)                                     Minute No. PCB 19404

“That the Board approves the name for the new private road at 429 Jackson Street, Petone, Lower Hutt attached as Appendix 1 to the report, as Paetutu Pa, with a second name option of Paetutu Way.”



Committee Advisor's Report (19/1018)

Report No. PCB2019/4/8 by the Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                                       Minute No. PCB 19405

“That the Board notes and receives the report.“



Notice of Motion - Ms P Hanna - Water Bottling (19/1011)

Report No. PCB2019/4/158 by the Committee Advisor


Speaking under public comment, Mr J Van Lier expressed support for the motion. He thought it timely following the motion passed at the previous Board meeting to declare a climate emergency. He summarised information related to the Waiwhetu aquifer, required water and the growing population. He said that whilst he sympathised with Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), its mandate was to manage natural resources and members were not aware of their powers. He added that business as usual could not continue.

Speaking under public comment, Mr S Magnusson expressed support for the motion. He thought that water bottling was unwise and he saw this motion as a logical follow-up to declaring a climate emergency.

Speaking under public comment, Mr M Godfrey expressed support for the motion. He said that in history the region had followed a business as usual society, but people were now more informed and aware of the impact for future generations.

Speaking under public comment, Mr S Monrad expressed support for the motion. He believed that in light of climate change, a private company should not be able to have a monopoly on water bottling. He added that this was important due to the population growth and the inequality due to class and poverty.

Speaking under public comment, Ms B Scott expressed support for the motion.


The Chair elaborated on the report. She added there was a moratorium precendent set by central government for aquaculture industries/marine farm consents.

Cr Lulich expressed support for the motion.

Cr Lewis expressed support for the motion. She noted that it was good to start with central government and the Whaitua Committee and that all three Community Boards were considering the same Notice of Motion.

Mr Fisher explained that he was initially unsure, but had listened to public comment on the matter and the information provided by Cr Lamason of GWRC. He considered removing GWRC from part (i) of the motion and add into part (iii). He expressed support for the motion.

Mr Branch expressed support for the motion. He asked that the incoming Board review promoting domestic water metering.

The Chair advised that the moratorium would be for all current consents and that the motion asked for new consents to be publicly notified. She added that she was happy with the original wording of the motion and that Council’s Chief Executive was happy with the wording. She suggested that Minister Parker, the Minister for the Environment, should receive the motion and that an earlier smaller review of the Resource Management Act (RMA) be supported, prior to the planned full RMA review. 


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Foaese)                                          Minute No. PCB 19406

“That the Board:

(i)    requests the central government and/or Greater Wellington Regional Council, with due respect to all of the four community well-beings (social, environmental, economic and cultural) in the Local Government Act, to place an immediate moratorium on any current consents for the extraction of Waiwhetu aquifer water for water bottling purposes;

(ii)   also requests that any future such applications are put out for public consultation; and

(iii)  asks that Hutt City Council assists in achieving these two outcomes.”



Chairperson's Report (19/1019)

Report No. PCB2019/4/75 by the Chair, Petone Community Board


The Traffic Engineer - Network Operations provided on update on double decker buses. He advised that the guide line and cats eyes acted as a rumble strip, at the bus stop outside the Jackson Street Programme office. He added that these were temporary measures, as were the reflective signs on poles and buildings, until kerb extensions could be installed.

The Chair wished the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations all the best in his new role.


The Chair elaborated on the report. She added that she would be speaking to the Board’s submission to District Plan Change 43 at 1.30pm on 4 September 2019, if other members were also available to attend.


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Foaese)                                          Minute No. PCB 19407

“That the Board notes and receives the report.”


12.     QUESTIONS   

          There were no questions.


The Chair closed the meeting with a whakatauki.



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.20pm.






Ms J Miller                                                                                                    Ms P Hanna

CHIEF EXECUTIVE                                                                                   CHAIR