Arts and Culture Subcommittee



23 August 2019




Order Paper for the meeting to be held in the

Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt,







Wednesday 28 August 2019 commencing at 6.00pm








Cr M Lulich (Chair)


Deputy Mayor D Bassett

Cr T Lewis (Deputy Chair)

Mayor WR Wallace




Community Representatives:


Christine Fagan

Iwi Representative

Pam Hindmarsh

Stage and Event Manager

Anita Mansell

Hutt Multicultural Council

Johannes Mueller-Welschof

Hutt Art Society

Desiree Mulligan

Heritage and local history expert

Noel Woods

Atiawa FM, Event organiser, musician





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10 (4 elected members, 1 iwi representative and 5 community representatives)

To be chaired by a Councillor.



Meeting Cycle:

Meets on a quarterly basis, as required or at the requisition of the Chair

Reports to:

Community Services Committee


To advise Council regarding a strategic direction for community arts and culture in Hutt City that aligns with the principles of Council’s Arts and Culture Policy 2016-2021.

Determine and monitor:

     To ensure that outcomes outlined in the Council’s Arts and Culture Policy 2016-2021 are achieved

     To ensure the strategic direction for arts and culture supports tangata whenua and Lower Hutt’s many diverse communities.

     To receive reports on grants in the following area: Community Arts and Culture Fund.

     To monitor fulfilment of Council’s obligations towards Creative Communities funding.

     To foster communication between Council and the Lower Hutt arts sector

Consider and make recommendations to Council on:

     Developments that support Council in achieving an increased focus on arts and culture in the city

     Opportunities to strengthen the arts sector.


Approval and forwarding of submissions on matters to other consent authorities on matters relevant to the Subcommittee’s area of responsibility.

Delegated Authority:

The Arts and Culture Subcommittee will have delegated authority to carry out activities within its terms of reference.





Arts and Culture Subcommittee


Meeting to be held in the Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt on

 Wednesday 28 August 2019 commencing at 6.00pm.




Public Business


1.       APOLOGIES 

An apology has been received from Mayor Wallace.


Generally up to 30 minutes is set aside for public comment (three minutes per speaker on items appearing on the agenda). Speakers may be asked questions on the matters they raise.       


4.       Minutes

Meeting minutes Arts and Culture Subcommittee, 3 July 2019                            4     

5.       Information Item

Community Arts Advisor Update (19/1084)

Memorandum dated 16 August 2019 by the Community Arts and Culture Adviser         8     

6.       QUESTIONS

With reference to section 32 of Standing Orders, before putting a question a member shall endeavour to obtain the information. Questions shall be concise and in writing and handed to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting.   



Judy Randall





                                                                       9                                                     3 July 2019



Arts and Culture Subcommittee


Minutes of a meeting held in the Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road
Lower Hutt on

 Wednesday 3 July 2019 commencing at 6.00pm



 PRESENT:                       Cr M Lulich (Chair)                                          


Cr T Lewis (Deputy Chair)



Community Representatives:


Christine Fagan

Iwi Representative

Pam Hindmarsh

Stage and Event Manager

Anita Mansell (from 6.39pm)

Hutt Multicultural Council

Johannes Mueller-Welschof

Hutt Art Society

Desiree Mulligan

Heritage and local history expert

Noel Woods

Atiawa FM, Event organiser, musician


APOLOGIES:                  Apologies were received from Mayor Wallace and Deputy Mayor Bassett. An apology for lateness was received from Ms Mansell.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Mr K Chitham, Museums Director

Ms J Randall, Committee Advisor




1.       APOLOGIES 

Apologies were received from Mayor Wallace and Deputy Mayor Bassett and an apology for lateness was received from Ms Mansell. The apologies were noted.


Deputy Mayor Bassett asked that it be recorded he was undertaking Mayoral duties for Mayor Wallace who was unwell.


There was no public comment.


Ms A  aslowing Light Boxesfrom Mayor Wallace. Mansell joined the meeting at 6.39pm.

3.       Presentations


Hutt Multicultural Council (19/466)

Mr T Shrestha, President of the Hutt Multicultural Council (the group), and

Ms A Mirza provided a verbal update.


Mr Shrestha advised the group was formed in 1993 to promote the interests of ethnic groups, share experiences, protect heritage and identity and help new immigrants. He said the group organised and participated in events, supported Multicultural New Zealand and took part in consultations and reviews. He added that more than 300 people had attended the annual Lower Hutt Multicultural Festival which had been running for over 20 years.

Mr Shrestha noted that after the Christchurch mosque incident in March, the Multicultural Council and similar groups had been promoting understanding and making communities safer. He said an interfaith group had been formed to provide an opportunity to learn about other faith groups. He advised the group was holding a forum in September for electoral candidates to advise how they would cater to the needs of Lower Hutt’s diverse community.  He acknowledged the support the group had received from Mayor Wallace and Councillors.

In response to a question from a member, Mr Shrestha said the group received approximately $5,000 pa in funding from Council. He added the group sometimes made applications to other agencies to fund additional activity.

Ms Mirza advised the group had held an open day and had been motivating other groups to work together. She said the group was looking at working with other organisations to develop options for larger events and encourage more participation across cultural groups.

In response to questions from members, Ms Mirza explained that a meeting of representatives from multicultural groups around New Zealand had taken place.  She said the meeting discussed a number of issues, including ways to support more understanding of other cultures.  It also highlighted the importance of representation for minority groups on organisations such as school boards and the Council of Women. She believed that the group would attract more people and sponsors to the Multicultural Festival if it had access to a larger space, more time for publicity and if the festival did not clash with other events. 

Members suggested several options to raise the profile for multicultural events such as creating a stage for the group at another established event, taking part in Race Unity day in Wellington, or combining events with other multicultural groups. It was also suggested the group held an art exhibition displaying art, craft and history of different cultures. The Wellington Regional Amenities Fund was recommended as a possible funding source for large events.

The Chair agreed to investigate ways to help the group. He thanked Mr Shrestha and Ms Mirza for their work promoting diversity in Lower Hutt.


Lower Hutt Waiata to Support Te Reo Policy (19/767)

Mr Woods provided a verbal update. He  advised he had written a waiata for Lower Hutt that he hoped to record with participation from across the city. He said approval would be needed from local Iwi. He anticipated including schools, sports icons and emerging local artists in the waiata to demonstrate the diversity of Lower Hutt. He offered his recording studio for the project at no cost and suggested the waiata became a collaborative effort with Council. He noted funding might be possible through Council or New Zealand On Air.

 The Chair advised he would call an informal meeting of members to discuss the waitata project further. He thanked Mr Woods for his input.


Arts and Culture Strategy and Implementation of a Public Art Policy (19/856)

The Director, Museums provided a verbal update. He advised he intended reviewing the Arts and Culture Strategy. He said he would start work on an implementation plan and report back to members with a way forward.

He said the Public Art Policy (the policy) had been adopted by Council for public art works and as a guide for new works coming into city. He said he would review the policy and determine the best way forward. He acknowledged he would need to determine which works were part of Council’s public art collection and assess their condition. He estimated this would take until towards the end of 2019. He recognised a maintenance plan would be required and the longevity and maintenance needs of each of the works would need to be clarified. He agreed to report back to members with a strategy and a maintenance and longevity schedule and to provide a brief update on this work later in 2019. He noted a Public Art Policy Advisory Group had been approved by Council in 2018 and he intended activating this group to approve and propose new acquisitions.


In response to questions from members, the Director, Museums said he had met with the Chair of the Sculpture Trust (the Trust) and intended working with the Trust in the future. He noted this would be helpful to define how works were brought into the collection. He advised there was already a fixed allocation for sculpture maintenance in place but that going forward sculptures would require a maintenance plan and longevity assessment.


In response to questions from members, the Director, Museums agreed a broad view should be taken of art. He recognised heritage was an important part of art and culture and he had been working with officers on ways heritage features intersected with public art.  He confirmed Council’s policy worked well but acknowledged it could be reviewed alongside other Council arts policies. 



Resolved: (Cr Lulich/Ms Mulligan)                                 Minute No. ART 19301

“That the Subcommittee

(i)      endorses the Director, Museums’ recommendation that the Arts and Culture Subcommittee supports the development of an implementation plan to accompany the Arts and Culture Strategy; and

(ii)     asks officers to report back to a future meeting on the matter.”


Resolved: (Cr Lulich/Mr Mueller-Welschof)                  Minute No. ART 19302

“That the Subcommittee

(i)      endorses the Director, Museums’ recommendation that the Arts and Culture Subcommittee supports the development of an implementation plan to accompany the Public Art Policy; and

(i)            asks officers to report back to a future meeting on the matter.”


          There were no conflict of interest declarations.

5.       Minutes

Resolved: (Cr Lulich/Ms Hindmarsh)                                Minute No. ART 19303

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Arts and Culture Subcommittee held on Wednesday, 17 April 2019, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


6.       Information Item


Light Boxes (19/830)

Ms Mulligan provided a verbal update. She explained Lower Hutt Light Boxes had been inspired by a Nancy Wake memorial Light Box in Oriental Bay. She noted only one Light Box had been installed in Lower Hutt to date by Council’s Light Box Selection Panel. She considered Lower Hutt needed to do better at displaying its history and telling local stories ‘warts and all’. She noted the ‘Battle of Boulcott’s Farm’ memorial, donated by the Imperial Society in the 1950s, remembered European soldiers but made no mention of the Maori perspective. She proposed that more diverse history panels and Light Boxes were needed for Lower Hutt. She suggested Light Boxes such as: An explanation of why the city was called Lower Hutt, the Taita Cemetery’s Maori history, the story of the Dawn Raids and reflecting community arts and other local history. Ms Mulligan understood that the Light Box Selection Panel had had a recent vacancy and she advised she was willing to sit on the Panel.


Resolved: (Cr Lulich/Mr Mueller-Welschof)                  Minute No. ART 19304

“That the Subcommittee:

(i)       requests that with the departure of Mr Warwick Johnston from the Historic Lightbox Selection Panel, Ms Desiree Mulligan be nominated as a replacement; and

(ii)     asks officers to report back on funding options for heritage signs in Lower Hutt.”


7.       QUESTIONS   

          There were no questions.

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.15 pm.



Cr M Lulich


CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 28th day of August 2019      

MEMORANDUM                                                  12                                                       28 August 2019

Our Reference          19/1084

TO:                      Chair and Members

Arts and Culture Subcommittee

FROM:                Pippa Sanderson

DATE:                16 August 2019

SUBJECT:           Community Arts Advisor Update




That the Arts and Culture Subcommittee notes and receives the report.


Purpose of Memorandum

1.       Community Arts Advisor update


2.       Community Funding

The Community Arts and Culture Fund opened on 3 June 2019 and closed on 14 August 2019.  The grant pool is $40,000 and the total request is $41, 058 from six organisations. The panel, including the Community Arts Advisor, Community Funding Advisor and a member of the Arts and Culture Subcommittee, will meet on 22 August to allocate the funds.

3.       Mural Projects

The aim of the community arts mural projects is to reduce tagging in the city, make spaces feel cared for and safer, and provide local youth with opportunities to be involved in arts activities and engage in a positive way with their environment and community.

i)       Hutt Valley Activity Centre (HVAC) with artist Chris Barrand. The project started on 6 June 2019 and was completed on 8 July 2019. The mural was painted on the exterior fence of the HVAC, with high pedestrian activity. Youth from the HVAC worked with the artist to develop the design, inspired by the values and colour theme of the HVAC. Feedback from pedestrians was extremely positive, and the HVAC is very keen to be involved in more art projects.

ii)      Wainuiomata Community Hub and the Rangatahi Centre with artists Ruth Robertson-Taylor, Ian Taylor and Rikki Porter-Samuels, and support from Wainuiomata Marae. The project started on 1 May 2019, and was completed on Wednesday 14 August 2019. The project involved the rangatahi learning printmaking, the history of the area, and how to translate the stories and sites into visual forms. The mural will be installed in the Wainuiomata Library where it will be highly visible.

4.       Naenae Pool Hoardings Project

The Naenae Pool has been closed and will be surrounded by hoardings as a safety measure for a considerable time while the new complex is being built. The hoardings art project involves designing and installing artworks on hoardings along the Everest Ave side of the pool building over the next 6 months.

The project will involve 4 artists working with community groups to paint two murals each. There are nine local schools, all of whom are taking part, with boards and paint being delivered directly to the schools.


The first mural has been completed by artist Chevron Hassett, working with rangatahi and staff from Naenae Clubhouse.

The second mural, led by Ruth Robertson-Taylor, will start on 20 August. Ruth will work with the local community to paint a mural that represents the cultural diversity of present-day Naenae. Ruth is mentoring a young local woman from Naenae, who previously worked on two significant Naenae murals and is currently attending Architecture School.

The final two artists are Tina Rae-Carter and Sheyne Tuffery, both well-established mural artists who bring many years of community arts experience to the project. Both have completed murals in Lower Hutt working with local communities.

5.       Hutt Winter Festival 2019

The Hutt Winter Festival 2019 was the third winter arts festival led by Council Community Arts. It was a three day visual arts festival held from 15 to 17 August, that spanned Lower Hutt.


The aims of the festival were to:

-        Connect people through art and culture

-        Involve the local community in development and delivery of events

-        Support and provide a new platform for the presentation of local and community focused arts activities that are accessible to people of all cultures, ages and abilities

-        Make better use of existing community arts spaces

-        Improve the visibility of arts and culture in the Hutt

-        Build audiences for art in Lower Hutt

-        Extend summer community events into winter


The festival included 13 cultural and community groups and artists, 680 workshop participants and reached over 6000 attendees and audience, significantly increasing our numbers from last year.



Tape Art Lantern workshops x 3 – 30 participants

Tape Art Winterlight outdoor installations x 3 – 2000 audience

Eco Fashion Runway - 38 community entries and 12 designer entries  - 400 audience

Hutt’s Got Talent  - Over 75 entries / 4 heats – 25 performers and 50 audience at each heat  - 480 audience at final

Resene Live Action Murals:

-    WNC (Sat, Mon, Tue, Wed) - 50 participants - 300 audience

-    Koraunui Stokes Valley Hub (Mon – Thurs)  60 participants - 400 audience

-    Wainuiomata Hub (Mon - Thurs) 30 participants - 200 audience

Final Event:

-    16 workshops over 8 hours – 500 participants - 600 audience

-    Community Stage – 70 participants - 500 audience over 3.45 hours

-    Evening stage including Back to the 80s party – 600 participants over 3 hours

Total attendance: approximately 6000



There were Five key projects and 16 workshops on the programme across nine sites throughout Lower Hutt:


1.   Eco + Ethical Fashion Runway – Eco Fashion NZ

2.   Hutt’s Got Talent – GoodTime Music Academy

3.   Tape Art NZ Winter Light + 4 workshops + 3 installations

4.   How to Write An Album – The Undercuts – 4 workshops

5.   Dance with a Stranger – 4 filming sessions


Partners included: GoodTime Music Academy, Eco Fashion NZ, Tape Art, Naenae Clubhouse, Dusty and Lulu, Hutt City Libraries, The Dowse and Council’s three community Hubs. Officers worked collaboratively across several departments.


Funders included: Wellington Community Trust and Creative Communities.


Sponsors and supporters included: Mediaworks, Resene, Pete’s Emporium, Jaycar, Yealands, Revive, Queensgate, Te Awakairangi Health Network, Total Eyecare Optometrists, Paper Source, Earthlink, Grouse Lighting and Bernina.


Survey results showed enthusiasm from the community for the events, and appreciation of the opportunities to engage in local arts activities.          



There are no appendices for this report.    


 Author: Pippa Sanderson

Community Arts and Culture Adviser


Reviewed By: Karl Chitham

Museums Director


Approved By: Matt Reid

General Manager City and Community Services