2                                                   16 July 2019



Eastern Community Panel


Minutes of an extraordinary meeting held in the Naenae Bowling Club, 25 Vogel Street Naenae on

 Tuesday 16 July 2019 commencing at 7.00pm




Michael Ellis (Chair)


Ted Heslin

Luke Qin


Christine Wakefield


Cr Lisa Bridson





APOLOGIES:                  An apology was received from Cr Barratt


IN ATTENDANCE:       Ms D Hunter, Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts

                                          Mr J Middleton, Infrastructure Contracts







1.       APOLOGIES 


Resolved: (Mr Ellis/Mr Qin)                                                Minute No. ECP 19301

“That the apology received from Cr Barratt be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”



Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.      


There were no conflict of interest declarations.


Eastern Community Projects Fund Update (19/851)

Memorandum dated 27 June 2019 by the Community Advisor – Funding and Community Contracts


Speaking under Public Comment, Mr A Kerr, representing Naenae Menz Shed (the Shed), advised that the aim of the Shed was to provide a venue for men to undertake projects of the type that many traditionally undertook at home. Mr Kerr commented that a number of men did not have the tools, machinery or skills to undertake projects and the Shed could help with this.  The Shed was also involved in a number of community projects in particular the following:

-                 ‘Score card’ and ‘comment’ boxes for the Regional Bowls Centre;

-                 A coffee table for a local resident made from a slice of tree trunk;

-                 A raffle wheel for the Naenae Hotel;

-                 Voting boxes for Hutt City Council; and

-                 Walk sticks.

Mr Kerr thanked the Panel for its financial support through the Eastern Community Engagement Fund which had enabled the Shed to purchase machinery and a number of tools.  He invited members to ‘pop in’ to the Shed at any time.

The Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts elaborated on her report.  She advised it was difficult to determine unallocated funding given that a couple of projects had not been completed and final invoices had not been received.  She noted the Panel currently had $12,000 unallocated from the fund. She added that at its last meeting, the Panel requested that officers explored the cost of restoring the Naenae Clock Tower. She said this work had been estimated at $15,000. 

Members discussed an additional request received via the Chair to support the cost and installation of a sculpture beside the Waiwhetu Stream in Waterloo.  They noted this request could not be supported until the Panel was clear on the final cost of existing projects and could identify the budget amount remaining.

The Panel requested that officers report back to its meeting to be held on 24 September 2019 on the Community Projects Fund.


Resolved: (Cr Bridson/Mr Qin)                                          Minute No. ECP 19302

“That the Panel:

(i)      notes the Guidelines and Criteria for the Eastern Community Projects Fund that is included on the inside of the agenda;

(ii)     notes the information regarding the various projects that the Panel has supported through the Eastern Community Projects Fund;

(iii)    agrees to allocate the remaining $12,000 towards the restoration of the Naenae clocktower; and

(iv)    requests officers report back on the Community Projects Fund at a meeting to be held on 24 September 2019.”


5.       QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.




There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.30 pm.




J Miller                                                                                                               Mr M Ellis

CHIEF EXECUTIVE                                                                                           CHAIR