2                                                  25 June 2019



Eastbourne Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the East Harbour Women's Clubrooms, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 25 June 2019 commencing at 7.15pm




Mr R Ashe

Mr M Gibbons


Ms V Horrocks (Chair)



Ms A Sutherland (Deputy Chair)



Cr T Lewis

Cr M Lulich



APOLOGIES:                  Ms L Knight


IN ATTENDANCE:        Mr B Kibblewhite, General Manager, Corporate Services

                                           Mr A Marsh, Team Leader Parks

Ms J Randall, Committee Advisor





A minute’s silence was observed for Mr I Young, former chair of the Eastbourne Community Board.


The Chair noted Mr Young was well known as an active member of the Eastbourne Community.


Mr D Wilshere, former Chair of the Eastbourne Community Board added that Mr Young had great respect for his community and was kind and good to those who worked with him.


Mr M Gibbons remembered Mr Young as a person who got results and said he would be sadly missed.


1.       APOLOGIES

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Ms Sutherland)                           Minute No. ECB 19301

 “That the apology received from Ms Knight be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”


The Chair foreshadowed an amendment to her Climate Change Declaration notice of motion. She advised the intention to add a request that Council declare a Climate Change Emergency loudly and clearly and with a timeframe for action.


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate. 


Speaking under public comment, Ms F Maxwell advised Council had resolved the issue of a sign prohibiting motorbikes on Maire Road which had been raised at the previous meeting. She noted that signs prohibiting freedom camping were still a problem and she requested assistance from the Board to resolve the issue. The Chair agreed to discuss the matter with Council officers.


Speaking under public comment, Ms M Hutchins  expressed support for Council funding for the Mitchell Park Tennis Centre (the Centre). She stressed the importance of the Centre for Lower Hutt and its role as a training centre to help players reach national competition standards.


Speaking under public comment, a resident noted that Eastbourne buses provided very little help for the elderly. She said drivers needed to be reminded to kneel the bus so the elderly could enter. 



There were no conflict of interest declarations.

4.       Minutes

Resolved: (Mr Ashe/Mr Gibbons)                                       Minute No. ECB 19302

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Eastbourne Community Board held on Tuesday, 9 April 2019, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”



Precedence of Business


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Gibbons)                                Minute No. ECB 19303

“That, in terms of Standing Order 10.4, precedence be accorded to item 8 dealing with Declaration of a Climate Emergency.”

The item is recorded in the order in which it was listed on the order paper.

5.       Reports referred for Board input before being considered by Subcommittee of Council

Double Decker Clearance Infrastructure Eastbourne (19/772)

Report No. ECB2019/3/118 by the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations

The Traffic Engineer - Network Operations elaborated on the report.

Mr R Malcolm, a representative of Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) advised that single deck buses had been striking some trees on their route and he recognised that double decker buses would exacerbate the problem. He said GWRC had engaged with nearby residents and they had agreed to the trees being trimmed back. He advised GWRC was using broken lines to create a carriageway for buses and cars to follow which would keep traffic away from trees.  He said one resident was opposed to the relocation of the bus stop because of the expected view from their driveway.

In response to questions from members, the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations said he had sent a letter to the residents at 193 Muritai Road but had no response. He said he was reviewing the road markings to ensure he was not creating pinch points for cyclists when cars were passing on both sides of the road. He advised he had not held discussions with the Hutt Cycle Network.

Mr Ashe requested that the proposal be reevaluated with cyclists in mind. He noted there were many cyclists and he did not want to increase their vulnerability on the road.

The Traffic Engineer - Network Operations, said he would consult with cyclists once the final road markings were completed. He said if the lines were not satisfactory, Council would change the road markings. He agreed to send members an updated plan.

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Gibbons)                      Minute No. ECB 19304

“That the Traffic Subcommittee recommends that Council:

(i)    approves the realignment of the centreline along Muritai Road, as shown attached as Appendix 1 to the report;

(ii)   approves the installation of edge lines along Muritai Road, as shown attached as Appendix 1 to the report;

(iii)  approves the relocation of a Bus stop along Muritai Road, as shown attached as Appendix 2 to the report; and

(iv)  approves the installation of No Stopping At All Times restrictions along Muritai Road, close to corners and bends, as shown attached as Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 to the report.”

For the reasons the proposed changes would:

-      improve road safety and accessibility on the street for the benefit of all road users;

-      promote compliance with the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004; and

-      support Council’s Parking Policy 2017.



Chair's Report (19/764)

Report No. ECB2019/3/62 by the Chair


The Chair elaborated on the report.


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Cr Lulich)                                   Minute No. ECB 19305

 “That the Board notes the report.”


Committee Advisor's Report (19/734)

Report No. ECB2019/3/7 by the Committee Advisor


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Cr Lewis)                                     Minute No. ECB 19306

“That the Board receives the report.”


Notice of Motion –  MS V HORROCKS - Declaration of a climate emergency (19/774)

Report No. ECB2019/3/119 by the Committee Advisor


Speaking under public comment, Mr M Young expressed support for the motion. He thanked the Board for proposing a clear and ambitious declaration that went beyond ‘business as usual.’


Speaking under public comment, Mr J Horrocks expressed support for the motion. He noted vehicle emissions were continuing to rise due to a lack of fuel regulations and more polluting vehicles. He said local and central governments needed to take responsibility for creating change and ensuring more electric vehicles were on the roads.


Speaking under public comment, Ms G Anderson, New Zealand Labour Party List MP, expressed support for the motion. She noted commitments to carbon reduction had already been made by central government but recognised more was needed. She considered diverse transport options needed to be more available.


Speaking under public comment, Ms F Millington expressed support for a stronger motion that included acknowledgement there was an environmental emergency. She noted contaminants were affecting the environment on a significant scale. She suggested community think tanks so the issue could be tackled collectively.


Speaking under public comment, Mr S Magnusson expressed support for the amended motion as foreshadowed by the Chair. He said he had read the 2018 International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report and noted climate change adaptations needed to be substantial in order to make a difference by 2030. He agreed there was also an environmental emergency and materials needed to become more sustainable.


Speaking under public comment, Mr D Wilshere expressed support for the motion. He agreed the world’s existence was threatened and strong action was needed. He said it was imperative to join with other bodies around the world to plan for climate change.


Speaking under public comment, Mr G Parr expressed support for the motion but was doubtful that politicians would want to deliver unpopular lifestyle changes. He noted that despite the effects of human consumption on climate change, central government was pursuing increased tourism. He noted politicians wanted to offer tax cuts but considered higher taxes were needed to tackle climate change mitigation.


Speaking under public comment, Mr H Morison advised flooding risks from climate change were serious. He noted Hohepa Homes in Clive was moving location due to the increasing risk of flooding from climate change. He believed a wall was needed around the East Harbour bays to protect the area from sea level rise. He suggested the existing wall around much of the Wellington and Petone bays could be continued around Eastbourne. He considered the project should begin immediately before flooding became an issue.


Speaking under public comment, Mr E Mills expressed opposition to the motion and in particular he opposed the use of the word ‘emergency.’ He did not consider weather related matters an emergency and believed the word would scare children. He noted sea levels had not risen to the levels predicted by scientists. He believed that carbon dioxide levels rose as a result of temperatures, rather than temperatures rising as a result of carbon dioxide.


Speaking under public comment, Mr R Sutherland expressed support for the motion. He noted the 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report was compelling and recognised climate change was already happening.  He acknowledged the impacts of climate change on future generations and believed it necessary to move beyond aspirations and take action. He considered that Council should prioritise infrastructure such as effective cycle ways. He noted there would be a cost to taking action and this needed to be understood and accepted.


Speaking under public comment, Ms F Rashbrooke, a representative of the East Harbour Environmental Association, expressed support for the motion. She said she hoped the Board would take action and the community would be involved in any action taken.  


Speaking under public comment, Ms C Denniston advised some areas of Lower Hutt such as Petone and Eastbourne were already areas for planned retreat in the event of sea level rise. She said reducing funding for infrastructure in these areas should be a consideration in future planning.

The Chair elaborated on the memorandum.  She advised the motion was put to provide impetus to political commitment and action on planning for climate change. She hoped that the incoming Board elected in October 2019 would facilitate groups in the Eastbourne community to look at adaptation and reducing the local carbon footprint.

The Chair proposed amendments to the motion to strengthen it’s message.

Cr Lulich recognised urgent action was needed on climate change. He noted Petone and the Eastern Bays would be particularly affected by the impacts. He believed the Chair’s motion would send a strong message to Council that resources were required for an active response.

In response to a question from a member, young people in attendance agreed that ‘emergency’ was an appropriate word for the threat of climate change and that it reflected the urgency and the priority the issue should be given.

Ms Sutherland expressed support for the motion and expressed interest in investigating what could be done locally in response to the climate change declaration.

Cr Lewis expressed support for the motion. She considered that by declaring a climate emergency Council would be encouraged to demonstrate it was actively working on the issue. She acknowledged Council was working with Wellington Water Ltd on the problem. She agreed a community think tank would be a positive action that could be undertaken locally.

 Mr Ashe expressed support for the motion and described it as a small but significant step. He said it was encouraging that more than half of New Zealand now believed that climate change was real. He believed climate change was a significant challenge and he recognised the Eastbourne community had a part to play in activating change.

The Chair advised the Board’s resolution would be distributed to the Council meeting to be held on 27 June 2019.


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Mr Ashe)                                     Minute No. ECB 19307

“That the Board:

(i)         declares a climate emergency in recognition of the urgent need to protect the future of today’s community and those who will follow us;

(ii)        urges Council to join other local authorities in declaring a climate emergency;

(iii)       urges Council to declare an emergency loudly and clearly and explain why it is doing it;

(iv)       urges Council to make a clear commitment to making big reductions before 2030; and

(v)        urges Council to make climate change an integral part of planning and decision making, including specific goals and objectives that are regularly audited.”


Tree Maintenance at HW Shortt Park (19/827)

Report No. ECB2019/3/126 by the Team Leader Parks


The Chair advised that the resident who raised this issue had expressed a wish that the officer’s recommendation was not actioned.

The Divisional Manager, Parks and Recreation, agreed in light of the response from the resident, no further action on the trees would be taken.


Resolved: (Mr Ashe/Mr Gibbons)                                       Minute No. ECB 19308

“That the Board:

(i)    considers the options  as outlined in paragraph 16; and

(ii)   agrees to proceed with option A, to do nothing.”

For the reason that the resident concerned does not support the officer’s recommendation.

 10.    Information Item


Community Board Conference 2019 (19/695)

Memorandum dated 28 May 2019 by the Committee Advisor


Mr Gibbons elaborated on the memorandum. He advised many speakers at the conference spoke on looming climate change issues and the need to start addressing these. He said there was significant discussion on new technology and its benefits and issues for users. He added there was strong advocacy for a voice for youth and he noted 25% of the Local Government New Zealand National Council members were under 25 years old. He thanked Ms Hanna, Chair of the Petone Community Board, for writing the report.  


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Cr Lewis)                           Minute No. ECB 19309

“That the Board notes and receives the report from Mr Gibbons attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.”


11.     Reports from representatives on local organisations


Okiwi Trust (19/735)

The Chair advised that the Trust did not have enough volunteer drivers to take older residents to appointments, but otherwise it was running well. She suggested the Eastbourne Herald might publicise the need for more drivers.


Educating Residents Around Trapping (ERAT) Steering Group (19/736)

Ms Sutherland advised there had been an increase in rats in some areas because of a significant mast year.  She added the Eastern Bays had good trap coverage and plenty of rats were being caught.


Days Bay Wharf Steering Group (19/737)

The Chair advised she was waiting for an update from Council’s Strategic Advisor on the surface planned for the Days Bay Wharf.


Eastbourne Youth Workers' Trust (19/738)

There was no report.


Keep Hutt City Beautiful (19/739)

There was no report.


12.     QUESTIONS   

Mr Gibbons noted the recently opened skate board ramp had been enjoyed by many young people. He said he had not noticed any issues caused by extra activity in the area.


Cr Lewis advised there had been some issues raised about people sleeping in cars around the Eastern Bays area. She said there was hope that some of the city’s homeless could be cared for with the opening of Britannia House in Petone. She advised the house was now tenanted by the City Mission as a facility for the homeless with wrap-around services.


The Committee Advisor advised the resource consent fee for the Lowry Bay Emergency Hub would be paid by residents who applied for the consent.



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.02 pm.







Ms V Horrocks





CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 20th day of August 2019