2                                                  29 May 2019

Wellington Water Committee


Minutes of a meeting held in the Greater Wellington Regional Council Chambers,
15 Walter Street, Te Aro, Wellington on

 Wednesday 29 May 2019 commencing at 1.00pm




Deputy Mayor D Bassett – Hutt City Council (Chair)


Mayor W Guppy – Upper Hutt City Council


Cr R Leggett - Porirua City Council (until 1.10pm)


Mayor M Tana – Porirua City Council (from 1.10pm)


Cr I Pannett - Wellington City Council


Cr J Brash - Greater Wellington Regional Council


APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Cr R Leggett (Alternate Porirua City Council) (from 1.10pm)

Mr C Laidlaw, Chair, Greater Wellington Regional Council

                                          Mr D Wright, Chair, Wellington Water Ltd

Ms W Walker, Chief Executive, Porirua City Council

Mr P Kelly, Chief Executive, Upper Hutt City Council

Mr N Corry, Acting Chief Executive, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Mr M Kinvig, Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning, Wellington Water Ltd

Mr M Ford, Chief Financial Officer, Wellington Water Ltd

Mr A van Paassen, Communications Engagement Manager, Wellington Water Ltd

Mr K Dentice, Senior Advisor Whaitua Relationships, Wellington Water Ltd

Ms S Cuthbert, Wellington Water Ltd

Ms K Shelton, Iwi Representative

Mr D Baxter, City Engineer, Wellington City Council

Ms S Gain, General Manager Corporate Services, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Mr S Mahoney,  Company Portfolio Manager, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Mr B Hodgins, Strategic Advisor, Hutt City Council

Mr B Cato, General Counsel, Hutt City Council

Mayor V Napier, South Wairarapa District Council

Ms K Stannard, Divisional Manager Democratic Services, Hutt City Council

Ms H Clegg, Minute Taker







The Chair introduced and welcomed Minister Mahuta.  He gave a brief history of Wellington Water Ltd (the company).  He highlighted the strong, cohesive organisation that had evolved over time which was committed to providing the residents with safe water.  He further highlighted the work with central government that had occurred to build resilience in the water network.  He explained that the Wellington Water Committee (the Committee) was currently working through the three waters’ recommendations, along with the South Wairarapa District Council (SWDC) application to join the company and iwi representation on the Committee.  He explained the future focus would be on resilience, climate change and infrastructural issues.


Minister Mahuta expressed gratitude for the leadership shown by the Committee. 


Mayor Tana joined the meeting at 1.10pm.


Minister Mahuta welcomed the company’s model which used leadership to engage positively.  She wanted to work with the sector by having engaging conversations to improve service delivery, whilst encompassing local democracy.  She understood the funding and financing challenges involved in managing waters and noted there were several key governmental work programmes working in tandem with a view to reviewing the role of local government.  She welcomed the company’s focus on resilience.  She explained that a cabinet paper setting out the timeframes and approach for managing water nationwide was being prepared with a current focus on the functionality of a regulator.  She added the paper would go before cabinet in August and stressed safe drinking water was a primary concern.  She strongly stated that the future management of water would not be a mandate for forced amalgamation.  She added a clear signal had been sent to regional and territorial authorities that voluntary partnerships with neighbouring authorities were welcomed and that the experience of the company was invaluable.  She advised that Minister Twyford was investigating ways to reduce pressure on local authorities with regard to water.  She also advised on the New Zealand Productivity Commission work she was undertaking with a final report anticipated in October.  She added that post local body elections work would begin on the modelling of water service delivery options.


With regard to resilience work, Minister Mahuta explained the work streams of Ministers Shaw, Fa’afoi and herself.  She noted that they were working together towards an agreed programme of work.  She thanked the company for the work it was undertaking and stated she was heartened by SWDC reaching out. She added the Hawkes Bay area was currently working on their voluntary model.


The Chair of the company said the company was proud of its achievements to date.


Members asked questions of the Minister.


The Chair thanked Minister Mahuta.  The Chair left the meeting at 1.36pm to accompany Minister Mahuta from the building.


Mayor Guppy assumed the Chair.


1.       APOLOGIES 

There were no apologies.


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          There were no conflict of interest declarations.

4.       Minutes

Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 19301

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wellington Water Committee held on Thursday, 28 February 2019, be confirmed as a true and correct record subject to an amendment to item 5 to read the Minister of Civil Defence, not the Minister of Housing.”



Final Statement of Intent 2018-21 Our Water, Our Future (19/677)

Report No. WWC2019/3/111 by Wellington Water Ltd



The Chair of Wellington Water Ltd (the company) elaborated on the report.


The Chair rejoined the meeting at 1.40pm and assumed the chair.


Cr Brash noted that it would be necessary, at some stage, to investigate water meters as an option when assessing efficiency and effectiveness of water usage.


Mayor Guppy commented that if the Committee was having trouble understanding the Statement of Intent then he believed the public would also.  He requested more dialogue with other stakeholders throughout the draft stages.


Cr Pannett expressed support for Mayor Guppy’s comments.   She welcomed the green infrastructure urban design guidelines and asked a demonstration project be undertaken to see the principles in action.  She added that the sludge discussion was beginning to gain a balance between economics and the environment.  She explained that all infrastructure contract providers needed to have a co-ordinated discussion to produce solutions to the current high construction costs.


The Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning of the company explained that the company was keen to obtain accurate construction costs to avoid surprises later.  He advocated clustering work programmes to take advantage of the economies of scale and to spread overhead costs.


The Chair suggested that the documentation be circulated to all parties earlier in the Statement of Intent process.



Resolved                                                                            Minute No. WWC 19302

“That the Committee receives Wellington Water Ltd’s final Statement of Intent.”



Sludge Management FSS Strategic Case (19/669)

Report No. WWC2019/3/112 by Wellington Water Ltd


The Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning of Wellington Water Ltd (the company) elaborated on the report. 

Cr Pannett queried the proposed timeline, preferring 2026 than 2028 as that would align with Wellington City Council’s timeframes and work programmes.

Mayor Guppy asked for assurance that all Councils would be involved in discussions, given the Long Term Plan budgetary requirements.

The Chair stated that a business case with all options and costs would be reported to the Committee.


Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 19303

“That the Committee:

(i)    receives and notes this report; and

(ii)   endorses the conclusions of the strategic case as the basis for the further development of wastewater sludge management projects and initiatives attached as Appendix 1 to the report.”



Company Update Report (19/675)

Report No. WWC2019/3/113 by Wellington Water Ltd


The Chief Executive of Wellington Water Ltd (the company) elaborated on the report.


Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 19304

“That the Committee receives the Company Update Report.



Combined Workshop on Climate Change (19/596)

Memorandum dated 15 May 2019 by the Chair    


The Chair elaborated on the memorandum.   

Members provided feedback on the topics to be covered off at the workshop.


Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 19305

“That the Committee agrees to a combined workshop with Wellington Water Ltd Board members and key staff on climate change on 12 July 2019 commencing at 9:00 am.”


Discussion on the Future Workings of Wellington Water Committee and Wellington Water Ltd (19/610)

There was no verbal report from the Chair.



The Chair advised that it may be necessary to hold an additional meeting of the Committee.  He suggested holding the meeting after the combined workshop on climate change.



Resolved:                                                                           Minute No. WWC 19306

“That the Committee agrees to hold an additional meeting of the Wellington Water Committee on 12 July 2019 commencing at 1:00 pm at Upper Hutt City Council to consider potential amendments to Wellington Water Ltd’s Constitution.”



Resolved: (Unanimous)                                                          Minute No. WWC 19307

“That the Committee formally places on record:


(i) its sincere gratitude to Mr Tony Stallinger for his extremely hard work and  professional approach over the period of Co-ordinating Chief Executive for the Wellington Water Committee; and


(ii) wishes him the very best for the future."

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 2.34pm.




Deputy Mayor D Bassett



CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 26th day of September 2019