Wainuiomata Community Board



3 April 2019




Order Paper for the meeting to be held in the

Wainuiomata Community Library, Queen Street, Wainuiomata,







Monday 8 April 2019 commencing at 7.00pm










Gabriel Tupou (Chair)

Richard Sinnott (Deputy Chair)

Keri Brown

Terry Stallworth

Sisi Tuala-Le’afa

Jodie Winterburn

Cr C Barry

Cr J Briggs






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community boards – functions and delegations 

This document records the delegation of Council functions, responsibilities, duties, and powers to Community Boards. 

The Community Boards have been established under section 49 of the Local Government Act 2002 to represent, and act as an advocate for, the interests of their community. 

The delegations are expressed in general terms.  The delegations shall be exercised with proper regard for the Council’s strategic direction, policies, plans, Standing Orders and its interpretation of its statutory obligations.  The delegations are to be read together with the following propositions.

These delegations are based on the following principles:

·                Issues relevant to a specific community should be decided as closely as possible to that community.  Where an issue has city-wide implications, ie any effects of the decision cross a ward or community boundary or have consequences for the city as a whole, the matter will be decided by Council after seeking a recommendation from the relevant Community Board or (any ambiguity around the interpretation of “city-wide” will be determined by the Mayor and Chief Executive in consultation with the relevant Chair);

·                Efficient decision-making should be paramount;

·                Conflicts of interest should be avoided and risks minimised;

·                To ensure processes are free from bias and pre-determination Community Boards should not adjudicate on issues on which they have advocated or wish to advocate to Council;

·                Community Boards should proactively and constructively engage with residents on local matters that affect the community they represent and raise with Council issues raised with them by their community and advocate on behalf of their community.

These delegations:

(a)        do not delegate any function, duty or power which a statute (for example section 53(3) and clause 32(1) of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002) prohibits from being delegated;

(b)        are subject to and do not affect any delegation which the Council has already made or subsequently makes to any other committee, Council officer or other member of staff;

(c)        are subject to any other statutory requirements that may apply to a particular delegation;

(d)       are subject to any notice issued by the Council, from time to time, to a Community Board that a particular issue must be referred to Council for decision;

(e)        reflect that decisions with significant financial implications should be made by Council (or a committee with delegated authority);

(f)         promote centralisation of those functions where the appropriate expertise must be ensured; and

(g)        reflect that all statutory and legal requirements must be met.



·             Naming new roads and alterations to street names (in the Community Board’s area).

·             Official naming of parks, reserves and sports grounds within the provisions of Council’s Naming Policy. Note [1]

·             Removal and/or planting of street trees within the provisions of Council’s Operational Guide for Urban Forest Plan where a dispute arises that cannot be resolved at officer level.  Note [2]

·             The granting of leases and licences in terms of Council policy to voluntary organisations for Council owned properties in their local area, for example, halls, but not including the granting of leases and licences to community houses and centres.

·             The granting of rights-of-way and other easements over local purpose reserves and granting of leases or licences on local purpose reserves.

·             The granting of leases and licences for new activities in terms of Council policy to community and commercial organisations over recreation reserves subject to the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977 and land managed as reserve subject to the provisions of the Local Government 2002, in their local area.  (Note:  renewal of existing leases and licences will be reported once a year to Council’s City Development Committee).

·             The allocation of funding from the Community Engagement Fund in accordance with Council’s adopted guidelines.

·             Expenditure of funds allocated by the Council to the Board from the Miscellaneous Budget to cover expenditure associated with the activities of the Board.  The Chair to approve expenditure, in consultation with the Board, and forward appropriate documentation to the Committee Advisor for authorisation.  Boards must not exceed their annual expenditure from the Miscellaneous Budget.

·             The allocation of funding for the training and development of Community Board or members, including formal training courses, attendance at seminars or attendance at relevant conferences.

Consider and make recommendations to Council on:

·             Particular issues notified from time to time by Council to the Community Board.

·             Roading issues considered by the Mayor and Chief Executive to be strategic due to their significance on a city-wide basis, including links to the State Highway, or where their effects cross ward or community boundaries.

·             Parks, reserves and sports ground naming for sites that have a high profile, city-wide importance due to their size and location and/or cross ward or community boundaries.

·             Representatives to any Council committee, subcommittee, subordinate decision-making body, working group, or ad hoc group on which a Community Board representative is required by Council.

·             The setting, amending or revoking of speed limits in accordance with the Hutt City Council Bylaw 2005 Speed Limits, including the hearing of any submissions.


Provide their local community’s input on:

·             Council’s Long Term Plan and/or Annual Plan.

·             Council’s policies, programmes (including the District Roading Programme) and bylaws.

·             Changes or variations to the District Plan.

·             Resource management issues which it believes are relevant to its local community, through advocacy.

·             The disposal or acquisition of significant assets.

·             Road safety including road safety education within its area.

·             Any other issues a Board believes is relevant to its local area.

·             Review Local Community Plans as required.

Reports may be prepared by the Board and presented to Council Committees, along with an officer’s recommendation, for consideration.

Any submissions lodged by a Board or Committee require formal endorsement by way of resolution.

Co-ordinate with Council staff:

·             Local community consultation on city-wide issues on which the Council has called for consultation.


·             An overview of roadworks, water supply, sewerage, stormwater drainage, waste management and traffic management for its local area.

·             An overview of parks, recreational facilities and community activities within its local area.


·             Community Response Plans in close consultation with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, emergency organisations, the community, residents’ associations, other community groups, and local businesses.   The Community Response Plans will be reviewed on an annual basis.


·             Local community awards.


·             Recreational facilities and opportunities in its area with a view to ensure maximum usage.

·             Arts and crafts in its area.


·             A liaison member or, where appropriate, representatives to ad hoc bodies, which are involved in community activities within the Board’s area, on which a community representative is sought.


1.              Amendments to the Eastbourne Community Trust Deed (Eastbourne Community Board only).




Wainuiomata Community Board


Meeting to be held in the Wainuiomata Community Library
Queen Street, Wainuiomata

 Monday 8 April 2019 commencing at 7.00pm.




Public Business


1.       APOLOGIES 

No apologies have been received.


Generally up to 30 minutes is set aside for public comment (three minutes per speaker). Speakers may be asked questions on the matters they raise.  

3.       Presentations

a)      Presentation by a Representative from Love Wainuiomata (19/224)

An update by Ms E King from ‘Love Wainuiomata’

b)      Presentation on Dog Exercise Areas in Wainuiomata (19/364)

An update by Mr L Dalton,  Regional Manager, Animal Services



5.       Minutes

Meeting minutes Wainuiomata Community Board, 20 February 2019                9    

6.       Community Engagement Fund 2018-2019 (19/309)

Memorandum dated 15 March 2019 by the Community Advisor Funding and Community Contracts                                                                                                                                15

7.       Chair's Report (19/418)

Report No. WCB2019/2/38 by the Chair                                                            17

8.       Committee Advisor's Report (19/362)

Report No. WCB2019/2/33 by the Committee Advisor                                     20 

9.       Whaitua Committee Update (19/352)

Update from the Chair 



With reference to section 32 of Standing Orders, before putting a question a member shall endeavour to obtain the information. Questions shall be concise and in writing and handed to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting.   




Judy Randall



                                                                      14                                         20 February 2019



Wainuiomata Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Wainuiomata Community Library, Queen Street, Wainuiomata on

 Wednesday 20 February 2019 commencing at 7.00pm




Mr R Sinnott (Chair) (part meeting) (Deputy Chair) (part meeting)


Cr C Barry

Cr J Briggs

Mr T Stallworth

Ms S Tuala-Le’afa

Mr G Tupou (Deputy Chair) (part meeting) (Chair) (part meeting)

Ms J Winterburn




APOLOGIES:                  Ms K Brown


IN ATTENDANCE:       Mr L Allott, Chief Information Officer

                                          Ms J Randall, Committee Advisor





1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Stallworth)                               Minute No. WCB 19101

“That the apology received from Ms K Brown be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”


Speaking under public comment, Mr R Findlay, the treasurer from Friends Who Care (the group), advised his organisation provided support to those suffering mental health and addiction problems. Mr Findlay explained the group had begun in 1978 and had been mostly active since then. He said in recent years interest in running the organisation had dwindled and it was struggling to keep going. He noticed the street sign directing people to the house had disappeared. He considered it important for Wainuiomata to provide a mental health service in its community and hoped for more support to keep the service active.


The Committee Advisor agreed to follow up about the missing street sign. 


In response to questions from members, Mr Findlay said he would appreciate members communicating the service his organisation provided to the Wainuiomata community.


Speaking under public comment, Mr D Innes commented on Council’s Growth Strategy. He noted that many of Council’s financial decisions had interfered with the market and produced artificial growth. He considered this would leave Lower Hutt vulnerable in a slump. He asked Council to pay more attention to ratepayers.


The Chair noted there would be an opportunity for residents to submit through the Annual Plan process soon and suggested Mr Innes take this opportunity to voice his opinion.


Speaking under public comment, Mr B Aschebrock expressed disappointment that the Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path had compromised the hill road. He considered the barriers erected for the Shared Path would stop the free flow of traffic in the event of an accident. He proposed a second road from Wainuiomata be built to provide another exit in the event of accidents.


The Chair advised there was currently no budget for a second entrance to Wainuiomata.


Speaking under public comment, Ms P Innes commended Council on its SNA resolution at its December Council meeting. She requested more communication on the pest control programme in Wainuiomata, such as information on those responsible and the areas where pest control was taking place.


Cr Briggs agreed the issue needed more clarification and advised he would seek information from officers.


Speaking under public comment, Mr A Aldridge, a representative of Twilight Youth Project advised members that the recently begun pilot programme had created a safe place for youth on Friday nights in Wainuiomata. He said it would run for 12 months and provide young people with a venue and activities at no cost.  He added that the opening evening had attracted over 50 young people plus 15 volunteers including police. He said he would appreciate feedback as the programme progressed.

3.       Presentation



Presentation by a Representative from Love Wainuiomata (19/161)

Due to circumstances beyond the Board’s control, the presentation by Ms E King from ‘Love Wainuiomata’ was deferred to the next meeting to be held on 8 April 2019.



Procedure for Electing the Chair (19/184)

Memorandum dated 14 February 2019 by the Committee Advisor

Mr Sinnott thanked Board members for their support during his time as Chair. He gave special thanks to his Deputy Chair, Mr Tupou.


a)         System of Voting

Resolved:   (Mr Sinnott/Ms Tuala-Le'afa)           Minute No. WCB 19102

“That the Board:

(i)    receives the memorandum;


(ii)   notes the resignation of Mr Sinnott as Chair of the Board dated 20 February 2019;


(iii)  adopts System B contained in Clause 25, Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 as the system of voting for the election of the Chair and Deputy Chair, requiring the people elected to receive the votes of a majority of the members present and voting; and


 (iv) agrees that, in the event of a tie under voting system B, the candidate to be elected shall be resolved by lot as described in section 15 of this memorandum.”


b)                       Election of Chair


The Chair called for nominations for the Chair of the Wainuiomata Community Board.


The Chair nominated Mr Tupou for the position of Chair and Ms Tuala-Le’afa seconded the nomination.


The Chair called for any other nominations and as there were none he put the motion.



Resolved(Mr Sinnott/Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                         Minute No. WCB 19103

“That Mr Tupou be elected Chair of the Wainuiomata Community Board.”



c)                        Election of Deputy Chair


The Chair called for nominations for the Deputy Chair of the Wainuiomata Community Board. 


The Chair nominated Mr Sinnott for the position of Deputy Chair and Mr Stallworth seconded the motion.

Ms Winterburn nominated Ms S Tuala-Le’afa for the position of Deputy Chair. Ms S Tuala-Le’afa declined the nomination.


The Chair called for any other nominations and as there were none he put the motion.



Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                               Minute No. WCB 19104

“That Mr Sinnott be elected Deputy Chair of the Wainuiomata Community Board”




There were no conflict of interest declarations.

6.       Minutes

In response to a question from a member, the Committee Advisor agreed to forward a response to Ms L Olsen from officers in answer to her question from the December Board meeting with regard to road safety near the Wainuiomata Marae.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Ms Winterburn)                              Minute No. WCB 19105

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wainuiomata Community Board held on Wednesday, 7 November 2018, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


New Zealand Community Board Conference 2019 (19/146)

Memorandum dated 7 February 2019 by the Committee Advisor


Cr Briggs suggested the Wainuiomata, Eastbourne and Petone Board members who wished to attend the conference hire a coach to combine costs. The Committee Advisor agreed to investigate this option.

Ms Tuala-Le’afa expressed interest in attending. It was suggested Ms Brown also be asked if she would like to attend the conference.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Stallworth)                                Minute No. WCB 19106

“That the Board:

(i)    notes the New Zealand Community Board Conference to be held in New Plymouth from 11-13 April 2019 attached as Appendix 1 to the report;

(ii)   notes the estimated cost of attending the conference per Board member is approximately $1,500.00;

(iii)  notes that the Training Policy for Community Boards and Community Committees (the Policy) adopted by Council at its meeting held on 14 March 2017 limited the number of Community Board/Community Committee members to attend the biennial Community Boards conference to one per Board/Committee;

(iv)  notes that at a recent Councillors Planning session, Councillors asked officers to review the relevant section of the Policy (see part (ii) above) and report back to the next relevant Committee for consideration and recommending to Council;

(v)   agrees that one Board member attends the 2019 New Zealand Community Board Conference; and

(vi)  agrees, in principal, that an additional Board member attends the 2019 New Zealand Community Board Conference subject to Council adopting the revised Policy allowing more than one board member to attend if within the overall Board’s training budgets and any expenditure beyond budget be personally funded.”


Chair's Report (19/160)

Report No. WCB2019/1/19 by the Chair


Cr Barry acknowledged the work of Mr Sinnott during his time as Chair and thanked him for his work.


Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Cr Briggs)                                        Minute No. WCB 19107

“That the Board notes the report.”


Committee Advisor's Report (19/31)

Report No. WCB2019/1/17 by the Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.

Cr Briggs noted the Community Engagement Fund  was open for applications from Wainuiomata organisations until 4 March 2019. He asked members to publicise the fund through their networks.

Mr Sinnott advised that if residents had comments on the proposed Annual Plan, the Board would forward these to Council.

Cr Barry offered to attend a Rural Ratepayers Group meeting to provide an update on the Ecology and Landscapes Consultation process.

The Chair drew attention to Board’s miscellaneous expenditure. He noted catering at meetings was a way of supporting local community businesses and providing manaakitanga to the community. He added other Board costs were mostly comprised of Community Spirit Awards and advertising.

The Chair asked members of the public how they had heard about the Board meeting. Results were as follows:

·      Wainuiomata News: 1

·      Facebook: 1

·      Website: 6

·      Word of mouth: 1



Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Mr Sinnott)                                      Minute No. WCB 19108

“That the Board notes the report.”



Whaitua Committee Update (19/72)

The Chair advised that the Hutt Valley – Wellington Whaitua Committee was a committee of Greater Wellington Regional Council. He said Whaitua Committees were set up as part of a series of committees that represented catchment areas in the Wellington Region.  He would be attending his first meeting on 7 March and would provide an update at the Board’s next meeting.

Ms Tuala-Le’afa enquired about a second emergency water station for Wainuiomata. The Chair agreed to find out if this was possible.


11.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.01 pm.





Mr G Tupou





CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 8th day of April 2019



MEMORANDUM                                                  16                                                           08 April 2019

Our Reference          19/309

TO:                      Chair and Members

Wainuiomata Community Board

FROM:                Debbie Hunter

DATE:                15 March 2019

SUBJECT:           Community Engagement Fund 2018-2019




That the Board:

(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 4 March 2019       and five applications had been received;

(ii)     agrees that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund; and

(iii)    agrees that the organisations granted funding will be required to attend a meeting of the Board once the project has been completed.


Purpose of Memorandum

1.    For the Board to assess and determine the funding to be granted to the eligible Community Engagement Fund applications.


Community Engagement Fund


2.    Hutt City Council agreed through the Long Term Plan to contribute $48,850 for 2018/2019 for the Community Board/Panel Community Engagement Fund.

3.    This is for local activities/projects that directly benefit the communities concerned.

4.    The fund was promoted through Hutt City Council’s grants system, and through contacts/networks via members of the Community Boards/Panels.

5.    Five eligible applications were received under the Wainuiomata Community Board Community Engagement Fund requesting a total of $5,500.00. They are as follows:




$Eligible Request


Wainuiomata Tennis Club

Purchase of x5 new nets for their courts.



Wainuiomata Little Theatre

For marketing and advertising costs for the production of Mamma Mia in October 2019.




Love Wainuiomata

For the purchase of x10 Wainuiomata Town Centre Community Flags.




Te Awaikarangi Access Trust

Hireage of a bus to transport people from Wainuiomata to attend the free Symphony in the Hutt event to be held at Walter Nash on Friday 17 May 2019.




Youth Inspire

For the purchase of an office filing cabinet.







6.    The Board has $5,500.00 available to be allocated.  The funds need to be allocated by end of June 2019.   

7.    Members were distributed the funding applications including marking sheet for assessment purposes.

8.    Any organisations granted funding will be required to attend a meeting of the Board once the project has been completed.



There are no appendices for this Memorandum.     







Author: Debbie Hunter

Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts







Approved By: Melanie Laban

Divisional Manager, Community Projects and Relationships






                                                                                      17                                                           08 April 2019

Wainuiomata Community Board

03 April 2019




File: (19/418)





Report no: WCB2019/2/38


Chair's Report







That the Board notes the report.









Chair's Report April 2019










Author: Mr G Tupou





Attachment 1

Chair's Report April 2019


Tuesday 2 April 2019


Kia ora koutou,


This is my first report as Chair of the Wainuiomata Community Board. Much has been going on behind the scenes, but the following is our track record to date:


Christchurch Terrorist Attack 15/03

·    In response to the terrorist attack on two Mosques in Christchurch on 15 March, I posted the following statement on our Facebook Page: “Our hearts are with the people of Christchurch, the Muslim community and the families who mourn the loss of 50 people from today's terrorist attack. We stand with the nation in condemning acts of hatred, racism and extremism.

Ngā mate haere, haere, haere atu ra.”


·    The Prime Minister asked the nation to observe two minutes of silence on Friday 22nd March, which marked a week since the massacre. Those around the precinct of Queen Street asked for an opportunity to remember those who died and are affected by the attack. A brief time of remembrance was called at the last minute at the Flag Pole and ANZAC memorial in Queen Street. Local schools held their own observations, including Wainuiomata High School whose haka expressed the emotions and solidarity of our community. The Māori Wardens ensured the New Zealand flag was flown at half-mast per the executive order of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.


·    I’ve asked that we observe a moment of silence before commencing our meeting on Monday 8th April.


Engagement Process

·    This year, Council does not need to consult with communities around the Long Term Plan, as we are in the second year of the plan’s implementation. Community Boards have encouraged residents to engage in Council’s online forum, “Have Your Say” - it is an online platform where residents can share their ideas and feedback to help shape our city’s future. The website profiles the projects in the Long Term Plan 2018-2028. Input could influence how Council prioritises projects. This forum is open from 4 March to 15 April 2019.


·    I have also run two clinics at the Wainuiomata Library on Wednesday 27th March and Wednesday 3rd April. Where people expressed their concerns, ideas and aspirations for Wainuiomata.


Major Projects

I have invited officers or representatives of the four major council investments in Wainuiomata to the April meeting. As representatives of our community, the Community Board should know what’s going on in these spaces. These major projects include:


·    Shared Pathway over the Wainuiomata Hill – $7.442M (2018-2019).

Simon Cager, the Senior Project Engineer, provided an update: “Work on the Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path construction is ongoing. The Hutt side is complete and getting good usage. The Wainuiomata side is progressing with significant earthworks being completed and the form of the path taking shape. Completion of construction is currently programmed for the end of May 2019.”


·    Adventure Dog Park – expected to begin in mid-2019. When completed, the Wainuiomata Hill Shared Path will provide a safe and scenic cycling and walking connection from central Lower Hutt to the new dog park.


·    Love Wainuiomata – $300K (2018-2021). Esther Venning will be making a presentation at our April meeting.


·    Wainuiomata Sportsville - $4.8M (2018-2020). They have been invited to provide us with an update.


Thank you all for playing your part in engaging with people throughout your networks.


Ngā Mihi,

Gabriel Tupou


                                                                                      21                                                           08 April 2019

Wainuiomata Community Board

26 March 2019




File: (19/362)





Report no: WCB2019/2/33


Committee Advisor's Report





1.    The primary purpose of this report is to update the Board on various items of interest.


That the Board notes the report.


2.    Community Consultations


Consulting on

Closing Date

Petone Library Redevelopment

15 April 2019

Naenae Library Site

15 April 2019


Consultations can be viewed on Council’s website:


3.    Training Policy for Community Boards – Community Boards’ Conference

At its meeting on 26 March 2019, Council resolved to adopt the revised Training Policy (the Policy) for Community Boards. This allows for more than one Community Board member from each Board to attend the Community Boards’ Conference, provided any expenditure beyond the training budget is personally funded.


4.    The Policy states that members attending the Community Boards’ Conference are required to provide a written report and evaluation to the Board and the Divisional Manager Democratic Services. This year the Wainuiomata Community Board will send one Board member to the conference, Ms S Tuala Le’afa.



5.    2018/2019 Expenditure

The Board’s Miscellaneous Administration Budget for the 2018/2019 financial year is $5,000.00.  Expenditure to date is $2,866.80.

The Board’s Training Budget for the 2018/2019 financial year is $3,000.00. Expenditure to date is $697.00.

A breakdown of expenditure is attached as Appendix 1 to the report.






Wainuiomata Community Board expenditure to March 2019









Author: Judy Randall

Committee Advisor







Approved By: Kathryn Stannard

Divisional Manager, Democratic Services





Attachment 1

Wainuiomata Community Board expenditure to March 2019



[1] This excludes sites that are considered high profile, significant on a city-wide basis due to their size and location, or where the site crosses ward or community boundaries.

[2] The Operational Guide for Urban Forest Plan is available from Council’s Parks and Gardens Division.