1                                                   8 April 2019



Petone Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Petone Library, 7 Britannia Street, Petone on

 Monday 8 April 2019 commencing at 6.30pm



 PRESENT:                       Ms P Hanna (Chair)                    Mr M Branch (from 6.54pm)

                                          Mr B Dyer                                     Mr M Fisher (Deputy Chair)

Mr P Foaese                                  Ms K Yung

Cr T Lewis                                    Cr M Lulich


APOLOGIES:                  An apology for lateness was received from Mr Branch.


IN ATTENDANCE:        Ms K Cuttriss, Divisional Manager, Libraries

Ms L Castle, Community Library and Heritage Services Manager

Mr D Simmons, Traffic Asset Manager

Ms D Male, Committee Advisor





The Chair acknowledged that it was the first Board meeting since 15 March 2019 and the events in Christchurch where 50 people had lost their lives and many others were injured.


A minute’s silence was held.


1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Foase)                                       Minute No. PCB 19201

“That the apology for lateness received from Mr Branch be accepted.”


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.


Mr Branch joined the meeting at 6.54pm.


Speaking under public comment, Ms Michelle Stronach-Marsh explained that she ran most days along the Petone foreshore and collected rubbish along the route. She said she had taken photos to document the rubbish collected since July 2018, which she distributed across the rubbish and recycling bins on The Esplanade. She advised that she had created a Facebook page to share information about the issue as she felt a responsibility to lead by example. She believed that something must be done about the issue with rubbish. She added that the Facebook page profile was increasing and she had recently received media enquiries about the issue.


Ms Stronach-Marsh showed members a range of rubbish she had recently collected, which included coffee cups, energy drink bottles, alcohol cans and bottles. She advised of other frequently found rubbish included building materials, packaging materials, polystyrene and cladding, which had probably blown out of skip collection trucks driving along The Esplanade. She informed members that she logged the rubbish collected in an app and had collected around 1,400 pieces of litter in the previous nine days. She advised that the weather created an issue, also the bin design, as seagulls removed rubbish out of the bins and general waste management, which included the number of bins and the frequency of bin emptying.


Cr Lulich commented that he had spoken to Council officers as the issue involved a number of areas across Council. He informed members that Council’s Reserves Asset Manager was happy to be the coordinator for Council on the issue.


In response to questions from members, Ms Stronach-Marsh agreed that some strategic actions might be required to work together with local businesses and schools.

3.       Presentations


Presentation by Petone Citizens Advice Bureau (19/373)

Ms Sharon Grant, Chairperson, Petone Citizens Advice Bureau had passed on her apologies. The Chair read out her statement.


“Thank you to the Community Board for our grant to purchase a gazebo. Having the gazebo has brought results in getting out to the general public what Citizens Advice can do to assist the Petone community as well as getting new volunteers for Citizens Advice. This means when we are out, we can be seen and are proud to be part of the Petone Community. We look forward using this many more years as it is made from long lasting material.


Again thank you on behalf of Citizens Advice Petone.”



Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) (19/374)

Cr Prue Lamason from Greater Wellington Regional Council had passed on her apologies.



Presentation by Jackson Street Programme (19/375)

Representatives from Jackson Street Programme were not in attendance at the meeting.



Ms Hanna declared a conflict of interest in relation to the Petone Community House and item 6 dealing with Community Engagement Fund 2018-2019.

5.       Minutes

Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Dyer)                                        Minute No. PCB 19202

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Petone Community Board held on Monday, 18 February 2019, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”



Community Engagement Fund 2018-2019 (19/303)

Memorandum dated 14 March 2019 by the Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts


Ms Hanna declared a conflict of interest in the item and took no part in discussion or voting on the matter.

Mr Fisher assumed the chair for the duration of the item.

The Chair elaborated on the memorandum.


Resolved:  (Mr Fisher/Mr Branch)                                      Minute No. PCB 19203

“That the Board:

(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 4 March 2019 and two applications had been received;

(ii)     agrees to the recommended allocations for the Petone Community Engagement Fund 2018/2019, as follows:

a)        Jackson Street Programme for $980.00, for the purchase of one bronze sporting plaque to honour Petone’s sporting champions; and

b)        Petone Community House for $523.00, towards the purchase of a data projector for the Community House; and

(iii)    agrees that the organisations granted funding will be required to attend a meeting of the Board once the project has been completed.”



7.       Reports referred for Board input before being considered by Subcommittee of Council


Gracefield Road - Proposed No Stopping At All Times Restrictions (19/377)

Report No. PCB2019/2/52 by the Traffic Engineer


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                             Minute No. PCB 19204

“That the Board endorses the recommendation contained in the report.”



Richmond Street - Proposed Mobility Parking Restrictions (19/378)

Report No. PCB2019/2/53 by the Traffic Engineer


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.

In response to a question from a member, the Traffic Asset Manager confirmed that the time restricted parks were not solely for use by the Petone Medical Centre and its patients.


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Cr Lulich)                             Minute No. PCB 19205

“That the Board endorses the recommendations contained in the report.”



Richmond Grove - Proposed No Stoppping At All Times Restrictions (19/380)

Report No. PCB2019/2/54 by the Senior Traffic Engineer


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.

In response to a question from a member, the Traffic Asset Manager advised that the restriction had been extended a further 11 metres to the north of the existing broken yellow lines on Richmond Grove to reinforce the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004.


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Branch)                          Minute No. PCB 19206

“That the Board endorses the recommendation contained in the report.”



Proposed New Private Street Name - Subdivision of 11 Randwick Road, Moera (19/276)

Report No. PCB2019/2/55 by the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.

Cr Lewis elaborated on the background to the proposed names.

In response to questions from members, the Traffic Asset Manager advised that consultation was reasonably limited for new private street names. He added that the lists of street names were being updated and suggestions from the community would be helpful. He further advised that the time frames for a new street name varied for his team, as they were not involved in the consenting process for all new developments.

Cr Lewis said there was an opportunity for libraries and archives to research names for areas and said that deadlines were required from officers to trigger names being required.

The Traffic Asset Manager agreed to liaise with Council Consents officers to review whether the process for a new street name could be triggered at the consenting stage to allow enough time for appropriate research.


Resolved:  (Cr Lewis/Mr Fisher)                                         Minute No. PCB 19207

“That the Board approves the name for the new private road at 11 Randwick Road, Moera, Lower Hutt attached as Appendix 1 to the report, as Okautu Lane“



Committee Advisor's Report (19/355)

Report No. PCB2019/2/4 by the Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.

In response to a question from a member, the Committee Advisor advised that the Proposed Appearance Industries Bylaw included tattooist, beauty therapists, skin piercers etc, and was being considered as a joint bylaw with Upper Hutt City Council, through the Hutt Valley Services Committee.


Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Mr Dyer)                                        Minute No. PCB 19208

 “That the Board receives and notes the report.”



Chairperson's Report (19/376)

Report No. PCB2019/2/36 by the Chair, Petone Community Board


Speaking under public comment, Mayor Wallace, reassured members that the media article around sportsvilles had not picked up the facts appropriately, which had caused an issue within the community. He confirmed that any funding had been removed from the Long Term Plan by Council for a Petone sportsville. He added that the clubs on the Petone Recreation Ground (Cricket and Harriers) had met with him and the Ward Councillors. It was confirmed at that meeting that the clubs would contribute money towards the refurbishment from fundraising and they asked for some Council support as well.

Mayor Wallace acknowledged the Petone Library (the Library) team, he thanked the Board for its community engagement and the time, effort and leadership put in by its members around a potential new facility. He said that Council did not want to build a facility which had not been consulted widely on, as it had to be about what was best for Petone. He added that community concerns had been heard about the design and the inclusion of housing. He further added that no decisions had been made and there would be conversations and work with the local elected members for increased consultation with the community.

The Chair shared that the Board would be giving the feedback it had received to Council and advised it would be asking that the consent application by Urban Plan Ltd (UPL) be withdrawn rather than left on hold.

In response to a question from a member, Mayor Wallace said that he was disappointed that the member felt that Council’s engagement on the Library had lacked planning. He agreed to review and report back on the timing and planning of Council’s engagement. He added that the Walter Nash Centre was a good example of wide community engagement and created something that the community wanted. He said that Council would not implement something that was not wanted by the community.

In response to a further question from a member, Mayor Wallace advised that Youth Council had a commitment to engage with young people. He added that the Healthy Families Programme targeted youth within the City to raise awareness of healthy eating.

The Chair commented that officers at Petone Library had done some great work and there were forms for young people to use for the engagement on the Library.

Mayor Wallace thanked members for the recent walkaround in Moera, arranged by the Coordinator of Moera Community House. He said that Moera Library had been under threat of closure some time ago, but had since grown in popularity. He promised that Moera Library would not be closed under his mayoralty.

In response to a question from a member, Mayor Wallace advised that the Healthy Families team worked across the City and had instigated work on smokefree areas. The team had visited schools and colleges to focus on healthy eating. He further advised there was an upcoming Councillor workshop by the Healthy Families team and he would be happy for Community Board members to attend.

Mr Foaese left the meeting at 6.56pm.


Speaking under public comment, Mr N Wilkins supported refurbishing the current Petone Library building. He commented that it was a good facility, it was friendly and had adequate space.

Mr Foaese rejoined the meeting at 6.58pm.

Mr Wilkins said that the addition of housing did not appeal to him. He advised that he did not have any recommendations specifically for the Library. He explained his idea to use the small accessway inbetween the Library and Jackson Street as an undercover bus waiting area, if the current bus stop was moved to outside the Chocolate Story store. He said that the area could be brightened up and it would require the addition of a camera on Jackson Street and screen to be installed, to be able to see when the bus was approaching.

The Chair elaborated on the report.

She noted that the community was cynical about being listened to, in relation to both Petone Sportsville and the Library.

She informed members that the Chairperson of the Petone Rowing Club had advised that it was required to undertake earthquake strengthening works. She had advised the Chairperson to review accessing funding from the Department of Internal Affairs.

She acknowledged the officers at Petone Library, in particular the Community Library and Heritage Services Manager, for working with the Board in relation to the community engagement sessions for the Library site possibilities. She said that the Board would provide feedback to Council’s Community Plan Committee and would ask that the resource consent be withdrawn and request an independent review of the current Library building.

She summarised the feedback from the community engagement sessions, with 5% in support of a new much larger building. She said 95% were appreciative of the look, feel and greenness of the current building and surroundings.

In response to a question from a member, the Chair advised that UPL had not confirmed its withdrawal from building apartments as part of the Library site. She added that there was no mention of the apartments in the recent reports presented to Council’s Finance and Performance Committee.

Mr Fisher provided an update on the arrangements for Anzac Day. He advised that the RSA had held discussions with New Zealand Police the previous week in relation to police presence at the services to be held across the city. The programmes for the Petone services were prepared and ready for printing, pending any changes or further information from RSA or the police.



Resolved:  (Ms Hanna/Cr Lewis)                                       Minute No. PCB 19209

 “That the Board notes and receives the report.”


11.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.

The Chair closed the meeting with a quote from Barack Obama, following a violent far-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, quoting Nelson Mandela.


“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate they can be taught to love. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” 



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.58pm.





Ms P Hanna





CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 24th day of June 2019