2                                          7 November 2018



Wainuiomata Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Wainuiomata Community Library, Queen Street, Wainuiomata on

 Wednesday 7 November 2018 commencing at 7.04pm




Mr R Sinnott (Chair)


Cr C Barry

Cr J Briggs

Ms K Brown

Mr T Stallworth

Ms S Tuala-Le’afa

Mr G Tupou (Deputy Chair)

Ms J Winterburn



APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Ms J Randall, Committee Advisor





1.       APOLOGIES 

 There were no apologies.


Special Announcement - Community Spirit Awards

The chair congratulated the Community Spirit Award winners and thanked them for their contributions to the Wainuiomata Community.

Award winners were:

·         John Eruera Wharehinga in recognition of his contribution to cultural services to Māori people and the wider community;

·         Reverend Aneterea Sa’u in recognition of his contribution to promoting health and wellbeing amongst pacific peoples and the wider community;

·         Kirsty O’Kane in recognition of her contribution to the sport of boxing in promoting health and well-being; and

·         Gary James in recognition of his services to conservation.



Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.


Speaking under public comment, Ms L Olsen reminded members the road outside the Wainuiomata Marae had been the site of several near-miss accidents and suggested Council investigate the site.


Ms Olsen asked for an update on Council’s Homelessness Strategy. She advised homelessness was a problem for Wainuiomata but hidden because of temporary accommodation provided in motels. She noted many could not afford private rentals. She considered the process of obtaining accommodation was degrading for families and had caused resentment in the community. She suggested the amount paid for motels instead be used to pay the accommodation bond for homeless people.


Cr Barry advised the Council was still developing a Homelessness Strategy and no decision had been made. He encouraged submissions on the strategy once it was at the consultation stage.


Ms Brown empathised with those struggling to find accommodation.  She noted the Lower Hutt waiting list for social housing was proportionally much larger than Wellington. She advised a Homelessness Strategy report would be presented to a Council Committee in November.


The Chair noted there were two local groups helping with the homeless situation. He commended their work and believed their efforts reflected the spirit of Wainuiomata.


There were no conflict of interest declarations.

5.       Minutes

Resolved: (Mr Tupou/Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                             Minute No. WCB 18501

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wainuiomata Community Board held on Wednesday,
5 September 2018, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


6.       Reports referred for BOARD input before being considered by SUBCommittee of Council

Fraser Colman Grove - Proposed No Stopping At All Times Restrictions (18/1706)

Report No. WCB2018/5/297 by the Traffic Engineer

Resolved:   (Mr Sinnott/Cr Briggs)                      Minute No. WCB 18502

“That Standing Order 15 be temporarily suspended to allow Mr K Jensen to speak outside of the time set aside for public comment.”

Speaking under public comment, Mr K Jensen expressed concern that parking restrictions were to be put in place in Fraser Colman Grove. He advised he had lived in the area for more than six years and had not experienced the problems described in the officer’s report. He considered car parking caused issues only on Saturdays. He said restricting parking in Fraser Colman Grove could make the problem worse for the wider area. He noted cars were parking on lawns on Saturdays and cutting the corner at the roundabout. He did not believe removing car parks would solve the problem.  He suggested traffic issues in the nearbyWise Street and Russell Road areas needed investigation as well.

The Chair noted that driveways in Fraser Colman Grove were being blocked. He said car parks being removed were only those not of legal car park size. He added many cars could not fit into these parks without driveways being partially blocked. 

In response to questions from members, Mr Jensen considered blue lines restricting parking on Saturdays would be more effective than seven day parking restrictions. He noted cars did not park at the roundabout, but they did cut corners.

Cr Briggs advised Council officers had planned to introduce measures on Wise Street to control traffic.

Cr Barry suggested that officers undertook consultation with residents on traffic control measures for the area impacted by Saturday sports traffic. He proposed broken blue lines be installed to indicate restricted parking, at times to be determined after consultation with residents.

Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Stallworth)                      Minute No. WCB 18503

“That the Board recommends that the Traffic Subcommittee recommends that Council:

(i)                   approves the installation of No Stopping At All Times restrictions on Fraser Colman Grove for Saturday mornings in areas shown attached as Appendix 1 to the report; and


(ii)                 instructs officers to undertake further work on Saturday morning parking in Wise Street.”



Community Engagement Fund 2018-2019 (18/1696)

Memorandum dated 23 October 2018 by the Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts


Speaking under public comment, Ms V Nelson from Acting Out (the group) reported on monies received from the Community Engagement Fund for their 2018 show ‘The Sound of Music.’ She advised 20 children had performed in the show with another six children working backstage learning technical skills.  She said the show had been very successful with more than 400 people attending the five performances and positive feedback.

Ms Nelson advised the group now had 33 children and were planning their 2019 show. She said their current request for funding would allow the group to organise costumes, training and other pre-show planning.

In response to questions from members, Ms Nelson said the children involved in the show ranged from age nine upwards. She said the group used adult supervision to ensure backstage helpers worked safely. They planned to forge a relationship with the local high school to assist with sound and lighting. She advised Christmas was not an ideal time to hold productions because of exams. She added the group did perform Christmas and Easter concerts and these provided younger children with the opportunity to take centre stage.

Members discussed the applications. It was suggested the Wild Kiwi Trust be invited to a Board meeting to provide a presentation on their work.

In response to a question from a member, the Chair explained that funds not allocated in this round of applications would be carried over to the February round of funding.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Tupou)                                      Minute No. WCB 18504

That the Board:


(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 6 October 2018 and three applications had been received;


(ii)          agrees that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund; 


(iii)        approves the application from ‘Everybody is a Treasure Charitable Trust’ from the Community Engagement Fund for the total of $824.00 for venue hire costs for the Girls Got Grit Forum on 8-10 February 2019;


(iv)        approves the application from Remutaka Conservation Trust from the Community Engagement Fund for the total of  $206.00 for advertising and consumables costs associated with the Wild Kiwi Family Day in Remutaka Forest Park on 9 December 2018;


(v)          approves the application from ‘Acting Out’ from the Community Engagement Fund for the total of $2,077.00 for licence fee costs and advertising associated with their 2019 show;


(vi)    agrees that the organisations granted funding will be required to attend a meeting of the Board once the project has been completed; and


(vii)   agrees to a second round of funding in 2019 with proposed opening/closing dates as follows: 


Open Fund

Close Fund

Decisions Due

4 February 2019

4 March 2019

8 April 2019




Resolved:   (Mr Sinnott/Ms Tuala-Le'afa)           Minute No. WCB 18505

“That the Board requests that the organisations receiving funding, in addition to reporting, provide a half page about their project and photos of their work so that the Board can use this to encourage further applications.”


2019 Meeting Schedule (18/1679)

Memorandum dated 17 October 2018 by the Divisional Manager, Democratic Services


Members agreed that formal meetings of the Board would continue to be held at the Wainuiomata Library for the reason that it had the necessary equipment available. They added that informal meetings of the Board could be held in other local venues.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Ms Winterburn)                             Minute No. WCB 18506

“That the Board:

(i)            agrees to the meeting dates for 2019 in respect of its own meetings attached as Appendix 2 to the memorandum;

(ii)          agrees meetings will commence at 7pm;

(iii)        agrees the Wainuiomata Community Library will be the venue for meetings in 2019;

(iv)        notes that the Chair will set dates for informal meetings of the Board as the need arises; and

(v)          delegates authority to the Chief Executive in consultation with the Board Chair to alter the date, time or venue of a meeting, or cancel a meeting, should circumstances require this.”


Review of the Code of Conduct (18/1701)

Memorandum dated 23 October 2018 by the Divisional Manager, Democratic Services


The Chair explained that the proposed changes to the Code of Conduct would allow trivial complaints to be investigated inhouse and avoid expensive investigations.

Cr Briggs advised that if the changes to the Code of Conduct were not agreed by members, the current version would continue for the remainder of the triennium.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Ms Winterburn)                             Minute No. WCB 18507

“That the Board:

(i)    notes the amendments to the Code of Conduct for Elected Members, attached as Appendix 1 to this report; and

(ii)   agrees to be bound by the Code of Conduct for Elected Members, with all necessary modifications to make it applicable to community board members.”  



Chair's Report (18/1741)

Report No. WCB2018/5/140 by the Chair


The Chair elaborated on the report.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Stallworth)                               Minute No. WCB 18508

“That the Board notes the report.”


Committee Advisor's Report (18/1683)

Report No. WCB2018/5/138 by the Committee Advisor


Mr Tupou advised the Oaks Café had recently closed. He acknowledged their catering and further acknowledged the opening of Kotupu Café in the Wainuiomata Village. He suggested the Board continued to use the services of local food establishments for catering.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Cr Briggs)                                                Minute No. WCB 18509

“That the Board:

(i)      notes the report;

(ii)          determines catering will be shared amongst the food establishments of Wainuiomata for its 2019 meetings; and

(iii)        determines to continue advertising in the Wainuiomata News for its 2019 meetings.


Resolved: (Cr Briggs/Mr Sinnott)                                       Minute No. WCB 18510

“That the Board formally agrees to thank the Committee Advisor for her services to the Board during 2018.”



Mr Tupou advised he had been appointed to a Greater Wellington Regional Council Whaitua Committee (the Committee). He further advised the Committee was charged with reviewing water issues in the local catchment. He committed to updating the Board on issues and involving them in consultation when appropriate.

Cr Briggs acknowleged Mr Tupou’s role and said the Board and the community would be supporting him in his important work of conserving and protecting fresh water for the area.


Ms Winterburn asked if it was possible to use Board funds via a direct payment from Council for the Board’s Facebook page to increase engagement with the community.

The Committee Advisor agreed to enquire about payment options for Facebook engagement.




Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Cr Briggs)                                       Minute No. WCB 18511

 “That the Board:

(i)            requests a formal update from officers on Significant Natural Areas in the form of a memorandum to all Community Boards as soon as possible;

(ii)          engages with the community to find out what they want regarding Significant Natural Areas;

(iii)        presents a verbal submission to the District Plan Committee meeting on 29 November 2018 on behalf of the community; and

(iv)        continues to engage with the community throughout the ensuing consultation process.”


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.18 pm.



Mr R Sinnott







CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 20th day of February 2019