2                                        12 November 2018



Central Community Panel


Minutes of a meeting held in the Turakirae Meeting Room, Hutt City Council, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt on

 Monday 12 November 2018 commencing at 6.30pm




PRESENT:                              Ms J Clendon (Chair)             Ms A Bengree

Mr C Hay                               Ms P Ravi

Cr S Edwards            


APOLOGIES:                                    An apology was received from Mr M Renata and

Deputy Mayor D Bassett.


IN ATTENDENCE            Ms D Hunter, Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts

                                                Mr B Hodgins, Strategic Advisor






1.       APOLOGIES 


Resolved: (Ms Clendon/ Mr Hay)                                      Minute No. CCP 18501

 “That the apologies received from Mr M Renata and Deputy Mayor D Bassett be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”


There was no public comment.      


There were no conflict of interest declarations.




Resolved:   (Cr Edwards/Ms Clendon)                           Minute No. CCP 18502

“That the minutes of the Central Community Panel meeting held on Monday 11 June 2018, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


Community Engagement Fund 2018-2019 (18/1532)

Memorandum dated 21 September 2018 by the Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts.


The Community Advisor – Funding and Community Contracts elaborated on the memorandum.

Members discussed both funding applications. They expressed concern regarding the Hutt Valley Camera Club and in particular how the 2019 conference directly benefitted the central community.  They noted that the conference would not necessarily attract members of the wider community because there was an attendace fee.

Members requested that the officer make the following suggestions to the Hutt Valley Camera Club regarding how the 2019 conference could be more accessible to the community:

·           Engage with staff at the Hutt City Libraries with the possibility of holding an exhibition displaying photographs after the conference;

·           Offer opportunities to local high school students to engage with and be a part of the conference;  and

·           Engage with the Taita Clubhouse and Naenae Clubhouse where they have students who are very passionate about the arts.

Members requested that funding recipients be asked to attend a meeting of the Panel in 2019 to report on their completed projects.


Resolved: ( Ms Ravi/Cr Edwards)                                      Minute No. CCP 18503


“That the Panel:


(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 6 October 2018 and two applications had been received;


(ii)     agrees that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund;


(iii)    agrees to determine the funding to be granted to the community engagement fund  applications;

(iv)    approves the application from the Hutt Valley Camera Club for $3,000 towards the cost of venue hire for their 2019 Conference, subject to a satisfactory response as to how they will make their event more accessible to the general community;


(v)     approves the application from Youth Development Trust Wellington for $602.00 towards the cost of food and craft activities for the Hutt Valley mentor/student meetings;


(vi)    agrees to a second round of funding in 2019 with proposed opening/closing dates as follows:



Open Fund

Close Fund

Decisions Due

4 February 2019

4 March 2019

8 April 2019.”


6.       QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.10 pm.




Ms J Clendon





CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 11th day of February 2019