2                                       10 September 2018

Wellington Water Committee


Minutes of a meeting held in the Porirua City Council Chambers, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua  on

 Monday 10 September 2018 commencing at 1.00pm





Deputy Mayor D Bassett, (Chair) Hutt City Council


Mayor W Guppy, (Deputy Chair) Upper Hutt City Council


Mayor M Tana, Porirua City Council


Cr I Pannett, Wellington City Council


Cr J Brash, Greater Wellington Regional Council (until 2.50pm)


APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Cr R Leggett, Alternate, Porirua City Council

                                          Cr P Gilberd, Alternate, Wellington City Council

                                          Mayor L Patterson, Masterton District Council

Mr D Hopman, Infrastructure Manager, Masterton District Council

Mayor J Booth, Carterton District Council
Ms J Davies, Chief Executive, Carterton District Council

Mayor V Napier, South Wairarapa District Council

Mr B Patchett, General Manager City Growth and Partnerships, Porirua City Council

Mr T Stallinger, Chief Executive, Hutt City Council

Mr D Baxter, City Engineer, Wellington City Council

                                          Mr C Crampton, Chief Executive, Wellington Water Ltd

                                          Mr M Kinvig, Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning, Wellington Water Ltd

                                          Ms K Stannard, Divisional Manager Democratic Services, Hutt City Council

Ms H Clegg, Minute Taker





1.       APOLOGIES 

There were no apologies.


There was no public comment.      



There were no conflict of interest declarations.

The meeting adjourned at 1.17pm and resumed at 2.12pm.




Members discussed the proposed submission to be presented to the Minister of Local Government during the third week of September.


Resolved                                                                               Minute No. WWC 18401

That the Committee:


(i)       agrees to submit a proposal to government’s three waters review that supports:


               (a)          a partnership between central government, local government and iwi;

               (b)          national standards and a national regulator for the three waters;


                (c)          a co-investment model to fund the step changes needed to meet national standards;


               (d)          economic regulation, but only to the extent of ensuring transparency, consistent asset management standards and to oversee the co-investment;


                (e)          asset ownership and related governance decisions remaining in local and regional councils;


                 (f)          highlighting successes under the Wellington Water Ltd model and assisting regional shared service delivery by willing councils such as funding the costs of transition (central government funding); 


(ii)          agrees the submission will be revised and circulated by email for final comment this week;


(iii)        agrees the submission feedback will be provided to the Minister with the qualification that it is not Council approved but the views of the individual Councils will be presented later in the process; and


(iv)        endorses the submission subject to being satisfied with the final document.”





Resolved                                                                               Minute No. WWC 18402

“That the Committee formally thanks the Wellington Water Ltd’s management team who worked on the submission along with Mr Stallinger, Chief Executive of Hutt City Council and the contribution of officers from the nine local authorities.”




Resolved                                                                               Minute No. WWC 18403

“That the Committee formally thanks the Chair for his work on the three waters review to date.”


5.       Minutes

Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 18404

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wellington Water Committee held on Tuesday, 29 May 2018, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”





The Chair advised that he was in continual dialogue with all regional local authorities with regard to joining Wellington Water Ltd.  He further advised that if there were any changes to the shareholder structure then details of the changes would be reported back to Wellington Water Committee for agreement.


Members agreed that such conversations should continue.  However, members noted that no such conversations should be initiated outside of the region, without prior advice to members.


The Chair advised that information detailing the intentions of the Horowhenua and Manawatu District Councils to engage a consultant to advise them on their review of three waters would be sent to all members.


Mayor Napier advised that, although there was still a long way to go, her Council would potentially be interested in joining Wellington Water Ltd.




Company Update Report (18/1402)

Report No. WWC2018/4/219 by Wellington Water Ltd


Members provided feedback on the Company Update report as follows:

·      The use of blue or black coloured boxes was not recommended as it was difficult to read.

·      Clarification was requested as to whether state housing was required to supply water tanks and if not then it was suggested they should be.

·      Clarification was requested on the level of resilience planning from the retirement villages in the region.

·      Confirmation was requested as to whether there were any drinking water bores north of the Paremata Bridge and the meaning of the word “quinquedential used under point five of the Progress on Project Goals.

In response to questions from members, the Chief Executive, Wellington Water Ltd (the company) advised there were 450 people employed by the organisation, including contractors.  He confirmed dry weather overflows were a challenging issue and there were lessons learned from the Harbour Bores exercise.  Information on the lessons learned would be reported to the Committee in due course.

In response to questions from a member, the Chief Executive of the company advised the national requirement for the standard of rivers and streams was “Level C”.  He noted that it was up to each community to decide whether they wanted that level or a higher level.  He further advised he would provide a written response to a query regarding the level of education provided for house washing firms which use chlorination and other chemicals.

In response to a question from a member concerning the fire hydrant repair programme, the Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning of the company advised the work was ongoing.  He noted that the capacity of each hydrant was being assessed at the same time.  He estimated the programme would take two years to complete.  With regard to the pipe across the river at Silverstream, he advised that the company was holding ongoing discussions with Greater Wellington Regional Council.  Members noted that flood and seismic concerns were currently being investigated. 

The Chief Executive of the company acknowledged the survey questions did not include ownership of the company.  He acknowledged a need to make it clear that Councils jointly owned the company.  


Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 18405

“That the Committee receives the Company Update Report.”




Sustainable Water Supply (18/1406)

Report No. WWC2018/4/220 by Wellington Water Ltd (WWL)


The Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning, WWL (the company) elaborated on the report. 

Members noted that a 20% population growth in the region would produce further demand on water.  Members further noted that achieving an overall daily reduction in water usage by all was required.  Members observed that in areas where water meters had been installed, instant water usage savings had been made and leakages appeared to be the biggest area of water wastage. 

The Chair asked officers to investigate why the Wellington region appeared to be more wasteful with its water than other regions.  He believed that a 100 year future plan was required, not a 30 year one. 

Members expressed concern about apparent conflicts between some aims contained in the Executive Summary.

In response to a question from a member in regard to resilience in power, the Group Manager, Network Strategy and Planning of the company advised that a report would be reported to the Committee in due course.  He added that treatment plants had back-up generators and fuel storage at each site which would ensure the treatment plants worked for a short time after a disaster.

Cr Brash left the meeting at 2.50pm.


Resolved:                                                                              Minute No. WWC 18406

“That the Committee:

(i)    endorses the Strategic Case for Sustainable Water Supply attached as Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 to the report; and

(ii)   encourages development of a business case.”

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 2.54pm.






Deputy Mayor D Bassett





CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 29th day of November 2018