2                                                     5 July 2018



Community Services Committee


Report of a meeting held in the Koraunui Stokes Valley Community Hub, Kawakawa Room, 184 Stokes Valley Road, Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt on

 Thursday 5 July 2018 commencing at 5.00pm




Cr G Barratt (Chair)


Cr J Briggs (Deputy Chair)

Cr S Edwards

Cr M Lulich (from 5.10pm)

Cr G McDonald

Cr L Sutton



APOLOGIES:                  Apologies were received from Mayor Wallace, Cr Milne and
Cr Bridson.  An apology for lateness was received from Cr Lulich.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Mr T Stallinger, Chief Executive (part meeting)

Mr M Reid, General Manager, City and Community Services

Mr M Mercer, Divisional Manager, Community Hubs
(part meeting)

Ms J Randall, Committee Advisor










Cr Briggs led a karakia.







1.       APOLOGIES 

Apologies were received from Mayor Wallace, Cr Milne and Cr Bridson, and an apology for lateness was received from Cr Lulich.


There was no public comment.



3.       PresEntations


Visual Presentation on Accessibility for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (18/1100)

Cr Lulich joined the meeting at 5.10pm.

Ms K Pointon, assisted by interpretation from Ms J Reweti, explained some of the day-to-day challenges for the deaf and hard of hearing.  Ms Pointon advised that people with hearing loss could feel like an isolated minority group.  She suggested ways to remove barriers and improve accessibility to provide better equity and more participation opportunities.  She added this could assisy the deaf and hard of hearing feel more fully included in community and work life.  She asked Council to work with the deaf and hard of hearing community via Community Connections to improve local services and enable those with hearing loss to experience a stronger sense of belonging.

Ms Pointon advised that finding funding for venues was a challenge and she requested Council consider allowing her to use the Koraunui Stokes Valley Community Hub for Community Connections staff training and for free community Sign Language lessons.  The Chair directed Ms Pointon to the Divisional Manager, Community Hubs to discuss this request and suggested alternative avenues of enquiry for venues.

The Chair thanked Ms Pointon for her presentation and work and invited her to present to a future Accessibility and Inclusiveness Subcommittee meeting.


Verbal Presentation from a Representative of the Toimata Foundation (18/1095)

It was noted that Cr Briggs was a member of the Board of Trustees for the Toimata Foundation (the Foundation) and had previously participated in Foundation projects.

Ms M Ducat, a representative of the Toimata Foundation advised the Foundation worked with schools and early childhood centres on a long term journey to change their environment. The programme also interacted with aspects of environmental work in the community. She said the Foundation worked in partnership with other organisations and she noted this was essential to enable the Foundation to provide support and facilitate positive outcomes.

Ms Ducat said a recent census to measure the effectiveness of the Enviroschools programme found a range of positive outcomes, including a high level of involvement from schools and early childhood centres that deepened with the length of time they participated. A large percentage of schools and early childhood centres had become involved in a variety of sustainability actions as a result of the programme, including social justice and economic initiatives. Teachers had noted the programme had a positive influence on children’s awareness of environmental and sustainability issues and they had expressed appreciation for the resources and the support from the facilitator.

In response to questions from members, Ms Ducat advised she did not have figures on the longer term impact of the programme for children who had left school. She noted the Toimata Foundation had previously collaborated with Keep Hutt City Beautiful on cooperative projects. 

Ms Ducat was thanked for her work and her presentation.  She agreed to email her power point presentation to the Committee.


Verbal Presentation from a Representative of YOUth Inspire (18/1096)

Ms A Black, Manager of YOUth Inspire, advised that since 2014 they had worked in collaboration with business, schools, community organisations and funding partners. As a result they had supported youth into employment, training, education, work experience, job interviews and driver licencing. She said partnerships were essential to the success of their programmes. Ms Black said YOUth Inspire worked hard to ensure young people were work ready. They collaborated with schools to identify students and provide support before they became disengaged. She added they also connected with other parts of the community such as sports groups and with volunteer projects in the community. She noted staff went out of their way to provide pastoral care for the youth in their programmes.

Ms Black advised a recent peer reviewed study provided strong evidence of the social return on investment that YOUth Inspire delivered. She added the study results had provided a clear direction for YOUth Inspire and would assist them to leverage funding. She noted the study had highlighted the importance of driver licensing to enable young people to maintain employment and avoid getting caught the justice system. She said YOUth Inspire was grateful for seed funding from the Todd Foundation  but recognised that continued funding would be needed to sustain young people through to their full licences.

In response to questions from members, Ms Black advised YOUth Inspire would be employing a driver licensing coordinator from September 2018 and she expected the programme would take six months to set up from that time. She said YOUth Inspire was already supporting learner licensing but needed more sponsorship and community volunteers for the programme. She confirmed they were working with Police to ensure youth in the justice system completed the course. Ms Black advised YOUth Inspire worked closely with the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce but the Chamber had lost Ministry of Social Development funding for services that supported training and employment.

Ms Black was commended for her work with the young people of Lower Hutt.


Members noted that Cr Briggs was a member of the Board of Trustees for the Toimata Foundation.



5.       Recommendation to Council - 24 July 2018



Report of the Accessibility and Inclusiveness Plan Advisory Group (18/1106)




Cr Briggs suggested the words ‘as soon as possible’ be removed from recommendation (iii).  He said there was more work needed on the costs for and placement of the toilet facility.  He also noted a plan for approval was not likely to be ready before the 2019/20 financial year.




RECOMMENDED: (Cr Barratt/Cr Sutton)         Minute No. CSC 18306

“That the Committee recommends that Council:

(i)   notes the minutes of the 20 June meeting of the Accessibility and Inclusiveness Plan Subcommittee attached as pages 7-8 to the minutes;

(ii)  notes the actions made to be completed in time for the next meeting of the Subcommittee on 3 October 2018;

(iii) agrees to support the Subcommittee’s recommendation to install a Changing Places toilet facility in Lower Hutt’s CBD; and

(iv) agrees to support the Subcommittee’s recommendation to further investigate involvement in CCS, Disability Action’s work involving the Thundermaps application for:

a)    reporting misuse of mobility parking spaces; and

b)    mapping the location of mobility parks in Lower Hutt.”



Update on Graffiti Removal and Reduction Service (18/1040)

Report No. CSC2018/3/96 by the Graffiti Manager/Contracts Officer


The General Manager, City and Community Services elaborated on the report.  He noted there had been a positive reduction in the amount of graffiti around the City and believed the mural projects organised by the Graffiti Manager were a significant contributor to this result.

In response to a question from a member, the General Manager, City and Community Services said he understood that funds saved from cleaning up graffiti were being retained for graffiti prevention work.  He agreed to find out more detail about this and advise Committee members.

The Committee agreed that the work of the Graffiti Manager was having a positive impact and deserved congratulations.  They also acknowledged the work of local artists who had demonstrated their skills in a constructive way and were positive role models for the community.


Resolved: (Cr Barratt/Cr Edwards)                                   Minute No. CSC 18307

That the report be noted and received.”



Wellington Regional Amenities Fund - Update (18/1082)

Memorandum dated 18 Jun 2018 by the Committee Advisor


Cr Lulich elaborated on the memorandum.

In response to a question from a member, Cr Lulich advised a review of the Wellington Regional Amenities Fund criteria would take place later this year or in 2019.

The General Manager, City and Community Services further advised funding for this year had already been allocated to Matatini.  He noted that Council had applied for funding for their next Highlight Festival.


Resolved: (Cr Barratt/Cr Lulich)                                        Minute No. CSC 18308

“That the Committee endorses the Arts and Culture Subcommittee’s recommendation that any future savings in Council’s contribution to the Wellington Regional Amenities Fund must be earmarked for arts and culture funding in Lower Hutt.”



General Manager's Report (18/938)

Report No. CSC2018/3/184 by the Divisional Manager, Libraries


The General Manager, City and Community Services elaborated on the report. He advised that the Taka Trust project that delivered modern learning into homes was expected to continue to grow across the North-East area of Lower Hutt.

In response to a question from a member, the General Manager, City and Community Services advised that work from the Long Term Plan did not always require full reports and he believed the workload would be manageable. He acknowledged the long hours contributed by members of his team to complete projects and support their communities. The Chair expressed the gratitude of the Committee for the team’s hard work.

It was noted the TAKA Trust would be presenting at the September meeting of the Committee.


Resolved: (Cr Barratt/Cr Sutton)                                       Minute No. CSC 18309

“That the Committee notes the updates contained in the report.”

9.       QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.




There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 6.18 pm.






Cr G Barratt










CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 24th day of July 2018



Minutes for the Accessibility and Inclusiveness Plan Subcommittee 20 June 2018

1.         Changing Places

Bruce Hodgins, Divisional Manager Parks and Gardens addressed the Subcommittee about the planning for the installation of a Changing Places toilet. He outlined the request to the LTP and told the group that it was important for the group to emphasise the need for this facility in Lower Hutt.  The LTP submission recommended that the facility being the CBD and Parks and Gardens supported this. Bruce also asked the group to think about funding/sponsorship of the facility. There was a general discussion about location and cost.


Cr Barratt – understood from the LTP submissions that the need is high for this type of facility in the city

Alexa: wanted to know why a fob key was necessary, how would visitors to Lower Hutt be able to use it if a fob was required and what about adapting existing facilities.

·         Expensive equipment that needs to be protected from vandalism and need to ensure safety of users

·         Will look at solutions for visitors

·         Can’t adapt existing space to provide level of service that a Changing Places facility would provide

Action: Recommend that Council invest in installing a Changing Places toilet facility in Lower Hutt’s CBD as soon as possible

2.         Mobility Parking

Presentation by Raewyn Hailes from CCS, Disability Action on Thundermaps App for reporting misuse of mobility parking and also mobility parks that are not marked out. Raewyn can give the group data on no of offences where, when. CCS registers all mobility parking holders.

CCSS also involved in Changing Places


         i.            Place on Community Services Committee agenda for recommendation to Council to take part in this

       ii.            Raewyn to provide data report to Wendy


3.         Nick Ruane, Co-Chair Wellington City Council, AAG

Talked to the Subcommittee about how the WCC AAG works with Wellington City Council. Four key points:

·         Clear, concise, constructive when talking with Council

·         Pragmatic in the short term but grounded in long term principles

·         Positive, patient, enduring

·         Example based – demonstrating the lived experience of disability. This has an impact and assists when working for change with Councillors and officers

AAG is updating the Disability Strategy at moment and it is due to come out in the next few months. Aligns with NZ Disability Strategy and UN Convention – accessibility, choice, control are the three focus priorities from the Office for Disability Issues 8 strategic priorities.

Public participation is an issue that has come up. Need to keep the forum as open as possible. Genevieve asked how this is managed. Nick replied that the public are free to ask questions however “the business of the AAG is the business of the AAG. Public has designated time to speak – run like any other Council meeting.

Alexa asked if there was separate consultation with the public. Nick said yes e.g. the development of the strategic plan; disability sector has high expectations.

A general discussion about how the two groups could work together.  There will be opportunities for collaboration in the future. Perhaps a national conference for all Council Disability Advisory Groups?

Nick spoke about the importance of building a coalition with Councillors and Council officers as a key approach to success.

4.       Minutes from previous meeting

No matters arising. Chair moved that minutes be accepted. Seconded Genevieve. Carried

5.       Terms of Reference

Some typos to be corrected otherwise TOR approved. Need to include reference to implementation of Accessibility and Inclusiveness Plan. Moved by Chair Seconded ?. Carried

6.       Long Term Plan Submission

Cr Barratt spoke to this submission at CPC. Emphasised with Council the fact that the Subcommittee is a committee of Council and there to work with Council on disability issues.

Action: Wendy to check Community Plan Committee minute for Council decision and that mention of the Accessibility and Inclusiveness Plan is included in the Long Term Plan 

Wendy to get someone from Transport to address speed limit issue raised in the submission.

7.       Blind Square

Wendy updated group. Thomas Bryan contact from Blind foundation will speak at the groups next meeting. Possibility of interview with Thomas discussed.

I-See – Genevieve updated group on what happened with this trial.

8.       Ava railway bridge

Jenna spoke to this item. Pedestrian bridge difficult and unsafe.

Action: Wendy to write to GWRC about this


9.       General business

Discussed Liberty Swing and other play equipment. Possibility of a board walk or net meshing so that people in wheel chairs can go onto the beach and get near the water.

Action: Wendy to talk to Parks and Gardens about other play equipment and net mesh idea.

Public transport: Genevieve let the group know that the new buses are amazing. General discussion.

Action: This will be added to the letter to GWRC about the railway bridge to let them know that people are happy with new buses.

Meeting close at 4.57pm.