2                                                  13 June 2018



Wainuiomata Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Wainuiomata Community Library, Queen Street, Wainuiomata on

 Wednesday 13 June 2018 commencing at 7.00pm




Mr R Sinnott (Chair)


Cr C Barry

Cr J Briggs

Mr T Stallworth

Ms S Tuala-Le’afa

Mrs J Winterburn





APOLOGIES:                  Mr G Tupou (Deputy Chair)


IN ATTENDANCE:       Mr Z Moodie, Traffic Engineer – Network Operations

Mr D Simmons, Traffic Asset Manager

Mr B Gall, Settings Coordinator – Healthy Families

Ms H Clegg, Minute Taker









Chair's Report


The Chair tabled his report, attached as page seven to the minutes.  He added he was disappointed the ANZ Bank had recently decided to close the Wainuiomata branch, and applauded Cr Barry’s efforts to petition the bank to reconsider its decision.



Resolved:   (Mr Sinnott/Cr Briggs)                      Minute No. WCB 183031


“That the Chair’s report be noted and received.”



a     Chairs Report - tabled 13 June 2018


1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Stallworth)                               Minute No. WCB 18302

“That the apology from received from Mr Tupou be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”



Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.      



Ms S Tuala-Le’afa declared a conflict of interest with Item 6: Community Engagement Fund 2017-2018 and took no part in discussions or voting on this item.

4.       Minutes

Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Ms Winterburn)                             Minute No. WCB 18303


“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wainuiomata Community Board held on Thursday 5 April 2018, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”


5.       Reports referred for SUBCommittee input before being considered by Standing Committee of Council


Willis Grove/Hine Road - Proposed Give Way Control & No Stopping At All Times Restrictions (18/943)

Report No. WCB2018/3/160 by the Traffic Engineer - Network Operations


Speaking under public comment, Reverend Bill spoke in support of the proposal, including the installation of broken yellow lines in Hine Road opposite Willis Grove. He believed the new buses could not safely negotiate this turn if cars were parked in Hine Road.  He requested the proposed broken yellow lines be extended up to 20 metres in each direction along Hine Road and by approximately three metres into Willis Grove. 

Speaking under public comment, Mr Graham Atkinson from Tranzurban, advised he had driven one of the new buses to the meeting to show Board members the size.  He said he supported the proposal.

The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.  He explained most opposition to the proposals was received from properties who might lose parking outside their property. He added this was the reason Appendix 1 attached to the report was recommended over Appendix 2 attached to the report.

In response to questions from members, the Traffic Asset Manager confirmed many properties in the area had long driveways, and that the proposed Give Way controlled intersection would greatly assist traffic safety.  He added that the broken yellow lines would result in improved sight lines for drivers.  The Traffic Engineer – Network Operations advised that Willis Grove was narrow and, if there were no objections from residents, it was the officers’ preference to install yellow lines further into Willis Grove.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Stallworth)                      Minute No. WCB 18304


“That the Wainuiomata Community Board endorses recommendations (i) and (ii) contained in the report and requests new recommendations (iii) and (iv) as follows:

(iii)  approves the installation of No Stopping At All Times Restrictions on the northern side of Hine Road as shown attached as Appendix 2 to the report: and

(iv)  requests the repainting of all the current broken yellow lines on the corners of Willis Grove and Hine Road.”




Smokefree Queen Street, Wainuiomata (18/897)

Report No. WCB2018/3/161 by the Settings Coordinator - Healthy Families


Speaking under public comment, Ms Leah Clarke from Regional Public Health said Regional Public Health promoted Stop Smoking programmes. She believed most children in Wainuiomata preferred smoking to be banned.

The Settings Coordinator – Healthy Families, gave a presentation to support his report. He explained the work undertaken to date. He said Healthy Families had visited schools, supported the installation of smoke-free signs in Wainuiomata and supported a smokefree mural to be painted where basketball was played.

In response to questions from members, The Settings Coordinator – Healthy Families explained a smokefree Scott Court area was part of the wider rejuvenation programme for the Court, and was gaining positive support from the community.  He acknowledged concerns expressed by the members regarding the timeframe, policing and the amount of consultation undertaken.  He added there was an opportunity for the community to show leadership in the smokefree movement.

Members believed that community support for a smokefree main street would be divided. They expressed concern with the short timeframe, and requested a report back to the Policy and Regulatory Committee be delayed until September.

Members discussed the merits of conducting a Board led survey in the Queens Street area on a Friday evening with information distributed via social media.  Ms Clarke explained she had already conducted an informal survey over several months, and that another survey would help consolidate results. 

Cr Barry suggested the Board sought officer assistance to draft a short survey and assist with printing.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Cr Briggs)                              Minute No. WCB 18305

“That the Board:

(i)            notes that officers recommend designating the area of Queen Street in Wainuiomata attached as Appendix 1 to the report as a smokefree area;


(ii)          undertakes a short questionnaire throughout the Queens Street area, to gain public feedback about the smoke free proposal, with Ms S Tuala-Le’afa and Mr G Tupou to lead the process; and


(iii)        notes that the Board’s recommendation will be presented to the Policy and Regulatory Committee on 24 September 2018 for its consideration.”



Community Engagement Fund 2017-2018 (18/898)

Memorandum dated 24 May 2018 by the Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts.

Ms S Tuala-Le’afa delared a conflict of interest and took no part in discussions or voting on the matter.


Speaking under public comment, Ms Victoria Nelson representing Acting Out, spoke to the application.  She explained the organisation had 22 youth members and provided an environment for youth to be involved in musical theatre in Wainuiomata. She said they were planning a show in October and relied on fundraising efforts and parent support to obtain resources and to pay for venue hire. 

In response to questions from members, Ms Nelson advised all adult members of Acting Out were also members of the Little Theatre.  She explained Acting Out had a different focus from The Little Theatre and focussed on children only.  She advised the two organisations aimed to share resources.

Speaking under public comment, Mr Gary Sue spoke to the Junior Rugby Club application.  He explained the club currently had 300 members, and that the funds they were seeking would assist with players attending tournaments, hosting tournaments and with provision of gear.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Mr Stallworth)                               Minute No. WCB 18306


“That the Board:


(i)                 notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 4 May 2018 and two applications had been received;


(ii)               agrees that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund;


(iii)             agrees to the recommended allocations for the Wainuiomata Community Engagement Fund 2017/2018, attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum as follows:


a)      Wainuiomata Rugby Football Club (Junior)  for $2,998.00 for the purchase of equipment; and


b)  Acting Out NZ Inc for $2,843.00 for the purchase of the Sound of Music licence, advertising and t-shirts; and


(iv)             agrees that the organisations granted funding will be required to attend a meeting of the Board once the project has been completed. “




Representation Review - Options Consultation (18/950)

Report No. WCB2018/3/80 by the Divisional Manager, Strategy and Planning


Cr Barry explained the Representation Review was an important issue which could have an impact on community boards in the future.  He urged the Board to fully engage in the process.

Ms S Tuala-Le’afa asked if the Board could meet again to discuss this when more information was available.  The Chair undertook to arrange an additional Board meeting if required.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Ms Winterburn)                             Minute No. WCB 18307


“That the information in the report be noted and received.”



Committee Advisor's Report (18/806)

Report No. WCB2018/3/81 by the Committee Advisor


Members discussed a replacement Board representative on the Keep Hutt City Beautiful Committee, and members agreed not to appoint a representative.

The Chair said the next Board meeting on 5 September would be preceded by the Community Spirit Awards ceremony.  Cr Briggs suggested news items be created to encourage nominations for the awards. It was submitted past recipients be featured detailing what the award had meant to them and showing why each award was given.  Members agreed to contribute to the cost through its miscellaneous budget.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                            Minute No. WCB 18308


“That the Board:

(i)      notes the report;

(ii)   holds an informal meeting in the week prior to 16 July 2018, to finalise the Community Spirit Awards nomination process;

(iii)    calls for nominations for the Community Spirit Awards, opening on 23 July 2018 and closing on 24 August 2018;

(iv)    holds an informal meeting in the week prior to its 5 September 2018 meeting to discuss nominations, and decide and notify the successful recipient/s;

(iv)    organises caterers to provide finger food for the Community Spirit Awards ceremony;

(v)     agrees that the Community Spirit Awards ceremony shall commence at 6pm, 5 September 2018, in the Wainuiomata Chambers, with its ordinary meeting to commence at 7pm 5 September 2018;

(vi)    places two advertisements in the Wainuiomata News calling for nominations for the Community Spirit Awards; and

(vii)   contributes $200 from its miscellaneous budget towards Facebook articles highlighting past recipients of the Community Spirit Award, detailing how the award influenced the recipient, including photographs.”


Ecology and Landscapes Consultation - Update (18/1010)

Memorandum dated 6 June 2018 by the Divisional Manager District Plan


Crs Briggs and Barry outlined the process to date, explaining there had been a great deal of frustration voiced by affected residents.  He advised a  workshop for Councillors would be held on 27 June 2018 where details of SNAs would be explained, and the process ahead would be detailed.

Cr Briggs advised an updated letter to the possibly 1,200 affected residents would be sent in the coming weeks, providing more information on the future process.


Resolved: (Mr Sinnott/Ms Winterburn)                             Minute No. WCB 18309


“That the Board receives and notes the memorandum.”


10.     QUESTIONS   


There were no questions.

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.35pm.


Mr R Sinnott


CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 5th day of September 2018