2                                                  11 June 2018



Central Community Panel


Minutes of a meeting held in the Turakirae Meeting Room, Hutt City Council, 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt on

 Monday 11 June 2018 commencing at 6.30pm




PRESENT:                              Ms J Clendon (Chair)             Ms A Bengree

Mr C Hay                               Ms P Ravi

                                                Cr S Edwards                        



APOLOGIES:                                    Deputy Mayor D Bassett

Mr M Renata


IN ATTENDENCE            Ms D Hunter, Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts





1.       APOLOGIES 

 Resolved: (Ms Clendon/ Mr Hay)                                  Minute No. CCP 18301

“That the apologies received from Deputy Mayor D Bassett and Mr M Renata be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”  


There was no public comment.      


The Chair declared a partial conflict of interest in the funding application received from Hutt Art Society.  The Panel noted however that the conflict of interest was historical.




Resolved:   (Ms Clendon/ Ms Ravi)                                Minute No. CCP 18302

“That the minutes of the Extraordinary Central Community Panel meeting held on Monday 30 October 2017, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”




Community Engagement Fund 2017-2018 (18/902)

Memorandum dated 24 May 2018 by the Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts


The Community Advisor – Funding and Community Contracts elaborated on the memorandum.

In response to questions from members, the Community Advisor – Funding and Community Contracts advised that under the current funding policy, to be eligible to apply for funding, the community group needed to have the legal status of either a Charitable Trust or an Incorporated Society. 

Members commented that this rule often restricted community groups who wished to apply for funding. They noted there were a number of active community groups within the Central area doing worthwhile work who would appreciate financial support. 

Members requested the Community Advisor – Funding and Community Contracts report back to their next meeting on the likelihood of a review of the above rule, specifically with regard to the Community Engagement Fund.  They anticipated a review of the rules might allow community groups that did not have a legal status to apply.  


Resolved: (Ms Clendon/ Ms Ravi)                                      Minute No. CCP 18303

That the Panel:


(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 4 May 2018 and four applications had been received;


(ii)     agrees that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund;


(iii)    agrees to determine the funding to be granted to the community engagement fund  applications;


(iv)    approves the application from the Hutt Art Society for $500.00 for the Art for Hearts Sake towards the cost of equipment hire;


(iv)    approves the application from the La Leche league Lower Hutt Group for $645.00 towards venue hire and catering costs associated to their “Big Latch On 2018” event;


(v)     approves the application from NZ Family and Foster Care Federation Inc for $2,088.00 towards venue and resources associated to their “We Can Work Together To Meet Their Needs” event;


(vi)    approves the application from Dress for Success (Hutt Valley) for $4,287.00 towards the purchase of equipment and resources to support service delivery from Lower Hutt; and


(vii)   requests that recipients of the engagement fund report back on their funding.



6.      QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.

There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.10 pm.





Ms J Clendon





CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 12th day of November 2018