1                                          13 February 2018



Eastbourne Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the East Harbour Women's Club, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 13 February 2018 commencing at 7.15pm





Mr R Ashe

Mr M Gibbons


Ms V Horrocks (Chair)

Ms L Knight


Cr M Lulich

Ms A Sutherland






APOLOGIES:                  Cr T Lewis


IN ATTENDANCE:        Mr B Kibblewhite, General Manager, Corporate Services

Ms J Randall, Committee Advisor






1.       APOLOGIES 

          Members noted the apology from Cr T Lewis



The Eastbournes

Mākaro Press  in recognition of an enthusiastic and generous publisher and promotor of Eastbourne writers and their works.

The Chair read Mākaro Press’ citation and thanked  Ms M McCallum and her son Mr P Stewart for their work with Eastbourne writers and illustrators. Ms McCallum and Mr Stewart had founded Mākaro press in Eastbourne, built a relationship with local writers and illustrators and published the work of many. They had since moved to Wellington but maintained their relationship with local writers and the local bookshop.


Sally Bain in recognition of Eastbourne’s environmental warrior who has made Eastbourne a more beautiful place for all who live here.

Mr Gibbons read Ms Bain’s citation and thanked her for her involvement in and promotion of a number of community and environmental projects. Most recently her initiative as part of Educating Residents About Rats had created a very effective urban trap line throughout Eastbourne.


Avi Duckor-Jones in recognition of his humanitarianism, his contribution to the arts and being New Zealand’s ‘Great Survivor’.

Mr Ashe read Mr Duckor-Jones’ citation. Mr Duckor-Jones won the New Zealand television series ‘Survivor’. He was a published travel author and had spent a year running a school for disadvantaged children in Ghana which he was continuing to support.


Maureen Norma Buckley in recognition of a wonderful teacher, loved by generations of Eastbourne school children and their families.

Ms Knight read Ms Buckley’s citation and thanked her for her strong commitment to teaching and her tireless work for children in the Eastbourne community.   Ms Buckley was well known in Eastbourne for her passionate role as educator and initiator of many valuable programmes and events across the school community.


Lindsay Johnson (Shihan Renshi) in recognition of an inspiring teacher and leader of the Eastbourne Karate Dojo for 20 years.

Ms Sutherland read Mr Johnson’s citation and thanked him for his many years of service to children in the community. Mr Johnson had introduced hundreds of children to Karate. He was a skilled and experienced teacher and was highly regarded by his students and their families.


Mayor Wallace congratulated all the recipients and commended them on their work for the Eastbourne community over many years.


Speaking under public comment Mr M Henderson of the Days Bay Residents’ Association (DBRA) raised the following issues:


·         Safety at the Days Bay wharf had become a safety issue with increasing problems with diving and swimming on the side of the Days Bay wharf where the ferry berthed.  He asked for an undertaking that permanent fencing would be established.  He reinforced the wharf’s importance as a working area and stressed it was important that safety was prioritised so the wharf could continue to provide services. Mr Henderson tabled photos that showed people diving and swimming in the water where the ferry was about to dock.


In response, the Chair advised that permanent barriers were to be included in the design when the wharf was strengthened later in the year. Ms Knight suggested the situation might be improved with more ladders on the south side of the wharf.


Cr P Lamason (GWRC) advised she would speak to the Harbour Master about barriers for the wharf and report back to the Chair.


·         Many residents had been concerned by letters from Council regarding proposed District Plan changes to protect significant natural resources.  This had the potential to impact many Eastbourne properties identified as containing or being part of significant natural areas. He requested a Council officer attend the next Eastbourne Community Board meeting and explain the proposed changes. He further noted a Facebook group had advertised an official meeting to be held the following Tuesday.


Ms Sutherland agreed to attend the meeting and report back to the Board.


The Chair advised there would be a full consultation period on the proposed plan change before any decisions were made.


·         Improved dog signs were needed at Days Bay Beach that were more consistent and in ‘plain English’.


The Chair advised the Board had been working with Council for some time to try to progress more consistent dog signs for the area.


·         Mr Henderson requested additional information on speed humps that a resident had asked for at the crossing on Marine Drive near Moana Road. He said the DBRA would consult with residents on the suggestion.


The Chair agreed the speed humps would be added to the 2018 Walkaround schedule.


Speaking under public comment Mr P Sprey expressed concern about the large number of people swimming and diving off the wharf at Days Bay over summer without lifeguard facilities. He suggested either paying lifeguards or using local volunteers.


Mr Sprey expressed concern about safety at the pedestrian crossing between Williams Park and the Days Bay Wharf. He had noticed children running onto the road from the park and suggested a railing be erected to slow them down before crossing. Mr Sprey further suggested a warden be posted at the crossing on busy days to prevent traffic banking up from the volume of people crossing the road.


Mr Sprey proposed Wellesley College be approached to open their sports field for parking on hot summer weekends. This could be a school fundraiser and would ease the pressure on parking and traffic congestion.


The Chair agreed the number of visitors caused problems at Days Bay on summer weekends. She said a discussion with the Days Bay Residents’ Association and with Wellesley College would be worthwhile.


The Chair agreed the railing request would be added to the 2018 Walkaround schedule.


Mr Sprey proposed an aspirational plan for Eastbourne that would enhance unique aspects of the area. He suggested it could provide direction for Eastbourne in the future.


Speaking under public comment, Mr J Martin expressed concern about the postponement of deer culling in the East Harbour Regional Park. He noted the park was a well-used facility for the entire region and needed to be maintained.  He would arrange another meeting with Cr P Lamason to discuss this further.

4.       Presentations


Presentation by Department of Corrections, Community Liaison (17/1782)

Mr Scott Miller, Senior Committee Advisor for Corrections, advised that he worked with communities across the region as far as Gisborne. He oversaw the integration of prisoners, including offenders against children, in these communities.  He advised the following:

·           When offenders were released from prison, measures were in place to restrict their movements and make sure they complied with conditions. A variety of monitoring methods were used for this.

·           When child sex-offenders  were released, Corrections would try to ensure it was to an area that would minimise risk.  If any ex-prisoners were considered high risk, the communities they moved to would be notified.

·           Many ex-prisoners provided supervised unpaid labour to communities. Applications could be made through Mr Miller for any ad hoc projects  for which the community might want assistance.

In response to a question from a member, Mr Miller advised his presentation was not prompted by any impending release of child sex-offenders to the area.



Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (17/1893)

Cr P Lamason from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) provided an update on the following:

·           New bus contracts under Tranzit Group would begin from July but the current contractors would continue in Lower Hutt using new buses. There would be a change to the timetable from July and changes could be published online. 

·           The Parks Network Plan was still in draft form but would open for community consultation in the middle of year. It contained a single plan for the whole network of parks with separate divisions for each park.

·           The Hutt River Environment Strategy Action Plan was open for consultation and Cr Lamason tabled copies for the Board to review.


Presentation by Wellington Water - Community Water Stations (18/91)

Mr A Brown, Water Resilience Programme Manager, and Ms J Osborne, Programme Operational Lead from Wellington Water Limited provided an update on the Community Water Stations project:

·         A water network was to be installed to provide drinking water to the Wellington region in emergency. If a significant earthquake occurred there might be an expected 30 day window before water mains could be restored in the area as well as cuts to transport links and road networks. Residents would still be asked to store 20 L per person per day.

·         Small locally built treatment stations would take water from streams and bores and treat it to drinking water standards. It could then be transported to water collection points for residents to fill containers. Collection points would be situated at points within a one kilometre radius for residents.

·         Treatment Stations were expected to be in place by the end of June. Following consultation with Council’s Parks and Reserves Division to establish suitable sites, one will be placed in Lowry Bay and one in Days Bay.

·         Ms Osborne advised that more information about these stations would be available in the lead up to June through a range of channels.

In response to questions from members, Mr Brown advised there were limits to where water treatment stations could be situated around the bays because of the risk of  water contamination close to the shore and the water volume of some streams. Mr Brown also advised that community utility vehicles from ‘earthquake islands’ around the region would be used to transport water to collection points where needed.

Ms Knight envisaged that the Battle of the Bays on March 4, where the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) team would be on-site, would be an ideal vehicle for raising awareness about this network.


Presentation by the Community Library Manager – Eastbourne (18/121)

The Manager of the Eastbourne Community Library Ms J Arnot, introduced herself and said she was enjoying being part of the Eastbourne community.

Ms Arnot advised that visits to Eastbourne Library were reducing and she wanted to ensure the library was meeting a wider range of needs. She intended diversifying library activities through workshops, events and improved technology facilities. She invited ideas that might enhance Eastbourne life and expressed a wish to continue communicating with the Board.

In response to questions from members, Ms Arnot advised that residents used the library for a range of services.  She agreed a job seekers workshop might work well at the library. She would continue to hold information on community events and advertise what the library had to offer.  Ms Arnot agreed to email a member of the public a list of services that the library provided.

In response to a question from members, Council’s General Manager Corporate Services advised that libraries at the new hubs had increased visitor numbers when they re-opened as part of the hubs.


There were no conflicts of interest.

6.       Minutes

Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Ms Knight)                                  Minute No. ECB 18101

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Eastbourne Community Board held on Tuesday, 7 November 2017, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”



Chair's Report (18/73)

Report No. ECB2018/1/21 by the Chair


The Chair elaborated on the report. She advised on the opening of the Community Fridge on Saturday February 17, the Wild Food festival in Days Bay on  February 24 and the Battle of the Bays on March 4. The Chair advised a Representation Review would be available in the next few months. The Board would be submitting on the proposed Representation Review, probably in combination with the Petone Community Board. She advised that she was meeting the Council’s recently appointed Sustainability and Resilience Manager to discuss sea level rise including implications and mitigation for Eastbourne.

The Chair advised she had recently attended a budget briefing.  She noted this year’s Long Term Plan process was expected to involve a wider variety of ways to engage with the community. She further noted that infrastructure work for the Long Term Plan would focus quite heavily on Eastbourne with work around the wharves and the shared pathways.

The Chair advised she would follow up with Council officers regarding signs for alcohol-free areas in Eastbourne.

In response to questions from members, the General Manager Corporate Services explained there would be a focus on expanding Long Term Plan consultation to residents who would not normally engage and trying to increase online consultations.

In response to questions from members, the General Manager Corporate services advised that all three wharves were to be retained and refurbished:

·           Rona Bay would be first to undergo refurbishment. This would be reported on at a future Board meeting;

·           Council was waiting to determine whether the Pt Howard wharf structure penetrated the aquifer before a timeline for refurbishment could be started; and

·           Days Bay Wharf would be provided with a high level of security to ensure safety while it was being refurbished.


Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/Ms Sutherland)                           Minute No. ECB 18102

“That the Board notes the report.”



Eastbourne Community Board Community Engagement Fund 2017-2018 (18/82)

Memorandum dated 30 Jan 2018 by the Community Advisor - Funding and Community Contracts


Resolved: (Mr Ashe/Mr Gibbons)                                       Minute No. ECB 18103

“That the Board:


(i)    notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 31 January 2018 and two applications were received;


(ii)   agrees that the applications (attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum) are considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund;


(iii)  approves the application from the Historical Society of Eastbourne Inc. from the Community Engagement Fund for the total of $1,731.00 for the purchase of an oral history digital recorder; and

(iv)  approves the application from the Muritai Yacht Club Inc. from the Community Engagement Fund for the total of $635.00 for the purchase of 10 watersport helmets for their junior Learn to Swim programme.”




Representation Review and Sustainability and Resilience (18/74)

Memorandum dated 29 Jan 2018 by the Divisional Manager, Strategy and Planning


Resolved: (Mr Ashe/Mr Gibbons)                                       Minute No. ECB 18104

“That the Board notes the memorandum.”

10.     Information Item


Verbal Update by the Chair on the Eastern Bays Shared Pathway (18/111)


The Chair provided a brief update on the planned Eastern Bays Shared Pathway along Marine Drive. She advised she had met with the planning group who now had useful and accurate information on penguin nests that would enable better access for penguins through the path design. Discussions with residents’ groups were to take place before the resource consent application was lodged in March.



Committee Advisor's Report (18/6)

Report No. ECB2018/1/8 by the Committee Advisor


The Chair commented on items in the report:

·           Dog signs had been an ongoing issue with some signs vandalised and needing replacement.

·           In the 2017 Walkaround residents were encouraged to use an RFS for maintenance issues but the acronym had caused confusion in the community. The Chair clarified it stood for  ‘Request for Service’ while on Council’s website it was called ‘Report a Problem.’ The Chair had found this system very effective and encouraged members to promote the use of it on the Walkaround and in the community.


Resolved: (Mr Gibbons/Cr Lulich)                                      Minute No. ECB 18105

 “That the Board:

(i)    receives the report; and

(ii)   approves the expenditure for catering for the Heritage Trail opening from the miscellaneous administration budget at approximately $130.00.”

12.     Reports from representatives on local organisations


Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust (17/1796)


Mr Gibbons advised there was nothing to report.


Vibrant Village (17/1799)


Mr Gibbons advised there was nothing to report.


Okiwi Trust (17/1800)


Ms Sutherland advised there was nothing to report.


Educating Residents Around Trapping (ERAT) Steering Group (17/1801)


Ms Sutherland advised she would be attending a meeting shortly.



Eastern Bays Marine Drive Steering Group (17/1802)


The Chair advised the group had been disestablished since the Eastern Bays shared pathway had received its final approval. Members asked that this item be removed from future agendas.


Days Bay Wharf Steering Group (17/1803).


The Chair advised this Group would be re-convened as refurbishment planning progressed.


Community Response Group (17/1804)


Ms Knight advised the Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office (WREMO) had completed a review of emergency centres  and would have a presence at the Battle of the Bays to update the community and distribute information.   Ms Sutherland would be assisting them. Mr Ashe, Ms Knight and Cr Lulich volunteered to judge events on the day  and Cr Lewis would be asked to be available as a back-up judge.

WREMO would also be holding a rehearsal event during the week of the Wahine disaster commemoration.


Keep Hutt City Beautiful (17/1805)


The Chair advised the group was still finding a date for its meeting.


Plastic Free Eastbourne (17/1807)


Mr Ashe advised 350 boomarang bags had been made for the Eastbourne supermarket.


Muritai School Hall Management Committee (17/1808)


Ms Knight advised the committee no longer existed. Members asked that this item be removed from future agendas.


Eastbourne Youth Workers' Trust (17/1809)


Ms Knight advised there were 25 young people at the Trust evening on Friday. A new youth worker had recently joined.  The Trust would advertise for new board members and hoped parents would become involved.


Eastbourne Childcare Community Group (17/1810)


Ms Knight advised the group did not need assistance at the current time.

13.     QUESTIONS   

Mr Ashe advised he had followed up with Council officers regarding historical road closures on Marine Parade due to flooding.  He reported that at short notice officers were unable to provide detailed information but it appeared there had been no trend in  increased road closures.

Ms Knight noted some companies would no longer insure some coastal properties.

The General Manager Corporate Services advised that some of the design of the shared path would mitigate debris but the design had to be weighed against residents who did not want barriers to block their views.

The Chair noted that once Greater Wellington Regional Council had installed its planned software for modelling and mapping planning for improvements would be easier. She believed that information on how often the road needed to be swept would provide an indication of the problem.



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.28 pm.




Ms V Horrocks







CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 3rd day of April 2018