Eastbourne Community Board



30 August 2017




Order Paper for the meeting to be held in the

East Harbour Women's Club, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne,







Tuesday 5 September 2017 commencing at 7.15pm











Virginia Horrocks (Chair)

Murray Gibbons (Deputy Chair)

Robert Ashe

Liz Knight

Cr Tui Lewis

Cr Michael Lulich

Anna Sutherland







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community boards – functions and delegations 

This document records the delegation of Council functions, responsibilities, duties, and powers to Community Boards. 

The Community Boards have been established under section 49 of the Local Government Act 2002 to represent, and act as an advocate for, the interests of their community. 

The delegations are expressed in general terms.  The delegations shall be exercised with proper regard for the Council’s strategic direction, policies, plans, Standing Orders and its interpretation of its statutory obligations.  The delegations are to be read together with the following propositions.

These delegations are based on the following principles:

·                Issues relevant to a specific community should be decided as closely as possible to that community.  Where an issue has city-wide implications, ie any effects of the decision cross a ward or community boundary or have consequences for the city as a whole, the matter will be decided by Council after seeking a recommendation from the relevant Community Board or (any ambiguity around the interpretation of “city-wide” will be determined by the Mayor and Chief Executive in consultation with the relevant Chair);

·                Efficient decision-making should be paramount;

·                Conflicts of interest should be avoided and risks minimised;

·                To ensure processes are free from bias and pre-determination Community Boards should not adjudicate on issues on which they have advocated or wish to advocate to Council;

·                Community Boards should proactively and constructively engage with residents on local matters that affect the community they represent and raise with Council issues raised with them by their community and advocate on behalf of their community.

These delegations:

(a)        do not delegate any function, duty or power which a statute (for example section 53(3) and clause 32(1) of Schedule 7 of the Local Government Act 2002) prohibits from being delegated;

(b)        are subject to and do not affect any delegation which the Council has already made or subsequently makes to any other committee, Council officer or other member of staff;

(c)        are subject to any other statutory requirements that may apply to a particular delegation;

(d)       are subject to any notice issued by the Council, from time to time, to a Community Board that a particular issue must be referred to Council for decision;

(e)        reflect that decisions with significant financial implications should be made by Council (or a committee with delegated authority);

(f)         promote centralisation of those functions where the appropriate expertise must be ensured; and

(g)        reflect that all statutory and legal requirements must be met.



·             Naming new roads and alterations to street names (in the Community Board’s area).

·             Official naming of parks, reserves and sports grounds within the provisions of Council’s Naming Policy. Note [1]

·             Removal and/or planting of street trees within the provisions of Council’s Operational Guide for Urban Forest Plan where a dispute arises that cannot be resolved at officer level.  Note [2]

·             The granting of leases and licences in terms of Council policy to voluntary organisations for Council owned properties in their local area, for example, halls, but not including the granting of leases and licences to community houses and centres.

·             The granting of rights-of-way and other easements over local purpose reserves and granting of leases or licences on local purpose reserves.

·             The granting of leases and licences for new activities in terms of Council policy to community and commercial organisations over recreation reserves subject to the provisions of the Reserves Act 1977 and land managed as reserve subject to the provisions of the Local Government 2002, in their local area.  (Note:  renewal of existing leases and licences will be reported once a year to Council’s City Development Committee).

·             The allocation of funding from the Community Engagement Fund in accordance with Council’s adopted guidelines.

·             Expenditure of funds allocated by the Council to the Board from the Miscellaneous Budget to cover expenditure associated with the activities of the Board.  The Chair to approve expenditure, in consultation with the Board, and forward appropriate documentation to the Committee Advisor for authorisation.  Boards must not exceed their annual expenditure from the Miscellaneous Budget.

·             The allocation of funding for the training and development of Community Board or members, including formal training courses, attendance at seminars or attendance at relevant conferences.

Consider and make recommendations to Council on:

·             Particular issues notified from time to time by Council to the Community Board.

·             Roading issues considered by the Mayor and Chief Executive to be strategic due to their significance on a city-wide basis, including links to the State Highway, or where their effects cross ward or community boundaries.

·             Parks, reserves and sports ground naming for sites that have a high profile, city-wide importance due to their size and location and/or cross ward or community boundaries.

·             Representatives to any Council committee, subcommittee, subordinate decision-making body, working group, or ad hoc group on which a Community Board representative is required by Council.

·             The setting, amending or revoking of speed limits in accordance with the Hutt City Council Bylaw 2005 Speed Limits, including the hearing of any submissions.


Provide their local community’s input on:

·             Council’s Long Term Plan and/or Annual Plan.

·             Council’s policies, programmes (including the District Roading Programme) and bylaws.

·             Changes or variations to the District Plan.

·             Resource management issues which it believes are relevant to its local community, through advocacy.

·             The disposal or acquisition of significant assets.

·             Road safety including road safety education within its area.

·             Any other issues a Board believes is relevant to its local area.

·             Review Local Community Plans as required.

Reports may be prepared by the Board and presented to Council Committees, along with an officer’s recommendation, for consideration.

Any submissions lodged by a Board or Committee require formal endorsement by way of resolution.

Co-ordinate with Council staff:

·             Local community consultation on city-wide issues on which the Council has called for consultation.


·             An overview of roadworks, water supply, sewerage, stormwater drainage, waste management and traffic management for its local area.

·             An overview of parks, recreational facilities and community activities within its local area.


·             Community Response Plans in close consultation with the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, emergency organisations, the community, residents’ associations, other community groups, and local businesses.   The Community Response Plans will be reviewed on an annual basis.


·             Local community awards.


·             Recreational facilities and opportunities in its area with a view to ensure maximum usage.

·             Arts and crafts in its area.


·             A liaison member or, where appropriate, representatives to ad hoc bodies, which are involved in community activities within the Board’s area, on which a community representative is sought.


·         Amendments to the Eastbourne Community Trust Deed (Eastbourne Community Board only).



The Eastbourne Community Board, representing the people of Eastbourne;

Recognises that we are part of a community living in a unique environment,


Believes that we have been entrusted with the care of an environment which is a major asset of the Wellington region,


Desires to conserve and enhance this asset for the  enjoyment  of  future generations of residents and visitors, and therefore;


Acknowledges and promotes the key characteristics of Eastbourne and the Bays as:

1.    A community situated on the coast of Wellington harbour, bounded by the sea on the one side and on the other by bush-clad hills;

2.    A community comprising a string of smaller communities, with residential areas of low-rise, low-density housing, interspersed with many trees;

3.    A community in which the citizens care and respect each other’s differences and right to quiet enjoyment of their surroundings;

4.    A community where industry and commerce have developed without detriment to the natural environment;

5.    A community where the arts are valued and where participation in theatre, painting, pottery, music, gardening and sports is actively fostered and encouraged ;

6.    A community concerned for the welfare of the young and the old where the elderly may retire in dignity, where families have access to facilities to raise their children in an environment which promotes safety and well-being;

7.    A community which values and encourages preservation of its heritage and history.



It is our stated intent that the recognition of these principles and acceptance of the key characteristics will underlie the activities which we as a community and board undertake, and that they will provide the criteria against which, and within which, any district plans, strategic plans or developmental or organisational initiatives may be assessed.





Eastbourne Community Board


Meeting to be held in the East Harbour Women's Club, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 5 September 2017 commencing at 7.15pm.




Public Business


1.       APOLOGIES 

2.       Presentation of Emergency Radio Operator Certificates (17/1265)

Presentation of Civil Defence Awards to Mr Eddie Mills and Mr Peter Hector by the Chair.       


Generally up to 30 minutes is set aside for public comment (three minutes per speaker on items appearing on the agenda). Speakers may be asked questions on the matters they raise.  

4.       Presentation

Presentations by Residents' Associations and other Community Groups (17/1266)



6.       Minutes

Meeting minutes Eastbourne Community Board, 27 June 2017                         15  

7.       Chair's Report (17/1267)

Report No. ECB2017/4/116 by the Chair                                                           25

8.       Committee Advisor's Report (17/1268)

Report No. ECB2017/4/14 by the Committee Advisor                                      27   




9.       Reports from representatives on local organisations

a)      Eastbourne and Bays Community Trust (17/1269)

Verbal update by Mr Gibbons.


b)      Eastbourne Youth Workers' Trust (17/1270)

Verbal update by Ms Knight.


c)       Muritai School Hall Management Committee (17/1271)

Verbal update by Ms Knight.


d)      Vibrant Village (17/1272)

Verbal update by Mr Gibbons.


e)      Days Bay Wharf Steering Group (17/1273)

Verbal update by Ms Horrocks or Mr Ashe.


f)       Eastbourne Childcare Community Group (17/1275)

Verbal update by Ms Knight.


g)      Community Response Group (17/1276)

Verbal update by Ms Horrocks or Ms Knight.


h)      Educating Residents Around Trapping (ERAT) Steering Group (17/1277)

Verbal update by Ms Sutherland.


i)       Keep Hutt City Beautiful  (17/1278)

Verbal update by Ms Horrocks.


j)       Plastic Bag Free Eastbourne (17/1029)

Verbal update by Ms Horrocks or Mr Ashe.





With reference to section 32 of Standing Orders, before putting a question a member shall endeavour to obtain the information. Questions shall be concise and in writing and handed to the Chair prior to the commencement of the meeting.   










Susan Haniel





                                                                                      15                                                            05 September 2017





Eastbourne Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the East Harbour Women's Club, 145 Muritai Road, Eastbourne on

 Tuesday 27 June 2017 commencing at 7.15pm





Mr R Ashe

Ms L Knight (Deputy Chair)


Ms V Horrocks (Chair)

Cr M Lulich


Ms A Sutherland




APOLOGIES:                  Apologies were received from Cr Lewis and Mr Gibbons.


IN ATTENDANCE:        Mr D Simmons, Traffic Asset Manager (part meeting)

Ms S Haniel, Committee Advisor






1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved: ( Ms Horrocks/ Mr Ashe)                                   Minute No. ECB 17301

"That the apologies received from Cr Lewis and Mr Gibbons be accepted and leave of absence be granted."


Members noted the apology from Cr Lamason, Greater Wellington Regional Council.



Presentation of Emergency Radio Operator Certificates (17/872)

Report No. ECB2017/3/85 by the Divisional Manager, Regulatory Services


The Chair presented long service Emergency Radio Operator Certificates and thanked the volunteers for their long service and commitment to the community:


·    Brian Heath for 20 years service

·    David Fox for 30 years service

·    Charles Hector for 25 years service

·    Peter Donovan for 25 years service

·    Margaret Rankine for 30+ years service

·    Malcolm Bishop for 10 years service


Mr Edward Mills put in his apology for the meeting and his certificate would be presented to him at the Board’s next meeting.


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.

4.       Presentations


Presentations by Residents' Associations and other Community Groups

There were no presentations.


Presentation on Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document

Ms Alison Tindale from AT Better Planning Limited presented information on the Urban Development Authorities Discussion Document. She highlighted that the proposed reforms would negatively affect the two key principles of the Resource Management Act, namely democratic representation and sustainable management. She added that all councils would be increasing their housing stocks and the proposed reforms were to facilitate urban development.

In response to a question from a member, Ms Tindale said that under the reforms, any protections that used blanket provisions such as “character areas” could be difficult to maintain without expert support.


Presentation on Plastic Bag Free Eastbourne

Speaking under public comment, Ms S Lennox said that plastic bags were a major worldwide pollution issue and she supported the Plastic Bag Free Eastbourne proposal. She recommended that the project have a strategy to “disrupt” shoppers from automatically accepting plastic bags which would facilitate a behaviour change whereby people would shop using reusable bags.

Speaking under public comment, Ms S Diederich said that Ireland had introduced a tax of 22 euro cents per plastic bag and the people had changed to using reusable bags. She supported the proposal to make Eastbourne plastic bag free. She added that the provision of reusable bags would be an important element in the proposal. She suggested that companies sponsor bags, or have Eastbourne artists design a reusable bag.

Ms Alice Montague presented a proposal for all shops in Eastbourne to become plastic bag free. She said that Four Square Eastbourne used 4000 plastic bags per week and some of these would end up polluting the ocean or land. She added that Raglan would be adopting plastic bag free status in July 2017, and that Eastbourne could also be seen as an environmentally friendly area.

Members supported the proposal. They noted that Mayors around New Zealand were lobbying central government to implement a national levy on single-use plastic bags. They further noted that International Plastic Bag Free Day would be on 3 July 2017 and Council had provided some promotional material for the event.



Resolved: (Ms Horrocks/ Mr Ashe)                 Minute No. ECB 17302

“That the Board appoints Ms Horrocks and Mr Ashe to the Plastic Bag Free Eastbourne Working Group.”



There were no conflict of interest declarations.


6.       Minutes

Resolved: ( Ms Horrocks/ Ms Knight)                                Minute No. ECB 17303

That the minutes of the meeting of the Eastbourne Community Board held on Tuesday, 4 April 2017, be confirmed as a true and correct record subject to the following amendments in bold:

… Ms B Sullivan said … but did not support the proposal. She further said …. safety and well-being, and raised issues under section 16 of the Resource Management Act. She said that the proposal was for a ramp of percussive materials, sited in what was in effect an amphitheatre, next to a church. She said that her objection was to the loud, repetitive noise of the wheels ….”




Chair's Report (17/778)

Report No. ECB2017/3/87 by the Chair


Speaking under public comment, Ms S Diederich said that the Eastbourne Skate Ramp Committee (the Committee) had employed someone to draft up the proposed ramp and landscaping. She added that there would be planting, and baffling to reduce noise. She further said that the Committee would be working with Council once the design had been drafted. She said that the project needed a communications plan to inform people about what was happening.

In response to a question from a member, Ms Diederich said that the proposed mini skate ramp was not part of a bigger plan for a major skate ramp. She noted that she should email the Chair of the Board should she have any queries about the Chair’s mini skate ramp report.

The Chair elaborated on the report.

The Chair tabled an outline of the assessment and scoring criteria for the design options from the Eastern Bays Shared Path collaborative design team workshop, dated 22 July 2017, as attached as page 9 to these minutes. The report outlined scoring criteria for design options.



Resolved: ( Ms Horrocks/ Ms Sutherland)                         Minute No. ECB 17304

“That the Board notes the report.”




The Esplanade Bus Lane  (17/861)

Memorandum dated 31 May 2017 by the Traffic Asset Manager


Speaking under public comment, Mr G Rashbrook said that the bus lane had come about from an East Harbour Environmental Association (EHEA) initiative. He said that the Te Puni Street right turn into the bus lane was a compromise which EHEA had not agreed with at the time. He urged the Board to work with the EHEA, bus companies and bus drivers in order to improve the bus lane. He added that the bus lane needed to be respected.

The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report. He added that Council supported faster bus travel times. However, the solution may not be simple or cheap for buses to turn right into the left hand lane on Petone Esplanade. He noted Cr Lulich’s request for the One Network Roading Classification which was put out by the New Zealand Traffic Agency. He further noted Mr Ashe’s queries about the travel time data.

Members considered that bus users were becoming frustrated with the long travel times and Council should consider the costs of slow commute times. They noted that buses help to reduce traffic congestion and had benefits which would help other road users.



Resolved: ( Mr Ashe/Cr Lulich)                                         Minute No. ECB 17305

 “That the Board:

(i)        notes the information in the memorandum;

(ii)       supports in principle measures to improve bus travel times along Petone Esplanade in peak hours; and

(iii)      asks Mr Ashe to consult with the Petone Community Board, Wainuiomata Community Board and other interested groups on behalf of the Board.”



Eastbourne Community Board Submission  (17/752)

Report No. ECB2017/3/88 by the Committee Advisor


That the Chair elaborated on the report.


Resolved: ( Ms Knight/Cr Lulich)                                      Minute No. ECB 17306

“That the Board retrospectively endorses its submission to Council’s Annual Plan 2017.”



Election of the Deputy Chair (17/827)

Memorandum dated 24 May 2017 by the Committee Advisor




Resolved: ( Ms Horrocks/ Ms Knight)                                Minute No. ECB 17307

“That the Board:


(i)         agrees that the selection of a Deputy Chair in the 2016-2019 triennium be on a rotational basis; and


(ii)        elects Mr Gibbons to the position of Deputy Chair from 28 June 2017 until after the Eastbourne Community Board meeting of cycle 2, 2018.”




Committee Advisor's Report (17/757)

Report No. ECB2017/3/10 by the Committee Advisor


That the Chair elaborated on the report. She highlighted that residents could log their problems directly into Council through its on-line RFS Report a Problem page.


Resolved: ( Ms Horrocks/ Mr Ashe)                                    Minute No. ECB 17308

“That the Board notes the updates in the report.”



12.     Information Items


Functions and Delegations of Community Boards 2016-2019 (17/934)

Memorandum dated 19 June 2017 by the Senior Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.


Resolved: ( Ms Sutherland/ Ms Horrocks)               Minute No. ECB 17309

“That the Board notes the report.”



Report back from Community Boards' Conference 2017 (17/935)

Report No. ECB2017/3/89 by the Member


Members expressed their appreciation to Mr Gibbons for his report and  for representing the Board at the conference.

Members highlighted their support for Council to put in a bid to host the the next Community Boards’ Conference in 2019.


Resolved: ( Ms Horrocks/ Ms Knight)                      Minute No. ECB 17310

“That the report:


(i)                 be noted and received; and


(ii)               asks Council to consider hosting the 2019 Community Boards’ Conference in the Hutt City Events Centre.”


13.     Reports from representatives on local organisations


Eastbourne Youth Workers' Trust (17/780)

Ms Knight said that the Trust was looking for a new Board member.



Muritai School Hall Management Committee (17/781)

Ms Knight said that there was no new information to report.



Days Bay Wharf Steering Group (17/783)

Ms Horrocks said that maintenance of the wharf would begin in early July.



Centreport's Eastbourne Liaison Group  (17/784)

Mr Ashe said that there was no new information to report.



Eastbourne Childcare Community Group (17/785)

Ms Knight said that the Group was developing the rear of the property.



Community Response Group (17/786)

Ms Knight said that the Group would be receiving information from the earthquake survey. She added that a report would be forthcoming on Eastbourne preparedness.  



Educating Residents Around Trapping (ERAT) Steering Group (17/787)

Ms Sutherland said that ERAT had used the Miro model for the trap lines. She added that they had secured $35k over three years for the Eastbourne ERAT programme for traps and promotional material.



Keep Hutt City Beautiful (KHCB) (17/788)

The Chair said that KHCB would be promoting plastic free month.


14.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.10 pm.






Ms V Horrocks








CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 5th day of September 2017



 Appendix 1


Designing the wall for the Eastern Shared Path

Meeting of design team, HTT officers and local representatives - July 22


Design options were scored under 5 descriptors




The option presents few difficulties on the basis of the criterion being evaluated and may provide significant benefits in terms of the attribute


The option presents only minor aspects of difficulty on the basis of the criterion being evaluated, and may provide some benefits in terms of the attribute


The option presents some aspects of reasonable difficulty in terms of the criterion being evaluated and problems cannot be completely avoided. There are few or no apparent benefits in terms of the criteria.


The option includes clear aspects of difficulty in terms of the criterion being evaluated, and very limited perceived benefits.


The option includes significant difficulties or problems in terms of the criterion being evaluated and no apparent benefits.


Criteria ( not in any particular order)

Specialists in each of these criteria provided input to the group

Consentability – takes into account both regional and district plan provision, and includes consideration of all required consents and the anticipated level of difficulty in securing these

Urban design opportunities – urban design values ( or lack of) that new wall presents ( see Urban Design Criteria following)

Coastal processes – including coastal process considerations related to material transfer, wave action and overtopping, and climatic change considerations ( including sea level rise)

Cultural – takes into account the range of cultural values that may differentiate between wall options ( Local iwi has indicated there are no issues)

Visual impacts – takes into account natural character and amenity considerations from the perspective of users

Upgrade potential – expected ability (or difficulty) to adapt new wall to future climate change challenges (e.g. response to sea level rise)

Terrestrial and avifauna ecology – impact on land animals and birds e.g. penguins

Intertidal ecology – impact on intertidal ecology

Durability/ resilience – long term durability of the wall type to withstanding wave action

Cost – based on indicative high-level analysis

Urban Design Criteria


Application of type to coastal edge location (ie what is possible where)


Achieves pathway width – amenity for pedestrians and cyclists


Consistency around any bay / enhance character and quality / sense of place


Impact of beach and coastal edge (issue of encroaching beyond toe of existing wall)


Can provide for beach access


Capability of readily increase height to respond to sea level rise


Addresses water splash over shared path


Addresses water splash over road


Addresses safety from falling


Provides for ease of heavy debris clearance after storm events







                                                                                      25                                               05 September 2017

Eastbourne Community Board

21 August 2017




File: (17/1267)





Report no: ECB2017/4/116


Chair's Report








It is recommended that the Board notes the report.










ECB Chair's Report, August 2017










Author: Virginia Horrocks





Attachment 1

ECB Chair's Report, August 2017


ECB Chair’s Report Tuesday 5 September 2017


Shared Path Consultation

The Shared Path design team, Hutt City and ECB representatives have held five meetings with people in the bays keen to see and discuss proposals for their bay. The attendance has been very impressive, between 16 and 20, and discussion has been lively.  It has been very helpful to the designers to get specific comments from those who have been using the bays for years. The community day last Saturday, attended by over 70 people, gave the whole community a chance to look at plans for the full length of the path with the design team. The final report back from bays’ representatives was last week was very constructive.

Climate change response from HCC

I am pleased to report a positive response from Council to our submissions on climate change. They are now looking at having a senior manager take on responsibility for planning how the Hutt will respond to rising sea levels and how climate change issues can be part of their planning and reporting.

Skate ramp

The ECB has received plans for a skate ramp at San Antonio. We will consider it and report back to residents. 

Dog and alcohol signs at last

These are expected in the days between the time of writing this report and tonight’s meeting. With luck I will be able to report on how great they look at the meeting!

Wharf maintenance timetable

Yes, work on Days Bay wharf really is about to start!

Tsunami zone letter to residents

It was thought these had gone out some time ago but due to mis-communication they had not. Council has been reminded and they should come out any day.

Plastic bag free Eastbourne

There is a survey in the Eastbourne Herald to find out community feeling on this. I urge people to respond so we can get an idea of how much support there is for a plastic bag free Eastbourne.



Virginia Horrocks (Chair)

                                                                                      27                                               05 September 2017

Eastbourne Community Board

21 August 2017




File: (17/1268)





Report no: ECB2017/4/14


Committee Advisor's Report





1.    Purpose of Report

The primary purpose of the report is to update the Board on items of interest.




It is recommended that the Board notes the updates in the report.



2.    Current Consultations


Please see below a list of current proposals Council is consulting on. These can be viewed on the Council website 

Consulting on

Closing date

Cemeteries bylaw

Monday 25 September

Parks and Reserves bylaw

Monday 25 September

Traffic bylaw

Monday 25 September

Molesworth Street Reserve review and questionnaire

Friday 15 September

Bell Park review and questionnaire

Friday 8 September

Proposal to issue leases and licences for Council premises

Friday 8 September






3.    Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround


       Items from the 2017 walkaround are attached as Appendix 1 to the report.

4.    Miscellaneous Administration Budget


The Board’s Miscellaneous Administration budget for the 2016/17 financial year was $5,000.00.  Expenditure till 30 June 2017 was $4,065.47 and a breakdown is attached as Appendix 2 to the report.


The Miscellaneous Administration budget for the 2017/2018 financial year is $5,000. Expenditure to date is $267.84 and a breakdown is attached as Appendix 3 to the report.

5.    Training Budget


The Board’s Training budget for the 2016/17 financial year was $3,000.00.  Expenditure to 30 June 2017 was  $1,503.34 and the training expenditure is attached as Appendix 4 to this report.


There has been no expenditure for the 2017/18 financial year.








Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 2017



Miscellaneous Budget - Eastbourne Community Board Expenditure June 17



Miscellaneous Budget - Eastbourne Community Board Expenditure August 2017



ECB Training Budget June 2017





Author: Susan Haniel

Committee Advisor



Reviewed By: Kate  Glanville

Senior Committee Advisor


Approved By: Kathryn Stannard

Divisional Manager, Secretariat Services

Attachment 1

Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 2017


Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 25 February 2017 Action Points List








Point Howard





Resealing Issues                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

All concern or noted faults need to be logged as a request via ‘Report a Problem on HCC website or by calling the HCC call centre to log the request to be looked into further. (Log RFS)*

Please log a request through the call centre or online via ‘Report a problem’  - Log an RFS*


Leanne Kernot – Road & Traffic Div.


Chorus reinstatements badly completed after UFB installs.

As above. Any contractor UFB install queries go to Gwyn Slatter

Log an RFS* detailing actual location.

Gwyn Slatter – R&T Div.


Pre-Seal repairs Smoothing needed of many severe undulations prior to sealing (pre-seal repairs)

Log RFS - with locations of concern

To log an RFS* with location

Leanne Kernot – Road & Traffic Div.


PEDESTRIANS” Signage requested (x5) to alert drivers to presence of pedestrians on roads  1/. Howard Rd at both intersections with Nikau Rd; 2/. Howard Rd above Nikau;  3/. Ngaumatau Rd, 4/. Howard Rd below Nikau Rd and 5/. Bottom of Howard Rd.

Would be open to looking at x1 sign at the start of Howard Rd if nothing already in place along the way. – Log RFS for your request.

Sam logged an RFS  on your behalf.  #374728

Passed on to get installed

Zackary Moodie – R&T Div.


White Center line in Nikau Rd?      Needing to keep drivers left and slow down traffic.


Unfortunately not an option as the road in not wide enough (has to be a minimum width to do) Completed

Zackary Moodie – R&T Div.


Chorus plates - continuing problems with noise with these as most are badly placed. A lasting remedy is needed. Currently plate opposite 8 Ngaumatau Rd is loose.

Log an RFS - Any outside contractor road works/install queries go to Chris Bennett / Gwyn Slatter to refer back to the contractor concerned.

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf.  #374736.  Chorus will weld the lid to the structure to stop the noise and long term may look to move the manhole out of the carriageway.

Gwyn Slatter/Chris Bennett – R&T Div.


Broken Yellow Lines need repainting

Scheduled every 2 years. Was last done in Winter at residents request against Council advice to wait and not lasted.

Behind schedule, due Feb looking at March 2017


Nigel Parkin – Contracts Div.


Footpaths needing repairs and resealing:  Nikau Rd, path to Playcenter  and footpath between Nikau and Ngaumatau Rds.

Log an RFS – actual locations listing approx. house no’s if available.

Log an RFS*


Leanne Kernot – Road & Traffic Div.


Footpath from Howard Rd to Bus Stop in Esplanade needs spraying as dangerous when wet.  Older residents advise that the wooden ramp is too steep and slippery and request long shallow steps


Log an RFS – Lichen on footpath

New mesh has been put in place to help with stability.



Clayton More - Contracts Div.


Road reserve driveway access 115 Marine Dr

Informed that resident responsible for maintenance for driveway vehicle access to own property. HCC agreed to repair road edge to allow better water run-off from property to access the sump.


John Middleton – Contracts Div.


Retaining wall at Reservoir Dangerous hole at top of retaining wall adjacent Howard Rd lookout needs repairs

Log an RFS include photo would also help to determine which department is responsible to be able to action quicker.

Log an RFS* with further detail. More information required.

Parks & Gardens?


Pt Howard Wharf Totally support its retention as a public amenity


For Information

Craig Cottrill

13.                1

Pt Howard Beach Toilets A low budget internal refit of these facilities is all that is required to bring these facilities to an acceptable standard

Proposed work - Install a skylight in men’s & women’s sides, refit benches in the men’s side, concrete crack & damage repairs, repaint after stripping & surface repair of loose material.

Log an RFS. Completed

Craig Cottrill


Civil Defence Request emergency access to Pt Howard Reservoirs in the event of an emergency.

Request a subsidy or discount for a 10,000 litre water tank at the Civil Defence Centre - Cost $2K

For security reasons, Keys to the reservoir cannot be given out to residents (Wellington Water Ltd).

In the event of an emergency, access to water tanks is controlled by the Hutt City Local Controller and Wellington Water.


Funds have been raised for the 10,000 litre water tank. - Completed

Geoff Stuart



Drainage Seepage in road outside no.21 Howard Road

On-going for 10 years

Sam Logged an RFS on your behalf  #374738. This leak is caused by ground water (i.e. not storm, sewage or potable water related), all pipes close by have been checked to confirm this. A sump has been installed. Completed


Chris Matthews Wellington Water




Noise Issue Recurring problem with 24hr scrap metal noise from Seaview.  Highly invasive crashing day and night during loadouts from Macaulays & Sims Pacific Scrap metals. The current Bylaws need reviewing as they are not suited to protecting residents from this kind of noise intrusion. Request monitoring of noise immediately complaints are lodged.

Log an RFS for noise control to look into.

Noise monitoring has always indicated compliance with Lower Hutt City District Plan noise performance standards. Matter could be referred to Environmental Policy Team at HCC if plan change requested. Completed - refer e-mail reply to Roger Bolam DOC/17/29956.


Dean Bentley


Seaview Marina – Fresh water flushing of Outboard motors – ok at idle but some users insist on revving. Request signage.

Log an RFS

There are signs in place about this issue at the washdown area where the motors are cleaned. Completed

Alan McLellan, Manager, Seaview Marina


Sprint Car Events in Seaview  - We request notification as an affected party before any more consents are granted.  The noise is highly invasive.

We also request an email and mail drop notification a week prior to these events so residents can make plans to be away. 

This event is a yearly event which is widely advertised well before to the day. Please supply email address to receive updates for future events. Completed

Iesha McDonald


Environmental Issues   Oil can often be seen in the Seaview marina and white suds in light westerly conditions. There is a greater need for monitoring of live-a-boards and self-containment.

There is a greater need for monitoring of live-a-boards and self-containment

Sam Logged an RFS on your behalf – Hazardous Substance – Pollution - Water  #374742

The diesel source has not yet been traced but it unlikely to be coming from the live-aboards or the marina area. Installation of end of pipe devices would be the most reliable way of addressing oil and litter issues in the stormwater network. Propriety devices exist but they are not cheap.


The soap sud issue is more likely to be related to activities in the marina as it is not commonly observed from the stormwater network. This will be discussed with Seaview Marina. Completed


Gordon George


Howard Rd Slip The recent Pt Howard slip needs retention works to help it stabilise. Also the netting at the lower end of Howard Rd needs clearing – it is bulging out in many places with the weight of existing rockfalls.

Monitoring of this area of concern is in place when each slip occurs.

Log an RFS if slips occur are dealt with as a urgent matter. Completed

Road & Traffic Division


Vegetation Cutting  More severe trimming requested for greater visibility outside 8 Howard Rd, 21 Howard Rd.  Less severe trimming requested at the “Hedgehog” at top of Hill.  We request that this be allowed to re-vegetate naturally

Log an RFS

Contractor has been advised for future work, But the work that was carried out was well with in spec. Completed

Clayton More - Road & Traffic


Rubbish Bin at lookout on Howard Rd frequently overflowing – needs emptying more regularly

Log an RFS

Log an RFS if overflowing, It is on a schedule to be emptied but difficult to monitor as weather dependant. Completed

Road & Traffic


Guy Fawkes Request Fireworks ban at Pt Howard lookout - Pro-active response to Christchurch fires.  Rockets are currently able to be legally set off into the gorse which is a major hazard.

We have had small fires in the past.  Propose perhaps fireworks be restricted to the beaches but certainly prohibited adjacent East Harbour Regional Park.

By-Law in place?

Yes, there is a by-law in place. We can have a security guard on site for the night

Craig Cottrill


Marine Parade Cycle-lane  Request that the cycle-lane be smoothed and re-sealed and that it be made compulsory for cyclists to use the cycle lane where present as is the law in Australia. Currently cyclists are causing unnecessary obstruction to motorists

Law change regarding cycling is a government issue not Council

Cycleways - Part of Eastern Bays Shared path discussion.

Simon Cager


Lowry Bay





Marine Drive yellow lines – to prevent passing along the bay nr Cheviot Rd bus Stop 

Log an RFS

Sam logged RFS on your behalf  #374745 Investigation Underway

Sylvio/Damon – Road & Traffic Div


Broadband availability in the Eastern Bays area, When will we get it? 

Speed up delivery to Eastern Bays Area

This is managed by Chorus and is not a Council Initiative.



Kaikoura Path Signs at the top and bottom of the path are looking tatty

Log an RFS

Sam Logged RFS on your behalf   #374746

The signage at the top & bottom of Kaikoura Path will be waterblasted and repainted in the next 3 weeks.

Nigel Parkin


Weed Control along Kaikoura Path

Log an RFS

On a schedule but if weather encourages growth log a request. Completed

Clayton More – Road & Traffic


York Bay – Iain Bain





Broken fence opposite 6 Taungata Rd

Log an RFS

Please log an RFS with more detail, if resident fencing boundaring a property, not a Council issue as Council exempt from Fencing Act. More information Required.

Parks & Gardens?


Kaitawa Rd Culvert over bridge issue

Log an RFS

Iain to email Sam with details to be able to establish who’s responsible. More information Required.



Bus Shelters Any plans to replace with glass shelters

GWRC responsible for shelters

Ginny to refer to GWRC



York Bay Pump Station Pohutakawa tree roots protruding, need protecting from being constantly driven over.

Pump Station on Marine Drive, York Bay

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf  #374747


Colin Lunn 

Road & Traffic


Waitohu Road Query regarding broken yellow line placement

Iain to email

To log an RFS from details when emailed. More information Required.

Road & Traffic Div.


Taungata Rd  Agapanthus over footpath/road side

Vegetation overgrowth – R.H side uphill south side

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf #374748

Clayton More – Road & Traffic



Sunshine Bay






Speed Limits along the bays

Concerns as speed was reduced from Lowry to Sunshine from 70 to 50. This is needed all along the bays

Assessed several times over the years and the community as a whole do not support it, therefore cannot go ahead. Completed

Alan Hopkinson -Road & Traffic Div


Slowing traffic into the Petrol Station Speed to fast of cars into the petrol station, dangerous

Suggestion of speed humps needed to slow cars approaching and entering the station

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf #374751

Alan Hopkinson – Road & Traffic Div


Sinking Seawall along the bay opposite petrol station is getting lower

Noticeably lower at this point opposite Petrol Station

Seawall / shared Path Project

John Gloag / Simon Cager – Road & Traffic Division


           Days Bay



Williams Park Mapfinder

Ongoing request for a wayfinder map to direct to Tennis Courts etc

New design guide now adapted, test in a different area then roll out as Williams park would not be just one sign but numerous. Definite progress

Aaron Marsh – Parks & Gardens


Edge markers down  Along the sea side south end of Days Bay.

Vandalised edge markers to be replaced. 

Awaiting stock (stronger with more flex)


Nigel parkin – Road & Traffic


Cnr Ferry Road and Marine Drive new yellow line and posts Safety / Visibility issues with cars exiting Ferry Rd at too high speed.


Suggestion for the 3 posts to be relocated closer to the edge of the road to ease the turn a little avoiding entering the opposite lane.

Passed to Contractor already to be done within the next 2 weeks.


Nigel Parkin – Road & Traffic


Moana Rd  Instruction sign no longer valid

Despite yellow lines on the right hand side of Moana Road there is a very old sign outside 12 Moana Road giving times of year parking is available which I have seen people pondering over & needs removing as no longer valid. I have spoken to the council over the years but it has never been removed – Log RFS

Sam logged RFS on your behalf #374788


Nigel Parkin - Road & Traffic


Kotari Road  Removal of yellow ‘no stopping’ lines. Were they official?

These were unofficial, painted by a resident therefore removed.




Speed bumps Kotari Rd needed to stop cars speeding both up and down near the blind corner with Pitoitoi Road junction



Sam logged RFS on your behalf #374790

Alan Hopkinson – Road & Traffic


Footpath on the Eastern side of Marine Drive between Kereru and Moana Roads in Days Bay  Repeated annual concern about a  safe and defined footpath on the Eastern side of Marine Drive between Kereru and Moana Roads in Days

BYL’s in place, Footpath / road are the same level now with repeated resurfacing over the years.

Will not be lowered until big area wide renewal is needed.

Road & Traffic


Speed Humps Marine Drive

Speed bump in Marine Drive on the Eastbourne side of the pedestrian crossing opposite Cobar. There are some drivers whipping around from Eastbourne travelling far in excess of 50kph and one day someone will be severely injured by speeding vehicles. As I am writing this one vehicle has travelled south past the Gallery at a speed of probably 70kph.

Consultation process would be needed.

Alan Hopkinson – Road & Traffic


Williams Park Fence for advertising concerns raised about the Williams Park fence becoming a local billboard for matters not involving Days Bay.

Not approved by P&G Division

If noted then Log an RFS . No complaints have been logged. If Compliance see any signs we take action. Completed

Paul Duffin


Illegal Parking  Persistent Illegal Parking (yet again) on the southern side of the Days Bay Wharf.


Letters have been written to the Manager of Parking Services HCC but to date little obvious action appears to have been taken to ticket illegal parkers from Eastbourne – who preclude visitors to the Bay utilising the services of the commercial businesses in the Bay.

Request time limit parking. Sam logged an RFS on your behalf.  #374793. Contact parking services as required to notify of illegally parked vehicles.



Barry Rippon


To stop the incessant sand flow across Marine Drive from Days Bay Beach. 


Can thought be given to the construction of a small nib wall which would (a) stop the sand drift and keep that precious commodity on the beach and (b) provide welcome seating and security for families visiting the Bay.

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf. #374794

This will be looked at as part of the Shared walkway/cycleway project

Simon Cager




Muritai Area




49.                .

Footpath pot hole Resident Val Meyers had a fall on Cnr Makaro and Oroua Street


Log an RFS

Sam logged on your behalf – no need to wait can be reported as soon as happened for repairs. #374797


Sam Whittam – Road & Traffic


Norfolk Pine Trees – Nikau Street   Ongoing issue

Ongoing issue with protected trees that cannot be removed. Assessed with an arborist report and monitored. 80+yr old trees

Resident informed cannot be removed due to shading property, just kept trimmed and monitored. Completed

Colin Lunn – Road & Traffic


Weedspraying daisy type weeds growing on gravel beach area nice, no need to spray.

If classed as a weed will be sprayed.

Log an RFS – Any query please log an RFS with photos. Completed

Clayton More – Road & Traffic


Nikau Street  Street cleaning not done to the top of the street

Is on a programme, if disagree, please log an RFS at the time noticed.

Log an RFS when happens. Completed

Clayton More – Road & Traffic

Attachment 2

Miscellaneous Budget - Eastbourne Community Board Expenditure June 17



Miscellaneous Budget - Eastbourne Community Board Expenditure 2016/2017














Total per Item


Opening Balance













































































Less Total Expenditure


Closing Balance
















Attachment 3

Miscellaneous Budget - Eastbourne Community Board Expenditure August 2017



Miscellaneous Budget - Eastbourne Community Board Expenditure 2017/2018














Total per Item


Opening Balance













































































Less Total Expenditure


Closing Balance
















Attachment 4

ECB Training Budget June 2017

















Expenses per Person


Opening Balance


Ms V Horrocks















Mr M Gibbons















Ms G Khalil















Mr R Ashe















Less Total Expenditure


Closing Balance

















[1] This excludes sites that are considered high profile, significant on a city-wide basis due to their size and location, or where the site crosses ward or community boundaries.

[2] The Operational Guide for Urban Forest Plan is available from Council’s Parks and Gardens Division.