2                                               3 August 2017



Community Services Committee


Report of a meeting held in the Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, 30 Laings Road,
Lower Hutt on

 Thursday 3 August 2017 commencing at 6.00pm



 PRESENT:                       Cr G Barratt (Chair)                    Cr L Bridson

Cr J Briggs                                    Cr S Edwards

Cr M Lulich                                  Cr G McDonald        

Cr C Milne (until 6.42pm)           Cr L Sutton

Mayor WR Wallace                   


APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Mr M Reid, General Manager, Community Services

Mr J Partridge, Environmental Sustainability Manager (part meeting)

Mr P Maaka, Urban Design Manager (part meeting)

Ms M Laban, Community Projects and Relationship Manager

Mr J Ballantyne, City Safety Manager (part meeting)

Mr M Mercer, Divisional Manager, Community Hubs

Ms L Knowles, Community Facilitator (part meeting)

Ms S Lytollis, Communications and Marketing Advisor

Ms H Clegg, Minute Taker









1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved:       (Cr Barratt/Cr Sutton)                                 Minute No. CSC 17301

“That the apology for early departure received from Cr Milne, be accepted.”


Comments are recorded under the item to which they relate.      


          There were no conflict of interest declarations.


4.       Recommendation to Council - 15 August 2017

Council Adoption of Regional Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (17/1171)                                                                                            

The Environmental Sustainability Manager elaborated on the report.  He explained that the consultation undertaken showed strong support for the proposals and targets.

In response to questions from members, the Environmental Sustainability Manager advised that the Local Action Plan had already been approved by Council and that the only action within the Regional Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) which may require additional funding in the future was the possible Resource Recovery Centre at Silverstream Landfill.  He explained that a feasibility study regarding the Resource Recovery Centre was currently being conducted, and any final decision in regard to this would need to be made by Council.  He agreed that income generated from a Resource Recovery Centre would cover operational costs and potentially produce a profit.  He believed that potential loss of income from the Landfill as a result of increased diversion would need to be accounted for, but that this should be regarded as deferred income rather than lost income.  He said that investigative work was continuing.  He concluded that Council would need to divert significantly more waste from landfill in order to comply with the WMMP waste reduction target.

recommended:    (Cr Barratt/Cr Bridson)           Minute No. CSC 17302

“That the Committee recommends that Council:

(i)    notes that 836 regional submissions were received on the draft Waste Management and Minimisation Plan;

(ii)   notes that the submissions signal a strong level of support (between 85%-100%) for the proposed primary regional target, which is to reduce the waste sent to municipal class A landfills from 600kg per person per annum to 400kg per person per annum by 2026;

(iii)  notes that feedback from submitters illustrates that there is a high level of support for the proposed regional actions, as well as for the suite of local level Territorial Authority action plans;

(iv)  notes that in response to submissions received, seven out of the eight territorial authorities have amended their local Waste Management Minimisation Plan Action Plans; and




(v)   adopts the Waste Management Minimisation Plan, attached as Appendix 1 to the report, including the following amendments with proposed new text underlined:

(a)     Add reference to “The Litter Act (1979)” in the bullet point list on page 10 of the draft WMMP;

 (b)    Under section 1.1.1 ‘Why work together?’ add a new sixth bullet point (aa) below, and a new paragraph immediately following the bullet point (bb) below:

(aa)    “Supporting tangata whenua in the exercise of kaitiakitanga, which broadly refers to the exercise of guardianship by the tangata whenua of an area in accordance with tikanga Māori in relation to natural and physical resources.  Kaitiakitanga also includes the ethic of stewardship, and includes the responsibility of ensuring that a resource is secured and in a fit state to pass onto future generations; and

(bb)    The tangata whenua view of reality is that the world is interrelated and interconnected.  Therefore tangata whenua are bound, through the whakapapa (lineage and genealogical descent) to the natural environment.  Issues of waste management are therefore a concern to iwi, as well as to the wider community;”

(c)      Under R.R.1. Develop and Implement a Regional Bylaw, add the following words:

Investigate and if feasible develop, implement and oversee monitoring and enforcement of a regional waste bylaw (including but not limited to regulating hazardous waste, polystyrene, e-waste, medical waste and other priority wastes), or suite of regionally consistent bylaws.

Note – A footnote shall also be added to clarify the interpretation of the action, as follows:

For clarity, a range of waste management and minimisation issues will be considered as part of the bylaw review process.  However in accordance with statutory requirements, the development of a bylaw will only be deemed necessary if a bylaw is determined to be the most appropriate way to addressing the perceived problem;

(d)     Under R.L.M.1 Shared Governance and Service Delivery, add the following words:

Promote, investigate and where appropriate and cost effective, support the establishment of shared governance and service delivery arrangements and pricing mechanisms where such arrangements have the potential to enhance the efficiency of waste management and minimisation initiatives within the region;

(e)      Amend the description of R.IN.1 Resource recovery network to:

Investigate and if feasible, develop a region-wide resource recovery network – including but not limited to, facilities for construction and demolition waste, glass, food and/or biosolids, and other organic waste; and

(f)           Add the following new regional action under Leadership and Management: (R.L.M.5) “In conjunction with the wider work on the resilience of the Wellington region, undertake analysis on the resilience of our waste systems in the Wellington region, and through regional engagement provide advice on how to deal with waste in an emergency such as natural disasters”.  (Action title proposed as “Resilient waste management systems” under Leadership and Management).”


Jackson Street Streetscape Design (17/1098)

Report No. CDC2017/3/184 by the Urban Design Manager



The Urban Design Manager elaborated on the report.  He explained the project was focussed on understanding and balancing the diverse spatial demand placed upon the street, both now and into the future.  He indicated that self-identity and cultural expression took many forms and that these needed to be weighed up against other social amenity and business activity.  He advised a recent public workshop had been well attended.  He said comments included the area being more pedestrian and cycle friendly, bus stops sited appropriately and the establishment of suitable public gathering spaces.  He concluded that there were implications arising from Petone being identified as an area for future urban growth as well as being significant within the regional transport network.

Cr Milne left the meeting at 6.42pm.

In response to questions from members, the Urban Design Manager explained the final detailed concept plan was to be completed in October 2017.  He added that this was when decisions concerning the design of street lighting, street signs, rubbish bins, street seating and pavers would be made.



Resolved:     (Cr Barratt/Cr Edwards)                                  Minute No. CSC 17303

“That the Committee:

(i)    notes details of the proposed process for ‘The Jackson Street Streetscape Design’;

(ii)   notes given the modest $50,000 budget, that this piece of work will be to clarify a good high level approach to develop Jackson Street into the coming decades;

(iii)  notes that work will be sufficient to give timely direction to the selection of new street furniture and the installation of street art; and

(iv)  notes that project deliverables will not include detailed design, working drawings, accurate costings, or contract documentation.”




Chair's Verbal Report


Resolved:   (Cr Barratt/Mayor Wallace)                                    Minute No. CSC 17304

“That the Chair and members of the Community Services Committee formally acknowledge and congratulate the General Manager and staff of Council’s Community Services Division for receiving the first place Award in the Community Engagement Category entitled Transformation Taita at the recent Local Government New Zealand Conference 2017.”



General Manager's Report (17/974)

Report No. CSC2017/3/191 by the General Manager, Community Services


Speaking under public comment, Mr Kevin Goldsbury and Mr Matt Renata on behalf of the Hutt Youth Workers Network (the Network), spoke in relation to Council’s Community Services Division’s support of the Network.  Mr Goldsbury explained how Council funding was being used to strengthen the Network across the Hutt Valley.  He highlighted the increased collaboration which had occurred as a result of Council’s support including funding.  He added that a Trust was being established so the Network could eventually be self sustaining, and that an effective Steering Committee was leading the way.

Mr Renata advised that collaboration with the Upper Hutt Youth Network had occurred and was increasing the sphere of influence and connections of the Network. 

In response to questions from members, Mr Renata said the Network was focussed on decreasing the youth unemployment figures.  He noted that youth suicide rates and mental health issues were high.  He said the Network was trying to influence early decision making made by youth by having positive role models and mentors available.  He agreed that homelessness was affecting the youth of the Hutt Valley.

In response to questions from members, Mr Goldsbury agreed that there was a need for additional funding and resourcing of existing organiasations to enable them to be more effective.  He said the Network had recently secured funding from the Ministry of Social Development and believed the emphasis for government funding was directed towards intervention programmes.  He confirmed he would present to the next Hutt Valley Governance Group meeting.




The General Manager, Community Services elaborated on the report.

In response to questions from members, the General Manager, Community Services advised that the proposed opening for the Walter Mildenhall Park redevelopment was scheduled for 25 August 2017.  With regard to Petone Sportsville, he explained that the Petone Rugby and Bowling Clubs had formally withdrawn from the project.  He said that officers continued to work on the project and would address the issues raised during the Annual Plan process.  He noted that once completed this would be presented to Council.  He further advised that feasibility work continued for the introduction of the Magic Cards into Naenae.

The City Safety Manager elaborated on the video clip played to members about Community Patrols.  He agreed that the video could be shared.

In response to a question from a member, the City Safety Manager agreed that Councillors could be invited to walk around the City with the Community Patrols.


Resolved:    (Cr Barratt/Mayor Wallace)                           Minute No. CSC 17305

“That the Committee:

(i)     notes the updates contained in the report;


(ii)   invites the Hutt Valley Youth Workers Network to present to the next Hutt Valley Governance Group meeting; and


(iii) asks that funding for the Hutt Valley Youth Workers Network is considered in the 2018 Long Term Plan process, through the Community Plan Committee.”

8.       Information Item


Community Services Committee Work Programme (17/1104)

Report No. CSC2017/3/109 by the Senior Committee Advisor


Resolved:    (Cr Barratt/Cr Bridson)                         Minute No. CSC 17306

“That the work programme be received.”

9.       QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.


There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 7.04pm.




Cr G Barratt


CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 15th day of August 2017