1                                                  28 June 2017




Wainuiomata Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Wainuiomata Community Library,

Queen Street, Wainuiomata on

 Wednesday 28 June 2017 commencing at 7.00pm



 PRESENT:                       Cr J Briggs                                     Mr R Sinnott (Chair)          Mr T Stallworth                                                                       Ms S Tuala-Le’afa                   Ms M Willard


APOLOGIES:                  Apologies were received from Ms J Alexander, Cr C Barry

                                          and Mr G Tupou


IN ATTENDANCE:       Ms H Goodin, Manager, Healthy Families Lower Hutt (part meeting)

Mr B Gall, Settings Coordinator (part meeting)

Ms E Adams, Healthy Communities Advisor (part meeting)

Mrs A Doornebosch, Committee Advisor







1.       APOLOGIES 

Resolved:     (Mr Sinnott/ Mr Stallworth)                                    Minute No. WCB 17301

“That the apologies received from Ms Alexander, Cr Barry and Mr Tupou be accepted and leave of absence be granted.”



There was no public comment.












3.       Presentation


Presentation on Revision of Wainuiomata Community Response Plan

Ms Mischa Hill, from the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) provided a presentation.  She noted the recent earthquakes and changes made to community response plans as a result of this.  She said the format of the response plan had been developed into a guide.  She noted Civil Defence Centres had been renamed as Community Emergency Hubs, and were provided as facilities for the community to gather and assist others.  She highlighted staff were not available at these hubs.  She said the new guide included what roles the community could provide after an event and what networks were available.  She noted WREMO was working with hub facility owners regarding access arrangements.   

In response to questions from members, Ms Hill said the new guides were available on WREMO’s website and at emergency hubs,  and would be available shortly in Hutt City libraries.  She noted hubs located within primary schools had water tanks available.



          There were no conflict of interest declarations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

5.       Minutes

Resolved: ( Mr Sinnott/ Ms Willard)                                      Minute No. WCB 17302

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Wainuiomata Community Board held on Wednesday, 5 April 2017, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”









Report referred for board input before being considered by Standing Committee of Council

Smokefree Queen Street, Wainuiomata (17/839)

Report No. WCB2017/3/154 by the Settings Coordinator


The Settings Coordinator elaborated on the report.  He said outcomes from the survey highlighted a  lack of awareness of smokefree areas, and more work was needed to promote this within the community.

Mrs Leah Clark, a Public Health Advisor from Regional Public Health highlighted this was the first time children had been included in such a survey.  She noted most children wanted all areas to be smokefree.  She advised the smokefree initiative was about promoting healthy environments and de-normalising smoking, and was supported by Kohanga Reo.

In response to questions from members, Mr Gall said this was a new initiative within communities so limited feedback was available.  He said retailers in Queen Street were not consulted directly, but the matter was raised by officers at a recent Wainuiomata business event.  He noted the policy was not about policing or persecuting smokers, but sending an appropriate message to raise a smokefree nation and provide links for cessation support.  He said more signage and messaging was required in current smokefree areas to educate the community.  He advised officers were engaging directly with local schools.

Cr Briggs noted if messaging regarding current smokefree areas was improved, there would be higher community buy-in and consideration of cultural needs.

In response to a question from a member, Mrs Clark noted if the smokefree initiative in Queen Street was delayed six months, this would provide time to increase eduation and provide more community involvement.


Resolved: (Cr Briggs/ Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                         Minute No. WCB 17303

“That the Board:

(i)works alongside Healthy Families Lower Hutt, community organisations and members of the community to review, enhance and promote the current designated smokefree areas in Wainuiomata;

(ii)               works alongside Healthy Families Lower Hutt to undertake a full review in six months time of existing smokefree areas in Wainuiomata, identifying what areas are working, what needs to be improved and learnings highlighted; and

(iii)             recommends a review of the full scope of the Smokefree initiative in Wainuiomata in 6 months time to ensure the community was ready and supports further community smoke free areas.”



Wainuomata Community Board's Submission to Council's Annual Plan 2017/2018 (17/792)

Report No. WCB2017/3/90 by the Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.

Ms Willard asked that it be recorded in the minutes that she hoped the Board would consult fully with the community on its submission to next year’s Annual Plan.


Resolved: ( Mr Sinnott/ Mr Stallworth)                                    Minute No. WCB 17304

“That the Board retrospectively approves the Board’s submission to Council’s Annual Plan 2017-2018 attached as Appendix 1 to the report.”




Committee Advisor's Report (17/800)

Report No. WCB2017/3/91 by the Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.


Resolved: ( Mr Sinnott/ Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                               Minute No. WCB 17305

“That the Board notes the report.”




Chairs Report - June 2017

The Chair elaborated on the report.  He said a street naming report for 80A Wise Street, Wainuiomata had been consulted on in 2016 and then subsequently delayed.   He noted consultation had been completed at that time with no response, and no advertising had been placed in the Wainuiomata News.  He said officers had advised no consultation had been completed since that time.   He considered further consultation should be conducted, but did not want to delay the item until the next Board meeting.  He asked that an additional Wainuiomata Community Board meeting be held to consider this report.



Resolved:  ( Mr Sinnott/ Ms Tuala-Le'afa)                               Minute No. WCB 17306


“That the Board:


(i)                 notes the report;


(ii)               agrees to hold an additional Wainuiomata Community Board Meeting on Tuesday 18 July 2017 at 7pm in the Wainuiomata Community Library, subject to the meeting room being available, to consider a report on the Proposed Public New Street Name for 80A Wise Street, Wainuiomata; and


(iii)             asks officers to distribute a memorandum to members requesting community consultation, including maps of the street to be named.”


10.     Information Items


Report back on Community Board's Conference 2017 (17/900)

Report No. WCB2017/3/93 by Ms Tuala-Le’afa


Ms Tuala-Le’afa elaborated on the report.

In response to questions from members, Ms Tuala-Le’afa said she would like the Board to assist in encouraging enrolments from young people for the upcoming general election.  She considered it would be beneficial to target students at secondary school level and make contact with schools in other areas of the city.  Members agreed to consider this at their next informal meeting.   


Resolved: ( Mr Sinnott/Cr Briggs)                                   Minute No. WCB 17307

“That the report be noted and received.”



Functions and Delegations of Community Boards 2016-2019 (17/896)

Memorandum dated 12 June 2017 by the Committee Advisor


The Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.


Resolved: ( Mr Sinnott/ Ms Willard)                              Minute No. WCB 17308

“That the Board notes the updated Community Boards Functions and Delegations for the 2016-2019 triennium attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.”


11.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.




There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.10 pm.





Richard Sinnott



CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 6th day of September 2017