2                                                  26 June 2017




Petone Community Board


Minutes of a meeting held in the Te Kakano Marae, 136 Randwick Road, Moera on

 Monday 26 June 2017 commencing at 6.30pm



 PRESENT:                       Ms P Hanna (Chair)                    Mr M Branch

                                          Mr B Dyer                                     Mr M Fisher (Deputy Chair)

Mr P Foaese                                  Ms K Yung

Cr T Lewis                                    Cr M Lulich


APOLOGIES:                  There were no apologies.


IN ATTENDANCE:       Ms K Kelly, General Manager, Strategic Services (part meeting)

                                          Mr D Simmons, Traffic Asset Manager (part meeting)

Ms K Glanville, Senior Committee Advisor






1.       APOLOGIES 

 There were no apologies.


There was no public comment.

3.       Presentations


Presentation by Local Councillor from Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC)

Cr Prue Lamason advised that the Buick Street aquifer tap had been turned back on with the installation of UV light treatment.  She said all other water would continue to be chlorinated until further notice.  She informed members that the Korokoro lower dam repair and stabilisation work had been completed.  She further advised that the Riverlink information container continued to travel around the City and that the information in the container was regularly updated.  She noted that the next stage of the Melling intersection project was the development of a detailed business case.  She highlighted that the Melling intersection and flood management works would be undertaken at the same time. She further noted that, at this stage, no funding from New Zealand Transport Agency had been allocated to the project.



Presentation by Jackson Street Programme

Ms Karen Arraj-Fisher, Administrator, Jackson Street Programme (JSP) advised that JSP had initiated, published and distributed, with assistance from Council, a brochure for the British and Irish Lions Rugby Tour titled ‘Rugby fans roaring in and around Petone’.  The brochure outlined Petone hot spots, deals and free shuttles for the visitors.  She said that additional shuttle bus services would be provided on Saturday 1 July and Sunday  2 July.  She noted the success of the Business After 5 breakfast sessions and that JSP would be running a July school holiday programme.  She further advised that planning had commenced for the 2017 Christmas Parade to be held on Friday 24 November at 7.00pm.  She reminded members about the 25th Anniversary Walk of Champions ceremony on Saturday 9 September 2017.  She further noted that a Council survey of parking in Petone had commenced.  She stated that JSP do not support metered parking.



          There was no conflict of interest declarations.



Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Mr Dyer)                                                    Minute No. PCB 17301

“That, in terms of Standing Order 10.4, precedence be accorded to item 10: Chairperson’s Report after item 6: Reports referred for Board input before being considered by Standing Subcommittee of Council.”

          These items are recorded in the order in which they are listed on the order paper.


5.       Minutes

Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Mr Branch)                                  Minute No. PCB 17302

“That the minutes of the meeting of the Petone Community Board held on Monday, 3 April 2017, be confirmed as a true and correct record.”




6.       Reports referred for board input before being considered by Standing subCommittee of Council


Mason Street, Moera - Proposed No Stopping At All Times Restrictions  (17/920)

Report No. PCB2017/3/151 by the Traffic Engineer


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.


Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                           Minute No. PCB 17303

“That the recommendation contained in the report be endorsed.”



Parkside Road, Seaview - Proposed P15 Parking Restrictions (17/921)

Report No. PCB2017/3/152 by the Traffic Engineer


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.



Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Mr Fisher)                         Minute No. PCB 17304

“That the recommendation contained in the report be endorsed.”



Seaview Road - Proposed Bus Stop and Associated No Stopping At All Times Restrictions (17/926)

Report No. PCB2017/3/153 by the Traffic Engineer


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the report.


Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Mr Dyer)                            Minute No. PCB 17305

“That the recommendation contained in the report be endorsed.”



Community Engagement Fund 2016-2017 (17/911)

Memorandum dated 14 June 2017 by the Community Advisor Funding and Community Contracts


The Chair elaborated on the report.


Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                                     Minute No. PCB 17306

“That the Board:


(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 14 April 2017 and two applications had been received;


(ii)     notes that $1,500.00 is available and that all funding needs to be allocated by end of June 2017;


(iii)    requests the recipients of the Petone Community Engagement fund be invited to attend a Community Board meeting in 2017 to introduce themselves, particularly to the newly elected members;


(iv)    agrees that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund;


(v)     approves the application from Thumbs Up Charitable Trust for $1,100.00 towards the cost of purchasing two i-Pads to increase communication in the community; and


(vi)    approves the application for Transition Towns Lower Hutt – Timebank for $400.00 towards the cost of resource and venue cost of running four to six timebank sessions in the community.”



Petone Community Board's Submission to Hutt City Council's Annual Plan 2017-2018 (17/880)

Memorandum dated 7 June 2017 by the Senior Committee Advisor


The Senior Committee Advisor elaborated on the report.


Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Mr Fisher)                                   Minute No. PCB 17307

“That the Board:


(i)    notes that a submission in respect of Hutt City Council’s Annual Plan 2017-2018 which requires the Board’s retrospective endorsement; and


(ii)   endorses its submission attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.”



Committee Advisor's Report (17/884)

Report No. PCB2017/3/9 by the Senior Committee Advisor


The Traffic Asset Manager elaborated on the Esplanade (Petone Wharf) parking restrictions outlined in the officer’s report.

In response to questions from members, the Traffic Asset Manager confirmed that parking around the Esplandade (Petone Wharf) would be monitored, with the option to include additional P120 parking restricted car parks in the future if warranted.  He agreed to  provide members with further information and a map relating to Council’s parking survey being undertaken in Petone.


Resolved:     (Cr Lewis/Ms Yung)                                       Minute No. PCB 17308

“That the Board:

(i)    notes and receives the report; and

(ii)   asks officers to increase the installation number of P120 parking restrictions from five to 10 parking spaces in the Petone Wharf car park.”

Mr Branch requested that his dissenting vote be recorded against part (ii) above.


Chairperson's Report (17/885)

Report No. PCB2017/3/83 by the Chair, Petone Community Board


The Chair, Petone Community Board elaborated on the report.

In response to questions from members, the Traffic Asset Manager advised that due to the size of the footprint of the area around the Kmart site it was a difficult situation to resolve.  He said cross hatching at the Korokoro Road entrance with the use of a high-friction surface and high-grit paint were being investigated.  He noted that the demand for Kmart by shoppers had exceeded traffic modelling.  He confirmed that the entrance at Riddlers Crescent was for staff only and the general public were unable to use the entrance due to card access requirements.  He reiterated that officers were currently investigating options to mitigate the traffic issues experienced in the area.

Members thanked Wellington Water Limited for achieving the UV light treatment for the Buick Street aquifer tap.


Resolved:     (Ms Hanna/Ms Yung)                                    Minute No. PCB 17309

“That the Board:


(i)         notes and receives the report;


(ii)        asks officers to provide a report on the traffic issues in the Kmart area, Korokoro prior to         the next Board meeting; and


(iii)       asks officer to include Board members into all responses sent to residents regarding traffic   and parking issues in the Petone area.”


11.     Information Items


Functions and Delegations of Community Boards 2016-2019 (17/903)

Memorandum dated 13 June 2017 by the Senior Committee Advisor


The Chair elaborated on the memorandum.


Resolved:    (Ms Hanna/Mr Fisher)                          Minute No. PCB 17310

“That the Board notes the memorandum.”



Report back from Community Boards' Conference 2017 (17/927)

Report No. PCB2017/3/84 by Ms K Yung


Ms Yung elaborated on the report.  She thanked members for supporting her attendance at the conference.


Resolved:       (Ms Yung/Ms Hanna)                        Minute No. PCB 17311

“That the report:


(i)         be noted and received; and


(ii)        asks Council to consider hosting the 2019 Community Boards’ Conference in the       Hutt City Events Centre.”


12.     QUESTIONS   

There were no questions.



There being no further business the Chair declared the meeting closed at 8.15 pm.






P Hanna








CONFIRMED as a true and correct record

Dated this 4th day of September 2017