MEMORANDUM                                                  86                                                            31 May 2017

Our Reference          17/822

TO:                      Chair and Members

Wellington Water Committee

FROM:                Kathryn Stannard

DATE:                23 May 2017

SUBJECT:           Change of Committee Meeting Date




That the Committee agrees to change its meeting date from 7 September 2017 to
1 September 2017 to be held in Committee Room 1, Wellington City Council commencing at 1pm.


Purpose of Memorandum

1.    To ask the Committee to change the date of its meeting from
Thursday, 7 September 2017 to Friday, 1 September 2017.


2.    At the Wellington Water Committee’s meeting held in December 2016, the Committee adopted its meeting schedule for 2017.

3.    Deputy Mayor Basset has asked that the meeting date be changed from
7 September to 1 September 2017 due to a prior commitment.



4.    Representatives of the Wellington Water Ltd have been consulted over the earlier date and are able to meet the report deadlines.

5.    Officers from Wellington City Council have advised that Committee Room 1 at Wellington City Council is available on 1 September 2017.



There are no appendices for this report.   





Author: Kathryn Stannard

Divisional Manager, Secretariat Services