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Policy and Regulatory

16 February 2017




File: (17/252)





Report no: PRC2017/2/73


Reserve Reclassification - Wainuiomata





This brief report is to address a procedural matter that has been brought to Councilís attention by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and which requires Council to re-classify local purpose reserve located at the end of Hinau Grove, Wainuiomata as recreation reserve before LINZ is able to issue new titles.



That the Committee recommend that Council reclassify the Local Purpose Reserve (Community Use) located at the end of Hinau Grove, Wainuiomata, being Lot 1 DP 83036 (WN49C/742), as a Recreation Reserve in terms of section 19(1)(b) of the Reserves Act 1977.



Council has previously agreed to revoke the reserve classification and sell approximately 4 hectares of Hugh Sinclair Park to the Masonic Villages Trust for the purposes of developing a retirement village in Wainuiomata.† A subsequent Plan Change was completed last year with Council then preparing a new subdivision plan to create new titles.†

The new plan was lodged with LINZ late last year, but was rejected due to a technicality regarding the reserve status of two current adjoining titles, parts of which are to be retained by Council for the walkway between The Strand and Hinau Grove.† LINZ advises that these two titles need to have the same reserve classification in order for parts of them to be combined into one new title.

The above resolution will rectify this situation.

Council has notified the proposed reclassification as required by section 24 of the Reserves Act 1977, in the public notices section of the Hutt News on 21 February 2017.† There were no submissions.







Public Notice Reclassification of Reserve Hinau Grove Wainuiomata








Author: Bruce Hodgins

Divisional Manager, Parks and Gardens







Approved By: Bruce Sherlock

General Manager, City Infrastructure