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Updated TOR City Development Committee








Membership:                    11

Quorum:                           Half of the members

Meeting Cycle:                  Meets on a six weekly basis, as required or at the requisition of the            Chair

Reports to:                       Council


To monitor Council’s performance in promoting the on-going growth, redevelopment and improvement of the City, oversee the delivery of projects which contribute to these outcomes and to monitor the delivery of the regulatory and operational services in accordance with goals and objectives set by Council and ensure compliance with relevant legislation.

Determine and where relevant monitor:

The framework and timetable for relevant work programmes contained in Council’s policies, vision statements and strategies to ensure objectives are being met, including:

•    The monitoring of key City Development Projects.

•    Progress towards achievement of the Council’s economic outcomes as outlined in the Economic Development Strategy.

•    To consider the monitoring and review the outcomes from the major events programme.

•    Oversight of the Advisory Group for economic development and city events.

•    Temporary road closures and stopping associated with events.

•    Naming new roads and alterations to street names (Central, Eastern, Western and Northern Wards only).

•    The effective implementation of Council policies through monitoring the achievement of stated objectives.

•    Exercise of Council’s statutory and regulatory responsibilities and compliance with relevant legislation.

•    Roading issues considered by the Mayor and Chief Executive to be strategic due to their significance on a city-wide basis, including links to the State Highway, or where their effects cross ward or community boundaries.

     Public art funding in accordance with the Public Art Policy (currently in development)

•    Matters arising from issues raised relating to climate change. 

Review and make recommendations to Council on:

•    Plans that promote for the on-going growth, redevelopment and improvement of Hutt City

•    Operational and capital projects to promote city development including associated issues such as scope, funding, prioritising and timing of projects.

•    Changes to aspects of the LTP arising from issues raised before the committee in the course of its deliberations.

•    Operational contracts, agreements, grants and funding for city and economic development purposes.

•    Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan matters as required.


•    Any other matters delegated to the Committee by Council in accordance with approved policies and bylaws.

•    Approval and forwarding of submissions on matters related to the Committee’s area of responsibility.


Hearing of submissions required on any matters falling under the Terms of Reference for this committee.


This does not include hearing objections to conditions imposed on resource consents which will be heard by the Council’s Policy and Regulatory Committee.