MEMORANDUM                                                 210                                                           23 May 2017

Our Reference          17/790

TO:                      Mayor and Councillors

Hutt City Council

FROM:                Bradley Cato

DATE:                15 May 2017

SUBJECT:           Skateboard Area - Civic Building




That Council, pursuant to clause 15.2 of the Hutt City Council Traffic Bylaw 2007, resolves to amend the skating ban area for the “central commercial area,             Lower Hutt” to the area shown on the plan             attached as Appendix 1 to the memorandum.


Purpose of Memorandum

1.    To amend the current skating ban area in the central commercial area of Lower Hutt.


2.    The current skating ban area for the central commercial area of Lower Hutt, includes an area beside the Council Administration Building that has been set aside to allow skating and other activities. 

3.    Some skateboarding has been occurring in front of the Administration Building, where it is not provided for.  This has been causing damage to structures and property.

4.    In order to enforce the skating ban, the areas where skateboarding is and is not allowed, need to be clearly delineated.  







Skateboard Ban Area




Author: Bradley Cato





Approved By: Tony Stallinger

Chief Executive