275                                                           23 May 2017

Hutt City Council

09 March 2017




File: (17/477)





Report no: HCC2017/2/11


Sealing Authority






It is recommended that the Council:


(i)      approves the affixing of the Common Seal to all relevant documents in connection with the items set out in Schedule 1 contained in the report; and

(ii)     approves the deeds executed under Power of Attorney set out in Schedule 2 contained in the report.



SCHEDULE 1 - General Sealing Authority


Agreement for Sale and Purchase

a)   The Hutt City Council and Premans Limited
38 Manor Park Road, Manor Park
(Record Number L17/11)

Agreement with Another Organisation

b)   The Hutt City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council
Consent for land declared to Road at Boulcott Stopbank Project
(Record Number L17/72)

Authority & Instruction for Deed of Nomination and Land Transfer Tax Statement – Sale or Purchase

c)   The Hutt City Council and Urban Plus Limited (nominator) and Fairfield Ltd Partnership (nominee)
Sale of Summit Road – 1 Laura Fergusson Grove, Lower Hutt
(Record Number L17/44)

Cancel Consent Conditions Legal 2.7

d)   The Hutt City Council
Cancel Consent Conditions: 17/106 for L17/31
Application to cancel consent
Summit Road 1-13 Laura Fergusson Grove, Fairfield
(Record Number L17/31)

Compensation Certificate under Section 19 of the Public Works Act 1981

e)   The Hutt City Council and DG Hall, P Hall and JD Hall
203 Marine Drive, Eastbourne
Land Swap and Road Stopping
(Record Number L17/77)


f)    The Hutt City Council and Yu’s Development Limited
950 High Street, Lower Hutt
(Record Number L17/62)


g)   The Hutt City Council and KB Roil and BD Makwana-Roil
Sewage Drainage
6-8 Petherick Grove, Taita
(Record Number L17/91)


h)   The Hutt City Council and Urban Plus Ltd
47 Laings Road, Titles WN23A/788 and WN23A/789
(Record Number L17/42)

Memorandum of Encumbrance – No. B437677.1

i)    The Hutt City Council
Consent Form
117 Stratton Street
(Record Number L16/181)

Removal of Encumbrance

j)    The Hutt City Council
205 Wise Street, Wainuiomata
(Record Number L17/80)

Warrants Approved

Karl Peter Mittermuller – HCC WARRANT-17-7

1. Local Government Act 2002
Authorised Person pursuant to ss171, 173
(powers of entry in general)
Enforcement Officer pursuant to s177
(including additional powers of entry)
8. Health Act 1956
Environmental Health Officer pursuant to s28
9. Hutt Valley Trade Wastes Bylaw 2006
Authorised Officer pursuant to 1.5 and 6.4
(including powers under Hutt Valley Drainage Act 1967)
11. Litter Act 1979
Litter Control Officer pursuant to s5
13. Resource Management Act 1991
Enforcement Officer pursuant to s38(1)
Enforcement Officer (Noise Control only) pursuant to s38(2)
14. Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012
Inspector pursuant to s197(1)



Deed of Lease

a)   The Hutt City Council
7A Britannia Street, Petone
3 Carparks located off Britannia Street
(Record Number L17/70)