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Proposed Community Funding Strategy



Making a meaningful difference in Hutt City

Hutt City Community Funding Strategy





We want Hutt City to be ďa great place, to live, work and playĒ for all residents, and the Hutt City Councilís new community funding strategy is designed to support those who need it most.†† This document is a brief summary of how we plan to achieve this.

Why the need for change and what do we want to achieve?

Hutt City Council has a long and strong history of providing community funding to support our communities, and $713,300 was provided in community funding in 2016.† Our new strategy builds from this strong history.†

Drivers for evolving our community funding strategy include:

∑††† Better aligning community funding with our vision for Hutt City as a great place, to live, work and play

∑††† Community consultation carried out in 2016, including 463 survey responses and a number of face to face interviews.† This consultation process indicated that our communities want a more strategic approach, measurable impact, sustainable practices, accountability, the fair distribution of funding according to need and that funding should benefit a diverse range of people in the community.

The new strategy is designed to:

∑††† Direct funds to those who need it most, so that for all our diverse residents, the Hutt City is a great place, to live, work and play

∑††† Improve the clarity and simplicity of our funding processes for applicants

∑††† Encourage innovation, improve relationships and foster longer term partnerships