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Community Services Committee

07 April 2017




File: (17/639)





Report no: CSC2017/2/125


Community Development Fund Recommended Allocations 2016/2017


Purpose of Report

1.†††††††† The purpose of this report is for the Committee to agree to the recommended allocations for the Community Development Fund 2016/2017.


That the Committee agrees to the recommended allocations for the Community Development Fund 2016/2017, attached as Appendix 1 to the report.



2.†††††††† Council approved $176,000 budgeted in the Annual Plan for the ††††††††††† Community Development Fund Scheme 2016/2017.†

3.†††††††† A total of $33,000 has been set aside for Regional Grants as follows; NZ Festival of the Arts $9,000, Life Flight Trust $11,000, Wellington Free Ambulance $9,000 and Vector Orchestra $4,000.† A total of $40,000 was approved for Sportsville operational funding.††

4.†††††††† There is $103,000 available for allocation and this has been fully allocated.††

5.†††††††† The outcomes sought are:

∑††††††† enhanced quality of life and greater community participation/ connections;†

∑††††††† young people and their families develop to their full potential through such measures as parental education programmes and youth development initiatives; and†

∑††††††† effective partnerships are in place with others to ensure the most efficient use of the resources and prevent duplication of services.


6.†††††††† Forty three applications were received requesting a total of $335,800.† Applications were assessed through the Officer Assessment Review Panel.†


7.†††††††† Eighteen applications were deemed to be of a lower priority and they will be offered advice on applying to other funding schemes internally and external to Councilís funding.†

8.†††††††† Twenty five applications have been recommended for funding which meet the criteria of the fund and align more closely with Council priorities.


9.†††††††† The scheme was advertised on Councilís website, Council libraries and also included in emails to previous recipients of the fund.

10.†††††† Officers met with a number of different community groups offering assistance with Councilís online grants management system.

Legal Considerations

11.†††††† Funds must be used only for the purpose for which they were sought and/or approved.

12.†††††† Funds must be used within 10 months of the recipient being notified of their successful application.

13.†††††† The recipients are required to inform Council immediately if any difficulties arise which may compromise the service or project.

14.†††††† A complaint must be laid with the Police if any funds received under this scheme are stolen or misappropriated. Council must be notified of all such complaints to the Police.

15.†††††† The recipient must allow an audit on the use of Councilís funds should Council wish to undertake such an audit.

16.†††††† The recipient must recognise the support of Council in appropriate publicity material, annual reports and similar publications.

17.†††††† The recipients must provide an accountability report outlining the benefits to the community and copies of receipts of expenditure no later than ten months after the funds have been uplifted.

18.†††††† The recipients will be required to attend a community meeting where they will present to the community on their outcomes.

Financial Considerations

19.†††††† Allocations can only be made for amounts between $1,000 and $10,000 for the Community Development Fund.†

Other Considerations

20.†††††† In making this recommendation, officers have given careful consideration to the purpose of local government in section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002.† The objective of the fund is for non-profit groups providing social services to the community which is meeting the needs of the community.† It does this in a way that is cost-effective because it has already the funds available through the annual plan process.






Appendix 1 - Community Development Fund Recommendations







Author: Debbie Hunter

Community Advisor Funding and Community Contracts







Reviewed By: Melanie Laban

Community Projects and Relationship Manager




Approved By: Matt Reid

General Manager Community Services