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Sister city comparison to other councils





Community ownership


Lower Hutt

102,000 pop.

3 sister cities

·      Minoh Japan

·      Tempe, Arizona, USA

·      Taizhou, China

Friendly city

·      Xi’an, China

Two historic sister cities.

Hutt Sister City Foundation.

Hutt City Council funded up to $6800.

Hutt Minoh House Friendship Trust is self funded through provision of HCC owned asset.

0.35 FTE over two roles

$30,000 projects budget.

Palmerston North

83,000 pop.

2 active sister city relationships.

·      Guiyang, China

·      Missoula, Montana, USA

Business working group for inbound investment and student attraction work.

Manawatu Multi-cultural Association and the China Friendship


$153,000 total budget incl. 1FTE


210,000 pop.

7 active sister cities.

·      Beijing, China

·      Sakai, Japan

·      Sydney, Australia

·      Xiamen, China

·      Canberra, Australia [new]

·      Xi’an, China [new]

2 friendly cities

·      Tianjin, China

·      Seoul, South Korea [new]

2 partnership cities

·      Taipei, Taiwan

·      Zhejiang Province, China

Plus 3 historical sister cities.

Wellington Xiamen Association

Wellington Sakai Association

Wellington San Francisco Society

Funded from Wellington City Council – total around $30,000 to all groups.

4 FTE + 2 part-timers

Total budget = approx. $500,000


Upper Hutt

41,000 pop.

One inactive sister city.

·      Mesa, Arizona, USA

No formal community committee.

No staff role.

No budget.


52,000 pop.

Two reactive sister cities

·      Nishio, Japan

·      Blacktown, Australia

1 friendly city

·      Yangzhou, China.

1 twin town

·      Whitby, England.

No formal community committee.

Small part of role in city growth team.

Several thousand each year.




7 active sister cities.

·      Adelaide, Australia

·      Christchurch, UK

·      Gansu Province, China

·      Kurashiki, Japan

·      Seattle, USA

·      Songpa-Gu, Korea

·      Wuhan, China

6 sister city committees – with elected member rep on each – and funded by council. Operating budget from $3,000 to $15,000 per city funded by Christchurch Council.

International Relations Working Group also set up to advise council.

$111,000 projects budget


36,000 pop.

Four sister cities

·      Palm Desert, USA

·      Nonoichi-machi, Japan

·      Port of Rizhiao, China

·      Mahina, Tahiti

5 friendly cities

·      Cassino, Italy

·      Valverde del Majano, Spain

·      Wenchang, China

·      Whitby, England

·      Shire of Macedon Ranges, Australia

Gisborne District Sister Cities organisation manages all relationships and funded from council

Part time coordinator council officer.

$30,000 projects budget.