19                                                             02 May 2017

City Development Committee

13 April 2017




File: (17/681)





Report no: CDC2017/2/128


Petone Clock Walk


Purpose of Report

1.    To seek Council agreement that any progress for the Petone Clock Walk is considered through a Jackson Street streetscape design under the Petone 2040 Spatial Plan.


That the Committee recommends  that Council:

(i)    notes that the Jackson Street Programme (JSP) does not support the Petone Clock Walk;

(ii)   notes that Petone Community Board (PCB) and Petone 2040 Community Group agree that Petone Clock Walk should be considered through Petone 2040; and

(iii)  agrees that any progress for the Petone Clock Walk is considered through a Jackson Street streetscape design under the Petone 2040 Spatial Plan.



2.    The Petone Clock Walk is a project led by members of the community to revitalise Petone by installing six clocks within Jackson Street. The clocks are intended to act as ‘draw cards’ that ‘add buoyancy, piquancy, and panache’ to attract tourism and to reinforce and build upon the heritage and character of what makes Petone special. See information attached as Appendix 1 to the report.

3.    Clock examples quoted are Williamstown in Melbourne and Gastown in Vancouver. It is thought that businesses would prosper from increased foot traffic and that activity would be distributed according to the spacing of the clocks along the Jackson Street.

4.    The Petone Clock Walk project members have made presentations to the PCB, JSP, and some members of the P2040 Group. These groups all expressed early support for the Petone Clock Walk.

5.    The Petone Clock Walk project members surveyed individual retailers and businesses on Jackson Street which showed general enthusiasm and support. See survey results in attached appendices.

6.    The Petone Clock Walk project members have made presentations to various Councillors and Officers, and a presentation was made to Council on 15 December 2016 where it was resolved “…That Council supports the Petone Clock Walk proposal in principle….”.

7.    On 21 February 2017 Council’s Community Plan Committee resolved that “….the Petone Clock Walk is considered through the City Development Committee pending support from the Petone Community Board, Jackson Street Programme, and Petone 2040 Spatial Plan Community Group...”

8.    The JSP Board does not support the Petone Clock Walk as it “does not fit with the theme of Jackson Street heritage and is unlikely to fit due to limited space available on the street.” Refer to the JSP letter attached as Appendix 2 to the report. JSP reiterated this view during public comment at PCB meeting 3 April 2017.

9.    The PCB on 3 April 2017 resolved “That the Board recommends that the clock walk proposal should await consideration as part of a Jackson Street streetscape design study which the Board understands is a top Petone 2040 priority, rather than be considered as a separately funded ad hoc project.” Refer to the memo attached as Appendix 3 to the report.

10.  The P2040 Group advised “that the Petone Clock Walk project should be considered through a Jackson Street streetscape design under P2040.” Refer to Appendix 4 for the P2040 email dated 10 April 2017.


11.  This discussion is less about the relative merits of Petone Clock Walk but more about how it should be considered and why.

12.  During 2015 Council was requested by both PCB and JSP to prioritise street upgrade work on Jackson Street and this was consistent with many previous years of similar requests. PCB and JSP were engaging with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and senior officers in order to promote the installation new and consistent heritage street furniture, light poles, signage, paving etc along the length of Jackson Street.

13.  Officers confirmed the funding requirement would be significant but advised that there were major projects being considered by NZTA and GWRC that could have serious consequences for Petone if work was not done urgently to understand these projects.

14.  Council, PCB, and JSP agreed to delay any spend on Jackson Street so that urgent work could be funded to explore all major opportunities and risks across Petone and then to put this into context with Jackson Street and any other projects identified.

15.  November 2015 Council, JSP, and PCB agreed to develop Petone 2040 as the shared plan (spatial plan) that would identify and investigate all major opportunities and risks in Petone and Moera.

16.  Petone 2040 has confirmed:

·      an updated shared vision for Petone and Moera.

·      project areas that include NZTA, GWRC, and Council projects.

·      top priority projects (one of which is a Jackson Street streetscape


·      A plan of actions.

17.  Petone 2040 is key to progressing projects with NZTA and GWRC, and in order to achieve one of Council’s most critical strategies ie. >10,000 population growth by 2032 as outlined in Council’s Urban Growth Strategy.

18.  Petone 2040’s purpose is to align and confirm priorities between Council and Community. According to Petone 2040 these priorities are clear and so is the support of Community for them.

19.  Petone Clock Walk is not considered a priority by community groups JSP, PCB, and the P2040 Group. PCB and P2040 Group indicate that Petone Clock Walk should be considered by a Jackson Street streetscape design under Petone 2040.

20.  The Jackson Street streetscape design is a top four priority (of fifteen projects) identified under Petone 2040, but progress for this cannot be made until Petone 2040 is approved by Council, and funding is approved in this year’s Annual Plan.


21.  Option One: agree that Petone Clock Walk is considered by a Jackson Street streetscape design process under the Petone 2040 Spatial Plan. This is consistent with PCB and P2040 advice, and is consistent with Council’s 2015 intention that Petone 2040 becomes the framework to consider all work on Jackson Street.

22.  Option Two: approve the Petone Clock Walk goes ahead in parallel or independent of Petone 2040. This would be against the advice of JSP, PCB, P2040 Group, and would be inconsistent with Council’s intention that Petone 2040 would be the agreed framework to consider all work on Jackson Street. This reverts Council, PCB, and JSP back to the ad hoc approach to considering Jackson Street. This risks progressing Petone 2040 with Community and therefore risks Council having a credible Petone growth strategy to share with NZTA and promote the Cross Valley Link.


23.  As directed by Council the Urban Design Manager held discussions with JSP, PCB, and Petone 2040 groups as follows. Discussions were based upon the appended Petone Clock Walk documents:

·        JSP Board on 16 March 2017.

·        PCB on 20 and 25 March 2017.

·        P2040 Group on 2 April 2017.

Legal Considerations

24.  There are no significant legal issues to consider.

Financial Considerations

25.  To consider Petone Clock walk through Petone 2040 would likely require additional funding of at least $50K (estimate) during 2018-2019. Funding being consulted during this year’s annual plan (if approved) will likely be prioritised toward building potential for P2G and CVL.

26.  $50K could be brought forward from funding proposed for 2018-2019, but this is yet to be consulted upon and approved during this year’s Annual Plan. This would also need to be considered by Council and the Petone 2040 Group and weighed up against use on strengthening strategies for CVL and progressing new housing areas in Petone.

Other Considerations

27.  In making this recommendation, officers have given careful consideration to the purpose of local government in section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002. Officers believe that this recommendation falls within the purpose of the local government in that it:

·        Is consistent with the process approved by Council in 2015 that Petone 2040 shall become the framework for considering the development of Jackson Street.

·        Is consistent with the Community’s expectations that Petone 2040 becomes the overarching document to facilitate the long term development of Petone and Moera.






Petone Clock Walk documents



JSP letter 17 March 2017



Action Memo PCB



P2040 email 10.4.17








Author: Paki Maaka

Urban Design Manager







Approved By: Kim Kelly

General Manager, Strategic Services