Attachment 1

Traffic Impact Report


Appendix 1

Anzac Day: Proposed Temporary Road Closure Impact Report Ė Muritai Road

1. ††††††† Description of Event

An application been received to temporarily close Muritai Road, to vehicular traffic on Tuesday 25 April 2017 between 09:30 am and 11:00am for the Anzac Day Parade.

2.†††††††† City Promotions Division Support

The City Promotions Division has assessed the proposed event with regard to its contribution towards Councilís strategies and policies. The proposed event supports the Councilís event strategy and will contribute to the outcomes listed in the long term plan.

3.†††††††† Proposal Notice

The public notice that the Council was proposing to consider these closures was published in The Hutt News on Tuesday 4 April 2017.

4.†††††††† Consultation

No objections were received in response to the public notice.

5.†††††††† Traffic Impact Assessment

Prior Closures

The proposed closures for these events will not result in these roads being closed for an aggregate of more than 31 days this year, i.e. it does not exceed the LGA restriction of not more than 31 days in any year.

Traffic Impact

In the opinion of Lyle Earl, Traffic Assets Manager, acting as Councilís Traffic Engineer, the proposed closures, if implemented according to the plans provided, is not likely to impede traffic unreasonably.

In this particular instance there should be very little in the way of wider network effects because of the day of the week, a public holiday on Anzac Day. Previous closures of these sections of Muritai Road on a weekend have had no reported traffic problems.

I am of the view therefore that the proposed closures will be acceptable in terms of their traffic related effects subject to a high level of public awareness being achieved through advertising and a high standard of on street signage and traffic control at the closure points.

Lyle Earl

Traffic Assets Manager


6.††††††††††† Conditions of Closure

Subsequent to approval, the organiser will be written to with the standard conditions that will apply, being:

The closure shall apply only on the roads for the hours as approved.

∑††† The applicant shall allow access for all emergency vehicles.

∑††† The applicant will act as directed by the Police or by officers of the Road Controlling Authority (HCC). A contact name and phone number for the Police is given to the applicant.

∑††† The applicant will be responsible for under taking all work relating to the physical closure of roads and managing the closure.

∑††† The applicant will be responsible for ensuring closed roads are left in a suitable clean and tidy state following the completion of the event. A contact name and phone number for Intergroup Ltd., Councilís Street Cleaning Contractor, is given to the applicant.

7.†††††††† Appendices

Appendix 2:††††††† Plan of the Proposed Road Closure Area, Muritai Road