MEMORANDUM                                                  42                                                           03 April 2017

Our Reference          17/524

TO:                      Chair and Members

Petone Community Board

FROM:                Debbie Hunter

DATE:                23 March 2017

SUBJECT:           Community Engagement Fund 2016-2017




That the Board:


(i)      notes that the Community Engagement Fund closed on 10 November 2016 and three applications had been received;


(ii)     agrees retrospectively that the applications were considered according to the merits of the application criteria and priorities of the fund;

(iii)    agrees retrospectively to Petone Baptist Church being granted $2,500 towards hireage of equipment, advertising, printing costs associated with the Christmas In Bethlehem 2016 event;

(iv)    agrees retrospectively to Te Huinga O Te Whanau Inc being granted $1,250 towards the purchase of technical equipment associated with its community hall in Petone subject to any outstanding annual returns required to be filed with the Charity Services;

(v)     agrees retrospectively to Jackson Street Programme Inc being granted $1,000 towards equipment hire for the Twilight Santa Parade;

(vi)    notes that $1,500 is available for a second round in 2017, with decisions to be made at its June 2017 meeting; and

(vii)   requests the recipients of the Petone Community Engagement Fund be invited to attend a Community Board meeting in 2017 to introduce themselves, particularly to the newly elected members. 



Purpose of Memorandum

1.    For the Board to assess the eligible Community Engagement Fund applications.




Community Engagement Fund

2.    Hutt City Council agreed through the 2016/2017 Annual Plan to contribute $48,850 for the Community Board/Community Committee Community Engagement Fund. 

3.    This is for local activities and events that directly benefit the communities concerned.

4.    Three applications were received under the Petone Community Board Community Engagement Fund.  They are as follows:


Grant No.






Petone Baptist Church

Hireage of equipment for the Christmas in Bethlehem 2016 event on 1-3 December 2016




Te Huinga O Te Whanau Inc

Purchase of technical equipment for community hall.




Jackson Street Programme

Hireage of equipment for the Twilight Santa Parade on 25 November 2016








5.    The Board has $6,250.00 to be allocated. 

6.    Eligible Community Engagement Fund applications presented in this round request a total of $7,659.00.

7.    The applications needed to be considered prior to 25 November 2016.

8.    Applications were considered at an informal meeting.  This informal meeting was attended by the two Ward Councillors and the Community Advisor Funding and Community Contracts, as well as newly elected members of the Board.  




There are no appendices for this Memorandum.    







Author: Debbie Hunter

Community Advisor Funding and Community Contracts







Reviewed By: Melanie Laban

Community Projects and Relationship Manager




Approved By: Matt Reid

General Manager Community Services