MEMORANDUM                                                  26                                                           03 April 2017

Our Reference          17/523

TO:                      Chair and Members

Petone Community Board

FROM:                Paki Maaka

DATE:                23 March 2017

SUBJECT:           Petone Clock Walk




That the Board confirms its support for or against the Petone Clock Walk Project.


Purpose of Memorandum

1.    To obtain official confirmation from the Petone Community Board upon its support for or against the Pito One (Petone) Clock Walk Project.


2.    On 21 February 2017 Council’s Community Plan Committee considered the Petone Clock Walk Project and directed officers to proceed as follows:

“……. agrees that the Pito One Clock Walk Project is considered through the City Development Committee on 2 May 2017, and pending support from the Petone Community Board, Jackson Street Programme and the Petone 2040 Spatial Plan Community Group.”


3.    On 20th March 2017 the Council Urban Design Manager met with the Petone Community Board to discuss the Pito One Clock Walk and based upon the appended documents.







Appendix Petone Clock Walk







Author: Paki Maaka

Urban Design Manager




Approved By: Kim Kelly

General Manager, Strategic Services