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Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 2017


Eastbourne Community Board Walkaround 25 February 2017 Action Points List








Point Howard





Resealing Issues                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

All concern or noted faults need to be logged as a request via ‘Report a Problem on HCC website or by calling the HCC call centre to log the request to be looked into further. (Log RFS)*

Please log a request through the call centre or online via ‘Report a problem’  - Log an RFS*


Leanne Kernot – Road & Traffic Div.


Chorus reinstatements badly completed after UFB installs.

As above. Any contractor UFB install queries go to Gwyn Slatter

Log an RFS* detailing actual location.

Gwyn Slatter – R&T Div.


Pre-Seal repairs Smoothing needed of many severe undulations prior to sealing (pre-seal repairs)

Log RFS - with locations of concern

To log an RFS* with location

Leanne Kernot – Road & Traffic Div.


PEDESTRIANS” Signage requested (x5) to alert drivers to presence of pedestrians on roads  1/. Howard Rd at both intersections with Nikau Rd; 2/. Howard Rd above Nikau;  3/. Ngaumatau Rd, 4/. Howard Rd below Nikau Rd and 5/. Bottom of Howard Rd.

Would be open to looking at x1 sign at the start of Howard Rd if nothing already in place along the way. – Log RFS for your request.

Sam logged an RFS  on your behalf.  #374728

Zackary Moodie – R&T Div.


White Center line in Nikau Rd?      Needing to keep drivers left and slow down traffic.

Unfortunately not an option as the road in not wide enough (has to be a minimum width to do)


Zackary Moodie – R&T Div.


Chorus plates - continuing problems with noise with these as most are badly placed. A lasting remedy is needed. Currently plate opposite 8 Ngaumatau Rd is loose.

Log an RFS - Any outside contractor road works/install queries go to Chris Bennett / Gwyn Slatter to refer back to the contractor concerned.

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf.  #374736

Gwyn Slatter/Chris Bennett – R&T Div.


Broken Yellow Lines need repainting

Scheduled every 2 years. Was last done in Winter at residents request against Council advice to wait and not lasted.

Behind schedule, due Feb looking at March 2017

Nigel Parkin – Contracts Div.


Footpaths needing repairs and resealing:  Nikau Rd, path to Playcenter  and footpath between Nikau and Ngaumatau Rds.

Log an RFS – actual locations listing approx. house no’s if available.

Log an RFS*


Leanne Kernot – Road & Traffic Div.


Footpath from Howard Rd to Bus Stop in Esplanade needs spraying as dangerous when wet.  Older residents advise that the wooden ramp is too steep and slippery and request long shallow steps


Log an RFS – Lichen on footpath

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf  #374737

Clayton More - Contracts Div.


Road reserve driveway access 115 Marine Dr

Informed that resident responsible for maintenance for driveway vehicle access to own property. HCC agreed to repair road edge to allow better water run-off from property to access the sump.

Programmed for March 2017


John Middleton – Contracts Div.


Retaining wall at Reservoir Dangerous hole at top of retaining wall adjacent Howard Rd lookout needs repairs

Log an RFS include photo would also help to determine which department is responsible to be able to action quicker.

Log an RFS* with further detail

Parks & Gardens?


Pt Howard Wharf Totally support its retention as a public amenity


For Information

Craig Cottrill

13.                1

Pt Howard Beach Toilets A low budget internal refit of these facilities is all that is required to bring these facilities to an acceptable standard

Proposed work - Install a skylight in men’s & women’s sides, refit benches in the men’s side, concrete crack & damage repairs, repaint after stripping & surface repair of loose material.

Log an RFS

Craig Cottrill


Civil Defence Request emergency access to Pt Howard Reservoirs in the event of an emergency.

Request a subsidy or discount for a 10,000 litre water tank at the Civil Defence Centre - Cost $2K

Emergency teams for Council have keys

Log an RFS for subsidy - request Information

Geoff Stuart



Drainage Seepage in road outside no.21 Howard Road

On-going for 10 years

Sam Logged an RFS on your behalf  #374738

Wellington Water


Noise Issue Recurring problem with 24hr scrap metal noise from Seaview.  Highly invasive crashing day and night during loadouts from Macaulays & Sims Pacific Scrap metals. The current Bylaws need reviewing as they are not suited to protecting residents from this kind of noise intrusion. Request monitoring of noise immediately complaints are lodged.

Log an RFS for noise control to look into.

Sam Logged an RFS on your behalf  #374739

Dean Bentley


Seaview Marina – Fresh water flushing of Outboard motors – ok at idle but some users insist on revving. Request signage.

Log an RFS

Sam Logged an RFS on your behalf  #374741

Parks & Gardens


Sprint Car Events in Seaview  - We request notification as an affected party before any more consents are granted.  The noise is highly invasive.

We also request an email and mail drop notification a week prior to these events so residents can make plans to be away. 

This event is a yearly event which is widely advertised well before to the day.

Noise – Dean Bentley


Environmental Issues   Oil can often be seen in the Seaview marina and white suds in light westerly conditions. There is a greater need for monitoring of live-a-boards and self-containment.

There is a greater need for monitoring of live-a-boards and self-containment

Sam Logged an RFS on your behalf – Hazardous Substance – Pollution - Water  #374742

Trade Waste Division


Howard Rd Slip The recent Pt Howard slip needs retention works to help it stabilise. Also the netting at the lower end of Howard Rd needs clearing – it is bulging out in many places with the weight of existing rockfalls.

Monitoring of this area of concern is in place when each slip occurs.

Log an RFS if slips occur are dealt with as a urgent matter

Road & Traffic Division


Vegetation Cutting  More severe trimming requested for greater visibility outside 8 Howard Rd, 21 Howard Rd.  Less severe trimming requested at the “Hedgehog” at top of Hill.  We request that this be allowed to re-vegetate naturally

Log an RFS

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf regarding  8 & 21 Howard Rd.

Also logged regarding less trimming at top of hill as a request.  #374743

Clayton More - Road & Traffic


Rubbish Bin at lookout on Howard Rd frequently overflowing – needs emptying more regularly

Log an RFS

Log an RFS if overflowing, It is on a schedule to be emptied but difficult to monitor as weather dependant.

Road & Traffic


Guy Fawkes Request Fireworks ban at Pt Howard lookout - Pro-active response to Christchurch fires.  Rockets are currently able to be legally set off into the gorse which is a major hazard.

We have had small fires in the past.  Propose perhaps fireworks be restricted to the beaches but certainly prohibited adjacent East Harbour Regional Park.

By-Law in place?

Craig Cottrill


Marine Parade Cycle-lane  Request that the cycle-lane be smoothed and re-sealed and that it be made compulsory for cyclists to use the cycle lane where present as is the law in Australia. Currently cyclists are causing unnecessary obstruction to motorists

Law change regarding cycling is a government issue not Council

Cycleways - Part of Eastern Bays Shared path discussion

Simon Cager


Lowry Bay





Marine Drive yellow lines – to prevent passing along the bay nr Cheviot Rd bus Stop 

Log an RFS

Sam logged RFS on your behalf  #374745

Zac Moodie – Road & Traffic Div


Broadband availability in the Eastern Bays area, When will we get it? 

Speed up delivery to Eastern Bays Area

This is managed by Chorus and is not a Council Initiative.



Kaikoura Path Signs at the top and bottom of the path are looking tatty

Log an RFS

Sam Logged RFS on your behalf   #374746

Craig Cottrill


Weed Control along Kaikoura Path

Log an RFS

On a schedule but if weather encourages growth log a request.

Clayton More – Road & Traffic


York Bay – Iain Bain





Broken fence opposite 6 Taungata Rd

Log an RFS

Please log an RFS with more detail, if resident fencing boundaring a property, not a Council issue as Council exempt from Fencing Act

Parks & Gardens?


Kaitawa Rd Culvert over bridge issue

Log an RFS

Iain to email Sam with details to be able to establish who’s responsible.



Bus Shelters Any plans to replace with glass shelters

GWRC responsible for shelters

Ginny to refer to GWRC



York Bay Pump Station Pohutakawa tree roots protruding, need protecting from being constantly driven over.

Pump Station on Marine Drive, York Bay

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf  #374747

Colin Lunn 

Road & Traffic


Waitohu Road Query regarding broken yellow line placement

Iain to email

To log an RFS from details when emailed

Road & Traffic Div.


Taungata Rd  Agapanthus over footpath/road side

Vegetation overgrowth – R.H side uphill south side

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf #374748

Clayton More – Road & Traffic



Sunshine Bay






Speed Limits along the bays

Concerns as speed was reduced from Lowry to Sunshine from 70 to 50. This is needed all along the bays

Assessed several times over the years and the community as a whole do not support it, therefore cannot go ahead.

Alan Hopkinson -Road & Traffic Div


Slowing traffic into the Petrol Station Speed to fast of cars into the petrol station, dangerous

Suggestion of speed humps needed to slow cars approaching and entering the station

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf #374751

Alan Hopkinson – Road & Traffic Div


Sinking Seawall along the bay opposite petrol station is getting lower

Noticeably lower at this point opposite Petrol Station

Seawall / shared Path Project

John Gloag / Simon Cager – Road & Traffic Division


           Days Bay



Williams Park Mapfinder

Ongoing request for a wayfinder map to direct to Tennis Courts etc

New design guide now adapted, test in a different area then roll out as Williams park would not be just one sign but numerous. Definite progress

Aaron Marsh – Parks & Gardens


Edge markers down  Along the sea side south end of Days Bay.

Vandalised edge markers to be replaced. 

Awaiting stock (stronger with more flex)

Nigel parkin – Road & Traffic


Cnr Ferry Road and Marine Drive new yellow line and posts Safety / Visibility issues with cars exiting Ferry Rd at too high speed.


Suggestion for the 3 posts to be relocated closer to the edge of the road to ease the turn a little avoiding entering the opposite lane.

Passed to Contractor already to be done within the next 2 weeks.

Nigel Parkin – Road & Traffic


Moana Rd  Instruction sign no longer valid

Despite yellow lines on the right hand side of Moana Road there is a very old sign outside 12 Moana Road giving times of year parking is available which I have seen people pondering over & needs removing as no longer valid. I have spoken to the council over the years but it has never been removed – Log RFS

Sam logged RFS on your behalf #374788

Nigel Parkin - Road & Traffic


Kotari Road  Removal of yellow ‘no stopping’ lines. Were they official?

These were unofficial, painted by a resident therefore removed.




Speed bumps Kotari Rd needed to stop cars speeding both up and down near the blind corner with Pitoitoi Road junction



Sam logged RFS on your behalf #374790

Alan Hopkinson – Road & Traffic


Footpath on the Eastern side of Marine Drive between Kereru and Moana Roads in Days Bay  Repeated annual concern about a  safe and defined footpath on the Eastern side of Marine Drive between Kereru and Moana Roads in Days

BYL’s in place, Footpath / road are the same level now with repeated resurfacing over the years.

Will not be lowered until big area wide renewal is needed.

Road & Traffic


Speed Humps Marine Drive

Speed bump in Marine Drive on the Eastbourne side of the pedestrian crossing opposite Cobar. There are some drivers whipping around from Eastbourne travelling far in excess of 50kph and one day someone will be severely injured by speeding vehicles. As I am writing this one vehicle has travelled south past the Gallery at a speed of probably 70kph.

Consultation process  would be needed

Alan Hopkinson – Road & Traffic


Williams Park Fence for advertising concerns raised about the Williams Park fence becoming a local billboard for matters not involving Days Bay.

Not approved by P&G Division

If noted then Log an RFS

Paul Duffin


Illegal Parking  Persistent Illegal Parking (yet again) on the southern side of the Days Bay Wharf.


Letters have been written to the Manager of Parking Services HCC but to date little obvious action appears to have been taken to ticket illegal parkers from Eastbourne – who preclude visitors to the Bay utilising the services of the commercial businesses in the Bay.

Request time limit parking. Sam logged an RFS on your behalf.  #374793

Zac Moodie – Road & Traffic


To stop the incessant sand flow across Marine Drive from Days Bay Beach. 


Can thought be given to the construction of a small nib wall which would (a) stop the sand drift and keep that precious commodity on the beach and (b) provide welcome seating and security for families visiting the Bay.

Sam logged an RFS on your behalf. #374794

Craig Cottrill – Parks & Gardens




Muritai Area





Skate Park options observed and discussed on site.

Skate Park sites:

Option 1:Immediately adjacent to the North West Corner of the Eastbourne Summer Pool. Suitable for a skate ramp.

Option 2: Immediately adjacent to the Eastbourne indoor sports hall on the southern netball Court opposite San Antonio school. Suitable for a ramp, park, bowl or combination. Currently used by local kids for skateboarding on old and deteriorating equipment.          Option 3: Adjacent to the North West Corner to the Cricket nets at the Eastbourne Recreation ground. Suitable for a ramp, park, bowl or combination.

All to be considered when Rob liaising with Centreport


Craig Cottrill


50.                .

Footpath pot hole Resident Val Meyers had a fall on Cnr Makaro and Oroua Street


Log an RFS

Sam logged on your behalf – no need to wait can be reported as soon as happened for repairs. #374797


Sam Whittam – Road & Traffic


Norfolk Pine Trees – Nikau Street   Ongoing issue

Ongoing issue with protected trees that cannot be removed. Assessed with an arborist report and monitored. 80+yr old trees

Resident informed cannot be removed due to shading property, just kept trimmed and monitored.

Colin Lunn – Road & Traffic


Weedspraying daisy type weeds growing on gravel beach area nice, no need to spray.

If classed as a weed will be sprayed.

Log an RFS – Any query please log an RFS with photos

Clayton More – Road & Traffic


Nikau Street  Street cleaning not done to the top of the street

Is on a programme, if disagree, please log an RFS at the time noticed.

Log an RFS when happens.

Clayton More – Road & Traffic