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Chair's Report 4 April 2017


ECB Chair's Report 4 April 2017



Annual Plan


As part of the annual plan process the ECB will be consulting on several projects of major concern for Eastbourne and the Bays and encouraging residents to put in submissions.


Rona, Day's Bay and Point Howard wharves


The future of these wharves is being considered by Council and the annual plan will be the main opportunity for residents to express their views on the proposals. While Days Bay wharf will remain, there are choices to be made about its future design and structure. The future of Rona and Point Howard in their current form is less secure. The public meeting on April 11th will inform us all about the proposals under consideration and I suggest the Board meets later this month to plan our own submission once we have heard from residents and read as many of their submissions as possible.


Skate Ramp


Anna Sutherland and Rob Ashe are representing the ECB on this proposal and will report on what has been done so far. It is likely the Board will be asked to support the inclusion of this project in the annual plan.



Emergency Response


Liz Knight has been working with WREMO and residents on this and will report on progress.

We are waiting to hear the results of the tsunami response research project.



Shared path


Council officer Simon Cager reports that they are working with the consultants on the detailed business plan which involves the development of 2.5m and 3.5m options. This work is expected to finish in late August, after which it is hoped we will have a clearer idea of the timescale of the project. We expect that the shared path steering group will be given more details of progress at a meeting proposed for early May (date not yet set).