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Computer Clubhouse Background Information




hutt city clubhouses                                               background information 

1.      what is a clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a free after school programme, for young people aged 10-18 years, to explore and learn new creative technology skills

We have two Clubhouses in Hutt City. They are managed and run by Hutt City Libraries staff.                    Naenae was established in 2010, Taita in 2015. A Clubhouse can only be based in a high deprivation community.

Key membership statistics:

·      Naenae Clubhouse has 235 active members

·      Taita Clubhouse has 146 active members

·      41% of Clubhouse members are girls

·      40% of Clubhouse members are teens (aged 13-18 years)

·      Members are ethnically diverse, with good numbers of Maori and Pacifika youth, as well as youth from South American, African, and Middle Eastern communities. Not all members are fluent or literate in English.

Some of the projects our members have worked on include graphic design, 3D design and modelling, film editing, photography, app development, robotics, electronics, coding, and music composition.

Some of our key achievements in 2016 include:

·      Four Clubhouse members attended the Clubhouse Network Teen Summit in Boston in July. As well as taking part in youth leadership workshops, attendees get to stay on campus at a Boston University, work on collaborative high-tech projects with youth from other Clubhouses around the world, and visit places like MIT and Google. This is a biennial opportunity for all Clubhouse members.

·      Clench Enoka and Kayla Howard from Naenae Clubhouse won a $1000 prize in the New Zealand Vegetarian Society 2016 short film competition.

·      Joel Alheit from Taita Clubhouse won the Hutt City Youth Award for Entrepreneurship. Joel was one of our Teen Summit attendees, and has established his own stock photography and design business.

·      Both Clubhouses entered short films in the HP 48 Hour film competition. Naenae Clubhouse’s entry won the best original song category in the Wellington regional competition.

·      With Community Arts funding, and guidance from a local artist, members from both Clubhouses created and donated a heritage mural to Naenae Library.


2.      Our Clubhouses are licenced to the international Clubhouse Network

The Clubhouse Network is an international community of 100 Clubhouses, located in 19 countries, providing youth with access to resources, skills, and experiences to help them succeed in their careers, and contribute to their communities.

See here for more information about the Clubhouse Network –

The objectives of the Clubhouse Network are:

·      Young people from underserved communities work with adult industry mentors to explore, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology

·      Hard Fun - engaging in digital media, art, and technology tools to express, invent, and collaborate

·    Enabling C2C opportunities – “Clubhouse 2 College / Clubhouse 2 Career

3.      Why does Hutt City Council operate Clubhouses?

Desired outcomes are aligned with Council’s strategic priorities for improved outcomes for young people in the north-east of our city, and Libraries’ focus on digital literacy and practical STEMM skill development.

Clubhouse members are a captive youth audience who we want to contribute to other Council activities e.g. Youth Council, STEMM Festival.  Our leadership and youth development interactions with Clubhouse members are more frequent and go deeper than social interactions that happen at other HCC programmes.

Our local Clubhouses are strengthened by links to places like MIT & Google - we get access to new technology and innovation, staff professional development, and research.

The Clubhouse model is informed by educational research. Longitudinal outcomes are proven by 20 years of evaluation data

We benefit from international benchmarking and evaluation of local programming - in a 2015 survey of Naenae and Taita Clubhouse members

·      97% of members said they cared more about doing well in school because of Clubhouse

·      82% of members said Clubhouse helps them to make better life choices (with family, friends, and at school)

·      63% of members said they wanted to study some aspect of STEMM in the future because of Clubhouse

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