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Finance and Performance Committee

15 February 2017




File: (17/250)





Report no: FPC2017/1/80


Audit New Zealand Management Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2016


Purpose of Report

1.††† The purpose of the report is to update Councilors on the Audit New Zealand Management Report for the financial year ending 30 June 2016.


That the Committee note this report.



2.††† The 2016 Audit Management Report is attached as Appendix 1 to the report and outlines the findings from Audit New Zealandís review of Hutt City Council.† The primary purpose of the audit was to complete checks that enabled Audit New Zealand to issue an opinion on Councilís financial statements and performance information for the financial year ending 30 June 2016.


3.††† On 6 October 2016 Audit New Zealand issued an unmodified audit opinion.

4.††† Audit New Zealand made 6 new recommendations that came out of their 2016 audit work, none of which are Ďsignificantí.† These are detailed along with management comments from Officers, in the Management Report attached as appendix 1 to the report.

5.††† In terms of previous audits, the two significant issues raised in the 2015 Management Report have been cleared along with three of the ten non-significant recommendations.† Progress is being made with the remaining seven recommendations which officers will clear before the 2017audit commences.

6.††† Given the absence of any significant recommendations, the Committee Chair and the CFO agreed that it was not necessary for Mr Andy Burns, Audit Director for Audit New Zealand, to attend the Committee meeting.††

Legal Considerations

7.††† There are no legal considerations.

Financial Considerations

8.††† There are no financial considerations.

Other Considerations

9.††† In making this recommendation, officers have given careful consideration to the purpose of local government in section 10 of the Local Government Act 2002. Officers believe that this recommendation falls within the purpose of the local government in that it gives elected members the necessary information to carry out their governance role.






Hutt City Council 2016 Audit Management Report - Final







Author: Brent Kibblewhite

Chief Financial Officer







Approved By: Tony Stallinger

Chief Executive