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Finance and Performance Committee

10 February 2017




File: (17/195)





Report no: FPC2017/1/69


Review of Draft Statement of Intent 2017/2018 for the New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency


Purpose of Report

1.†††††††† The purpose of this report is to advise that a separate report on the review of the draft 2017/2018 Statement of Intent for the New Zealand Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA) will be distributed to Finance and Performance Committee members prior to the Committee Meeting to be held on 1 March 2017.


That the report be noted.




2.†††††††† The Local Government Act 2002 (LGA) requires the Board of a Council Controlled Organisation (CCO) to deliver to its shareholders for their review, a draft Statement of Intent (SOI) on or before 1 March of each year.


3.†††††††† The board of the LGFA is reviewing the draft 2017/2018 LGFA SOI on 22 February 2017.† The SOI will not be provided to shareholding Councilís with sufficient time to allow officers to complete a LGA compliance review and provide analysis prior to the agenda for the Finance and Performance Committee of 1 March 2017 being distributed to members.


4.†††††††† Officers will upon receipt of the draft LGFA SOI, complete the review and provide analysis, and the report for this will be distributed (separately) to members prior to the Finance and Performance Committee to be held on 1 March 2017.


There are no appendices for this report.††††





Author: Brent Kibblewhite

Chief Financial Officer







Approved By: Joycelyn Raffills

General Manager, Governance and Regulatory