8                                                         02 March 2017

Our Reference          17/118

TO:                      Chair and Members

Community Services Committee

FROM:                Zackary Moodie

DATE:                31 January 2017

SUBJECT:           Register of Mobility Parks




That the Committee notes that officers maintain and review a register of mobility parks in Lower Hutt every three years.


Purpose of Memorandum

1.    To inform the Committee of the mobility register and the intent to review it every three years.

2.    Attached as Appendix 1 to the report is the current register of 141 Council maintained mobility parks.  (This register also includes all private property mobility parks in Lower Hutt that are available to the public).


3.    This memorandum is in response to a Council resolution asking officers to provide a report to the relevant Committee regarding the feasibility of establishing and maintaining a register of mobility parks in Lower Hutt to determine if they are still required (C 16405(2) – 20 September 2016).

Process of implementing Traffic Restrictions

4.    Attached as Appendix 2 is a step by step process for Managing Traffic Management Enquiries.  The process can take three to four months if the proposal is supported.  If there are objections, the process may take longer.







Register of Mobility Parks



Process for Managing Traffic Management Enquiries




Author: Zackary Moodie

Traffic Engineer







Reviewed By: Kate  Glanville

Senior Committee Advisor




Approved By: John Gloag

Divisional Manager, Road and Traffic