Attachment 1

Wellington Regional Trienniel Agreement 2016-2019



2016 - 2019


1.1 This agreement is drafted in order to meet the requirements of s.15 of the Local Government Act 2002.

1.2 The Local Government Act 2002 (hereafter referred to as 'the Act') is intended to provide the necessary flexibility for councils to work co-operatively and collaboratively together and with other public bodies to advance community goals and to improve community wellbeing. The scope of this agreement includes the current co-operative and collaborative projects already in place in the Wellington Region and work being undertaken to establish structures and protocols associated with specific issues, and aims to build on these.


The parties to this agreement commit to working for the good governance of their city, district or region by acting co-operatively and collaboratively. It is intended that this agreement will ensure that appropriate levels of consultation and co-ordination are maintained between the councils of the Wellington Region. It is intended that the process of arriving at this agreement, as well as its ongoing operation, should contribute to the strengthening of the regional relationships.


3.1 The parties to this agreement are:

                     Carterton District Council

                     Greater Wellington Regional Council

                     Hutt City Council

                     Kapiti Coast District Council

                     Masterton District Council

                     Porirua City Council

                     South Wairarapa District Council

                     Upper Hutt City Council

                     Wellington City Council

3.2 In accordance with the requirements of the Act, and in the spirit of collaboration that they wish to foster within the region, the parties agree to work in accordance with the protocols outlined in this agreement.