5                                                     27 February 2017

Policy and Regulatory

08 February 2017




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Report no: PRC2017/1/29


Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy





1.       This report presents the Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy for consideration.  The Strategy is accompanied by a covering report prepared by Dr Iain Dawe of Greater Wellington Regional Council.  Dr Dawe will be in attendance at the meeting.



It is recommended that the Committee recommends that Council:

(i)        receives the report;

(ii)        endorses the Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy; and

(iii)       notes that the implementation of the Strategy will require, from all participating councils, ongoing political leadership and support as well as officer participation.


2.       The Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy, as attached as Appendix 1 to the report, has been prepared by Greater Wellington Regional Council in partnership with the councils of the Wellington Region (except Wairarapa) and Wellington Region Emergency Management Office.

3.       The covering report explains, as attached in Appendix 2 to the report, (prepared by Dr Iain Dawe), the Strategy provides a regional framework for consistent approaches to research and information and policy responses in district and regional plans, asset management plans and long term plans.  The Strategy will assist when considering natural hazards in the City of Lower Hutt District Plan and in Council’s efforts in dealing with risk and resilience and emergency management.

4.       Dr Dawe’ covering report is going to the participating councils seeking endorsement of the Strategy and its implementation so there is a firm mandate to proceed.

5.       The suggested approach to implementing the Strategy involves a steering group of officers from participating councils.  Hutt City officers will continue to take part.  At this stage any funding required for research or policy development will come from existing budgets.

6.       Further discussion is also needed on ensuring the structure and process have ongoing political involvement and support from all councils. One potential option is a joint workshop with key Committee Chairs to ensure there is appropriate leadership and support so that the Strategy makes positive change on the ground.








Draft Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy February 2017 (Under Separate Cover)



Wellington Region Natural Hazards Management Strategy Covering Report Dr Iain Dawe (Under Separate Cover)










Author: Andrew Cumming

Divisional Manager Environmental Policy







Approved By: Kim Kelly

General Manager, Strategic Services