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Deputy Chairperson's Report - Petone Community Board - 8 February 2017


Petone Community Board Deputy Chairperson’s Report – February 2017

Happy New Year to everyone!

As we head into another busy year for the Board, we have some new faces and new roles, and have already started work on planning ways we can better serve and interact with our community, and discussing the issues that face us.

Petone 2040

The group has started public consultation with presentations by the consultants McIndoe Urban and displays in the library service centre to gather feedback. This will hopefully generate further sharing and discussion of the initial proposals, so please spread the word and let’s get talking about this exciting work.

In the News

Petone has made the news quite a bit in the last weeks of 2016 and into the New Year:

Petone Wharf – the state of the wharf following the earthquake has gained a lot of publicity and is a major issue facing Council this year. This is a Petone icon, and your thoughts as to its future, repair/replace/ modify? are important.

Britannia House – the closure and future sale of Britannia House also has hit the headlines, with public meetings and calls for its retention. I think it came as a surprise to many and is naturally a shock and difficult time for residents and their families.

Fluoride  - the controversial subject of adding fluoride to our water is to the forefront again, as legislation transferring the decision making to the DHB passes through Parliament. The PCB has made a submission and I am sure this will be a hot topic for our community.

Parking & Traffic – following the earthquake and the Queensgate partial closure, the increase in activity in Petone is very noticeable. The Councils decision to look at parking citywide will be an interesting exercise, and we will need to be mindful of the influences of the earthquake disruption on traffic and parking patterns, as well as the general growth in activity and business.

Please feel free to contact the Board with feedback and input on any issue affecting our community, we welcome comments, views and concerns from residents.

Kind regards

Mike Fisher

Deputy Chairperson PCB