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Chair's Report Feb 2017


Eastbourne Community Board Chair’s Report February 7 2017

Welcome to the new year and hopes we will yet have summer. While 2017 looks like being a tumultuous year on the world front hopefully, apart from controlling nature, we can give some direction to what happens in our wonderful place. We are so lucky to live here.

Happening right now

Response to November earthquake and tsunami warnings

After the November earthquake the Eastbourne Community Board joined with Massey University, NIWA and GNS to find out how our community responded to the earthquake and tsunami warnings.

We were delighted with the support for this project. Days Bay residents, community board members and others gathered a very good number of responses at the Eastbourne Market, board members went on the ferries, Rona House residents joined to gather responses and others went door to door. Residents were thoughtful in their responses and keen to share experiences.

Despite the confused information on the night Eastbourners showed great community spirit, checking on neighbours, welcoming tsunami refugees into their homes and being remarkably positive about a night in the car or on the side of a track.


A number of communities around the country took part in this research, the outcomes of which will be used to enhance the effectiveness of public information programmes, enhance household and community preparedness for earthquakes and tsunami, and help ensure that tsunami warnings are effective. Massey University will be analysing Eastbourne responses and expects to report back later this month or early March.


All night drinking on our beaches and in the commercial area banned

The Community Board is pleased that the Council has listened to residents’ and Community Board submissions on late night drinking on Eastbourne beaches and in the commercial area. 

An alcohol free zone from 9pm to 5am is now in force on our beaches from Point Howard, along Marine Parade including Bishop Park, south to Oroua Street, Oroua Street (both sides) south to Karamu Street, including Ballinger Park, along Karamu Street to Maire Street and then west to the sea.

The Council did not find a city wide ban was justified and instead made selected areas where late night drinking was shown to be a problem alcohol free zones. The zone selected in Eastbourne closely follows the information received by the Community Board during the consultation period on the issue.




Dog bylaw consultation – Rimu/ Oroua Sts commercial area & Days Bay

The trial dog bylaws for Eastbourne end tomorrow. While the trial in the commercial area has been reasonably straightforward the residents have found the Days Bay trial quite confusing.  We will be discussing the report on this next round of consultation later in the agenda.


Looking ahead to a busy year

·    ECB walkaround – as always we look forward to the annual walkaround (Feb 25th) when we meet residents and find out concerns.


·    Blue lines showing tsunami evacuation zones are coming to Eastbourne. There will be a public information evening later this month with GNS, Mayor Wallace and Hutt City officers to outline how the lines are arrived at and answer questions.


·    Historical and Harbourview Trails – Both these are moving forward and we look forward to hearing about these from Murray, whose energy and enthusiasm is never flags.


·    Shared Path – At a Community Open Day on Saturday 19 November the project team sought views from members of the public. Approximately 60 people attended the session to talk to members of the project team and to view the options. Feedback was captured on feedback forms and on post-it notes around the room. The options will go through more detailed assessment before one or two options are identified for further consideration. Hutt City Council will consider these preferred option(s) and will seek to secure NZ Transport Agency endorsement and funding, before more detailed work is done on the design. There will be another opportunity for people to give their views during the next stage of the project likely to be later in 2017.


·    Community response – Liz Knight and Ginny Horrocks are working with the Eastbourne Community Response Steering Group on ways to increase Eastbourne’s preparedness for any emergency. The report from the Earthquake and Tsunami Response research will be helpful in determining what is needed.